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Female Escorts Vancouver

Active Fox profiles on this page: 94 | Last updated: 07-17-2024

FOX FACT: When clients telephone to book an appointment with us, we always ask: “how did you hear about us?”over 70% of callers answer: “I've used your service before".

FOX FACT: Carman Fox Vancouver Escorts are selected for their perfect mixture of inner and outer beauty. Well, sometimes they are selected for their RACK! At Carman Fox and Friends, our Foxworthy standards ensure that every Fox you hunt down will meet your expectations in every way and yes, the photos are 100% genuine.

FOX FACT: We have the most beautiful selection of Escorts in the world.

FOXAGRAM: Special sneak preview to our newest hired Foxes, prior to their online profile!

Photographs are for entertainment and promotional purposes, not an inducement for anything other than Social Escorting services.

Vancouver's Finest Huntress

Fine day for a Fox hunt

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  • F
  • O
  • X
Carman Fox
Kelly Fox
Brooklyn Fox
Britney Fox
Willow Fox
Autumn Fox
Valentina Fox
Kayla Fox
Cinnamon Fox
Ferrari Fox
January Fox
Posh Fox
Rumour Fox
Diamond Fox
Dixie Fox
Venus Fox
Sophia Fox
Yasmin Fox
Camille Fox
Piper Fox
Georgina Fox
Angelina Fox
Margo Fox
Jolie Fox
Jenny Fox
Serenity Fox
Sparrow Fox
Fendi Fox
Sapphire Fox
Valkyrie Fox

Intoxicating princess


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  • Fox Den
  • open minded
Riya Fox
Claudia Fox
Tanya Fox
Silka Fox
Candy Fox
Lavender Fox
Layla Fox
Claire Fox
Scarlett Fox
Nikita Fox
Tia Fox
Dior Fox
Malibu Fox
Dancia Fox
Alaniya Fox
Kenzie Fox
Bentley Fox
Bailey Fox
Jersey Fox
Heaven Fox
Amber Fox

We're always on the Hunt

The FOX Hunt
Olivia Fox
Lovely Fox
Anitta Fox
Alessandra Fox
Poet Fox
Bambi Fox
Victoria Fox
Anushka Fox
Barbie Fox
Natalia Fox
Winter Fox
Jade Fox
Akira Fox
Blake Fox
Paris Fox
Ivy Fox
Emma Fox
Ella Fox
Mia Fox
Anya Fox
Ariel Fox
Misha Fox
Kitty Fox

We're always on the Hunt

The FOX Hunt


Super model material

Busty D

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  • Fox Den
  • CFE
  • Date limited
Tesla Fox
Rose Fox

Flirtatiously fun Fox

Limited time

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  • Fox Den
  • CFE
  • Date limited
Pamela Fox
Sasha Fox

Foxes Availability in Other Cities

* Foxes with the 'SUN LOGO' beside their name are also available in The Fox Den

Female Escorts Vancouver

Accurate Information ::: we do not misrepresent our Foxes, or their services in any way. For confidentially, name, age, and ethnicity may be 'reasonably' altered. All photographs shown above are authentic, recent, and 100% guaranteed to be accurate.

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"You've changed the stereotyped perception of the industry with your positive & respectable presentation of your company. the girls & office staff legitimize your company with their professionalism & friendly demure. your foxes are outstanding in both appearance and attitude! It's nice to see this outstanding approach - makes me feel good on many levels than one! Very classy, thanks, Robert"