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:: Feedback Archive 2014 ::

3997. Dec 30, 2014 ::: General Comment

Happy New Years to all the beautiful Foxes and hope to visit the Fox Den soon.

3996. Dec 24, 2014 ::: General Comment

Merry Christmas dear sexy Foxes and a joyous New Years.

3995. Dec 23, 2014 ::: General Comment

Your agency is one of the best. I've returned many times, always fantastic experience. Keep up the great work.

3994. Dec 19, 2014 ::: General Comment

I had a splendid time with the sweet and tiny Aurora. Her photos are extremely sexy but unmatched to real life. Wow! J

3993. Dec 16, 2014 ::: General Comment

Wishes all the Foxes a very happy and cozy holidays.

3992. Dec 15, 2014 ::: Compliment

Had a delightful evening with sexy Sienna. Thanks Hun.

3991. Dec 12, 2014 ::: General Comment

Angel, an amazing time with you! Big beautiful breasts. Next time flying you to Vegas! Missing you, Tony

3990. Dec 11, 2014 ::: General Comment

Great to see you are participating in the toy and food drive again. I'll be dropping off some items during my upcoming appointment at the Fox Den. Happy holidays.

3989. Dec 8, 2014 ::: General Comment

Are you doing the food and toy drive this year?

3988. Dec 5, 2014 ::: Compliment

One more Carman Fox homerun. An evening with Victoria has fulfilled yet another fantasy. Young, beautiful, mischievous eyes, and a smile that lights up a room. An experience that will live on in memory for a long, long time.

3987. Dec 3, 2014 ::: Suggestion

Why are there no tattooed foxes? Nothing sexier than a beautiful tattooed lady.

3986. Dec 2, 2014 ::: Compliment

Kimora, thank you for being genuine and kind. You are an amazing lady. I'll never forget you. Greg.

3985. Nov 30, 2014 ::: General Comment

I loved every session I have had at Carman Fox. The young Foxes are very enthusiastic.

3984. Nov 26, 2014 ::: Compliment

Julia Jules & Taylor, both of you are sweetie pies.

3983. Nov 26, 2014 ::: Compliment

Lacey Lace & Goldie Golds, you two are the best foxes ever. I love you gals.

3982. Nov 24, 2014 ::: Compliment

Hailey is gorgeous from head to toe, with blue eyes and a smile to die for. She makes you feel like you're the only person in the world while you're with her. I didn't want to let her go.

3981. Nov 24, 2014 ::: Compliment

Aurora was magnificent!

3980. Nov 23, 2014 ::: Compliment

Thanks a ton to Lacey & Julia for an absolute sensational & smashing time.

3979. Nov 19, 2014 ::: Testimonial

Angel, your breasts are perfect.

3978. Nov 17, 2014 ::: General Comment

Dear Aurora, I will never forget our time together. A true gem.

3977. Nov 13, 2014 ::: General Comment

I love your Foxes and the loyalty reward program. MG.

3976. Nov 13, 2014 ::: General Comment

Angel, looking forward to seeing you. You are one beautiful sexy angel! Joe from Vegas.

3975. Nov 11, 2014 ::: Testimonial

I had the opportunity to meet Jessie a few weeks ago. It was my first time to the Den and a little nervous not knowing exactly what to expect. It was convenient to book my appointment and the receptionist indicated for first timers Jessie was the right choice and she was right. From the moment Jessie walked out to greet me, I was impressed (honestly taken back), the pictures are 100% accurate and she has such a great attitude. Our time flew by too quickly. I can’t wait to repeat.

3974. Nov 8, 2014 ::: General Comment

Great website. Love the galleries of past Foxes.

3973. Nov 7, 2014 ::: Compliment

Had an extraordinary session with Taylor. Thanks my little fire cracker.

3972. Nov 5, 2014 ::: General Comment

It is wonderful to see more of the great women putting their bio's online. This is a must.

3971. Nov 1, 2014 ::: General Comment

As I live in Winnipeg, I have never had the pleasure of seeing any of your Foxes (yet). I must admit though, on my visits to the West Coast, I am always tempted. Next visit, I think!

