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:: Feedback Archive 2017 ::

4506. Dec 31, 2017 ::: General Comment

Can't wait for my first visit so excited!!!

4505. Dec 30, 2017 ::: Compliment

Lucy Lake, I love you! I had a smile on my face for a week after our hour together!

4504. Dec 30, 2017 ::: Compliment

The photos of the Foxes are enticing; they all look so luscious! Should I pay my rent, or should I splurge and have a nice duo session at the Den?

4503. Dec 26, 2017 ::: Testimonial

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the hour Brooklyn spent with me the other week. Although I've plenty of experience of meeting Escorts over the years, the memory of her enthusiasm and experience will stay with me for a long time.

4502. Dec 22, 2017 ::: General Comment

The girls all look so hot. So hard to choose.

4501. Dec 22, 2017 ::: Compliment

Tessa Fox is exquisite!

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4500. Dec 21, 2017 ::: Suggestion

I have been a very good boy in 2017. So, I hope Santa gives a One Year 2018 Seasons Pass to the Fox Den. One ( or two or three) FOXES every day, 365 times next year would be mind blowing!

4499. Dec 19, 2017 ::: Compliment

Can't get enough of the delicious and delectable Valentina!!!! The way the lights in the room hit her body I could have looked at her in awe for hours. Beautiful girl and beautiful personality. Very personable and sweet!

4498. Dec 18, 2017 ::: General Comment

Is Tulip coming back?

4497. Dec 18, 2017 ::: Testimonial

Thank you Claudia and Scarlett for such a wonderful time. Can't wait to see you again.

4496. Dec 18, 2017 ::: Testimonial

Met Angelina and she is mind blowing. Beautiful girl, easy to get along with and very sexy.

4495. Dec 17, 2017 ::: Compliment

Savannah looks to be superb! Hope I can see her! KM

4494. Dec 13, 2017 ::: General Comment

Saw Crystal - same lousy person different name. phone girl should mention there is a name change. CF is an awesome agency, best is to be honest with customer.

4493. Dec 12, 2017 ::: Suggestion

I suggest Carman Fox bios advise which girls enjoy girls. I am a lesbian who would love to visit your establishment, as the girls photos are HOT!

4492. Dec 12, 2017 ::: Suggestion

Stay open even later.

4491. Dec 10, 2017 ::: General Comment

Awesome website

4490. Dec 9, 2017 ::: Suggestion

My idea of Heaven would be a Holy Trinity session with a blonde, brunette, and redhead!

4489. Dec 8, 2017 ::: Compliment

I love the Fox Den...

4488. Dec 8, 2017 ::: General Comment

I wanted to thank Skyla and Sophie for such an amazing experience. They are both beautiful, sweet and amazing in every sense. I hope to see you both again soon :)

4487. Dec 7, 2017 ::: General Comment

I have visited the Fox Den once in the past and it was a great experience. Felt very comfortable and welcome.

4486. Dec 6, 2017 ::: General Comment

Can't stop thinking about my session with visiting fox Valintina the other day. I'm in love with your breasts!

4485. Dec 2, 2017 ::: General Comment

Valentina is killer hot!!!! Saw her last night and babe set my weekend off right ;)

4484. Dec 1, 2017 ::: General Comment

Saw beautiful Valentina this evening. She wowed me with her sexy body and great skills. Easy going and nice to laugh with too. See you soon beautiful!!

4483. Dec 1, 2017 ::: General Comment

Missing Tiffany

4482. Dec 1, 2017 ::: General Comment

Valentina Visiting Fox - very nice! See each time she visits and will see again!!

4481. Nov 30, 2017 ::: General Comment

Fantastic experience last night. It has been some time since I left the Den feeling completely satisfied with my Fox for the hour. Will definitely see only this Fox for a while. I did have a few Martinis in your name as I said I would. J

4480. Nov 25, 2017 ::: Compliment

Loved Aida. Will definitely see her again when she comes back!

4479. Nov 24, 2017 ::: Compliment

Had a great time with Kaya last week. Awesome girl.

4478. Nov 23, 2017 ::: General Comment

I would love it if you could bring back the great Paris Fox one more time for a session. Had countless erotic moments with her from 2008-2012 at the Fox Den.

