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:: Feedback Archive 2012 ::

3627. Dec 30, 2012 ::: General Comment

Happy New Years to all the beautiful Foxes!

Dec 28, 2012 ::: General Comment

Great informative website. Love the photos.

3626. Dec 23, 2012 ::: General Comment

Merry Christmas. I hope to win the draw as my Xmas gift.

3625. Dec 19, 2012 ::: Compliment

Happy holidays to all the beautiful Foxes! Love the Christmas edition photos of Daniella and Salma. M.M.

3624. Dec 15, 2012 ::: General Comment

Wow, I really like Nikki's new sexy photos. I had the pleasure of seeing her in person and she did not disappoint. Thank you Nikki for the wonderful time.

3623. Dec 14, 2012 ::: General Comment

I had a wonderful time with Bunny. All round special evening. I hope to see her again.

3622. Dec 11, 2012 ::: General Comment

When is Daniella returning to Calgary?

3621. Dec 6, 2012 ::: General Comment

Carman, you operate the best agency and have the best girls in town. I've been a loyal long-term client. Jeff

3720. Dec 4, 2012 ::: Compliment

Bunny you are a perfect ten for personality, looks and what a body! Simply amazing in everyway! RA

3619. Dec 3, 2012 ::: General Comment

Very interested in booking an appointment. So many beautiful girls. Recommendations?

3718. Nov 30, 2012 ::: Compliment

As a Gourmet who appreciates fine Dining, the Fox Den is my favourite restaurant!

3717. Nov 28, 2012 ::: Compliment

I had a fantastic time at the Fox Den. Can't wait to be back.

3716. Nov 26, 2012 ::: General Comment

Wow, the Fox Den is one amazing place. The interior is beautifully design but the best part was women in lingerie.

3715. Nov 23, 2012 ::: General Comment

I had the pleasure of seeing Daniella while in Calgary and she did not disappoint. Beautiful personality with a stunning body. Hope she returns. JT

3714. Nov 22, 2012 ::: General Comment

YES! Finally a tour to Calgary!

3713. Nov 19, 2012 ::: General Comment

Any thoughts on future expansion across Canada? Franchise the company.

3712. Nov 15, 2012 ::: General Comment

Carman, you have the best agency in town, period. Time and time again, I'm never disappointed. Your service either meets or exceeds my expectations. Keep up the good job.

3711. Nov 14, 2012 ::: General Comment

I hope to make it to the fox den for my 30th birthday bash and celebrate in style!

3710. Nov 11, 2012 ::: Compliment

Thank you Annabelle for an amazing special evening. You were absolutely stunning and beautiful inside out. T.Hawk

3709. Nov 10, 2012 ::: General Comment

Can't wait to book an appointment with the twin duo of Kassie and Kylie! That'll be unforgettable.

3708. Nov 6, 2012 ::: General Comment

Great website, even better looking girls.

3707. Nov 4, 2012 ::: Compliment

Bunny Fox was such a sweetheart. The true girl next door type. She was so friendly and provided excellent service.

3706. Nov 1, 2012 ::: Compliment

Angel Fox, you are so perfect, just heavenly. Thanks for a wonderful experience. Dave

3705. Oct 31, 2012 ::: Suggestion

More photos of Maui please...

3704. Oct 29, 2012 ::: General Comment

Bell is a great asset to your organization. Cheers. PS I turned VIP but what does that mean?

3703. Oct 26, 2012 ::: General Comment

Happy to see Sexi is back. She was always one of my top favourite Fox.

3702. Oct 25, 2012 ::: Compliment

I personally would like to thank your phone staff for answering my bombard of questions. Your agency went beyond and above my expectations. I would recommend your service and would definitely be a return client. Thank you. Peter

3701. Oct 22, 2012 ::: General Comment

I can't believe how great this agency is, every experience I've had so far has been wonderful. I wish I could afford to spend more time here.

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3700. Oct 20, 2012 ::: General Comment

I spent some time with Ursula today and my body and mind are still humming over it. Beautiful and vivacious are words to describe her and I certainly plan on enjoying her company again. Thanks Ursula, you are fantastic!

3699. Oct 18, 2012 ::: Compliment

Had a great birthday with Jessica. She is an absolute stunner and very personable. Thanks Foxes!

3698. Oct 16, 2012 ::: General Comment

I was a bit nervous calling since I had bad experience in the past with other companies but your agency was very professional and the phone girl was friendly, making booking pleasant. Bunny was a sweetheart. I will be returning in the near future.

3697. Oct 13, 2012 ::: General Comment

The Foxes are all so sexy

3696. Oct 11, 2012 ::: General Comment

Any tour to the Calgary area anytime soon?

3695. Oct 10, 2012 ::: General Comment

Love Michelle's new photo set!

3694. Oct 7, 2012 ::: General Comment

Love Bunny's new photos. I had the pleasure of seeing her recently and she did not disappoint, and met my expectations.

