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Last update: Jan 8, 2020 @ 4:00pm PST

4996. Dec 30, 2020 ::: Testimonial

Had a great time at the Den. Will be back.

4995. Dec 28, 2020 ::: Compliment

Cassandra was simply classy and she carried herself with grace. I enjoyed my time with Cassandra yesterday afternoon. She is truly amazing woman. I hope to see her again whenever I get the chance. -P-

4994. Dec 27, 2020 ::: Testimonial

Janelle is a sweet heart. Enjoyed my time a lot. Would recommend.

4993. Dec 5, 2020 ::: Compliment

Beautiful women, just wished more choices available at FD.

4992. Dec 4, 2020 ::: Testimonial

Bailey is amazing!!! A must see.

4991. Nov 26, 2020 ::: General Comment

Tiffany Fox gets bigger! More curvy and hips. I like her more like this!

4990. Nov 13, 2020 ::: General Comment

Have been coming here along time. And there are a lot of amazing gals here. But i have to say Eve is one of the best. She is a lot of fun in every way and insanely gorgeous. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Eve for the great times.

4989. Nov 2, 2020 ::: Suggestion

Please update comments.

4988. Oct 25, 2020 ::: General Comment

I miss the Fox Den greatly.

4987. Oct 18, 2020 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox is one of the top agency in town, maybe even one of the top best in Canada! Beautiful girls and excellent services.

4986. Oct 6, 2020 ::: General Comment

Aki Fox is a can't miss attraction at the Fox Den. One of my favourite and top Foxes.

4985. Oct 2, 2020 ::: Compliment

Had a terrific time with Willow today. Definitely must see her again.

4984. Sep 21, 2020 ::: General Comment

Great place to unwind and relax!

4983. Sep 15, 2020 ::: General Comment

With limited international travel it is only reasonable to get into both London and Paris at the Fox Den?

4982. Sep 14, 2020 ::: General Comment

Please update the comments more often.

4981. Sep 7, 2020 ::: Suggestion

Please post Comments more frequently.

4980. Sep 3, 2020 ::: Compliment

Foxes are all nice!

4979. Aug 27, 2020 ::: General Comment

The Foxes never disappoint. Always a splendid time, some better than others.

4978. Aug 24, 2020 ::: General Comment

I had my 51 visit today. Am I vip? Will I get special notices and access to girls before others?

4977. Aug 17, 2020 ::: General Comment

Have an unforgettable time with the lovely London Fox. Just wow!

4976. Aug 12, 2020 ::: Compliment

Love the new photos of London. I am so aroused by this beautiful young woman. Cannot wait to have my time with her.

4975. Aug 9, 2020 ::: General Comment

Hope I win. Would like to try this!

4974. Aug 8, 2020 ::: General Comment

Hello, I am so sad about the current state of life in general, but miss many of the beautiful foxes. Where has Ava gone?

4973. Jun 31, 2020 ::: General Comment

The best dining is definitely with a FOX. Cheers.

4972. Jul 28, 2020 ::: Compliment

Has anyone went for a spin with Rumor? I swear we had a connection.

4971. Jul 21, 2020 ::: General Comment

Sad to see Ava has retired. But wishes and all the best to her 💜

4970. Jul 18, 2020 ::: Compliment

Happiness ... Carman Fox girls make me very happy.

4969. Jul 14, 2020 ::: General Comment

I would love to see Savannah Fox again. Is she available? And Angelina Fox too. Seeing both of them would be great.

4968. Jul 10, 2020 ::: Compliment

One of the best and the only girl you need to see at the Fox den, Claudia Fox... thank me later!

4967. Jul 7, 2020 ::: General Comment

Saw Misa Fox a while ago when she was visiting. Can't wait for her to come back again, best time ever.

4966. Jul 2, 2020 ::: General Comment

The tension just melt away everytime I pay a visit to the Fox Den. Sweet sensation!

4965. Jun 22, 2020 ::: Suggestion

My Dream session would involve a blonde, a brunette, and a red head.

4964. Jun 16, 2020 ::: General Comment

So happy to see the Fox Den is reopening!

4963. Jun 14, 2020 ::: General Comment

Thank God the Fox Den is now open again.

4962. May 31, 2020 ::: General Comment

Hope brighter days are around the corner with ease of restrictions. Miss the Foxes!

4961. May 20, 2020 ::: Suggestion

When is the Fox Den reopen? Please leave update on the website.

4960. May 13, 2020 ::: General Comment

Cannot wait for COVID19 crises to end. Really need to relax with a Fox or two.

4959. May 10, 2020 ::: Compliment

Happy Mothers Day to all of you Foxes that may be or will be some day! You are dearly missed!

4958. Apr 23 , 2020 ::: General Comment

This pandemic is such a sad time. Social interaction is painful but lack of fox interaction is just a terrible state to be in. I trust all are taking care of yourself so when the tariffs are lifted, we can be with our favourite Foxes.

4957. Mar 27, 2020 ::: General Comment

Hi, maybe now would be a good time to consider redesigning the website. It is rather dated and not mobile device friendly.

4956. Mar 19, 2020 ::: General Comment

During these difficult times, just wanted to ask all the foxes to please be careful! Your ladies' health is #1! 🦊 ❤️

4955. Mar 18, 2020 ::: General Comment

Have fun but be safe. This COVID19 virus is no joking situation.

