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:: Feedback Archive 2010 ::

 3153. Dec 31, 2010 ::: Compliment

Paris' new pics. Wow!! Three Wows!!! What a lovely lady. Must meet her.

 3152. Dec 30, 2010 ::: Testimonial

I was just in Vancouver for 10 days and had the opportunity to see Mimi (gain) fabulous, and had the opportunity to meet Paris X2, Flower, Asia, Bebe, Gia, Joelle, and Haylee. All of the girls were mind blowing fantastic. I still have Asian Fever so it was a great pleasure to meet Flower and Asia for the first time and reconnect with Mimi. I must say I went off my normal patters and saw Paris who really gave me one of the best times of my life. Love to you all including the phone foxes and den mothers who do an awesome job. I have a soft spot for Trish who will some day roll in the hay with me I'm sure.

 3151. Dec 29, 2010 ::: Testimonial

Paris Fox is breathtakingly stunning, I will keep coming back because of her.

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 3150. Dec 28, 2010 ::: General Comment

Awesome. I'll be back to have another experience soon.

 3149. Dec 26, 2010 ::: Compliment

Azaria was amazing! Most beautiful and sweet girl ever!

 3148. Dec 24, 2010 ::: Compliment

Happy holidays to all the beautiful Foxes! I know what I want for Christmas.

 3147. Dec 23, 2010 ::: General Comment

I've seen Callie several times, and have always had a fantastic time with her. After seeing several of your girls, I can say without hesitation that Callie is absolutely one of your most valuable assets. A truly unique girl who provides magnificent company.

 3146. Dec 21, 2010 ::: Compliment

Chanelle is definately the hottest east indian girl I have ever seen she is beyond beauty and very down to earth and sincere! She's great and is the best.

 3145. Dec 17, 2010 ::: General Comment

It was a pleasure to meet Bianca. What a beautiful woman. Bill

 3144. Dec 14, 2010 ::: General Comment

Had an amazing time with Sweet Cerise! Beautiful,intelligent, a total knock out. Another exciting and relaxing time at the Fox Den. This is why I return to the Den again and again. Thank you Sweet Cerise.

 3143. Dec 13, 2010 ::: Compliment

You are one of the best agency in Vancouver BC. Keep it up.

 3142. Dec 10, 2010 ::: Compliment

Had one hour session with Talisa. Awesome!

 3141. Dec 09, 2010 ::: Compliment

Mariah Fox! What can I say, simply the best. She is beautiful, very kind and caring. I had a wonderful time with her and have made her my favorite fox by far! I definitely recommend this gorgeous, young and energetic FOX

 3140. Dec 08, 2010 ::: Compliment

Joelle, it was just wonderful spending time with you. Time well spent I might add. When I am back in town you will be on the top of my list.

 3139. Dec 05, 2010 ::: General Comment

Your agency is definitely one of the best out there. The phone staff was friendly and recommend Angelina. Wow, just speechless.

 3138. Dec 02, 2010 ::: General Comment

I want to see all the Foxes for Christmas. So little time.

 3137. Nov 28, 2010 ::: General Comment

The absolute most physically and mentally (don't wanna give her an oversize ego) most attractive woman I've ever had the company of. anonymous

 3136. Nov 24, 2010 ::: General Comment

Great website. Very informative; will use the service when I am in Vancouver.

 3135. Nov 22, 2010 ::: General Comment

I have a dream to win the lottery and retire at the den! Love this quote!

 3134. Nov 22, 2010 ::: Compliment

Saw Bianca for the first time last night. Will definitely see her again. Perfect beautiful lady. Bright and bubbly personality. Gods gift to the world. Extremely talented.

 3133. Nov 21, 2010 ::: General Comment

When are you coming to calgary?

 3132. Nov 20, 2010 ::: General Comment

GIA was amazing, she totally blew me away, not only was she incredibly sensual and passionate, she was stunningly beautiful. Gia has it all, a gorgeous face, round curves as well as toned muscles and a sexy smile and beautiful eyes. On top of all of that she has a great sense of humour and an even better personality which only complimented her being classy, intelligent and interesting lady. Lastly Gia was confident and sweet, which made my time with her that much better. I'll definitely be coming back to see her. Teddy bear Dave

 3131. Nov 18, 2010 ::: General Comment

I always go back to your agency whenever I get the chance to visit Vancouver. Always happy in the end.

 3130. Nov 17, 2010 ::: General Comment

I was really nervous at first when I got at the Fox Den but I had so much fun in the end it was awesome! Thank You for the great time! From Steve "The French Guy"

 3129. Nov 16, 2010 ::: Compliment

Chanelle for is by far THE BEST FOX I have ever seen. She is not only very easy on the eyes but also has a heart of gold. Highly recommended if you want a true cfe!