3693. Oct 5, 2012 ::: General Comment

Had an amazing night with Bunny Fox, she was very sweet and sexy! I will definitely be booking with her again when I am in town next. Thank you Bunny! xox

3692. Oct 4, 2012 ::: General Comment

Step One. Win $50 million LOTTO MAX Step Two. Buy luxury condo near Metrotown. Step Three. Enjoy a daily visit to the Fox Den each day for the rest of my life.

3691. Oct 2, 2012 ::: General Comment

YES! Sexi Fox is back! Can't wait to see her again.

3690. Sep 29, 2012 ::: General Comment

The Fox VIP is ground breaking in this industry. Can't wait to rejoin the hunt under my epic status as a VIP. How long till its up and running? PS Bella you are so amazing clearly my Fox of the last 2 years even if you're just a Phone Fox. ;) -B39

3689. Sep 27, 2012 ::: General Comment

Thank you Lindsay for recommending Annabelle. She was the perfect girl for the perfect evening.

3688. Sep 24, 2012 ::: General Comment

Great website. So many beautiful women.

3687. Sep 23, 2012 ::: General Comment

The most beautiful, amazing Fox! Have a Lovely day, just as you are! Love You!

3686. Sep 20, 2012 ::: General Comment

Bliss is just hot!

3685. Sep 19, 2012 ::: Suggestion

I would pay a lot of money for a calander of the foxes!

3684. Sep 19, 2012 ::: Suggestion

The Fox stat photos, I suggest perhaps the girls pose in regular clothes, gradually removing them with each photo frame, to convey the True Girl Next Door treat that awaits.

3683. Sep 16, 2012 ::: General Comment

Thank you Bunny fox for the amazing night, you really are sweet as a bunny. XOXO-BH

3682. Sep 14, 2012 ::: General Comment

I had a great time at the Fox Den and will definitely be returning.

3681. Sep 13, 2012 ::: Compliment

Where do I start? Tulips don't grow in Cuba but they sure do here in Vancouver! Witness the sweetest, sexiest, most beautiful Fox in the Den with "Our Tulip". Gentlemen if you haven't had the pleasure give yourself an incredible experience with the one and only "Tulip". M

3680. Sep 11, 2012 ::: Compliment

WOW! where to start? Bunny was incredible and supple. Her tight body and bubbly personality provided an excellent service. I would recommend her to all you young bachelors!

3679. Sep 9, 2012 ::: Compliment

I just spent time with Paige and it was spectacular. She was beautiful and easy to talk to. This agency is clearly a cut above the rest and I will certainly be back as soon as I am in town.

3678. Sep 7, 2012 ::: Compliment

Called, for some info, about Fox Den. Spoke to Bella. She was the best. Gave me exactly the info I asked for. Great staff!

3677. Sep 6, 2012 ::: General Comment

Thanks for another great time last night! Your the best Starla! XOXO

3676. Sep 5, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Angel Fox, you are absolutely perfect. Beautiful body and face from heaven. Thank you Angel

3675. Sep 3, 2012 ::: General Comment

You are one hot sexy classy captivating fox. Angel still dreaming about a truly unforgettable evening. Blake

3674. Sep 1, 2012 ::: General Comment

Any plans to expand in Calgary? It's been a while since any Foxes visited Cowtown.

3673. Aug 31, 2012 ::: General Comment

Had a great time with Bunny. She was very sweet and provided excellent service. CK

3672. Aug 30, 2012 ::: Compliment

Tulip is a Cuban beauty that defies all others. Great personality to start along with a fab body of a model (slim but lots of curves and a great chest). Sexy to the 9th degree and just so pleasant to be with that she will take your breath away! Thank you Cuba for sending us this extraordinary young lady. K

3671. Aug 29, 2012 ::: General Comment

3670. Aug 26, 2012 ::: Testimonial

I spent an hour with Kenzie and I feel like this is the start of a wonderful addiction.

3669. Aug 24, 2012 ::: General Comment

Saw hailey last Monday and she was awesome! Wish I could keep her all to myself. Can't wait to see her again.

3668. Aug 23, 2012 ::: General Comment

Angel, you are amazing, missing those heavenly nights! Roberto

3667. Aug 22, 2012 ::: Testimonial

I had a session with AJ that I will never forget, her wit, charm and sensuality made for a very pleasurable experience.

3666. Aug 22, 2012 ::: Suggestion

I am putting aside a bit each payday for what I plan to be the best hour of my life. I will book 3 appointments. Any suggestions as to which girls I should chose?

3665. Aug 21, 2012 ::: General Comment

Human Nature inclines toward the inestimable loveliness that is Melody!

3664. Aug 18, 2012 ::: General Comment

Thank you Belle for recommending Tulip. She was fantasic with a lovely personality.

3663. Aug 17, 2012 ::: Compliment

Saw Tulip last night. Beautiful lady. Very talented. Excellent service.

3662. Aug 15, 2012 ::: General Comment

Angel, I love you!

3661. Aug 12, 2012 ::: General Comment

I enjoy my time with Robyn and appreciate the discreetness.