3970. Oct 30, 2014 ::: Compliment

At the risk of giving away the best kept secret at Carman's, I have to give a shout out to Jenny. Best fox ever. And I'm speaking from experience. Looks, body and attitude: all 10 out of 10.

3969. Oct 28, 2014 ::: Compliment

Thanks Sofia darling for an absolutely amazing afternoon. She is an another gem.

3968. Oct 27, 2014 ::: General Comment

What an incredible night. Thank you Angel a truly amazing magical evening. Still dreaming of you and your beautiful body. You are a very sexy woman. From your admirer in Toronto

3967. Oct 27, 2014 ::: General Comment

Angel, love your beauty, style and class. You are one beautiful woman. Cheers from Toronto

3966. Oct 24, 2014 ::: General Comment

My fantasy: Spend 8 hours at the Fox Den with a different FOX each hour; blonde, brunette, redhead. It will happen when I win a lottery!

3965. Oct 23, 2014 ::: General Comment

Rachel was fantastic, definitely one of the best foxes I've seen in a long, long time. She was energetic, enthusiastic and lots of fun. She also has a great body and a beautiful rack. All around I would have to say that she was great. I will definitely be coming back to see her. Teddy Bear Dave

3964. Oct 23, 2014 ::: General Comment

Anticipating another visit soon! Half the fun of hunting foxes is the anticipation! Hope Jenny is available. She looks amazing.

3963. Oct 21, 2014 ::: General Comment

Welcome back Olivia. The new pics in black are beautiful! Hope to see you soon. The Professor

3962. Oct 20, 2014 ::: Testimonial

Saw Samantha last week. She was amazing! Such a good time. I can't wait to go back.

3961. Oct 19, 2014 ::: Compliment

I want to offer a huge thank you to the phone foxes for arranging my birthday celebration on Friday! Many kudos to Sofia and Bree for the wonderful attention and service. Both of you are lovely, sexy, and fun to be with! Hugs and kisses. Wolf

3960. Oct 19, 2014 ::: General Comment

Great personal skills on the phone. It was easy to book. The quality of the ladies are excellent. Looks and personality all in one.

3959. Oct 18, 2014 ::: General Comment

Booking an appointment for next week. The ladies are so attractive but cannot decide. Be in touch, Amber

3958. Oct 17, 2014 ::: Compliment

Goldie is a sensuous babe. She is a sexy siren. Her photograph should be hanged in the reception area. She made me happy; just splendid!

3957. Oct 16, 2014 ::: Compliment

Goldie is an absolute bombshell goddess! I will be seeing her again!

3956. Oct 16, 2014 ::: Compliment

I saw Goldie this evening for an hour. She is a sensual diva & an epitome of great service.

3955. Oct 13, 2014 ::: General Comment

Saw Jolie not too long ago and she is a solid bet for a memorable fun time!

3954. Oct 13, 2014 ::: General Comment

I had a good time with Soleil fox. She was a sophisticated, charming, attractive woman. She was both fun and enthusiastic and I would definitely see her again.

3953. Oct 9, 2014 ::: General Comment

Just booked an appointment with samantha. I am super excited. I can't stop looking at her body shots on the site! Stunning body!

3952. Oct 8, 2014 ::: Testimonial

I have been to numerous agencies and yours ranks at the very top. Always a happy client who keeps returning for more. Easy to book and professionalism throughout.

3951. Oct 5, 2014 ::: Compliment

I had an excellent and fantastic appointment with Jolie. Hope to see her again.

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3950. Oct 1, 2014 ::: General Comment

Misty, you are amazing!

3949. Sep 30, 2014 ::: General Comment

I have yet to visit. So many beautiful ladies, it's hard to chose who to meet first.

3948. Sep 27, 2014 ::: Compliment

On a scale of 1 to 10, Tulip is a 12.

3947. Sep 25, 2014 ::: General Comment

Love the sexy site photos. Got my eyes on a number of Foxes.

3946. Sep 21, 2014 ::: Compliment

Saw Lacey last evening again. Two words come to mind right away to describe her; sensational & smashing.