 3128. Nov 14, 2010 ::: Compliment

I've always had the best time at the Fox Den. I stop by whenever I'm in Vancouver!

 3127. Nov 13, 2010 ::: General Comment

For my birthday gift, I want a Fox! Can't wait to have another experience. =)

 3126. Nov 10, 2010 ::: General Comment

Awesome service the best there is!

 3125. Nov 08, 2010 ::: General Comment

Pleasure meeting Angel. She is truly gorgeous. Cheers, Paul

 3124. Nov 07, 2010 ::: General Comment

Angel Fox is hot!!!! I'm sure I saw her in maxim!!! Your #1 Fan, Enrique

 3123. Nov 07, 2010 ::: General Comment

Angel fox is beautiful, classy, and educated. She is a true diamond!! Look forward to our next trip to whistler!!! Roberto frm LA

 3122. Nov 04, 2010 ::: General Comment

When is the next Calgary tour? Dates? Please come soon. Always kept me wanting more.

 3121. Nov 02, 2010 ::: Suggestion

Could you update the comments on your website as I really love to we what others have to say and it is very informative. BTW You are the BEST

 3120. Oct 30, 2010 ::: Suggestion

Just wanted to comment on another successful hunt. Hope I win this time.

 3119. Oct 27, 2010 ::: Compliment

Kendra-What an amazing experience I had with you- WOW!! You have that special something that makes a person feel special just being around you. I am so pleased I found Fox Den and will just keep comming back.

 3118. Oct 26, 2010 ::: Testimonial

I saw Bebe a couple of weeks ago and I had an amazing time. I would recommend her to anyone that goes to the Den!

 3117. Oct 24, 2010 ::: Testimonial

I met Azaria for the first time tonight. OMG! Her photos do not capture her natural beauty (all natural and beyond description) nor do they capture her spunky personality! She is AMAZING and would drive even a dead guy crazy!

 3116. Oct 22, 2010 ::: Compliment

The best experience and exceptional service! From the plush fox den setting, to the helpful and sweet receptionists, and of course to the many beautiful girls of Carmen Fox. Can't wait to go back!

 3115. Oct 20, 2010 ::: General Comment

I hope you guys can organize the website in a iPhone friendly design so we get to check out the photos with the mobile devices

 3114. Oct 19, 2010 ::: General Comment

I have used the services of the Carman Fox a number of times in the past. Tonight I had the extreme pleasure of meeting one of the most beautiful women you could ever imagine. Chanelle Fox is a georgeous woman with a warm kind personality, and a beautiful figure. Chanelle is the finest service provider I have ever had. Thank you so much Chanelle. YOU ARE THE BEST.

 3113. Oct 16, 2010 ::: General Comment

Thank you Kendra for the wonderful time we had together. I wish that moment could last forever.jt

 3112. Oct 15, 2010 ::: General Comment

Have been a big fan for a long time, always a please to come back.

 3111. Oct 11, 2010 ::: Compliment

I had a FANTASTIC time with Justine and the thing that I loved about my time with her was the sweetest girl I have had in a very long time. She is like the girl next door and I will definitely be back for more of her warmth and her fantastic humour.

 3110. Oct 10, 2010 ::: Testimonial

I felt compelled to write. What ever the total OPPOSITE of sketchy is...Carman Fox is it!! It is awesome to find that this company lives up to it's mission statement. I have to say that when I called to inquire, Debby answered the phone and totally rocked, made me laugh, and set up an incredible experience with none other than the fabulous, sexy Goddess, *URSULA FOX*! Guys she took me on all the rides in Disneyland... and I never had to wait in any of the lines. I'm an instant Fox fan. Blue Ridge Boy

 3109. Oct 07, 2010 ::: General Comment

Nothing but great experience, each and everytime with your agency. How about a franchise?

 3108. Oct 05, 2010 ::: Compliment

Madison is the champion of the Den. No one will touch her record! K

 3107. Oct 04, 2010 ::: General Comment

Since sometimes it's difficult to call in and book, being in a meeting, class or just unable to call and speak around other people, it would be great to be able to book by text message. Maybe something for the 50+ VIPs'

 3106. Oct 02, 2010 ::: General Comment

Shayla is my new favourite. Pure sweetness. And add to that body in the photos one of the most beautiful faces you'll ever see. Couldn't take my eyes off her. PS. Props to the most excellent fox-rceptionists Belle and Dee. You girls are awesome!

 3105. Sep 30, 2010 ::: Testimonial

My "first" time with a Precious Gem of a Lady was with Beautiful Cleo. My expectations we more then meet. The FoxDen was Classy, Cleo when introduced to me, Blew all my Doubts away. She was well proportioned, toned with a firm body you could die for. Most impressive was her understanding of who I was as a person as our evening went on. I'm Hooked!