3660. Aug 11, 2012 ::: Compliment

Ava you are one knockout kick boxer! Keep on smiling! It was a real treat meeting you! Can't wait to see you again. RA

3659. Aug 9, 2012 ::: General Comment

Hailey looks great, love the natural girls. Can't wait to see her.

3658. Aug 8, 2012 ::: General Comment

Hey guys, do you have a fox in Whistler tonight?

3657. Aug 6, 2012 ::: General Comment

Really enjoy the foxes, what a great time!

3656. Aug 5, 2012 ::: General Comment

Had a great and wonderful time with the new Fox, Robyn. Thanks Carman for another successful hunt.

3655. Aug 3, 2012 ::: Suggestion

Any plans to expand out here in the east coast, particular in the Toronto area?

3654. Aug 2, 2012 ::: General Comment

I had a session with Anastasia on Wednesday and she was great! Thank you for suggesting her and thank you for a great time. Keep up the excellent service! Vijay

3653. Jul 30, 2012 ::: Compliment

Anastasia was amazing and wonderful!

3652. Jul 29, 2012 ::: General Comment

I have visited your establishment more than a few times but what I would like is for you to remove foxes that definitely are not working there especially those that have "limited availability" so why tease us.

3651. Jul 27, 2012 ::: Testimonial

I wanted to express my absolute joy and magnificent time I had with Daria. First off the girl is dreamy beautiful. I thought I was spending time with a playboy playmate. She was so good looking. Secondly, she is sweet and kind, which made her even more beautiful. Finally, we share a birthday, which seemed like fate. Next time I'm in Vancouver I will be back. Thank you god!

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3650. Jul 26, 2012 ::: General Comment

AJ, loved your services, thanks.

3649. Jul 24, 2012 ::: General Comment

Great time spent at the Fox Den. Saw Saphire the other day. Truely a gem.

3648. Jul 23, 2012 ::: General Comment

Ava fox is 1 more than a girl next door.

3647. Jul 23, 2012 ::: General Comment

I used your service since 2006. I came back and back and I just couldn't stop myself doing it.

3646. Jul 22, 2012 ::: General Comment

Chanelle is the definition of beauty and brains. Drop dead gorgeous!

3645. Jul 21, 2012 ::: General Comment

It's been 6 years to the day that I had the pleasure of an hour with Taylor Fox. Being with a former SWANK magazine model was a fantasy that came true. Will Taylor return to Carman Fox anytime soon? I would love to re-live that wonderful memory!

3644. Jul 20, 2012 ::: General Comment

Very Interested

3643. Jul 18, 2012 ::: General Comment

Thank you Belle for recommending Starla. She is the best fox I have ever met.

3642. Jul 18, 2012 ::: General Comment

Starla fox is a beauty! She definitely is the full package; sexy body with the face of an angel. I will for sure be seeing her again when i'm back in Vancouver.

3641. Jul 18, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Angel Fox, I love you!

3640. Jul 17, 2012 ::: Compliment

Great to see you raising awareness about human trafficking in your news section. Keep up the good work.

3639. Jul 16, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Bunny! Unbelievable. Thanks.

3638. Jul 15, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Met Salma Fox last Tuesday, what a lady! Stunningly good looking, tall with natural DDs. Usually like a bit older women but Salma was very relaxed and relaxing. Thanks for a great time.

3637. Jul 14, 2012 ::: General Comment

Love Salma's new photos!

3636. Jul 14, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Class, beauty and charm. Angel you made my evening perfect. And I agree Angel Fox has the most perfect breasts not to mention those tight curves in all the right places.

3635. Jul 12, 2012 ::: General Comment

The fox den never disappoints. Thanks.

3634. Jul 10, 2012 ::: General Comment

Hailey's new photos look absolutely fantastic and super sexy! Can't wait to see her again.

3633. Jul 9, 2012 ::: General Comment

Way to go. We love all of your foxes.

3632. Jul 8, 2012 ::: General Comment

I haven't done any business yet, but the phone operator is very nice and friendly!

3631. Jul 7, 2012 ::: General Comment

Katie fox just for you. How good something is should never be determined by its cost, designer, origin, or its perceived value by others.

3630. Jul 5, 2012 ::: General Comment

Great idea with the VIP edition. Nice touch.

3629. Jul 4, 2012 ::: General Comment

Professionalism, discretion, friendliness, and the quality of foxes is why I continued dong business with Carman Fox.

3628. Jul 3, 2012 ::: General Comment

Friendly staff and always feel comfortable using your service.

3627. Jul 1, 2012 ::: General Comment

Happy Canada Day to all the beautiful Foxes!

3626. Jun 30, 2012 ::: Compliment

+50 visits. Belle is a darling to talk to on the phone. Always helpful. Always accommodating. Very discrete, enjoyable visits every single time with great ladies! Thank you Carman Fox!

3625. Jun 29, 2012 ::: General Comment

What are your Canada Day hours?

