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Private Party Terms and Conditions



I/We agree to uphold the following conditions:


All cancellations are subject to a $50 cancellation fee 48 hours before the show or a $100 cancellation fee 24 hours before the show. If you have a party in the future, we will give you confirmation # and you can then apply the original $50/$100 toward your next party.


Etiquette/Rules of Conduct:
There are basic rules of conduct during a show. If you have more specific questions, please ask the dancers themselves. Our entertainers are experienced professionals and they will be glad you asked. To ensure a night of fun and lasting memories, it is imperative that you and your guests treat the entertainers with respect and follow their rules. As the host, you want to make sure your party goes smoothly. It is your responsibility to keep your guests under control.


1.         Personal Information

Please refrain from engaging in discussions of a personal nature with your entertainer.  Do not ask her to go for dinner, have a drink, see a movie, or walk your dog “off the clock.”   Do not negotiate discounts or freebies.   Our entertainers are professionals in their field and this is their livelihood.  While curiosity may persist, no personal information should be requested.  Who they are, what they do, why they do it, is none of anyone’s business.  Please respect their privacy.


2.         Touching/Physical Contact

·        Don't even think about it.
There is no public venue in Vancouver that allows you to touch, even during a private dance. And this rule is strictly applied: try it and, at the very best, you'll get a stern rebuke. If the bouncer is watching, it may be a lot more than that. This applies regardless of whatever the temptation and whatever she may do to you: "accidental" brushing of your knee, etc, is not an invitation to respond in kind.


·        No pinching, biting, slapping, licking, grabbing, or verbally abusing the dancers.


·        Be cautious with your beverages and cigarettes, so as not to spill on, or burn the dancers.


·        Do not take any "souvenirs" of the dancer's without permission.  Costumes are expensive and the dancers need them to provide a great surprise for your guest of honor!


·        Treat the entertainers with respect.


3.         Photos/Video

Absolutely no film or digital photography, no film, video, or digital recording, without explicit permission from your entertainer or Carman Fox & Friends.


Company policy allows the dancers to leave before their show is complete if this contract is breached. (NO REFUNDS)  We reserve the right to contact the Vancouver Police or RCMP if your event becomes out of control and/or our safety is jeopardized in any way.



Fees & Standards:


1.      Services

·        The show-up fee does not cover all services.  It does cover:

-         dancers time

-         travel/transportation expenses

-         supplies and/or equipment

-         and lavishing dancing attention on your guest of honor.


Lap dances, games, and erotica shows are offered on a tipping basis. This is customary and all strippers/entertainers operate by this standard.


2.      Venue

We reserve the right to inspect and approve/disapprove your venue.


3.      Tipping and Gratuities

Whether you are having a party or a private show, tipping your entertainer is essential. All strippers/entertainers work for tips, throughout all stages of their parties and during private dances. This is an industry standard, and all dancers operate according to these standards. A good party/private dance depends on your participation and tipping. The more you tip, the wilder it gets. You want a happy dancer. Tips make the dancer happy...And a happy dancer will make you happy.


4.      Damages

Your party will be responsible for any costs associated with damage or destruction to any property/equipment/supplies belonging to Carman Fox & Friends.


5.      Safety and Security

Depending upon the location and the size of your party, Carman Fox and Friends reserves the right to have our security staff present at all times during the show.




I/We agree to uphold the following terms and conditions as stated in this contract.  Failure to do so will be met with punitive actions such as event cancellation, refunds revoked, bouncer or police intervention.


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A security deposit and proof of identification and/or location reservation may be required.