 3104. Sep 27, 2010 ::: Compliment

Angel Fox is STUNNING!!! She is so friendly and outgoing. I am really looking forward to my next visit with her (I hope she is to;) Her #1 Fan.

 3103. Sep 25, 2010 ::: Compliment

Gia, thank you for a wonderful time. You got one amazing body!

 3102. Sep 24, 2010 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox, Vancouver adult's Pokemon... Gotta Catch em All!

 3101. Sep 20, 2010 ::: Compliment

Simply a fabulous service. Can't imagine doing without.

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 3100. Sep 16, 2010 ::: Compliment

I think I would be forever in bliss discovering what's in the Fox den! Sure you would not appreciate a full time masseur to keep the foxes all smiling? Please let me know if I can be of service. There is only one SERENITY!

 3099. Sep 16, 2010 ::: Compliment

Where do I begin with the long list of compliments for Kiana Fox...unbelievable, beautiful, no TRULY STUNNING, intelligent, witty, , incredible sense of humour, captivating, a body to worship, just the most AMAZING women I have ever met!! I booked this exclusive goddess for 3 hours and it was worth every penny! I saw Kiana on the last day of my business trip and I am still quivering every time I think of her body with that killer smile. I plan on visiting Vancouver in October & I would love to see Kiana for 8-10 hours. Thank you Trish for setting up this unforgettable experience. I wish Kiana lived in New York because I would see her more often. One can dream lol Mr.New York

 3098. Sep 15, 2010 ::: Compliment

Madison! You are raising my heart beat just looking at your pics! Beautiful!!!

 3097. Sep 15, 2010 ::: General Comment

I had the indulgence of spending nearly 12 hours with Paige Fox. However beautiful the strategy, you should look at the results. In summary, Paige fox is majestic and noble. I can see why she is in magazines. Wow! Thank you

 3096. Sep 14, 2010 ::: Compliment

Great new pics of Paige.

 3095. Sep 13, 2010 ::: General Comment

All I have to say is that god made hungarians and then made Bebe with some spare time after. "Wow" is all i have to say! Beauty and intelligence! All the best to her whatever she chooses she will win peoples hearts over or step over.

 3094. Sep 10, 2010 ::: General Comment

With attention to detail, and a well formulated gentleman, with experiencing many girls, I can without hesitation say, Paige fox surpasses all the rest. She is morally driven, beautiful, and I feel very safe, as she understands privacy. When you meet her, instantly you will see how well she maintains herself, with a beautiful face,and outstanding toned body. She takes care of you and has your best interest,with ethics and intelligence.

 3093. Sep 08, 2010 ::: General Comment

Awesome service as always. Never been disappointed. Another successful hunt with Destiny.

 3092. Sep 05, 2010 ::: General Comment

Interesting website. Intrigue to call.

 3091. Sep 04, 2010 ::: General Comment

Please send some Foxes to Calgary soon! Saw Cerise when she was here last time and had a great memorable time.

 3090. Aug 30, 2010 ::: General Comment

My girlfriend and I booked an hour with Dylan and she was incredible. Our first(and probably last, crossed that off the bucket list) time with an escort, and she exceeded our highest expectations. Our only suggestion... better photos, hers absolutely do not do her justice. Thank you so much, Dylan, for being so sweet, down to earth, and understanding with a pair of first timers. K and J from Seattle.

 3089. Aug 27, 2010 ::: General Comment

Best service I ever had; definately going back!!

 3088. Aug 23, 2010 ::: General Comment

I just want to comment again on another successful hunt. Haven't been disappointed once.

 3087. Aug 22, 2010 ::: Testimonial

I've now been with Nalia 3x, all excellent, fun times for us both. But the third was by far the best because we included the lovely Mika. The tall, slender, leggy blonde contrasted beautifully with Nalia's voluptuousness and thick, dark hair. They're truly friends (Nalia selected her.) and the communication among us was spontaneous, filled with joy, laughter, and ecstasy. Either Fox is well worth the hunt and the two together was over the top. Book 'em, boys, book 'em. - Outdoor Guy

 3086. Aug 18, 2010 ::: Compliment

Second time using the Fox Network. A wonderful experience, just like the first time. Great service from the office gals. I think I got the All Star CFE treatment from Ursala, either that or the Fox gals truly do know the meaning of customer satisfaction. Well worth it guys, this site is the real deal!

 3085. Aug 15, 2010 ::: General Comment

Great website!