3624. Jun 28, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Hailey is looking fine!

3623. Jun 28, 2012 ::: General Comment

Best place ever. Ursula is the one to see, she's sexy as hell and fun to be with.

3622. Jun 27, 2012 ::: Compliment

Tulip. WOW! Friendly, relaxing, fun to be with.

3621. Jun 24, 2012 ::: Compliment

A Tulip is a beautiful spring flower. The newly arrived Fox Tulip is also beautiful and similar-long stems and gorgeous and with a wonderful "D" rack. K

3620. Jun 23, 2012 ::: General Comment

Best place ever, I love this place and all the foxes. I wish I lived right in the fox den. You girls are awesome. See you soon.

3619. Jun 22, 2012 ::: General Comment

I recently had an appointment with AJ Fox and would just like to say that she was amazing!

3618. Jun 21, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Last Weekend I travelled from Arizona to meet Nikki Fox. I wish I could have stayed longer. She was so nice, and so much fun. And well that body rocks. She is amazing.

3617. Jun 21, 2012 ::: Compliment

I agree Angel Fox does have perfect body but also a perfect face. Beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. A truly special evening. Thank you Angel.

3616. Jun 20, 2012 ::: General Comment

Hennessy you are like fine champagne! So sad your visit to Vancouver is over. Come back soon.

3615. Jun 18, 2012 ::: Compliment

I love the new photos of Ava Fox. Simply fantastic!

3614. Jun 16, 2012 ::: Compliment

Thank you Bunny for my fabulous session at the Fox Den. Can't wait to see you again. James

3613. Jun 15, 2012 ::: General Comment

Another fun relaxing time at the Den to relieve some build up stress.

3612. Jun 12, 2012 ::: General Comment

Great website. Very uplifting.

3611. Jun 10, 2012 ::: General Comment

Best service in Vancouver. Great website but the comment page needs to be update more frequently.

3610. Jun 10, 2012 ::: General Comment

Very professional service, from the phones to the Foxes.

3609. Jun 9, 2012 ::: General Comment

It's been a while since any Foxes return to Calgary. When's the next visiting date?

3608. Jun 7, 2012 ::: General Comment

It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

3607. Jun 6, 2012 ::: Testimonial

I don't this that often but both times has been fabulous and time well spent!

3606. Jun 3, 2012 ::: General Comment

Dear Carman, thanks for providing such great services and beautiful ladies. Frank from Seattle.

3605. Jun 1, 2012 ::: General Comment

Thank you for arranging a fun and successful stag party for us. The groom was all smiles.

3604. May 29, 2012 ::: General Comment

Can't stop dreaming about you, Erica!

3603. May 28, 2012 ::: General Comment

Best site of its kind. Sexy and beautiful photos. Hope I win.

3602. May 25, 2012 ::: General Comment

I was a bit hesitant in calling your agency because I had a terrible experience with another. Belle was friendly on the phone and recommended Salma. She was definitely the right choice. Thank again. J

3601. May 23, 2012 ::: Compliment

Had the pleasure of spending time with Michelle yesterday noon. She was everything I wished for and more.

 Mar 12, 2012 @ 3:00pm PST.

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3600. May 20, 2012 ::: General Comment

Alize's new photos look amazing. Can't wait to see her again.

3599. May 18, 2012 ::: General Comment

Great website. Very informative and eye catching.

3598. May 12, 2012 ::: General Comment

Angel is one hot woman! Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. An angel from heaven.

3597. May 11, 2012 ::: General Comment

All I want for my birthday this year is to unwrapped a Fox. That'll be an unforgettable gift.

3596. May 7, 2012 ::: Compliment

Excellent and well runned agency. Would definitely use your service again.

3595. May 4, 2012 ::: General Comment

There is no place better than the Fox Den and there is no service better than Carman Fox. Don't waste your money on second rate, Carman's Foxes are top notch!

3594. May 2, 2012 ::: General Comment

I will continue to enjoy my visits with Blake Fox! She is HOT! Sexy goddess! Thanks Carman for finding this Gem.

3593. May 1, 2012 ::: General Comment

Would like to see Pippa again. When is she available?

3592. Apr 29, 2012 ::: General Comment

Nalia makes me feel so relaxed and time flies when she is around.

3591. Apr 27, 2012 ::: General Comment

Great service, I had a great time with Dominique. She is the best fox I have ever met.

3590. Apr 25, 2012 ::: Compliment

Carman, don't change a thing. Excellent service.

3589. Apr 24, 2012 ::: Compliment

I have been to the den over 50 times and its the nicest part of a busy day.

3588. Apr 21, 2012 ::: General Comment

Guys, don't waste your money anywhere else. Carman and her Foxes are the best available. From the phones to the Foxes there is no true comparision. If you want the best stick with Carman.

3587. Apr 20, 2012 ::: General Comment

I have always been pleased and happy with the excellent services the Foxes have provided over the many years. Keep up the good work.

