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Coquitlam Escorts - Carman Fox

Once the largest and most trusted Escort service in Canada.
Now we are proudly the best Escorts service in the world.
This is the legendary Fox Hunt...

Who we are:
We are a unique escort referral agency for the discerning gentlemen, ladies, and couples who
enjoy quality in Coquitlam Escorts. We operate from a standpoint of fun, friendliness, and excellent customer service.

What we offer:
We specialize in connecting people together for a mutually-satisfying and totally awesome experience of intimate companionship. We also specialize in organizing sexy events such as private parties and stags. Think of us the next time you want to celebrate! We can turn a boring and traditional party into a Foxy affair!

Coquitlam Escort Agency What you can expect:
Friendly and beautiful Foxes in Coquitlam, who are sensual, playful, professional, drug-free, and reliable businesswomen who have established other careers and value discretion. Each Fox must meet our "Foxworthy" standards. Carefully selected for her perfect combination of physical beauty as well as inner beauty, you will be pleasantly surprised! We pride ourselves on representing a selection of Coquitlam's best escorts for all tastes and preferences. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Our commitment:
Thanks to our clientele and friendly Foxes, we are making a positive impact in this industry of Coquitlam Escorts. Our #1 goal is to provide our clients and Foxes with a fabulous experience in a safe environment. Through honest and superior customer service, we have built North America's most trusted name in the business of escorting.

Enjoy and have fun because the Fox Hunt is on...

Canada's finest Huntress
Coquitlam Escort Agency Carman Fox

"It is a fine day for a fox chase, my boys."
George Washington, Battle of Brandywine, 1777

© 2021 Carman Fox and Friends.
WARNING: Adults only. The use of this Coquitlam escort service will result in extreme pleasure.
Side effects may include; happiness, satisfaction, and a big smile. Allow 1-2 hours rest between sessions. For best results, hunt daily on an empty stomach.
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