 3084. Aug 13, 2010 ::: General Comment

Please sent Shayla Fox to Calgary, I will book here the entire day. She is cutest sweetest girl ever. Can't wait to see here again. She would look awesome riding in my wake board boat with me.

 3083. Aug 11, 2010 ::: Compliment

OMG the new pictures of flower had a "physical effect" on me as soon as I saw them. I must see this girl. Union Guy Toronto

 3082. Aug 10, 2010 ::: General Comment

Angel my dear, you sure know how to treat a man and lift his spirit back up in all the right places. Thank you again. Would love to see you soon. j-

 3081. Aug 9, 2010 ::: General Comment

Moved back to Calgary just last week, and I already miss The Den. My thanks ladies, hope to see you again and soon!

 3080. Aug 7, 2010 ::: General Comment

Where do I begin? I have a dream to win the lottery and retire at the den. Beautiful ladies and great service. I will definitely be on another fox hunt soon.

 3079. Aug 6, 2010 ::: General Comment

Kiana is back? I'm in. As soon as I'm back to BC. Best of the best.

 3078. Aug 4, 2010 ::: General Comment

KIMBER is the most amazing woman I have ever been with! She is by far the most talented woman at the fox den (including the receptionists). She reminded me of the reason why I kept coming back to the fox den in the first place and she's also the reason I'll be coming back. Not only does she have an amazing personality (she's vey fun to be with) she has a beautiful body and a gorgeous face. Her appearance, however is the least amazing thing about her. I had the best experience I've ever had at the fox den with her bar none and it was the first time I ever saw her. Kimber is by far one of the best fox's, right up there with Kiana, Madison, Tosca and all the other amazing ladies Carman has. Kimber I hope you stay with Carman for a while because I'll be coming back to see you for sure! Teddy Bear Dave

 3077. Aug 2, 2010 ::: Testimonial

Dallas is an absolute fantasy come true! If you treat her like a woman should be treated then she will rock your world! Give her your full attention guys and you won't regret it. I will definitely see her again.

 3076. Aug 1, 2010 ::: Testimonial

Kiana Fox will make one lucky guy very happy one day when she decides to say "I do"! She is one amazing & very passionate girl. Stunning! Sexy! Intelligent! Charming! Hot, very hot! A body of a sports illustrated model! Smooth skin! Sweet Personality! I can go on forever! The best two hours of my life & I am still savouring every moment.

 3075. Aug 1, 2010 ::: Testimonial

Kiana Fox is the finest & most exotic girl I have ever met! Please consider moving to Calgary. Please. Seriously. I recently had the honour & pleasure of spending four incredible hours with this amazing girl! You must meet this fox. She will leave you speechless.

 3074. Jul 31, 2010 ::: General Comment

I had recently had the pleasure of seeing Kiana Fox when she was Calgary and let me say UNBELIEVABLE, amazing and out of this world! I booked her for a 3 hours rendezvous and it was worth every penny. She was so strikingly gorgeous that I was speechless for 5-10 minutes. Kiana has the body to die for, a killer smile, sultry eyes, a perfect round butt & the best set of breasts I have ever seen! Treat her well & she will reward you like a king! I think I am in love. Thank you Bell for arranging everything with this exceptional goddess! I will call when I am in Vancouver on my next business trip to continue this dream & fantasy with Kiana. Thank you Carman for finding this true gem and Kiana is the best I have ever seen!!

 3073. Jul 31, 2010 ::: Compliment

Had a wonderful time with Nola. Her authenticity and warmth were great! I was sad to leave. Looking forward to seeing her again! JB

 3072. Jul 30, 2010 ::: Compliment

Recently had the pleasure of meeting Azaria. She was a young and vivacious delight to be with. Thanks to Carman Fox for fast, polite, and reliable service. Will look you up again, next time I'm in Vancouver.

 3071. Jul 29, 2010 ::: Suggestion

I'd love it if you could offer a way to access daily schedules via SMS like I can check my bank balance or check bus timetables.

 3070. Jul 29, 2010 ::: Testimonial

I had a terrific time with Tiffany, an enthusiastic and energetic blonde outdoor girl. We had lots in common, so our time was easy - not to mention lots of fun! I intend to repeat.

 3069. Jul 28, 2010 ::: General Comment

I found Nalia to be one of the most enjoyable escorts I've been with. She's exotically beautiful with her dazzling smile and long, thick, wavy hair and seductive accent. Not to mention the figure! She and I laughed a lot and had a great time together. I will repeat. Outdoor Guy

 3068. Jul 28, 2010 ::: Testimonial

I greatly enjoyed my time with Amorette, the little lover. Both parts of her name work - she's petite and a terrific companion. We had a fun time role playing. Wow! Outdoor Guy

 3067. Jul 27, 2010 ::: Compliment

Was finally back in Vancouver for a week and had time to have three visits with Kiana, Mimi and Tawnie. OMFG I had seen 2 before but they put me in orbit. I can't really say which was best because they were all outstanding. Like "visiting" LOL, movie stars or top models. Can't wait to come back. Suffering in Toronto Union Guy. Hi Trish, you are the best. What do you say, you and me, just once?