3586. Apr 18, 2012 ::: General Comment

Wow, I saw Callie and Salma today and it was out of this world. They are both wildly sexy and loads of fun! Salma, I have seen before and she never disapoints. Callie, I saw for the first time and she is fun and flirty but has poise and professionalism. They both have incredible racks! I highly recommend Carman Fox and the Fox Den.

3585. Apr 17, 2012 ::: General Comment

Hailey is simply amazing!

3584. Apr 15, 2012 ::: General Comment

I would like to leave a positive feedback for my time with Salma. She did not disappoint and more than I could have imagine.

3583. Apr 14, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Angel you are so beautiful and sexy, can't stop thinking about your beautiful breasts. Can't wait to see you again. Your the best. Anthony

3582. Apr 12, 2012 ::: General Comment

Belle Fox on the phones never disappoints, she is always the perfect mix of flirty and professional!

3581. Apr 12, 2012 ::: General Comment

Missing You Gemma!

3580. Apr 11, 2012 ::: General Comment

Salma is the greatest! Too many superlatives to describe her but probably the best body in the Den along with intelligence and a fabulous personality. K

3579. Apr 11, 2012 ::: General Comment

3578. Apr 10, 2012 ::: General Comment

The waiting is killing me... two Foxes! What a treat!

3577. Apr 8, 2012 ::: General Comment

Angel you are truly an angel. Can not stop thinking about the moments with you. Look forward to our next visit. Toronto Tony

3576. Apr 7, 2012 ::: General Comment

I keep having sweet dreams about Salma and Callie. Two sweet and sexy Foxes!

3575. Apr 6, 2012 ::: General Comment

I have seen a number of foxes but Blake is by far the most outstanding, genuine, beautiful fox I have seen!

3574. Apr 6, 2012 ::: General Comment

Looking forward to seeing you again ladies.

3573. Apr 4, 2012 ::: General Comment

I LOVE Foxes! Carman has the best agency in Canada!

3572. Apr 2, 2012 ::: General Comment

I hope to see a Fox really soon!

3571. Apr 1, 2012 ::: General Comment

I met Raven. she was amazing at fox den, but she does not work there any more. Miss her a lot.

3570. Mar 30, 2012 ::: Compliment

Erica is simply ecstatic! Unbelievable smile and looks combine with a great attitude!

3569. Mar 29, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Absolutely incredible time with Salma & Matilda. Two great ladies who know how to have fun and even goof around a bit. Will DEFINITELY come again!

3568. Mar 28, 2012 ::: General Comment

Just Great!

3567. Mar 26, 2012 ::: General Comment

I had the best time there. I will be back soon.

3566. Mar 25, 2012 ::: Testimonial

OMG! I had the opportunity to visit Brooke again while I was in town. What a wonderful woman! I am glad she is back. I will definitely plan on seeing her again next time I am in town. Thank you Brooke!

3565. Mar 25, 2012 ::: General Comment

Hire more girls in their 30s. All the better to bring Cougar fantasies to reality. Older girls rule because they are so much more sensual and enthusiastic.

3564. Mar 24, 2012 ::: Suggestion

Post some photos of the girls dressed in day to day work place attire, ie college student, soccer / hockey Mom, nurse, librarian, secretary, dental hygenist, cashier etc. Real Girl next door images to fuel fantasy and encourage a visit to the Fox Den

3563. Mar 22, 2012 ::: General Comment

Bring back Kiana.

3562. Mar 22, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Salma, wow, you rocked me again! I love how genuine you are, plus you're super hot!

3561. Mar 21, 2012 ::: General Comment

Thank you for recommending Destiny (forgot phone girl's name). She was everything that I could have asked for.

3560. Mar 19, 2012 ::: General Comment

I was speechless when I saw Ava for the first time. She was so beautiful with a warm personality.

3559. Mar 16, 2012 ::: General Comment

Belle is great on the phone.

3558. Mar 14, 2012 ::: General Comment

Tara is a blonde bombshell!

3557. Mar 13, 2012 ::: General Comment

Alize = FANTASTIC! What a wonderful girl top to bottom, start to finish. Great find Carman.

3556. Mar 13, 2012 ::: General Comment

Blake is so cute.

3555. Mar 12, 2012 ::: General Comment

When I win the big prize in Lotto Max or Lotto 649, I will visit Carman Fox each and every day.

3554. Mar 10, 2012 ::: General Comment

Thank you Carman for the wonderful birthday gift. I celebrated with the twin beauties Chanelle and Jubilee and we had a fabulous time together. Ken

3553. Mar 10, 2012 ::: Compliment

Wow! Enter young Ms.River with sexiness and sensuality that will shake your world! The sweetness factor - did I mention that? She has it all and what an addition to the incredible pulchritude already assembled in the wonderful Fox Den. Thank you again Carman for your never ending search for talent.K

3552. Mar 9, 2012 ::: Compliment

I love Carman Fox and her Sexy Sexy Foxes!

3551. Mar 9, 2012 ::: General Comment

May have to fly Angel to New York for next visit. What a beautiful hot sexy Angel she is. My dream girl. Thanks again Frank

 Mar 12, 2012 @ 3:00pm PST.

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3550. Mar 8, 2012 ::: General Comment

Best Escort site on the net! Bart, from Miami

3549. Mar 7, 2012 ::: General Comment

Saw Destiny today. I must say she is the hottest girl by far I have seen in a long time. Hope you extend your stay.

3548. Mar 5, 2012 ::: General Comment

How about a Calgary and Edmonton tour soon?

3547. Mar 4, 2012 ::: Suggestion

Hi, in your gallery section, if you can put the names of the Foxes, it would be a big help. There are some crazy hot women in there & I'd love to know who they are so I could easily have a date with them. Also I can't seem to find the search by fox type link on your page. That's a great tool.

3546. Mar 2, 2012 ::: Compliment

I just wanted to say, love the fox den and staff, and all you beautiful foxes!

3545. Mar 2, 2012 ::: Compliment

Emma's new photos are sexy and beautiful.

3544. Mar 1, 2012 ::: Compliment

Sativa's new photos are hot. She is a gorgeous Fox!

3543. Mar 1, 2012 ::: General Comment

I'm glad to see Brooke Fox has return with your agency. Our last session was unbelievable.

3542. Feb 29, 2012 ::: General Comment

Happy Anniversary Fox Den and many more to come.

3541. Feb 28, 2012 ::: General Comment


3540. Feb 28, 2012 ::: Compliment

Daniella is the most beautiful Fox. Simply stunning!

3539. Feb 27, 2012 ::: General Comment

Any tour plans to Calgary anytime soon?

3538. Feb 25, 2012 ::: Compliment

I met with Nalia once again and had an even better time than the last time. Relaxed and great conversation makes meetings very pleasant. I will probably see her again, or maybe I have to sample off the extensive menu.

3537. Feb 24, 2012 ::: General Comment

Sativa's new photos are gorgeous! She is so hot!

3536. Feb 23, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Gentlemen, spend your money on Carman and her Foxes. This is hands down the best service in town. No one else compares, the service is professional and discrete, the Foxes are stunning and very, very friendly. Top notch!

3535. Feb 23, 2012 ::: Testimonial

Salma you are fantastic, once again I had a great time!

3534. Feb 22, 2012 ::: Compliment

Chanelle is the most beautiful fox I've ever seen

3533. Feb 22, 2012 ::: Compliment

Zara is so fine! I love east Indian delicacies - spicy and sweet!

3532. Feb 21, 2012 ::: General Comment

Lucy returns! She is a wonderful Asian treat!

3531. Feb 19, 2012 ::: General Comment

Thank you Lauren for recommending Angel. She was the perfect lady for a perfect evening.

3530. Feb 18, 2012 ::: Compliment

Lexy is so sexy! I want to party with her.

3529. Feb 17, 2012 ::: Compliment

So many beautiful sexy women with generous giving personalities. Fox Den must be heaven.

3528. Feb 16, 2012 ::: General Comment

I (FR Big Sexy), have been using your service for over 2 years and have always been a satisfied smiling customer. From booking the appointments, to time spend with the Foxes, your agency tops.

3527. Feb 16, 2012 ::: Compliment

Shay is a hot Middle Eastern delicacy. So sweet!

3526. Feb 15, 2012 ::: General Comment

I love this place. The girls are so nice and hot. I had an awesome time there. It was my first time at this place and I will definitely be back.

3525. Feb 15, 2012 ::: General Comment

Tawnie is a terrific tropical treat! That woman can rock my world.

3524. Feb 15, 2012 ::: Compliment

Sierra is simply gorgeous! Great work - Fox Den!

3523. Feb 15, 2012 ::: General Comment

Love Sativa's new photos. She is truly beautiful

3522. Feb 14, 2012 ::: General Comment

Happy Valentines Day to the beautiful Gemma!

3521. Feb 14, 2012 ::: Compliment

Just spent the evening with the gorgeous Chanelle Fox. She is truly one of the most beautiful women I've seen. She has the most down to earth personality and is very intelligent. She can carry an educated alluring conversation while looking so stunning and sexy all at the same time. I was truly wowed and amazed by her charm and beauty. She's got my vote for the Top Fox.

3520. Feb 13, 2012 ::: Suggestion

Please bring back the beautiful Elisha and Kendra. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the day of their return so please make my wish come true.

3519. Feb 13, 2012 ::: General Comment

Shaughnessy is so hot! A major babe!

3518. Feb 13, 2012 ::: Compliment

Kylie and Kassie are my dream team. I want to party with them ASAP.

3517. Feb 12, 2012 ::: Compliment

Alize is a true gem. A gorgeous girl. We'll see each other again. K

3516. Feb 12, 2012 ::: General Comment

Great web site and the ladies look great. I am planning to come to Vancouver week of the Feb 19th. Would like to vist. regards MAP

3515. Feb 11, 2012 ::: General Comment

Gemma is where its at! Not only does she have a gorgeous face, and curves in all the right places, her personality is one of a kind which makes her a perfect 10! Thank you Gemma for our time together, I can't wait to see you again.

