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:: Feedback Archive 2009 ::

 2978. Dec 29, 2009 ::: Suggestion

Please send more Foxes to Calgary. I was fortune to see Malena, Dallas, and Kiana when they were here. The Foxes are a big hit here.

 2977. Dec 28, 2009 ::: General Comment

I have been iching to get back!

 2976. Dec 26, 2009 ::: Suggestion

I really enjoy reading the bios but I wish more of the foxes took a few minutes to write a little bit about themselves. It makes choosing a fox more exciting when you know a little more about them.

 2975. Dec 25, 2009 ::: General Comment

There is no place like the Fox Den in Vancouver. The most amazing women who are completely professional. I won't go anywhere else and I will continue to be a loyal foxhunter!

 2974. Dec 24, 2009 ::: General Comment

Josie looks hot!

 2973. Dec 23, 2009 ::: General Comment

Great service and I met Paris last time, and she was real professional, she concern about my feelings all the time, not to mention how attractive she is. I will definately visit the den again.

 2972. Dec 22, 2009 ::: General Comment

I called for the first last month, it was a great experience. Madison was fantastic. Can't wait till the next time I'm in Vacouver

 2971. Dec 20, 2009 ::: Compliment

I Love the FOX DEN! Oxanna is amazing.. and Bebe Rocks!

 2970. Dec 19, 2009 ::: General Comment

Happy holiday to you Carman, the phone fox and all the beautiful foxes. I hope to unwrap a fox as my Christmas gift.

 2969. Dec 17, 2009 ::: Compliment

A few weeks ago Trish helped me line up 2 consecutive morning visits first with Amorette then Megan. The sessions were a dream and dealing with trish was a pleasure. If I hadn't had to leave town there would of have been a third visit. Can't wait to return in the New Year. Thanks

 2968. Dec 14, 2009 ::: General Comment

Please visit us Cowboys in Calgary soon! Saw Callie during her last visit.

 2967. Dec 13, 2009 ::: General Comment

I would sure like to win this $100, so I can spend it on Tawnie Fox!!

 2966. Dec 11, 2009 ::: Compliment

I had the great pleasure to meet Bebe last night. It was a Christmas present from my friends. She was not only extremely beautiful on the outside but she has a beautiful personality to match. When she found out the reason for the visit she said she wished she knew so she could have done something special for me. Trust me Bebe, you were more then special and a perfect lady. My only wish is that I could stop the clocks as one hour with you is not enough. Bebe you are a complete class act and I am grateful for the time I got to spend with you. I hope one day I may have the privilege visit with you once again. A lucky and happy gentleman for the valley.

 2965. Dec 9, 2009 ::: General Comment

Amazing by far the best ladies in North America! It's a real treat every time I visit the Den. thanks Carman!

 2964. Dec 9, 2009 ::: General Comment

Only one more month before I come back to Vancouver for the winter Jan 15 to mid March. I can't wait and Carman Fox is by far the biggest attraction by far. Please tell Kiana, Kimora, Sexi, Toy, Jocelyn, Tawnie, Ursula, and the rest of the gorgeous Asian girls at CF to get lots of rest. I just love them to pieces. Still have Asian fever. Hi to you Trish and to each of your double D's. Love to you all.

 2963. Dec 7, 2009 ::: General Comment

Can't wait for my return to Vancouver to start hunting again.

 2962. Dec 5, 2009 ::: Compliment

Tosca is one of the coolest girls I have ever met. She is amazingly beautiful and still felt like I could talk to her right away. We had an incredible weekend together that I'll never forget.

 2961. Dec 3, 2009 ::: General Comment

This has been my first booking with Carman Fox, and it definitely won't be the last. I had the pleasure of spending a wonderful afternoon with Vanessa; young, beautiful, and full of smiles and energy. Her soft, slender body will be on my mind for months to come, until we meet again hopefully. Thanks so much, Vanessa! Jeff

 2960. Nov 30, 2009 ::: General Comment

I just saw Tosca and I have to say she made my night amazing. I've said some pretty great things about other women you have working for your agency but she is by far the most incredible of them all. None of the other Fox's even compare to her. Teddy Bear Dave

 2959. Nov 27, 2009 ::: General Comment

The best ladies I have ever seen...keep up the good work!

 2958. Nov 26, 2009 ::: General Comment

What ever happened to the sunshine TIFFANY. She was soo sweet and sexy? Does she ever visit? That girl is so real when she smiles and used to light up my day with her beautiful face and knock out real breasts. Please post a response. AL (ways looking)

 2957. Nov 25, 2009 ::: Compliment

Oxanna, Please Please keep her till I visit in Feb or send her on a Toronto tour !! D

 2956. Nov 25, 2009 ::: General Comment

Saw Shayla at den. Wow that girl is amazing.