 3066. Jul 24, 2010 ::: Compliment

Bianca is all I expected. Beautiful, ready, willing and very able. I enjoy an interested woman and she really got me going. There's no substitute for experience. Can't wait till we embrace again. Very nice. BD

 3065. Jul 22, 2010 ::: Testimonial

Recently, I spent a terrific, over-the-top hour with Tiffany. We discovered mutual interests outside the bedroom, but managed to raise the roof together. Tiffany has a great attitude and appetite for fun - and skill. If you like 'em big, she's great. Mike

 3064. Jul 22, 2010 ::: Testimonial

I spent a delightful hour with the lovely spinner, Ava. New to the biz, she was very enthusiastic and I had a great time. She's very intelligent and we also enjoyed a good conversation with laughter. Highly recommended.

 3063. Jul 22, 2010 ::: Compliment

My compliments to the scheduler, Belle, who worked with me to get four delightful appointments in the last week. She stuck with my cell phone and traffic woes, was humorous, and led me to four delightful foxes. Brief reviews to come for all four.

 3062. Jul 21, 2010 ::: Testimonial

All I have to say is Kiana Fox is one extremely gorgeous, captivating, passionate, sexy & sensual girl!! She can make any man drop to their knees with the touch of her delicate fingers. She has class, style, intelligence and an unbelievable sense of humour! I have travelled the world & seen many beautiful girls but there is no one comparable to Kiana. I have seen over a dozen foxes and Kiana is in a league of her own. I initially booked her for 2 hours then extended another hot hour. I did not want her to leave. Trust me when you meet this Fox; she will have you under her spell. Kiana is one in a million! I couldn't get enough of her insatiable flawless body so I booked her again for an encore; this time it was 4 irreplaceable & unforgettable hours! I have died & gone to heaven. Aaaaahhhh now I can say I have lived life to the fullest. Thank you very much Miss Kiana for the two incredible evenings and many more to come. With much respect & admiration Mr New York

 3061. Jul 21, 2010 ::: Compliment

My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of spending time with Joelle! Best way to sum up our experience - unbelievable! She's a ten in every way! Can't wait to be with her again! Thanks!

 3060. Jul 19, 2010 ::: Testimonial

Kiana Fox is one sweet, intelligent, funny & smoking hot girl!!! What a total package! I had booked Kiana for 2 hours to come to my hotel & let me say when I opened that door WOOW!! Kiana is articulate, classy & funny! But the most amazing thing about Kiana is her beautiful breasts & unbelievable perfect butt. I enjoyed her company so much; I extended another 2 hours. I will be back next month and I an looking forward to another 4 hours perhaps 6 hours. Thank you Miss beautiful Kiana. Thank you Dee for arranging the appointment. You were east to talk to, professional and completely right...Kiana is everything I wanted and more! God created the perfect girl & her name is Kiana Fox! Until we meet again your number one admirer Mr Cali

 3059. Jul l5, 2010 ::: Compliment

I really enjoyed spending time at the relaxing, inviting, and comfortable fox den. I spent a short time connecting with Jolie fox who made the experience sensual, uplifting, and fun. She carries herself with passion and genuinely reveals her real, down-to-earth personality. I am dreaming of the next time I can visit her.

 3058. Jul 14, 2010 ::: Testimonial

In praise of Ursula. In a world of cute but inexperienced providers she is a real woman. She has the hands of an angel and her knowledge of the male body is impressive. A session with her is always full of sensual delights. Of all the providers I've been with she, more than any other (and I have been with some very good ones), really knows how to treat a man.

 3057. Jul 11, 2010 ::: Testimonial

Cleo is one of the best looking fox I ever seen. Its like winning the 649

 3056. Jul 10, 2010 ::: General Comment

Bebe is an amazing woman. She really understands the business of "clients first". I can't wait to see the twins though...damn!

 3055. Jul 9, 2010 ::: Testimonial

Kiana is back?? I'm in. As soon as I'm back to BC. Best of the best.

 3054. Jul 7, 2010 ::: General Comment

Any Calgary or even Edmonton visits soon? Say yes.

 3053. Jul 5, 2010 ::: Compliment

I would like to comment on the great evening I'd had with Jolie. She was amazing and beautiful (physically & personally). Another satisfied hunt.