4477. Nov 21, 2017 ::: General Comment

The "Go To" massage parlour for those of us ...

4476. Nov 18, 2017 ::: Compliment

In love with Syrina.

4475. Nov 17, 2017 ::: Compliment

Alicia my hot sexy thing. What can I say, you have left me speechless after today's session can't thank you enough from the guy who calls you Brazilian Bombshell.

4474. Nov 17, 2017 ::: General Comment

Friendly environment.

4473. Nov 17, 2017 ::: Compliment

The receptionist there is really beautiful...

4472. Nov 13, 2017 ::: Compliment

Very nice, always like to visit Valentina on her visits. Good service and nice girl.

4471. Nov 11, 2017 ::: Compliment

Amber is the best ever. I had two back to back two hour sessions with her last month. I'm in love with her! OMG

4470. Nov 10, 2017 ::: Compliment

Alicia Fox is awesome. Great smile and very friendly. I will see her again.

4469. Nov 10, 2017 ::: Compliment

Met with Alicia and she was awesome. Interesting, intelligent, pretty, and very skilled!

4468. Nov 8, 2017 ::: Suggestion

I would be neat if there were sessions available to have pictures taken of the fun.

4467. Nov 6, 2017 ::: Compliment

I saw the lovely adorable exquisite looking Alicia today, thank you so much for the session my 19 & a half year old Brazilian.

4466. Nov 5, 2017 ::: Compliment

I saw Stella today. Nice Fox, great attitude.

4465. Nov 5, 2017 ::: General Comment

I like your Skill Testing Question!

4464. Nov 3, 2017 ::: Compliment

Saw visiting Valentina Fox - Gorgeous face, awesome ass, and one of the best boobs I've ever seen in my life! Will definitely be keeping my eye out for her next visit. Thanks for an amazing time sexy Russian fox ;)

4463. Nov 3, 2017 ::: Suggestion

The girls descriptions advise of bust size. How about advising 'other body specs', which many guys including myself find to be very sexy !!

4462. Nov 2, 2017 ::: Compliment

I wanted to thank both Sophie and Angelina for the amazing Duo experience that I had with them on Saturday night. They are both incredibly sexy and breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you for making my first Duo experience one that I will never forget! Chris T.

4461. Nov 1, 2017 ::: General Comment

I am in love with Tiffany

4460. Oct 31, 2017 ::: General Comment

Happy Halloween to all the sexy Foxes. Maybe I'll see a naughty nurse or schoolgirl outfit at the Fox Den.

4459. Oct 30, 2017 ::: General Comment

Feeling nostalgic, although: The sexiest Fox of all time, Heather still comes to visit me in my dreams. RB

4458. Oct 30, 2017 ::: General Comment

Lucy is incredible. A real pro.

4457. Oct 30, 2017 ::: Suggestion

Suggest on shave in their description for guys like myself who like that!

4456. Oct 28, 2017 ::: General Comment

Guys if you haven't seen Luna, do yourselves a favor and schedule an apt. She's out of this world. Thanks for the session, the guy with the tattoos

4455. Oct 26, 2017 ::: Compliment

No one can communicate through body language as well as Alexis. Her creative mind, natural elegance, and effortless sensuality make every one of those encounters with her unforgettable. Needless to say, she's easily the most beautiful woman I've seen, inside out. Thank you Alexis, for everything.

4454. Oct 26, 2017 ::: General Comment

Had a great time experience booking at the Fox Den the other day. Belle was extremely helpful, thanks again. J

4453. Oct 24, 2017 ::: Testimonial

Absolutely amazing service! I will return!

4452. Oct 20, 2017 ::: General Comment

I don't think Nola can be beat for pure sensuality. She is wonderful company.

4451. Oct 17, 2017 ::: General Comment

Met with Stella on October 7th and she was fantastic.

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4450. Oct 16, 2017 ::: General Comment

Beautiful and very friendly girls!

4449. Oct 14, 2017 ::: General Comment

Ruby is amazing!