3945. Sep 18, 2014 ::: General Comment

I visited the Fox Den yesterday to see Tulip. It's a magical place for guys. I am hoping to return soon.

3944. Sep 17, 2014 ::: General Comment

Thank you for arranging a successful, fun stag party. Everyone had a blast especially the groom. Your staff did a great job making sure everything went smoothly. PK

3943. Sep 16, 2014 ::: Suggestion

How about having some Foxes visit Edmonton, or even Calgary?

3942. Sep 13, 2014 ::: Testimonial

Thank you Belle, for recommending Taylor. A fabulous session; a beautiful personality. Tom

3941. Sep 8, 2014 ::: General Comment

Had another appointment with the lovely and sweet Bunny Fox. Each and everytime, only seems to get better. Thank you.

3940. Sep 4, 2014 ::: Compliment

I have had two foxy appointments, and am now addicted! I'd love to visit more if my pocketbook allowed.

3939. Sep 3, 2014 ::: General Comment

Saw Kimora today. She is indeed sexy and beautiful... no doubt about it.

3938. Aug 31, 2014 ::: General Comment

Really enjoyed my visit with Yummy. She really is YUMMY!

3937. Aug 29, 2014 ::: Compliment

Angel, love your beautiful eyes and beautiful lips and beautiful body. Joe

3936. Aug 29, 2014 ::: Testimonial

Hi would like to thank Angel for a evening that I will never forget. Those beautiful breasts and tight curvy body are truly too perfect. I will treasure such a unforgettable evening. Thank you Carman. Angel you are the best. Look forward to seeing you again darling. Cheers from Vegas.

3935. Aug 26, 2014 ::: Compliment

Goldie is a sizzling beauty. Keep up the good work, Hun.

3934. Aug 24, 2014 ::: Compliment

Anna is a sweetipie & the cutest Asian sweetheart I have ever met.

3933. Aug 23, 2014 ::: General Comment

I am a lesbian and love your Web site.

3932. Aug 22, 2014 ::: Suggestion

I think you should give half hour hunters a better recognition.

3931. Aug 19, 2014 ::: Compliment

Samantha and Hunter were very friendly.

3930. Aug 19, 2014 ::: General Comment

I saw Ryan Fox recently. Stunning body with great personality. Can't wait to reconnect again. Fabulous time with her.

3929. Aug 18, 2014 ::: Testimonial

A grad gift to myself that just kept giving. Lacey and Lexi together was a winning combo. The class and warm personalities makes the experience priceless. As for me I went in singing Fireball by Pitbull and left singing Happy by Pharrell William. I will let you be the judge. TheSheen

3928. Aug 17, 2014 ::: Compliment

Hi everyone, I met Lacey on August 16th 2014. I must say a truly amazing gal. She is the blonde bombshell. I will rate her service 10 of 10. Looking forward to see you again. Foxes rock.

3927. Aug 14, 2014 ::: Suggestion

More photos of Aurora! I saw her recently and she is simply amazing.

3926. Aug 13, 2014 ::: Testimonial

Thank you Angel for a truly perfect evening. Look forward to my next meeting with you. You are captivating in every way. Your beautiful breasts and heavenly curves. Beautiful emerald eyes. You are one sexy hot woman! Look forward to seeing you again and again. Cheers, from New York.

3925. Aug 12, 2014 ::: General Comment

Great website with lots of beautiful and sexy photos.

3924. Aug 12, 2014 ::: Compliment

The Fox Den is an amazing place. Heavenly well put together.

3923. Aug 9, 2014 ::: General Comment

Saw Isabel today. She had a fabulous body and a beautiful personality. Fun time! Looking forward to seeing her again.

3922. Aug 7, 2014 ::: General Comment

I saw Kimora recently. Had a fabulous time. She had a great personality and a stunning body of craftsmanship. Can't wait to reconnect again.

3921. Aug 3, 2014 ::: Suggestion

Any update for a Edmonton tour?

3920. Aug 2, 2014 ::: General Comment

I love Carman Fox! The best in Vancouver and one of the top nation wide.