 3052. Jul 1, 2010 ::: General Comment

Happy Canada Day to all the beautiful foxes. Are you open today?

 3051. Jun 29, 2010 ::: General Comment

Which sexy fox should I choose? If I had the money, all!

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 3050. Jun 25, 2010 ::: General Comment

Cartier Fox is the most amazing, incredible, stunning, exquisite, witty, passionate & extremely intelligent girl I have ever met! She's mesmerizing & exceeded beyond all of my expectations. Thank you very very very much Cartier for the most unforgettable 3 hours of my life. Looking forward to seeing you again next month. Your admirer T

 3049. Jun 23, 2010 ::: General Comment

The definition of "died and gone to heaven"is a Duo with Madison and Callie. I experienced this recently and it was incredible! These two beauties know how to please a man and then some! Try it, you'll love it - guaranteed!

 3048. May 22, 2010 ::: General Comment

Fabulous time with Ursula. Very sexy and great fun. Sensual massage. From Mr Dubai

 3047. Jun 21, 2010 ::: Testimonial

Where do I begin...beautiful ladies and great service. I will definitely be on another fox hunt soon. Suki was terrific.

 3046. Jun 15, 2010 ::: Compliment

Thank you Carman for the featured Vixen of the week. I discovered Callie as a result and although I had her on the radar, I hadn't seen her 2nd set of photos which were fabulous as was she in our time together. Another great Fox! How do you do it?

 3045. Jun 13, 2010 ::: General Comment

It would be great if more Foxes come to Calgary more often. Saw the beautiful sweet Cerise on her last visit.

 3044. Jun 8, 2010 ::: General Comment

Great looking website and so many beautiful ladies to choose from. I will be visiting Vancouver soon and must give your service a try.

 3043. Jun 5, 2010 ::: General Comment

Holy #?$@. That's all I got to say before my jaw dropped in excitement.

 3042. Jun 2, 2010 ::: General Comment

Angelina is the best there is, period. You can look around all you want you will NOT find a fox like this.

 3041. May 30, 2010 ::: Suggestion

Now that you've added Rewards for half-hour sessions can you please consider a Rewards Program for 2-hour sessions? For those like myself who like to book for 2 hours on a regular basis.

 3040. May 30, 2010 ::: Compliment

Had the chance to spend time with Cleo Fox and WOW. First time ever to Fox Den and was blown away by every aspect of this place. Its stunning. I waited with average expectations of Cleo as pictures seem to be to good to be true, she then showed up to escort me to my experience. Unbelievable. What a great girl.

 3039. May 28, 2010 ::: General Comment

Will any Foxes be travelling to Edmonton soon? Thanks.

 3038. May 25, 2010 ::: General Comment

Thank you for the fanastic stag party on Friday night. The three girls put on a great show! Hot!

 3037. May 24, 2010 ::: Compliment

In particular I would like to compliment Marilyn. I have never gone to see the same girl at Fox Den or anywhere else more than once. With her it will be three times this month. Beautiful, physically - spectacular eyes and smile and pesonally - truly one in million, intuitive, exciting and mature beyond her years all making my experience the best ever, without question.

 3036. May 20, 2010 ::: Compliment

Love the web site.

 3035. May 18, 2010 ::: Compliment

Dear Madison, What a joy you are to be with! You are the new Talisa times 10! And along with all that beauty and abject sexiness is a highly intellectual human being who captivates you for too short a time! I waited 2 years to see you and that was stupid on my part as I could have been enjoying you in every sense of the word for all that time. Please don't leave now that I've found you because you would be irreplaceable! Thanks for being you! Fondness is just the start! K

 3034. May 17, 2010 ::: General Comment

Carman, you have the best escort service in the world, you know it! Clarks

 3033. May 15, 2010 ::: Compliment

Every time I go to the den I have a great time. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to have a good time.

 3032. May 14, 2010 ::: Suggestion

How about offering a 45 minute session?

 3031. May 12, 2010 ::: General Comment

Could not have been more perfect! First Foxy-Time for everything ;)

 3030. May 9, 2010 ::: General Comment

The foxes are really sexy and are the best in Vancouver.

 3029. May 6, 2010 ::: Testimonial

Another successful hunt added to my list. One more to my free one.

 3028. May 5, 2010 ::: Compliment

Spent a short time with Cleo and was totally wowed by her warm smile, great conversation and amazing looks. Exceeded my expectations.

 3027. May 3, 2010 ::: Compliment

Carman, you run one of the best escort agency, period. Let's just say I have try quite a few. *wink

 3026. May 1, 2010 ::: General Comment

I have a retirement dream to win the lottery and move back to Vancouver, buy a condo near Metrotown and visit the Den twice a day. I might be able to squeeze in a round of golf at Fraserview or Riverway between visits. Just in case anyone wants to know what heaven on Earth looks like. I guess the rest of my time I will need to sleep. I do want to roll in the hay with Trish some day as well. Doug from Toronto.