4448. Oct 10, 2017 ::: Compliment

Zahara is absolutely the most beautiful, attentive, exotic, intelligent and sexiest woman I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her service was phenomenal - totally blew me away. Not only that, but she's a great conversationalist. She really showed that she genuinely cared to get to know me and make me feel more at ease. She's funny as well! Super charming. Will see her again.

4447. Oct 8, 2017 ::: General Comment

Sorry for the late review but I decided just had to write in about how much I enjoyed my time with Lucy Lake. The best way to describe our hour together is to buy and look at a copy of HUSTLER magazine. Yes, Lucy is that sexy!!

4446. Oct 7, 2017 ::: General Comment

I would like to know if your ladies only see men?

4445. Oct 6, 2017 ::: Compliment

Lucy Lake is not one in a million. She is one in a billion.

4444. Oct 5, 2017 ::: Testimonial

Rachael, you are a naughty sweetheart.

4443. Oct 5, 2017 ::: Testimonial

Ella is incredible! Such an amazing girl and an absolutely mind-blowing in bed! Don't hesitate to spend time with this chick she will blow your mind!

4442. Oct 4, 2017 ::: Compliment

I met with Amber after a stressful day at work. She is beautiful, sweet, and playful. Her Brazilian accent, perfect tan, and natural body makes her an amazing woman to spend time with.

4441. Oct 1, 2017 ::: General Comment

Positive appointment with Nola. She knows how to stimulate my senses. Thank you.

4440. Sep 28, 2017 ::: Compliment

Another impeccable immaculate session with Lucy Lake. Thanks babe.

4439. Sep 26, 2017 ::: Compliment

I met Nadya on my first visit. She is amazingly gorgeous. A jaw dropping hottie.

4438. Sep 25, 2017 ::: General Comment

Do any of the FOXES do sessions with a woman? I would love to have my first lesbian experience with a FOX!!

4437. Sep 22, 2017 ::: Compliment

Tulip, her lips are exquisite and kissable!

4436. Sep 19, 2017 ::: Compliment

WOW, just had the opportunity to meet with Sierra. She was above average in her looks and her ability to make me feel special. I will definitely be back to see her again. A true professional at what she does.

4435. Sep 18, 2017 ::: Compliment

Duo session a month ago with Venus and Melissa was mind blowing!

4434. Sep 17, 2017 ::: Compliment

Lucy Lake is incredible. That girl can move.

4433. Sep 16, 2017 ::: Testimonial

I still think back fondly of my visit with Taylor in the summer of 2006. I still have a copy of the SWANK magazine pictorial she was featured in. That was a dream come true, enjoying the delights of a magazine model.

4432. Sep 16, 2017 ::: General Comment

Nice selection of girls! I look forward to a two girl session.

4431. Sep 15, 2017 ::: Compliment

Tulip, the most beautiful woman on earth

4430. Sep 14, 2017 ::: Compliment

Tell Alicia I loved her body!!!

4429. Sep 13, 2017 ::: Compliment

Finally got to see Lucy Lake. Now I know why she's on the top. She's a real sweetheart. Thanks a million for an outstanding & unforgettable session.

4428. Sep 12, 2017 ::: Testimonial

Hello, I met with Amber Sunday, Sept 10th and was totally blown away. Amber is by far the best provider and woman I have ever been with in my life. Off the charts gorgeous. A perfect balance between cute, beautiful and sexy. An absolute dream. I will most definitely be back as soon as possible. Please let Amber know how I felt about meeting her. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

4427. Sep 10, 2017 ::: Suggestion

Would there be any chance of publishing the schedule for more than one day? A week's schedule would be nice for planning purposes, or a least a few days. If not possible, that's ok. I will still be a returning client. Rand2001

4426. Sep 8, 2017 ::: General Comment

Last monthly winner was John W in July...

4425. Sep 7, 2017 ::: General Comment

Pick me! I want to win that free draw!

4424. Sep 2, 2017 ::: General Comment

Had a great time with Aspen. Really easy to talk to and lots of fun.

4423. Aug 30, 2017 ::: Compliment

Had a fantastic time with a wonderful blonde named Venus recently. What a BABE!

