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Last update: Jul 13, 2019 @ 2:00pm PST

4837. Jul 12, 2019 ::: Suggestion

Thank you for the new towels.

4836. Jul 11, 2019 ::: General Comment

Pick me Pick me. Would love to enjoy time with one of these stunning ladies.

4835. Jul 10, 2019 ::: Compliment

My Ravishing beauty Angelina, thanks a ton for a splendid afternoon xoxoxo

4834. Jul 9, 2019 ::: Compliment

Had an unbelievable session with super charming Jolie. Thanks a lot my Darlin.

4833. Jul 8, 2019 ::: Compliment

Allegra is amazing! A true goddess.

4832. Jul 5, 2019 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den is definitely the place to be, to have some fun and rocking good times!

4831. Jun 30, 2019 ::: Compliment

Always a pleasure dropping in at the Fox Den. Thank you Ava for the very enjoyable rendezvous last night.

4830. Jun 28, 2019 ::: Compliment

Tonight I had the good fortune and good luck to visit Claudia. Had a wonderful time with this exceptionally beautiful and sensual young lady. Let her know Robb will definitely visit with her again !!

4829. Jun 27, 2019 ::: Suggestion

I love the place but too many girls listed on the "meet the foxes" section who apparently have not worked there for a while. Maybe putting a note on the profile saying "not available" would be a good idea?

4828. Jun 27, 2019 ::: General Comment

Waiting for London to come back for a visit. I sure would love to play with that girl.

4827. Jun 26, 2019 ::: General Comment

Carman's dog is super sweet and cute.

4826. Jun 26, 2019 ::: Compliment

Another rocking session with the Rockstar Angelina.

4825. Jun 23, 2019 ::: Suggestion

More asian girls, and unscented shampoo. Tell Aki she's a 10.

4824. Jun 21, 2019 ::: Compliment

Had an awesome time with Angelina, She's stunning inside & outside, thanks my Darlin. Looking forward to see you many times.

4823. Jun 21, 2019 ::: General Comment

When will London be back in Vancouver? I would love to play with this beauty. Amazing.

4822. Jun 20, 2019 ::: Compliment

All the girls, the reason I love the Fox Den.

4821. Jun 18, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Jolie is so sweet and stunning. Seen her twice in a week. Come to Calgary for a tour!

4820. Jun 18, 2019 ::: Compliment

Saw Valentina, never seen a more beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for the experience. I hope it was good for you as it was for me.

4819. Jun 13, 2019 ::: General Comment

Need to become a new member. Problem is, which Fox should I see first? Recommendations?

4818. Jun 10, 2019 ::: General Comment

Have my special birthday coming up. Would love to celebrate with a fox as my birthday gift. Make me a winner and I will be reaching out for my fox dinner.

4817. Jun 5, 2019 ::: General Comment

Cherry was everything I expected. She didn't disappoint.

4816. Jun 2, 2019 ::: General Comment

Met with so many foxes at the Den. The best place ever!! Best time was with Madelyn, Willow, Kaya, Cece. These ladies are awesome. Not to mention the booking experience is just as (if not more) awesome!!

4815. Jun 2, 2019 ::: Suggestion

Please provide more frequent Comments updates.

4814. May 27, 2019 ::: General Comment

I'm on cloud9 everytime I'm at the Fox Den.

4813. May 24, 2019 ::: General Comment

Hi, I love the Fox Den!

4812. May 19, 2019 ::: Compliment

Love the photo of Cece with the lollipop!

4811. May 16, 2019 ::: General Comment

Please pick me so I can book my next fox adventure.

4810. May 15, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Brielle is so gorgeous and is such a sweetheart. It makes my heart pound just to think of our time together :) Greetings from the snow man

4809. May 12, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Each of my experiences with Carman's girls have been very special and memorable. Looking for my next adventure in London, Paris. Get ready girls.

4808. May 8, 2019 ::: General Comment

I got into the habit of coming to the Den once a week lately. Working hard to achieve vip status by Christmas and having and unbelievably fantastic time with all the girls.

4807. May 5, 2019 ::: Suggestion

Sure wish Bridget and Madelyn were on the schedule at the same time more often... would love to dine with team 69.

4806. May 5, 2019 ::: Compliment

My boyfriend Matt and I had a wonderful duo couples session at the Fox Den last summer.

4805. May 2, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Been here a few times. Figured I should rate some girls who I would recommend. Lolita : sexy and fun. Great body Isabel : a cute quiet, babe sexy head to toe. Luna : fun relaxed girl with amazing booty. Kaya : she can be nice. Alexis : I miss her.

4804. May 1, 2019 ::: Compliment

Love the Fox Den!

4803. Apr 28, 2019 ::: Suggestion

How about updating the feedback? Hope I win!

4802. Apr 24, 2019 ::: Compliment

I had not been to the Fox Den before and I had not met Sage. 5 stars to Belle on the phone and my time spent with Sage was a pleasure... no it was more than that, with no expectations I left thinking, that was a perfect afternoon in the company of a stunningly beautiful young lady in a warm and cozy establishment and thanks to Dawn for a pleasant greeting.