 3025. Apr 30, 2010 ::: General Comment

Great time at the den!

 3024. Apr 29, 2010 ::: General Comment

I've been to the den many times now, and its been great every time. but I have to say, yesterdays session with Toy Fox was incredible. She is gorgeous, sensual, and sexy! Her looks exceeded my high expectations, and her body is way hotter than the pics. I'll be seeing her often! Rick

 3023. Apr 26, 2010 ::: General Comment

The amazing "Z" returns! As a frequent flyer and businessman who uses the Fox Den often, I'm delighted to see the fabulous Zahara back after an extended sabbatical. Miss Z is a dark skinned Polynesian beauty, long legs and a magic body with an "All World" Rack (Carman says DD's but I say off the charts in the FF or GG category!). She brings not just physical beauty but a big quotient of maturity and intelligence to round out a complete sensational package.Hey Guys-check out Zahara's pictures on the Net, they confirm what I'm saying! No disrespect to the other lovely ladies in the Den, but Zahara is in a class by herself! Toronto Tony, Surveyor of Pulchritude!

 3022. Apr 25, 2010 ::: General Comment

Please have some Foxes visit us cowboy in Calgary soon!

 3021. Apr 23, 2010 ::: Complient

Topaz is new but an amazing fox. Sweet, sincere, beutiful, and tastes great. Highly recommended. I'll definately be coming back for more.

 3020. Apr 18, 2010 ::: General Comment

My dear Breanna, heavenly send from above. There is none like you. Time stood still. Thank you.

 3019. Apr 17, 2010 ::: Compliment

Whats better than one Fox? TWO! Had an amazing time. Thanks Again Carman!

 3018. Apr 14, 2010 ::: General Comment

I was fortunate to use your service while in town for business. Ever consider sending Foxes to GTA because I don't know when I'll be returning.

 3017. Apr 12, 2010 ::: General Comment

To all the sexy girls, big fan and looking forward to my next visit! P.S. Love the skill test.

 3016. Apr 10, 2010 ::: General Comment

For my birthday gift, I want a Fox! Always been a happy client.

 3015. Apr 7, 2010 ::: General Comment

Dear Carman and ladies, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you that I will be selling my vacation condo in Vancouver in order to invest the money to expand my business in Toronto. The highlights of my visits to Van were my trips to the den to see my favourite, usually Asian sweethearts. I will miss Trish badly, too bad I never saw the DDs. I would have given Carman $320 for you any day just due to the sound of your voice. I will pop in once in a while on biz but I will deeply miss, Kitty, Toy, Sexi, Kimmie, Ursula, Tawnie, Jocelyn, and retired Kimora and Kiana (they always come back). These girls have given me many delightful hours, all more than once, many many times. I will always remember and always promote the very best agency in Canada, Carman Fox and Friends. Union Guy from Toronto xxxooo

 3014. Apr 6, 2010 ::: General Comment

Carman, where do you find all these beautiful girls. Each one I see never disappoint. Keep it up.

 3013. Apr 1, 2010 ::: General Comment

I met up with MiMi Fox couple days ago. Had a wonderful time with her. Amazing lady to be with.

 3012. Mar 30, 2010 ::: Testimonial

I was there last Sept. for my 50th birthday and had a great time and I think about it every day hoping to come back soon Kim from Ut.

 3011. Mar 27, 2010 ::: General Comment

I must say your phone agents are very pleasant to speak with. They are knowledgeable and helpful in recommending the right Fox for me, each and everytime.

 3010. Mar 26, 2010 ::: Suggestion

Well its been 3 years to long away from home. Moving back in 2 months. My last experience was with Paris and my wife. Amazing time! We are looking to have Paris again but would like to see some up to date pictures. Any chance of this happening?

 3009. Mar 20, 2010 ::: General Comment

I had a great time at the Fox Den with Ingrid. Her photos don't do her justice. Will definitely be back soon.

 3008. Mar 19, 2010 ::: General Comment

Glad to see the return of tiny Jada

 3007. Mar 13, 2010 ::: General Comment

Great informative website!

 3006. Mar 8, 2010 ::: General Comment

Any info regarding visiting Edmonton? Let it be soon!

 3005. Mar 6, 2010 ::: General Comment

Interesting website. Very tempted to call and try.

 3004. Mar 1, 2010 ::: Compliment

Please let Dylan know I had a great time with her. Would love to book another appointment with her.