4422. Aug 28, 2017 ::: General Comment

She hasn't been on schedule for a while but I was lucky enough to catch Bunny before she hopped away again. Hope to see her again.

4421. Aug 25, 2017 ::: Compliment

Dear Lola, how is it possible we had not met before? You are an absolute sweetheart. Looking forward to the next one. Guy with tattoos

4420. Aug 24, 2017 ::: Compliment

Met with Alicia Fox at the Fox Den. I have never felt more at ease and welcome. Wonderful experience. I will be calling again!

4419. Aug 19, 2017 ::: General Comment

I look forward to visiting!

4418. Aug 16, 2017 ::: General Comment

Does Lexi fox still work? Haven't seen her on schedule in awhile.

4417. Aug 15, 2017 ::: General Comment

Farewell to the best fox in the universe Heather, best of luck on your new adventures RB

4416. Aug 15, 2017 ::: Compliment

Had a great time with Milan, incredible body and great personality!

4415. Aug 12, 2017 ::: General Comment

I saw Ruby today at 1 pm. What a pretty girl she is. It was like being in heaven for an hour. Her deep long passionate French kisses were absolutely delicious!

4414. Aug 10, 2017 ::: Compliment

Luna was an angel! Second time visit with her, 4th visit overall. I adore this business model and hope it never changes. The staff are always friendly and welcoming and go well far and beyond to make the stay the best. THANKS for everything. Stay foxy!

4413. Aug 10, 2017 ::: Testimonial

Heather Fox raised the bar for this fine establishment. Don't wait too long to return. M

4412. Aug 9, 2017 ::: Compliment

To the prettiest Fox, Heather, thank you for every unique session. You are definitely one in a million

4411. Aug 5, 2017 ::: General Comment

First time at the Fox Den. I saw the visiting Misa.... oh my god she was fantastic!!! She is the sweetest girl, pampered me, an incredible experience. Thank you Fox Den

4410. Jul 29, 2017 ::: General Comment

Excited to see a bunch of new visiting Foxes in town.

4409. Jul 23, 2017 ::: Compliment

Saw scarlett a few days ago, what a sweet babe.

4408. Jul 22, 2017 ::: Compliment

Hello, would like to say thanks to Michelle who answered the phone and was very helpful arranging a meeting for us. Very nice to talk to. Further would like to compliment Taylor. She was an absolute pleasure to be with for the afternoon. We enjoyed the time with her. Very lovely young lady. L and J.

4407. Jul 19, 2017 ::: General Comment

Recently had an awesome experience with Amanda fox. Would be nice to have new pictures though as her hair is now black and short.

4406. Jul 17, 2017 ::: General Comment

Wow, just wow! Heather that is. Amazing!

4405. Jul 11, 2017 ::: General Comment

Happy with my first experience with this agency. Will return.

4404. Jul 6, 2017 ::: Suggestion

Saving my pennies for the ultimate experience. Which would be a 3 girl session: a blonde, a brunette, and a red head. Hopefully, Carman Fox can accommodate my fantasy!

4403. Jul 5, 2017 ::: Compliment

I just want to say thank you to Amanada. Can not wait to spend more time with you. A true gem.

4402. Jun 30, 2017 ::: General Comment

Happy Canada Day to all the beautiful Foxes! Leo

4401. Jun 26, 2017 ::: Testimonial

First time at the den a couple of weeks ago. Tyler was my host for the evening. What a delightfully quirky and hilarious girl. She also made me feel special and pampered which was exactly what I needed.

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4400. Jun 22, 2017 ::: Compliment

I recently went to Fox Den as first time client and went with Renee Fox. I'm not sure if this was intentional but after seeing her I think I'm a customer for life ! Can't get her out of my head !

4399. Jun 20, 2017 ::: Compliment

Milan, thanks for the session. Great job Carman on the new foxes.

4398. Jun 19, 2017 ::: Compliment

As a linguist, I love conversing with the various foxes I have met over the years!!

4397. Jun 19, 2017 ::: General Comment

Wow, I could not wait to see Heather now that see is back in town. Am I sure glad she's back for a while, unbelievable, I love this place.