4801. Apr 20, 2019 ::: Compliment

Tiffany is so damn fine. Finest fox ever I've ever seen. Blew me away. Top service, top attitude, top looks. See you again soon babe XOXO

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 Apr 16, 2019 @ 4:00pm PST.

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4800. Apr 16, 2019 ::: Compliment

Wonderful time at the Fox Den! Madelyn is so hot!

4799. Apr 15, 2019 ::: General Comment

Looking forward to seeing Paris, such a beautiful woman.

4798. Apr 14, 2019 ::: Compliment

Willow is a superfine Fox!

4797. Apr 13, 2019 ::: General Comment

As one who sampled the original cast back in the day of Tawnie, Paulina, Yulia and my all time favourite Yolanda Fox. I am now out of retirement and ready to start sampling the new cast of lovely ladies.

4796. Apr 13, 2019 ::: General Comment

I like to see fox in lingerie. I request Tiffany fox a few times and each time she wearing a bikini.

4795. Apr 12, 2019 ::: Compliment

After a really stressful week, I chose to visit with Odessa this evening. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful young lady she is. Easily the best time I have had in a long time. Odessa is an angel, a very sexy erotic one! Will make every attempt to see her again. Dave.

4794. Apr 12, 2019 ::: General Comment

When will London Fox be back. I adore her body. Jim

4793. Apr 12, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Had a wonderful time!

4792. Apr 9, 2019 ::: General Comment

I spent some quailty time with Isabel on Monday. It could not have been more delightful. She's a genuine beauty and a pleasure to spend time with. 5 stars.

4791. Apr 7, 2019 ::: Compliment

Had a good time at the Fox Den!

4790. Apr 4, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Saw Olivia. She is one of the sweetest people you can meet. Had a great time with her.

4789. Apr 4, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Madelyn has an awesome personality. She was friendly, sexy and gave amazing service. She was so easy to talk to considering it was the first time I ever met her.

4788. Apr 4, 2019 ::: Compliment

Had another great time at the Fox Den.

4787. Apr 2, 2019 ::: General Comment

Three years ago I spent a wonderful time with Hannah Fox and would love to see her again. However, I understand that her availability is limited. Since I shall be in Vancouver for a while, I wondered if I could make a date with Hannah whenever she might be available? Tony

4786. Apr 1, 2019 ::: General Comment

One of my the greatest pleasure was entering in your fine establishment, time and time again.

4785. Mar 28, 2019 ::: Compliment

Jewel is a sweetheart. Excellent Fox!

4784. Mar 28, 2019 ::: Compliment

The Fox Den is heaven on earth with the finest Foxes in Canada.

4783. Mar 27, 2019 ::: Compliment

Khloe is awesome. Best Fox ever.

4782. Mar 27, 2019 ::: General Comment

Beautiful ladies, please visit Calgary more often.

4781. Mar 26, 2019 ::: Compliment

Finally had the pleasure of meeting Valentina Fox. Beautiful body and that face!!! Please keep visiting!!!

4780. Mar 26, 2019 ::: Suggestion

Just a quick shout out to the office staff. I spoke with Belle over the phone, I was blown away by the professionalism and attitude. Very impressed, made booking a pleasure.

4779. Mar 25, 2019 ::: General Comment

It was like a dream.

4778. Mar 24, 2019 ::: General Comment

Scarlett's thigh highs are so sexy. Carman Fox has the hottest babes.

4777. Mar 23, 2019 ::: General Comment

Best way to spend time and money in Vancouver! Carman Fox should go nationwide!

4776. Mar 23, 2019 ::: Compliment

Madelyn is so beautiful. Finest Fox in the den.

4775. Mar 23, 2019 ::: Compliment

Ruby Fox is a gem!

4774. Mar 22, 2019 ::: General Comment

Another amazing visit, thanks.

4773. Mar21, 2019 ::: Compliment

Ruby is such a sweetheart!

4772. Mar 20, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Best place ever!

4771. Mar 18, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Beautiful foxes and good times.

4770. Mar 17, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Will be visiting again soon.

4769. Mar 16, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Fun place and foxes!

4768. Mar 15, 2019 ::: General Comment

Time for another hunt! Great place.

4767. Mar 15, 2019 ::: Compliment

Jenny is the best, never see her on the schedule anymore tho :(

4766. Mar 14, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Brooklyn was an absolute delight. Gorgeous and such a fun lady to hang with. Thank you, you made my night.

4765. Mar 13, 2019 ::: General Comment

Nice place to visit.

4764. Mar 13, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Odessa is a dream girl. Loved my time with her. Mr Peter N.

4763. Mar 13, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Nice atmosphere and foxes.

4762. Mar 12, 2019 ::: General Comment

I'm being pampered at the Fox Den!

4761. Mar 11, 2019 ::: General Comment

Beautiful foxes and great website.

4760. Mar 11, 2019 ::: Compliment

Blossom is beautiful. Finest Fox in the den.

4759. Mar 10, 2019 ::: Compliment

Vancouver's finest Vixens. Fox Den has the prettiest Foxes!