 3003. Feb 27, 2010 ::: General Comment

Saw Oxanna at the Fox Den and it was truely amazing. That girl knows how to satisfied a man.

 3002. Feb 23, 2010 ::: Compliment

Cartier was simply amazing! Definitely one of the top Fox I've seen. I hated to see our time end. She is beautiful (physically & personally) and got a body to die for. I'll be coming back to see her again soon.

 3001. Feb 22, 2010 ::: General Comment

When is Kiana coming back to Calgary again? Don't keep us cowboys waiting too long.

 [Comment Form Electronic Draw]
 Feb 26, 2010 @ 3:00pm PST.

$100 dollar gift certificate awarded to comment #2978.

A confirmation Email was sent successfully!

 3000. Feb 14, 2010 ::: General Comment

Joelle's new photos look fabulous.

 2999. Feb 11, 2010 ::: General Comment

I hope I win the gift certificate!

 2998. Feb 6, 2010 ::: Compliment

I met up with Kiana the other day for 3 hr meeting (unfortunately had to leave a bit early to catch my flight). This is one passionate and lovely lady (with the killer bod to boot). You show this lady passion and you get it back in spades. Look forward to the next exciting encounter. M

 2997. Feb 5, 2010 ::: Compliment

Last time I met Shayla, she's got the best package comparing to all the girl I have ever met, and the energy she has would make u never forget her, trust me she's the best

 2996. Jan 30, 2010 ::: General Comment

Please come back soon Kimora!

 2994. Jan 29, 2010 ::: General Comment

I think I'm in love with Sasha... seriously, I mean that. J.

 2993. Jan 28, 2010 ::: General Comment

Roxy is back!!!

 2992. Jan 27, 2010 ::: General Comment

Tawnie Fox is amazing, that is all that needs to be said.

 2991. Jan 24, 2010 ::: Compliment

I saw Ryder recently. Very nice young gal. Even though the photos don't do her justice, her bio is accurate when she says "Passionate, Wild and Energetic!". Treat her right and it will pay off. Thanks to you Ryder and thanks for the recommendation Belle.

 2990. Jan 22, 2010 ::: General Comment

Kitty Fox is back woo hoo!!! Doug from Toronto

 2989. Jan 22, 2010 ::: General Comment

Calgary Fox hound looking for some hunting in the prairies! Please add me to your email list of visiting foxes. I was on it but somehow got removed. I have enjoyed your services in the past. Thanks.

 2988. Jan 20, 2010 ::: General Comment

My girlfriend and I have seen several foxes as a couple. I must say that every experience has been great. Two ladies in particular were really memorable. We spent an hour with Kiana a little while back. She was very good at making us comfortable and is very pretty. We very much enjoyed our time with her. However, Tosca must be one of the most gorgeous women out there. We seen her a couple of times now and can't get enough of her. She's really smart and has a quality about her that makes her so special. After the first time we met, it was the only time that my girlfriend and I both thought we are definitely going to see this girl again. I think my girlfriend is in love with her. Thanks so much to Carmen for everything. Danny

 2987. Jan 18, 2010 ::: General Comment

I just saw Josie. I have to say she is amazing. She knows how to treat a man. I love her. She is the best I met her 2 times in a week.

 2986. Jan 17, 2010 ::: Compliment

Wow we met Tosca we are a couple and its hard to find the right girl. Tosca went beyond the call of duty, She's smart engaging, and made our evening. If your looking for the right girl as a couple we highly recommend Tosca

 2985. Jan 15, 2010 ::: Compliment

It took two years after hearing outstanding comments about Madison to have an hour with her. Truly a beautiful lady in every sense of the word-gorgeous, sexy, highly intelligent and wonderful to be with talking about any number of things in common. A true CFE who I'd love to spend more time with. It won't be that long the next time! K

 2984. Jan 12, 2010 ::: General Comment

Excellent site, hope to see you soon!

 2983. Jan 9, 2010 ::: General Comment

I always had great experience with your agency - not one bad review yet. Keep up the good work.

 2982. Jan 8, 2010 ::: General Comment

It would be handy if you had a set of links for each Fox's reviews individually. If I want to see what other men are saying about Raven, it would be easier if I could just click on her name to get an idea of what she's all about, rather then scrolling down through hundreds of reviews searching for her name.

 2981. Jan 5, 2010 ::: Suggestion

This is a great site. I want to compliment the developer for a very informative site that provides nearly all of the necessary information. One thing that is unclear is whether or not you can choose a fox at the den during the visit rather than prior to the visit.

 2980. Jan 2, 2010 ::: General Comment

My new years resolution is to have more fun and that would include Fox hunting. Who to start with?

 2979. Jan 1, 2010 ::: General Comment

Happy New Years to all the beautiful Foxes.

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