4396. Jun 12, 2017 ::: General Comment

Heather, thanks for an amazing experience. To me, you will always be the best Fox at the den. RB

4395. Jun 12, 2017 ::: General Comment

Only the prettiest Fox Heather, can bring this guy back from retirement. Can't wait to see you RB

4394. Jun 9, 2017 ::: General Comment

I want to see 20 Foxes!

4393. Jun 9, 2017 ::: General Comment

Met channel fox the other day, lovely lady and a great personality.

4392. Jun 7, 2017 ::: General Comment

Scarlett Fox was a sweetheart. Nice personality and great to be with.

4391. Jun 1, 2017 ::: General Comment

Had a great time with the Foxes. Shane

4390. May 27, 2017 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den is a magical getaway I would recommend as a place to de-stress for wellness. I sure do feel better afterwards.

4389. May 24, 2017 ::: Compliment

Went and saw Luna... holy! Great personality and super cute! We connected so well that we accidentally went over our time by a bit. Definitely recommending her to anyone who is looking. Thank you, CF!

4388. May 23, 2017 ::: Compliment

Met up with Tulip Fox Monday afternoon, and I was in for quite the surprise. She was extremely conversational and entertaining. Was an extremely fun encounter. She's made a fan of me for sure! Now I have to go to London for a month as per her suggestion ;)

4387. May 18, 2017 ::: General Comment

Thank you Tessa for a terrific evening. KK

4386. May 16, 2017 ::: Compliment

Renee Fox is on fire! French charm and a heart of gold. She won't give up until you are satisfied and doesn't have a judgmental bone in her sexy body. Try and see her if you can, its worth the trip to Canada alone!

4385. May 15, 2017 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den is one amazing magical place. It's definitely the place to be for gentlemen.

4384. May 14, 2017 ::: General Comment

I love this place.

4383. May 12, 2017 ::: General Comment

As a French speaking linguist, I enjoy "counting" to with Fox Girls.

4382. May 10, 2017 ::: General Comment

Really enjoy my time spent with Isabel at the Fox Den. My compliments to her. Thank you.

4381. May 4, 2017 ::: Compliment

Very attractive, smart and pleasant person. Enjoyed my time with her.

4380. May 1, 2017 ::: Compliment

I just saw Amanda Fox and WOW!!! Can't wait to see her again when she comes back.

4379. Apr 29, 2017 ::: Compliment

Pearl of the ocean, wow I loved every minute and wished I had a longer time with you. Wow.

4378. Apr 25, 2017 ::: Compliment

Went for the first time last Friday and got to see Emma. Great girl, great personality. Extremely beautiful and knows how to please and converse. Thank you Emma!

4377. Apr 23, 2017 ::: General Comment

I like the successful management of the foxes and the Den.

4376. Apr 20, 2017 ::: General Comment

Phoenix Fox photos show Fox Den eatery. Very cute ! I love eating out at the Fox Den!

4375. Apr 19, 2017 ::: Testimonial

Had a super fantastic time with Syrina, she is absolutely gorgeous and makes you feel wonderful. Will see her again.

4374. Apr 15, 2017 ::: General Comment

If I want to find a Fox that is older than 24 or 25, is there any easy way to search amongst all the gorgeous girls? Or do I have to look at each one individually. I am an older gentleman.

4373. Apr 12, 2017 ::: Compliment

I had an absolutely unforgettable amazing time with my darling Naomi today, thank you.

4372. Apr 9, 2017 ::: Compliment

Thanks for the amazing afternoon Miss Pearl. You are a real pearl. I had a blast well from the guy who said if you didn't say you liked Japanese food he will be offended. Lmfao.

4371. Apr 4, 2017 ::: General Comment

Sterling was awsome except...

4370. Apr 3, 2017 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox is the best agency in town... period!

4369. Mar 29, 2017 ::: General Comment

I love dining at the FOX DEN!

4368. Mar 27 2017 ::: General Comment

I saw River at the Fox Den and had a terrific time. Looking forward to seeing her again.

4367. Mar 24, 2017 ::: General Comment

The Foxes, it would a nice Anniversary Gift for both my husband and myself.