3919. Jul 31, 2014 ::: General Comment

I can't wait to book an appointment at the Fox Den. It looks amazing from online photos. Women walking around in lingerie is definitely my kind of place!

3918. Jul 27, 2014 ::: General Comment

Love new Fox Yummy photos. Perfect, yummy.

3917. Jul 26, 2014 ::: Compliment

Yummy is indeed yummy!

3916. Jul 24, 2014 ::: General Comment

Carman, your agency is quite different compared to others of the same industry, in a very good way. Your business concept, high standards, and professionalism set you apart, as one of the finest and best. Keep up the excellent performance. Tim

3915. Jul 23, 2014 ::: Compliment

Please let Alize know I had a fabulous time with her. Looking forward to seeing her again really soon. Thanks.

3914. Jul 19, 2014 ::: Compliment

What is better than a rose on a piano? Tulip on an organ.

3913. Jul 17, 2014 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den had a wonderful smoothing atmosphere. Nicely decorated.

3912. Jul 15, 2014 ::: Testimonial

Angel, I love you.

3911. Jul 14, 2014 ::: Compliment

Thank you Bunny for an enhancing time. You are indeed one of my favourite fox. It's no wonder you're best fox of 2013.

3910. Jul 9, 2014 ::: Compliment

Dear Olivia, thank you so very much for the wonderful and satisfying interlude today. Your mature, foxy and whimsical nature was just what this hunter needed and will return. The Professor

3909. Jul 8, 2014 ::: General Comment

This was my first time using your agency so I wanted to leave a quick feedback. I was hesitant at first due to sub-par experience from other agencies, but decided to call since I've read some good reviews online. I was happy and more than satisfied with my session at the Fox Den. Glad I found your agency and will be back. Thank you. Ronald.

3908. Jul 6, 2014 ::: General Comment

Wish I was in town, missing sexy sweet angel.

3907. Jul 3, 2014 ::: Compliment

I saw Daria on Wednesday night (July 2nd). She always takes great care of me.

3906. Jul 2, 2014 ::: General Comment

Angel, I love you

3905. Jul 1, 2014 ::: General Comment

I had a fabulous session with Isabel. She was sweet, beautiful, and knows how to work her magic. Those sexy magical hands.

3904. Jun 29, 2014 ::: Compliment

I love Carman Fox! That would be an understatement.

3903. Jun 28, 2014 ::: General Comment

Its been a while since a Calgary tour. When's the next visit?

3902. Jun 26, 2014 ::: General Comment

Thank you for recommending Lacey. The perfect girl for a perfect evening. Will definitely be seeing her again.

3901. Jun 23, 2014 ::: Compliment

Angel, you are beautiful and classy. Roberto

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3900. Jun 23, 2014 ::: General Comment

Angel fox, you are one hot sexy godess!

3899. Jun 21, 2014 ::: Compliment

Bunny, you were wonderful company while I was in town. Looking forward to seeing you again! John

3898. Jun 20, 2014 ::: General Comment

Angel, thinking of beautiful sexy you. Not only beautiful, but sweet as well. The Best. Your friend from LA.

3897. Jun 19, 2014 ::: Compliment

Missing beautiful sweet angel. Looking forward to seeing you, beautiful. Cheers Tony

3896. Jun 19, 2014 ::: Suggestion

You should consider adding functionality to access the daily schedule via sms (text) messages.

3895. Jun 16, 2014 ::: General Comment

Had the pleasure of spending the evening with Bunny. She was such a sweetheart. One of my favourite Fox. Thank you, my dear sweet Bunny.

3894. Jun 14, 2014 ::: Suggestion

Carman, how about expanding to the East Coast? A Carman Fox franchise. There's an idea. I can only take a limited number of business trips out to Vancouver, over the course of the year.

3893. Jun 11, 2014 ::: General Comment

Saw Daria last week. Very good service. Kimora is still at the top of my little list. I hope you're back soon. My almond milk junkie. Miss you. J. Go Argentina, my land.

3892. Jun 9, 2014 ::: Compliment

I just wanted to say that Lacey is not only a sexy lady, but is also a very sweet human being. I was so glad that I got to spend time with her and would definitely do it again. I wish her all the best!