 2955. Nov 24, 2009 ::: General Comment

Paris and Paige are two of the most prettiest women that i ever had the chance to meet. if i had to pick one i would cry. can you guys give me the chance to have both thank you

 2954. Nov 24, 2009 ::: Testimonial

I had the pleasure of Kiana's company the other evening when I was feeling a little down & I must say not only did she cheer me up immensely but I have been smiling ever since! As I told her more times than I can remember she really is lovely, incredibly pretty & generally just gorgeous in every way. I had a really great time getting to know her, and felt so good the next day I scored my 1st 2 goals of the season (& I never score on the pitch either), so I guess you could call it a hat trick for me! Thanks for such a lovely evening Kiana! Your lovely! Your soccer cutie. xxx

 2953. Nov 23, 2009 ::: Testimonial

It seems almost superfluous to add my comments to those already written about Kiana below. I am not a "hobbyist"or a frequent user of especially so I had some trepidation when booking Kianna for two hours when recently in Vancouver. I'm not often speechless, but her qualities so well described by others already, blew me away. I immediately felt comfortable with her and I believe we enjoyed each others company on many different levels. Words like interesting, funny,relaxed, sophisticated, friendly, only go a small part of the way to describe her. I told her if I lived closer to Vancouver she would keep me poor! Her body is sensational and her use of it, quite amazing, but her ability to relate to me was simply off the charts. I ended up extending our first visit, by an hour because I didn't want to see her leave, and then I booked her again the following evening for an encore. Breathtaking beautiful outside, emotionally secure in her own self, intelligent, mature beyond her age, charming, caring and thoughtful on the inside. I do hope our paths cross again..M

 2952. Nov 22, 2009 ::: Testimonial

The first time that I was with Kiana, I was blown away by her natural beauty, intelligence and free spirit. What a knockout!!! I immediately felt like she was my girlfriend (I really wish that she was...) and I had known her for years. We connected instantly. I had booked her the first time for 2 hours and extended that to 4 hours because I couldn't get enough of her stunning beauty and insatiable appetite to have fun. The second time I booked her for 6 hours and it wasn't close to being enough time with this luscious dream. I am about to book her again and I HAVE to be with her all night. She is nothing short of amazing. Cant wait to see and talk to her each time I'm in Vancouver. Wow!!!

 2951. Nov 21, 2009 ::: General Comment

I'm curious about your agency, and if I can find my way to Vancouver I want to try you out! Particularly Megan, Kalia and Teagan Fox.

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 2950. Nov 20, 2009 ::: General Comment

I had the opportunity to visit the Den earlier this year and had possibly the best time ever. Next time I am in Vancouver...

 2949. Oct 19, 2009 ::: General Comment

I just saw Chloe today and I must say she was one of the most sensual and amazing women I've met through carman fox. Not only was she very open and relaxed but she had a very charming and outgoing demeanor and I really enjoyed that. She was, as I said, very sensual and our time together wasn't rushed at all, I really felt she was being natural and that the experience I had with her was so great because of these things. All in all I have to say it was one of the best visits to the fox den I've had in a long time and I'll definitely be coming back just to see Chloe. Teddy Bear Dave

 2948. Nov 18, 2009 ::: Compliment

All the girls in the galleries are so beautiful, it's too hard to choose. Hope to see you soon. DT

 2947. Nov 17, 2009 ::: Testimonial

I have to say I was not sure what to expect when I met Kiana Fox. She greeted me with a superb smile and I was immediately enticed. She is very intelligent and made me feel at ease right away. A very sensual kisser whose body is to die for. Smooth skin and gorgeous curves combined with her rocking skills made for a very pleasurable experience. Her energy and enthusiasm for life are exactly what I look for in a woman. Any man who has a chance to spend time with Kiana will not be disappointed. Thanks for an unforgettable evening Miss Fox, you exceeded all my expectations, I can't wait till we meet again.

 2946. Nov 15, 2009 ::: General Comment

I got to say after trying numerous other agencies, Carman Fox is one of the best in terms of ease of booking to the great service. I had an amazing time with Kiana. She sure knows how to treat a man right. Thanks again beautiful Kiana.

 2945. Nov 12, 2009 ::: Suggestion

The girls are awesome and I would come back for more!

 2944. Nov 10, 2009 ::: General Comment

A friend sends me the link of Kiana coming to town. I just cant wait for the weekend. I phone in, make an appointment. The whole day is filled with anxiety and anticipation. I just can't wait. I go to meet up with her and my nerves are overfiring and my heart is beating fast. I find out from the wonderful phone fox that I am on the wrong side of the building. I reach her late and out of breath, but she is nothing but understanding, amazing and worth the entire agonizing day that lead me to her. Thanks again. Sorry again. HA

 2943. Oct 9, 2009 ::: General Comment

I just saw Cleo tonight after I went to the Taboo sex show and she was fantastic! After the awesome time I already had I thought Cleo would be hard pressed to top it but I was dead wrong, she was by far the high point of my weekend! Cleo has an awesome bubbly personality and a very energetic, outgoing demeanor. She's very youthful and relaxed and was very easy to be with. Also she has a beautiful body. I had a great time with Cleo and I would definitely come back to see her again because she was very very fun and her service was absolutely awesome. If you're looking for the fun loving every day girl with a hot body and a nice personality I would go see Cleo. Teddy Bear Dave.

 2942. Nov 9, 2009 ::: General Comment

Malena was simply amazing! This beautiful woman understands how to treat a customer and make them feel like a king! I will definitely repeat a visit with her.

 2941. Nov 8, 2009 ::: General Comment

Time spent with Kiana was perfect. Even though I was late, she was still the perfect date. Cute as a friggen button. Till next time your in Calgary which is when? take care. And sorry again for being late, I kick my own ass over that one.

 2940. Nov 7, 2009 ::: General Comment

Cleo fox is by far the best. I love her

 2939. