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Stag Party Escorts in Vancouver, BC

Please note: many of the dancers featured within these pages are not  Escorts.

Carman Fox and Friends is horny and happy to introduce our new Stags & Private Party services that sinfully kick butt!  By popular demand, we are bringing you this new addition to our services.  You can count on us to deliver the best of sexy fun with our unique and friendly attitude. And, as our valued clients have come to expect, we only feature the friendliest and foxiest babes of the West Coast!

Each 1 hour stag includes 20mins of dancing, followed by 40mins of socializing.  During the 40mins our dancers offer lap dances.

Rates per show
$20Lingerie lap dance
$25Topless lap dance
$40Full nude lap dance
$100Private time, 20 mins
$100Girl on Girl show
$100Hot toy show

Naked Twister !

Are you planning a special celebration? Make it even hotter! Our Foxy party planning offers so much more than your standard run of the mill stag party. We can plan every detail for you, or provide you with suggestions and options to make your next party the one that everyone will remember!

We offer Foxy Girls who love to party:
exotic dancers :: bikini models :: go-go fun girls :: cocktail waitresses :: party hostesses :: party planners :: limousine lap dancers :: hot babes to hang out with :: and one very Foxy MC!

As part of our extended party service packages we offer a portable dance stage (as featured in the photograph below), strobe lighting, music, karaoke machine , a wet t-shirt contest, party games, and so much more!

When assisting you in planning your party, we have all sorts of fun ideas that will add more Foxy excitement to your evening:  a 50/50 lap dance draw, Foxy twister, and if you get too drunk and out of control, we'll throw you into our inflatable pool, fill it with oil, jump in after you, and get into some oil wrestling! We can also help you with booking hotels, limousine service, food service, nude laser tag, one awesomely luxurious party bus, and so much more.  Contact us today, let's get the party started!

Premium Limousine Service

Monthly Feature
The Dynamic 3

Summer 2023!

Stag party escorts vancouver
"3 isn't a crowd.... it's a party"

Stag party escorts vancouver

Stag party escorts vancouver

Stag party escorts vancouver

View and download our printable terms of service contract

When booking your Private Party, please be advised that we do operate on a "first paid, first choice" basis. While we are able to book your party & select specific Foxes up to 3 weeks in advance, we do require payment in order to secure your exact selection. We always require payment in full at least 24 hours prior to your party. To guarantee availability of our Foxes, please make payment the day of your reservation. We are a professional business; we do provide a professional receipt.

Stag party escorts vancouver

Stag party escorts vancouver
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Stag party escorts vancouver

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