3891. Jun 6, 2014 ::: General Comment

Had a fabulous time with Dior at the Fox Den. She's a keeper. Thanks.

3890. Jun 5, 2014 ::: Compliment

Saw Tulip last time at the Den. Wow, what a firecracker! Thank you for an incredibly short hour J.

3889. Jun 2, 2014 ::: General Comment

Once you visit the Fox Den, you'll want to go back. And back often, as in my case. Thank you for providing such a magical gentlemen's place.

3888. May 28, 2014 ::: General Comment

I had the pleasure of seeing Hunter. Excellent session and service.

3887. May 26, 2014 ::: Compliment

Great time spent with Victoria. She was beautiful, easy to talk with, and intelligent. Thanks j

3886. May 23, 2014 ::: General Comment

Jolie was absolutely amazing! Beautiful and sexy.

3885. May 22, 2014 ::: General Comment

Great website. So many beautiful ladies to choose from. Ace

3884. May 18, 2014 ::: Compliment

I have just recently moved to Vancouver, and am amazed by the beauty of the foxes. Each and every lady is extraordinarily stunning, and I am having one hell of a time trying to pick one fox to hang out with. I am excited to say the least.

3883. May 14, 2014 ::: Compliment

Katalina, you're an amazing woman. Drop dead gorgeous and smart. Hope you stay at The Den for a while so I can see you more often. It felt like I'd known you for years. I guess it's all the psych we share. See you soon. Jay

3882. May 13, 2014 ::: Compliment

Kimora, I hope you read this. You are so sexy and amazing and I love how you look after yourself. Must be your secret almond milk recipe that you told me about. I only have one complaint: I just don't know on what part of you to focus on. Your butt, breasts, face are all PERFECT. No wonder I just have to keep seeing you. Miss you. Jay from Argentina.

3881. May 13, 2014 ::: General Comment

I recently had Olivia to my hotel. On a whim I booked her for two hours which I was so happy I did. I love that she arrived looking very classy and elegant only to reveal garters and stockings - the whole 9 yards. I found her to be really genuine, tones of fun, erotic as hell, an excellent conversationalist and a total knock-out. Thank you Carman for finding gems like this.

3880. May 12, 2014 ::: Compliment

Angel, so nice to see a beautiful face and beautiful body! Incredible time with you and looking forward to my next appointment with such a perfect blonde. Enrique.

3879. May 9, 2014 ::: General Comment

Congratulations to Bunny for being named "Best Fox of 2013". Couldn't agree more. Every appointment with her was always pleasurable and fantastic.

3878. May 5, 2014 ::: General Comment

Good service!

3877. May 5, 2014 ::: Compliment

Tulip is incredible. Loves her work.

3876. May 3, 2014 ::: General Comment

Thank you Rhylee for a fabulous evening. I hope she stays with your agency because would love to see her again.

3875. May 2, 2014 ::: General Comment

Nice to see your agency got a bunch of new Foxes. Time to start hunting again. KF

3874. Apr 31, 2014 ::: General Comment

Love Hailey and Quinn's new photos! Hot!

3873. Apr 27, 2014 ::: Compliment

Great website and love looking at the numerous sexy photos.

3872. Apr 26, 2014 ::: General Comment

This was my first visit to the Fox Den. It's a classy and well decorated place. The atmosphere was right but my heart dropped when I saw Chloe. Talk about dead sexy! I'm was surprised I remember anything.

3871. Apr 22, 2014 ::: Compliment

Angel, missing you beautiful.

3870. Apr 20, 2014 ::: Compliment

Review for Tulip: sweet, excellent, hardbody!

3869. Apr 19, 2014 ::: General Comment

I have used your service for 5 straight years and very satisfied with every appointment. Really like the discounts and free b-day appt to reward your loyal clients. FR Slick.

3868. Apr 13, 2014 ::: General Comment

The site looks amazing. Looking forward to meet with the foxes.

3867. Apr 13, 2014 ::: Suggestion

Suggestion. Not trying to be rude or crude. But you do list the girl's bust size?

