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FOX STATS - Simone Fox

19 yrs
90 lbs
Midnight hair
Brown eyes

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Carman Fox Experience (CFE)
Couples (two of you, one Fox)
Duos (two Foxes for you)
Stag/Bachelor parties (dancer)
Dinner engagements
The Fox Den

Apr-15 Copy Right
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Hello Hunters,

I'm Simone, and my world is full of imaginations and wonders, which for me rules supreme. As for everything else, my silky smooth skin softly shimmers down my toned diminutive body, my hair is as dark and thrilling to feel as a midnight breeze, and I possess the brightest and most stunning smile which comes from a love for life. I have a big heart and an old soul. I enjoy the finer things in life; refined art, a hike along some of British Columbia's most beautiful trails, boat trips along Vancouver's salty seaside, the subtle flavors of a classic scotch, the thrilling feel of an enriching book, a sensational play, and the liberating field of emotion that you can find in music. My poison in music is jazz, with improvisation and style. I'm much the same way when you meet me; subtle in my movements, liberated and full of energy when given a chance, and as eloquent and nuanced as you'd like me to be.

A good attitude is important to me. I like a man who knows himself. Intelligence, confidence, discreetness, and a respect for privacy are qualities that bring out the best in me. Eroticism and fantasy are arts I am passionate to master and explore. With me, you are free to indulge and be yourself. I hope to share with you an unforgettable, playful experience full of tension and release; exploring with you novel ways in which we can give one another pure and utter pleasure. A night with me is guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Yours truly,
Simone Fox

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