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Carman Fox Vancouver escorts agency

Carman Fox Vancouver escorts

Size does not matter, but the numbers always do...
(as of: January 2, 2023)

3,669 Foxes Hunted to date
5,847 positive comments posted to our online comment form
7,000+ positive reviews on independent review world sites
3,120 Hunters/Clients have used our service 100 times or more
66,761 registered Fox loyalty program (frequent flyer) members
9,000+ visitors to our website ( daily
1,000+ big name movie stars/athletes have placed their trust in us
18 years in business

Carman Fox Vancouver escorts

The Fox brand is world renowned because you simply won't find a more beautiful (inside & out) group of ladies. You may always count on our best efforts to maintain and improve our reputation of being professional and providing top-quality services. We offer the largest and sexiest selection of Escorts in North America. Fox is all about providing our Hunters and Foxes alike with a happy experience! We believe the solid foundation of every successful relationship should start with a sexy rack!

We specialize in connecting people together for a mutually satisfying and totally awesome experience! We take pride in our business and value our profession as being very important.

Stay tuned, because we're always on the FOX HUNT.


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We've been featured in the Vancouver Sun, Province, Global TV News, and interviewed live on CKNW radio!

Carman Fox media featured

Article written by Red Light Canada

Carman Fox and the 'Fox Den' of Sexy Vancouver Escorts
August 9, 2016

During our research of Vancouver's top escort agencies, one agency in particular caught the eye: Carman Fox and Friends

Carman Fox has established a reputation as one of the top escort providers in Vancouver and BC. But it's not their sprawling roster of ladies that caught our attention. No, it's the eccentric branding that invites men to join in a 'fox hunt' for satisfaction, going so far as to quote George Washington: "It's a fine day for a fox chase, my boys."

Whether Mr. Washington was referring to the discreet fulfilment of his desires on Canada's West Coast is, perhaps, a tad debatable. But it's nice to see an agency straying beyond the meaningless "number one provider of elite courtesans" sales pitch. The same pitch we've seen on - oh I don't know - 98% of every escort agency site the Internet has ever known.

The moment you agree to the Carman Fox terms and conditions to enter the site, you are told in rather blunt terms:

Carman Fox

Carman Fox: The Hunt Is On (oh shit, it's official...)

Not so much told, in fact, as browser-snared, grabbed by the balls and led through to a blast of neon pink special offers with the fitting disclaimer:

The use of this Vancouver escort service will result in extreme pleasure. Side effects may include; happiness, satisfaction, and a big smile. Allow 1-2 hours rest between sessions. For best results, hunt daily on an empty stomach.

A big smile, eh?

So that's what we're calling it.

Anyway, it's clear to see that Carman Fox is an agency willing to do things a little different. But what about the services? Does it live up to expectations?

Carman Fox: The Lowdown on The Ladies

The short answer, from what we've seen ... is yes.

Carman Fox isn't quite an escort agency, and isn't quite a directory. It's something in-between. A collective of hand-picked ladies - remarkably, all of them with the surname Fox:

Carman Fox

The Fox Family, in full foxy force. Screenshot courtesy of their Vancouver escorts page.

This agency has over 100 ladies available to book. Such is the size of the fox house that you can find a lady for pretty much every taste, although the majority of their escorts tend to be early to late 20s. We only spotted a couple of 'mature' escorts, if such a word can be used to describe a woman who's only just passed thirty! In terms of ethnicity and nationality, they seem to have quite a few local Canadian girls but also some beauties from overseas. A few ladies from Europe, a few from various parts of Asia and some mixed-race girls. For example, Japanese-Spanish? There can't be too many more of those on Vancouver's escort scene...

Whoever runs the Carman Fox site does a terrific job of maintaining full profiles for the ladies on their books. We've seen that a few girls do not have profiles set up, but they are the minority.

For most foxes, you can view:
  • A gallery of personal photos (non-revealing)
  • Fox Stats - age, height, weight, hair, eye color, vital sizes, ethnicity
  • Services offered
  • Her current schedule
You will note that some ladies have the 'Fox Den' marked next to their availability. This is their other location that we'll get to in a moment.

Before that... what about the services offered?

Carman Fox Services & Rates

Their rates are divided in to three tiers of escorting services. Here is the standard rate for a CFE, aka the Carman Fox Experience. As you might have guessed, the Carman Fox Experience is a play on the traditional GFE which should give you an idea of what to expect.

The standard rates are followed by a tier of Exclusive Foxes, who only entertain a limited number of clients. Many of these girls have modelling experience, academic backgrounds, or are otherwise deemed 'luxury' companions.

Then there is a huge raft of extra services that you can add to your bookings, including everything from a couples experience, to dinner dates, city tours, social adventures and a variety of fetishes. Although, of course, Carman Fox insists that they do not offer any form of sexual services. Payment is for companionship only. We're sure you'll keep that in mind.

Outcall Bookings:

To book an outcall, simply call 604-669-9475 during their operational hours.
· Monday to Saturday: 11:30am to 8pm
· Sunday: Noon to 8pm

These times are not suggestive of the hours worked by their escorts. No doubt you can get an escort to stay with you all weekend if you so desire (and have the cash). But if you want the magic to happen, you'll need to arrange it in advance by booking during their operational hours.

The Fox Den

What if you don't want to arrange a full escort service? Perhaps you prefer the idea of an incall, a quick, discreet 'in and out'? If that's the case, the Fox Den is a great venue to meet the ladies of Carman Fox and Friends on their own turf.

As our erotic massages directory says, The Fox Den is well known for its intimate 'fantasy escape' atmosphere. It boasts state of the art interior design, personal shower rooms, and complimentary drinks. Not to mention a selection of the finest ladies on Vancouver's adult scene. If there is a lady that tickles your fancy on the Carman Fox roster page, then you can check to see if she is listed as scheduled at the Fox Den.

If she is? Grab your coat, grab your wallet. It's time for some strictly non-sexual companionship of the highest calibre.

The Fox Den is described as Vancouver's one-of-a-kind hideaway. For those interested in hiding amongst the company of some beautiful ladies, here is what you need to know:

The phone number: 604-669-9475

Happy hunting!

What did you think of Carman Fox and Friends? Have you visited the Fox Den? Let us know how you got on with your fox chase!