3866. Apr 12, 2014 ::: Compliment

Thank you for an unforgettable time with Angel Fox. From the moment I saw her I was in love. What a hot sexy fox! Beautiful face, sexy tight curves in all the right places and those beautiful breasts!!! Wow what a night! Look forward to my next visit and Angel. You are perfect! Cheers Frank

3865. Apr 11, 2014 ::: General Comment

Any tours to Edmonton soon?

3864. Apr 8, 2014 ::: General Comment

I really like the variety of beautiful ladies. Your phone staff are usually very helpful in assisting the right fox for me.

3863. Apr 5, 2014 ::: General Comment

Thank you Kimora, for an unfortgetable time together at the Fox Den. So this is what heaven feels like. Hope to see you soon! Ja

3862. Apr 4, 2014 ::: Compliment

First time using your agency and was very impressed. Thanks.

3861. Mar 30, 2014 ::: General Comment

First time at the Den. A truly relaxing late night with the beautiful Kimora. Can't wait for the next opportunity.

3860. Mar 28, 2014 ::: General Comment

This weeks featured vixen, Daria Fox, WOW! Will have to visit her. I look forward to playing with her.

3859. Mar 27, 2014 ::: Compliment

Natalia! You are a wild girl! You knock me flat every single time. Casino Hood.

3858. Mar 26, 2014 ::: General Comment

The Foxes you have are extremely beautiful, friendly, and high class. Worth every dollar, every time. How about a second location?

3857. Mar 21, 2014 ::: General Comment

Love Hailey's new sexy photos. Hope to see her soon.

3856. Mar 21, 2014 ::: General Comment

Being with Angel was like touching the heavens. Her breasts, her ass, her tight body, her skin, are all a man could ask for. When Angel first arrived, such a classy beautiful woman, I thought beautiful face and body but when she came out in the pink bikini, I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world. The connection was so strong I had to see her again and again. Thank you Angel. I love you.

3855. Mar 19, 2014 ::: Suggestion

Some of the most foxy fun in Canada happens in a Carman Fox Den. :-)

3854. Mar 18, 2014 ::: Testimonial

Just saw Bree. She was really friendly and easy to connect with. Thanks j

3853. Mar 16, 2014 ::: General Comment

Is there no tattooed foxes? I love a sexy tattooed busty fox!

3852. Mar 13, 2014 ::: Compliment

Unbelievable! Natalia! You made me one happy man! Such a sexy pretty young thing with a gorgeous smile and ass! Night clubber dude.

3851. Mar 12, 2014 ::: General Comment

Had a great time with Farrah, thanks! J

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3850. Mar 11, 2014 ::: General Comment

Your agency never disappoints, time and time again. Thank you.

3849. Mar 7, 2014 ::: Compliment

Sexy sweet Angel, missing your beautiful breasts and beautiful eyes. Back in town next month. Can't wait to see you. Cheers from LA

3848. Mar 5, 2014 ::: Compliment

To Lacey, my tutor True beauty, is in the way she laughs, True beauty is in her eyes, True beauty is how she acts, True beauty is inside, True beauty is unseen, True beauty is only felt, True beauty is herself, True beauty is bare True beauty within you, True beauty is always there, True Beauty can't be covered with makeup, For True beauty is all that matters after all I found this to showcase my experience for I am always speechless when I see you, a true beauty. Thanks for the great visit and hope to see you and learn more soon. The Sheen

3847. Mar 1, 2014 ::: General Comment

Thank you Victoria for a wonderful sensual session. I hope to see you soon again, to continue our fun times.

3846. Feb 28, 2014 ::: General Comment

Visited Saddie and had a very pleasant session. Nice slim body and attractive.

3845. Feb 25, 2014 ::: General Comment

I like the fact when I go into the Fox Den, I don't run into other clients since appointments are required beforehand. I want my privacy. Keep up the good job.

3844. Feb 24, 2014 ::: Compliment

Lacey, thanks again for the great time.

3843. Feb 22, 2014 ::: General Comment

My overall experience with your agency was great. The discrepancy, ease of booking, professionalism, quality of service, etc.

