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This page is designed to answer the most common questions we receive.
Please take your time to read through this page. We have answered with honesty.

Q :::     What standard of client do you seek?
A :::      Regardless of who you are, we treat everyone equally: with respect, honesty, trust, and confidentially. In return, we ask that you to be a perfect gentlemen in every possible way.

Q :::     Is this an agency?
A :::      We are a Vancouver Escorts referral service, which is similar to an agency yet unique in many aspects.

Q :::     What is CFE?
A :::     The term "CFE" refers to the Carman Fox Experience service that we offer. CFE Foxes provide a more open-minded experience. Think of it as having a sexy girlfriend, minus the headaches.

Q :::     I'm staying at a hotel in the downtown area. Do you need to know my last name?
A :::     Yes. To connect to your room the hotel operator requires us to have knowledge of your last name.

Q :::     I have a special request with regards to a fantasy/fetish. Can you help me?
A :::     We'd love to help. Let us know the exact details of your request and the specific Fox which you desire to spend time with. We will forward her your detailed letter and let you know if she is able to fulfill your request.

Q :::     Do you offer discreet service to hotels?
A :::     Of course we do. You may request that your Fox(es) dress a little more casually, which will avoid unnecessary attention. If you have any special instructions, please advise us when you are booking your date.

Q :::     Do you offer any special rates or discounts?
A :::     Yes, discounts are available on multi hour bookings. Please call our office for more details. Rates are listed on our rates page. Any discounts offered, must be used within 30 days or becomes invalid.

Q :::     I value my privacy. Am I able to trust your service as being discrete?
A :::     Yes, you may trust us. May we trust you? We offer 100% confidentiality at all times, and have taken every necessary precaution to ensure that all facets of our relationship with our clients are confidential.

Q :::     Is Escorting lawful in Canada?
A :::     Yes, it is. The profession of escorting is licensed and governed by provincial and federal laws. Our Escort Service is fully licensed with the government. As well, each individual Escort is required to have an Escort License.

Q :::     Will your company keep personal records which include my name and contact information?
A :::     Upon the completion of a date with one of our Foxes, we securely discard ALL of your contact information. We are not required to keep client records, and we very much understand your need for discretion and privacy when using this type of service.

Q :::     I would like to schedule an appointment, but am unable to give you my telephone number. What can be done in this situation?
A :::     If you do not give us a confirmation telephone number, we are unable to schedule an appointment. We will call you back to confirm your appointment at any time you specify (often as soon as we hang up), and never call you again. Upon completion of your appointment we will securely discard of your telephone number and other personal information.

Q :::     Why do you need to know my telephone number anyway?
A :::     It is important that we know you are serious about your telephone call. Similar to any other service, we need your number to do business with you. Have you ever tried ordering pizza without providing a telephone number?

Q :::     How far in advance should I schedule my appointment?
A :::      In the business of escorting, we are often able to set an appointment with as little as thirty minutes advance notice. If you are requesting a specific Fox and have a tight schedule, we recommend that you book in advance. As Foxes are very professional and very exclusive, availability may be limited. It is best to provide us with as much notice as possible. Hourly bookings may be made up to 7 days in advance. Multiple hour bookings (4+ hrs.), dinner meetings, and travel engagements may be reserved up to 30 days in advance.

Q :::     Are the photographs of the women on this site authentic?
A :::      Yes, all of the photographs are real. The pictures were all taken exclusively for

Q :::     I read a review and/or saw some information on another website. Is this information accurate?
A :::      The information we present on this website is accurate. We cannot vouch for any other website in which we advertise on. Any reviews or information you see is the personal opinion of that individual. While we appreciate all the positive feedback we receive, it is important to understand that each Hunter's experience will be unique. You get out of a relationship what you have put in. Our women are beautiful people and by treating them with respect, they will treat you with respect as well. That is our guarantee. If you are unable to treat them with the respect they deserve, please exit this site immediately and don't return.

Q :::     Do the Foxes offer sexual services and can I expect sex from your company?
A :::      No, definitely not - WE DO NOT OFFER ANY FORM OF SEXUAL SERVICES.