4366. Mar 20, 2017 ::: Compliment

Spent two different times with Stephanie last week. This is a woman who really enjoys her work and is exceptionally skilled. I can't wait to get back to Vancouver and connect with Stephanie again. If you want a really special time, see her. Thank-you Stephanie!

4365. Mar 19, 2017 ::: Compliment

Spring time is when the willows bloom. Both in nature and at the Den!

4364. Mar 16, 2017 ::: General Comment

I had the pleasure of seeing the lovely Alexis. She's everything you could have asked for. Thank you Alexis. TT

4363. Mar 11, 2017 ::: Compliment

Over the past decade, I have been with maybe 20 Foxes, and maybe 30 girls from other agencies. Today I met Liza, and I have to say, she is the friendliest and most genuine model I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with. She is very affectionate and fun to be with.

4362. Mar 9, 2017 ::: General Comment

No complaints here. Getting close to my discount. Great way to reward your loyal clients.

4361. Mar 5, 2017 ::: Compliment

Thank you so so so much, Kerri's my little gorgeous princess from the country site of France. Now you know who is this commenting on you. I had an unforgettable afternoon with you. Thank you so much once again.

4360. Feb 28, 2017 ::: General Comment

Had a wonderful time with Luna at the Fox Den.

4359. Feb 25, 2017 ::: Compliment

I'd just like to send a message to Kerris which I forgot to say after our meeting, I'm sorry of not expressing enough my admiration to you and sometimes took our time for granted. My message is, "Kerris! You're the best I've ever seen and I wish you all success in whatever you wish in life" (Lex, for this sweetest afternoon with you, always want to meet you again).

4358. Feb 23, 2017 ::: Compliment

Taylor is awesome! I can't wait to see her again.

4357. Feb 21, 2017 ::: General Comment

Cindy - awesome!

4356. Feb 20, 2017 ::: General Comment

Spring season is coming soon. I like spring as that is when the willows bloom. Just as they do all year round at the Fox Den!

4355. Feb 17, 2017 ::: Compliment

Cindy, quite the elegant Greek hotness. It was a pleasure being with you -Tim

4354. Feb 13, 2017 ::: Compliment

Thank you bliss. I had a wonderful unforgettable time with you at the fox den. You are so charming and wonderful.

4353. Feb 9, 2017 ::: Suggestion

How about have some Foxes tour interior BC, the Okanagan Valley. Save me the drive to the Lower Mainland.

4352. Feb 8, 2017 ::: General Comment

I love the Carman Fox girls, and that is why I love this place!! Mr Cunning Linguist

4351. Feb 5, 2017 ::: Suggestion

I had a wonderful time with Daria couple of years ago at the Den. It would be nice to invite her to work as a fox again.

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4350. Feb 4, 2017 ::: General Comment

Wow Giselle Fox is incredibly beautiful.

4349. Feb 1, 2017 ::: Compliment

Oh Luna, greatest gift to mankind, thanks for the splendid time. Tim.

4348. Jan 29, 2017 ::: Testimonial

I just had an incredible hour with Giselle. Girls like that is why I keep coming back time and time again.

4347. Jan 27, 2017 ::: Compliment

Thanks to Rhiley and her smoking hot body for a wonderful hour.

4346. Jan 24, 2017 ::: General Comment

Enjoy my appointment with Rhiley at the Fox Den. Happy times.

4345. Jan 19, 2017 ::: Compliment

Isabel is as intelligent as she is beautiful

4344. Jan 18, 2017 ::: Compliment

Thanks Lacey Lace for a marvellous afternoon & Belle I love you to bits. Thanks girlie.

4343. Jan 16, 2017 ::: Compliment

Lunar, thanks for the massage. You got a great body.

4342. Jan 16, 2017 ::: General Comment

Thanks Carman Fox. I had a wonderful time at the den on Sunday 15 January.

4341. Jan 14, 2017 ::: Compliment

I had a fabulous time with Sterling. Thanks baby.

4340. Jan 9, 2017 ::: General Comment

Terrific time with Taylor! Can't wait to see her again.

4339. Jan 8, 2017 ::: General Comment

New year, lots of new foxes. Great job keeping it fun Carman. RB

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