3842. Feb 20, 2014 ::: Compliment

Bunny, great to see you again. I had a great time. Thanks

3841. Feb 19, 2014 ::: General Comment

Best B-Day Ever! Thanks Harley!

3840. Feb 16, 2014 ::: General Comment

Always a good time at Carman Fox and Friends!

3839. Feb 13, 2014 ::: Compliment

I had the pleasure of a birthday bonus recently with an outstanding Fox who made my day very special. Thank you Carman and congratulations on your fabulous Den and all the wonderful Foxes and staff, especially Belle who always goes out of her way to accommodate my Fox appointments. Ken

3838. Feb 11, 2014 ::: Testimonial

Had the pleasure of finally meeting the beautiful Bridget at the end of December as a way to finish off the year with a blast! She's a great girl, and I'm only sad that I had not visited her sooner.

3837. Feb 10, 2014 ::: Suggestion

Any updated info regarding tours to Calgary or Edmonton?

3836. Feb 8, 2014 ::: Testimonial

Thank you to the phone staff for recommending Daria. I was looking for a sweetheart and she definitely was. I would see her again in a heartbeat.

3835. Feb 5, 2014 ::: Compliment

Saw Samantha two nights ago and she is perfect. Beautiful and great to talk to.

3834. Feb 3, 2014 ::: General Comment

Harley Fox rocks my world.

3833. Feb 2, 2014 ::: Compliment

Angel, you are one hot amazing Fox! Love your beautiful breasts and tight curves! Brad

3832. Feb 2, 2014 ::: General Comment

Very excited to see all the recently hired new Foxes!!!

3831. Jan 30, 2014 ::: Compliment

I recently saw Shayna. She was great. Great attitude, beautiful smile, amazing body. She joked I was her first "Brazilian". I like my girls to be passionate. She most certainly was. When it comes to Carman Fox. Very professional. Worth the trip from south of the border. Thank you everyone involved!

3830. Jan 28, 2014 ::: Testimonial

This was my first visit to your facility. Beautiful place. I'm usually in town once a month and will definitely be back. Lacey was pleasurable, fun, and personable.

3829. Jan 27, 2014 ::: Compliment

Left the same feedback on comment card: service quality, personality, overall experience was all excellent. It's almost impossible to improve.

3828. Jan 23, 2014 ::: General Comment

I really enjoy my time with Daria at the Fox Den. The Den felt safe, clean, and beautifully decor. How about a new location?

3827. Jan 22, 2014 ::: General Comment

Angel, miss your beautiful big perfect breasts! Love them and miss them! You are one hot cool sexy goddess!

3826. Jan 19, 2014 ::: Compliment

I have been very satisfied using your agency for several years. The ladies are beautiful and quality of service is top notch. I never leave disappointed.

3825. Jan 18, 2014 ::: General Comment

Totally Touchable Tiffany was the best ever. Wonder where she is these days?

3824. Jan 15, 2014 ::: Compliment

Booking was easy. Service was excellent. The Fox was stunning. Happy client. Thanks.

3823. Jan 12, 2014 ::: General Comment

For my 20th birthday, my older brother is treating me to a date with a FOX. Take her out to dinner; I look forward to dining out!

3822. Jan 9, 2014 ::: Suggestion

Are there any ladies based in the Whistler area? I'll be visiting there in mid April. TRB in Seattle

3821. Jan 8, 2014 ::: General Comment

Wonderful session with Kenzie Fox. Would like to see her soon. Love her photos!

3820. Jan 6, 2014 ::: General Comment

I am very intrigued of calling your agency for an appointment when I'm in town this month. Read some great reviews. How far in advance can I book?

3819. Jan 5, 2014 ::: General Comment

I miss Taylor Fox from 2006. It was so pleasant living out a fantasy with a SWANK magazine model.

3818. Jan 2, 2014 ::: General Comment

Jenny, I love your new pictures! I've been checking daily for your to show up on the schedule. Can't wait!

3817. Jan 2, 2014 ::: General Comment

Happy New Year To Everyone At The Fox Den!

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