3514. Feb 10, 2012 ::: Compliment

Callie is one fine female. Tall and beautiful is a great combination.

3513. Feb 10, 2012 ::: Compliment

Shay is slender and sweet. I love middle eastern delicacies.

3512. Feb 9, 2012 ::: General Comment

Great website. Would like to call your agency the next time I'm in town.

3511. Feb 8, 2012 ::: Compliment

Heaven is missing an angel. Vanessa is a goddess!

3510. Feb 8, 2012 ::: General Comment

Tough decision; which Foxes do I see? They all look beautiful.

3509. Feb 7, 2012 ::: General Comment

I'm sure you've just been very busy providing us with great new Foxes and amazing service but whatever happened to that iPhone App and also the Facebook contest. Those were neat ideas.

3508. Feb 7, 2012 ::: General Comment

Beautiful and sexy. Love those heavenly breasts. A truly magical evening. Thank You Angel.

3507. Feb 5, 2012 ::: General Comment

True CFE from the stunning Chanelle fox!

3506. Feb 5, 2012 ::: Compliment

Most beautiful Fox is Daniella. She rocks!

3505. Feb 4, 2012 ::: General Comment

Please tell Nalia she was the perfect birthday gift to myself. I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you Nalia, from JimmyT

3504. Feb 4, 2012 ::: General Comment

Candice is so beautiful. I can't wait to meet her.

3503. Feb 3, 2012 ::: General Comment

Jubilee rocks my world!

3502. Feb 2, 2012 ::: General Comment

I wish Carman Fox would expand to Alberta. How about a franchise?

3501. Feb 2, 2012 ::: Compliment

Daniella is the supreme Fox - finest female on the planet.

 Feb 10, 2012 @ 3:00pm PST.

$100 dollar gift certificate awarded to comment #3479.

A confirmation Email was sent successfully!

3500. Feb 2, 2012 ::: General Comment

Any tours to Calgary soon? I'm dying to see a Fox or two.

3499. Feb 2, 2012 ::: General Comment

Ava is a tall beautiful goddess.

3498. Feb 1, 2012 ::: Compliment

Gemma has a wonderful body. Great work Fox Den.

3497. Feb 1, 2012 ::: Compliment

I wanted to say thank you for throwing a fun and amazing stag party. Everyone had a great time especially the groom. All smiles.

3496. Feb 1, 2012 ::: General Comment

Courtney's eyes are sky blue because she's an angel. What a hottie!

3495. Feb 1, 2012 ::: General Comment

Courtney is beautiful, great body.

3494. Jan 31, 2012 ::: General Comment

Candice has great body, what feminine curves!

3493. Jan 29, 2012 ::: General Comment

I saw Callie and Tara over the last three weeks. Amazing women, loved the conversations.

3492. Jan 28, 2012 ::: General Comment

Chloe was such a treat. So young, so beautiful. An awesome blend of East and West mixed up in one gorgeous body. So sweet I wanted to shed tears of joy after our session. I felt so good being with her.

3491. Jan 27, 2012 ::: General Comment

Sierra is the blonde goddess of gorgeousness!

3490. Jan 27, 2012 ::: Compliment

Daniella and Candice would be the most incredible duo. The stuff dreams are made of!

3489. Jan 27, 2012 ::: General Comment

Candice is so beautiful. Well done, Fox Den.

3488. Jan 27, 2012 ::: General Comment

Daniella rocks! Most beautiful Fox!

3487. Jan 27, 2012 ::: Compliment

Kylie and Kassie, what can I say? Absolutely mind-blowing! Once in a lifetime experience and worth the wait. Guys, as always, treat them right. They are golden.

3486. Jan 26, 2012 ::: General Comment

Tianna has an incredible body, what great curves!

3485. Jan 25, 2012 ::: Testimonial

OMG! Salma, you blow my mind! Thank you for turning a rainy morning into something spectacular! You are my favorite Fox!

3484. Jan 25, 2012 ::: General Comment

Chloe, WOW! Angelina Jolie has some competition. Chloe is my favourite Fox! Jimmy S

3483. Jan 25, 2012 ::: Compliment

Sapphire is a real gem!

3482. Jan 24, 2012 ::: General Comment

Just booked my appointment with Salma, can't wait to see her again. That girl rocks my world!

3481. Jan 24, 2012 ::: General Comment

Had another great phone encounter with Belle Fox. She sounds so sexy and does a great job!

3480. Jan 24, 2012 ::: Compliment

Gemma is one fine Fox. Kudos, Fox Den.

3479. Jan 23, 2012 ::: General Comment

Carman, I have to say your agency never disappoints. Saw Nalia on the weekend and we just connected. She was lovely and her personality was so pleasant and personable. Hope to see her again.

3478. Jan 23, 2012 ::: General Comment

Daniella is incredibly beautiful. She's #1 on my list when I come to Vancouver next month.