4954. Mar 13, 2020 ::: General Comment

Fantastic unforgettable visit, each and every time! Thank you to the beautiful Foxes.

4953. Mar 12, 2020 ::: General Comment

Always a fun time at the Fox Den! Can't wait to return.

4952. Mar 8, 2020 ::: Compliment

Megan is a sweetheart. She made the hour melt away in a heartbeat.

4951. Mar 4, 2020 ::: Compliment

Pleasant memory. Way back in 2006, had the pleasure of a session with SWANK magazine model, Taylor. Ah, memories of her, the Dutch Treat!

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4950. Mar 2, 2020 ::: Testimonial

Saw Jenny a few weeks back. The term "Fiery Redhead" is so true! Feisty! Fox Den, I love you, nothing but top quality all around consistently. Thank you.

4949. Mar 1, 2020 ::: Compliment

I had a great sensual time with Ashley last night. She has a fabulous personality and was entertaining to talk to over our dinner. Afterwards, I was treated to a heavenly body and the sensuality continued. I can't wait till our next chance to get to know each other some more.

4948. Feb 28, 2020 ::: Compliment

Celebrated my 50th visit today with the lovely Scarlett . She was absolutely delicious! Next visit free, yea! Hopefully with her again.

4947. Feb 27, 2020 ::: General Comment

Great night with Rose and my wife. Can't wait to do it again!

4946. Feb 25, 2020 ::: Compliment

Sage has a succulent body!

4945. Feb 23, 2020 ::: Testimonial

Thank you silver for an unforgettable evening. I'm not sure what I enjoyed the most, your personality or your sensuality, either way it was one of the best nights of my life.

4944. Feb 22, 2020 ::: Compliment

Kelly Fox has a nice pair of eyes!

4943. Feb 21, 2020 ::: Suggestion

Leap year is upon us. Let's see a fox on the @9th as it only comes every four years.

4942. Feb 16, 2020 ::: Testimonial

Allegra, hands down has the best b.......ty at the foxden. Absolutely out of this world.

4941. Feb 16, 2020 ::: General Comment

Met with Brooklyn, I truly am a better man. Amazing!

4940. Feb 15, 2020 ::: General Comment

I see London is back. Sadly I am out of town. Will need to wait until her next return. So sad I missed her. Next time for sure.

4939. Feb 13, 2020 ::: Suggestion

Are they any Foxes who cater to Lesbians?

4938. Feb 12, 2020 ::: General Comment

You guys are the best! Love ya!

4937. Feb 11, 2020 ::: Compliment

Estelle was the greatest!!

4936. Feb 10, 2020 ::: General Comment

SEXY SEXY VALENTINA!! Fun to be with. Younger version of Eva Mendez. Yummy yummy sexy exotic!

4935. Feb 6, 2020 ::: General Comment

I miss Blair Fox. The best.

4934. Feb 5, 2020 ::: General Comment

Savannah Fox & Angelina Fox, saw them both 2 times each in 2019. Can't wait to see both again. Savannah Fox first and Angelina Fox 2nd, the same day hopefully.

4933. Feb 4, 2020 ::: General Comment

I want Valentina fox for Valentines day. Big boobies and sexy lady. I love you!

4932. Feb 2, 2020 ::: Compliment

The Fox Den is my favourite fine spot!

4931. Jan 29, 2020 ::: General Comment

I've been a happy long time client since 2011. There are many good reasons why I keep returning. Always up to my expectations.

4930. Jan 25, 2020 ::: Testimonial

Ava is a sweet heart!

4929. Jan 24, 2020 ::: General Comment

Happy Chinese New Year to All. To the year of the Rat. To the girls born in 1996 most likely. 2008 would make you too young to be on this site.

4928. Jan 21, 2020 ::: General Comment

Interesting, quite the number of hot looking Foxes. Will need to try out your service the next time I'm in town.

4927. Jan 17, 2020 ::: Testimonial

On cloud 9 after seeing Aki. Sexy slim figure, lovely personality, beautiful all around.

4926. Jan 14, 2020 ::: Suggestion

The best of the best

4925. Jan 11, 2020 ::: General Comment

So many beautiful ladies to play with. So sad my funds are limited so need to spend wisely or pray for the lottery win.

4924. Jan 9, 2020 ::: General Comment

Well I can't wait to see what happens next here. I'll be booking soon as possible lol and Happy New Year

4923. Jan 8, 2020 ::: Testimonial

Stop thinking and just go! It is rare that they are better than the pictures, but not here. Great conversation and atmosphere as well is an added bonus. Go!

4922. Jan 8, 2020 ::: General Comment

Valentina Fox is a goddess. Legs a plenty and an amazing bustline. Please come back to visit more often beautiful!!

4921. Jan 7, 2020 ::: Compliment

I love this place! Don't gamble, the Den is safe, discreet and the women are beautiful. A bucket list item for sure!

4920. Jan 7, 2020 ::: General Comment

Would love to talk to one of the babes again I've seen but I can't remember her name :( Was beyond good, short little blonde girl ;)

4919. Jan 6, 2020 ::: Compliment

Saw Clover recently. Amazing.

4918. Jan 2, 2020 ::: General Comment

Happy New Year to all the lovely Foxes!

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