4758. Mar 9, 2019 ::: Compliment

A plethora of pulchritude! Heaven is the Fox Den.

4757. Mar 5, 2019 ::: Compliment

Lolita is gorgeous. Finest fox ever.

4756. Mar 3, 2019 ::: Testimonial

Savannah made my day, what a gorgeous Fox with such a great attitude. I only wish I could see her more often. Greetings from A. Banderas :)

4755. Mar 2, 2019 ::: Compliment

Valentina is the best!!! She is absolutely gorgeous and she exceeded all expectations. I would highly recommend her for any occasion.

4754. Feb 28, 2019 ::: General Comment

Love the round beds

4753. Feb 27, 2019 ::: Compliment

Peaches' to die for!

4752. Feb 24, 2019 ::: Testimonial

If I won the lottery, I would buy a condo nearby and then visit one different FOX each day for the rest of my life.

4751. Feb 23, 2019 ::: Compliment

Kaya is the sweetest Fox ever!

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 Feb 23, 2019 @ 2:00pm PST.

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4750. Feb 22, 2019 ::: Compliment

Finest establishment in Canada!

4749. Feb 20, 2019 ::: General Comment

Ruby Fox was amazing. She was very fun, beautiful, warm, giving and gave all around great service. I had a wonderful time with her. I've seen over twenty or thirty different foxes and she was definitely one of my favourites after only one session. I will definitely come back to see her again. Teddy bear 6878

4748. Feb 17, 2019 ::: Compliment

Madelyn is incredible. Carman Fox rocks!

4747. Feb 14, 2019 ::: General Comment

Just a quick shout out to the Fox Den Hall of Famers and best of the best in no particular order: 1. Kimora 2. Hannah 3. Heather 4. Britney 5. Lolita 6. Apple

4746. Feb 13, 2019 ::: General Comment

Lolita definitely taking the Den to the next level! Thanks for the session my hot Brazilian bombshell. Hope to see you soon, Ur Mexican friend

4745. Feb 13, 2019 ::: Compliment

Kaya is awesome! What a Fox!

4744. Feb 11, 2019 ::: Compliment

Another rocking Session with the stunning Brielle, thanks Darlin.

4743. Feb 8, 2019 ::: Compliment

Prettiest Foxes in all of Canada! The best.

4742. Feb 6, 2019 ::: Compliment

Had a great first time experience in the Fox Den. Will definitely repeat.

4741. Feb 5, 2019 ::: Compliment

Love Claudia's outdoor girl look. Will have to visit her.

4740. Feb 3, 2019 ::: General Comment

Cece is wonderful. Great time with her !!

4739. Feb 3, 2019 ::: General Comment

The Foxes are excellent!

4738. Feb 2, 2019 ::: Compliment

Brielle Fox is a stunner. Had an awesome session with her. Service & personality were majestic. See you soon Baby.

4737. Feb 1, 2019 ::: General Comment

I love the Fox Den!

4736. Jan 28, 2019 ::: Compliment

Blossom is a little hottie!

4735. Jan 26, 2019 ::: Suggestion

Hi there, just a couple suggestions if I may. First, a more mobile phone friendly website would be really useful and user friendly. And second a 'drop down' menu to refine one's search parameters would be really useful. For example, 'blondes' 'petite' etc. Trying to look through all the foxes for something specific is quite the undertaking! Thanks very much.

4734. Jan 26, 2019 ::: Suggestion

I was wondering if the Fox Den caters to couples? My girlfriend and I would like a session. A birthday treat from to me.

4733. Jan 24, 2019 ::: General Comment

I enjoyed my time at the Fox Den. Pleasant and memorable.

4732. Jan 24, 2019 ::: General Comment

Looking forward winter ending, and spring time, when the willows are in full bloom in the countryside and the Cats are on the prowl at The Den!

4731. Jan 24, 2019 ::: General Comment

Poppy looks like a great reason for another visit!

4730. Jan 22, 2019 ::: Compliment

I had a fantastic experience! First time doing this, and I felt extremely comfortable and welcome. Can't wait to come back .

4729. Jan 20, 2019 ::: Compliment

I love the Kitties at the Fox Den.

4728. Jan 19, 2019 ::: General Comment

Kaya will rock ya! Beautiful Fox with great attitude!

4727. Jan 19, 2019 ::: General Comment

I love the Kitties at the Fox Den.

4726. Jan 15, 2019 ::: Compliment

Prettiest girls in all of Canada!

4725. Jan 14, 2019 ::: General Comment

Happy Birthday Brazilian Bombshell, have a blast xoxoxoxoxoxo

4724. Jan 10, 2019 ::: General Comment

Two Foxes at once is an awesome experience! The Fox Den rocks!

4723. Jan 8, 2019 ::: General Comment

Hi i was wondering what Jordan change her name to?

4722. Jan 6, 2019 ::: Suggestion

Consider a listing of available Foxes that aren't on the schedule page, but could be booked if you call. Thanks.

4721. Jan 5, 2019 ::: Compliment

Paisley got an amazing rear.

4720. Jan 1, 2019 ::: Suggestion

Bring Amber back. Best fox ever.

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