3477. Jan 22, 2012 ::: General Comment

Please update the comments more often.

3476. Jan 22, 2012 ::: General Comment

Alize was fabulous. Great work Fox Den!

3475. Jan 21, 2012 ::: Compliment

I went to see Gemma Fox on Jan-18-2012. All I have to say is, she is an amazing beautiful woman! Can't wait to come see you again! (torpedo)

3474. Jan 20, 2012 ::: General Comment

Gemma you're amazing! I'm coming back to see u soon! (Mr.Torpedo)

3473. Jan 20, 2012 ::: General Comment

Saw Tawnie Fox and she is amazing; nicest at the Den, and she is sweet.

3472. Jan 20, 2012 ::: Compliment

Matilda is one fine woman. I'd like to book a session with her!

3471. Jan 19, 2012 ::: General Comment

As I am comming into town next week, I thought that I'd look you up as I always do. I used to use the category selector as I prefer a more mature fox. Why was that taken down?

3470. Jan 19, 2012 ::: General Comment

Chloe is so sexy. Italian-Chinese is a great combination.

3469. Jan 18, 2012 ::: Compliment

AJ is the fox for me. Where have you been all my life?!

3468. Jan 18, 2012 ::: Compliment

Sapphire is a real gem. She is dazzling.

3467. Jan 17, 2012 ::: General Comment

Alize is beautiful. Great work on getting another smoking hot Fox.

3466. Jan 16, 2012 ::: Suggestion

Carman, you need to update the comments page more often.

3465. Jan 16, 2012 ::: Compliment

I'm a straight girl, but I love those beautiful photos of all your girls. I just might come in for a session, and have my first lesbian experience.

3464. Jan 16, 2012 ::: Compliment

Candice is amazingly beautiful. Fox Den is the best!

3463. Jan 15, 2012 ::: Compliment

Daniella is your most beautiful Fox. I'm coming to Vancouver in March and she's number 1 Fox on my list.

3462. Jan 14, 2012 ::: General Comment

Can't wait to see Tara again, she is a fantastic Fox!

3461. Jan 14, 2012 ::: General Comment

Candice is awesome! Does she have a sister for a duo?

3460. Jan 13, 2012 ::: Compliment

Daniella is a gorgeous woman. Fox Den rules!

3459. Jan 12, 2012 ::: General Comment

Candice is so beautiful. Does she have a sister? That would be a great duo.

3458. Jan 11, 2012 ::: Compliment

Valentina's a very beautiful girl.

3457. Jan 11, 2012 ::: Compliment

Daniella is gorgeous. Best Fox ever.

3456. Jan 10, 2012 ::: Compliment

Bliss is amazing! Best Fox ever.

3455. Jan 9, 2012 ::: Compliment

Candice is so fine! Carman Fox is the best!

3454. Jan 8, 2012 ::: General Comment

8 days into 2012 and I haven't been Fox hunting yet. Slow start to the year.

3453. Jan 8, 2012 ::: General Comment

Saving up my loose change. Should I have a session with Pippa or Harper? Better yet, a duo with both? It will happen soon. I tremble with anticipation for when we finally meet. They can tell me if I answered the Skill Testing Question correctly.

3452. Jan 7, 2012 ::: Compliment

Cleo is gorgeous and so talented! Incredible Fox that will rock your world.

3451. Jan 6, 2012 ::: Compliment

Candice is a major babe! Fox Den is awesome!

 Jan 6, 2012 @ 3:00pm PST.

$100 dollar gift certificate awarded to comment #3442.

A confirmation Email was sent successfully!

3450. Jan 5, 2012 ::: Compliment

Had my first time with Chanelle and she was amazing. I felt so well taken care of. I will be back for sure! Very impressed, keep it up ladies!

3449. Jan 5, 2012 ::: General Comment

Candice is fantastic! Best Fox ever!

3448. Jan 5, 2012 ::: General Comment

Katie is really hot. Carman Fox has the best babes.

3447. Jan 4, 2012 ::: General Comment

One hot fantasy model Angel Fox. Still dreaming about about you.

3446. Jan 4, 2012 ::: General Comment

I have been to the Fox Den a few times now and each time my experience keeps getting better.

3445. Jan 3, 2012 ::: General Comment

Candice is a beautiful Fox!

3444. Jan 3, 2012 ::: General Comment

Chanelle is one of the new Foxes who is outstanding and that is saying a lot as there are several! Good work Carman - you never fail to amaze me. K

3443. Jan 2, 2012 ::: Compliment

Candice is a fabulously fine female. The Fox Den always delivers!

3442. Jan 2, 2012 ::: General Comment

To start off the New Years with a bang, there's no better way than to spend it with a beautiful Fox. Would love to see Breanna or Daniella.

3441. Jan 1, 2012 ::: Compliment

Candice is awesome! She will be first choice on my next visit.

3440. Jan 1, 2012 ::: General Comment

Happy New Year to Carman and all her sexy Foxes! What better way to ring in the new year than with a trip to the Fox Den!!

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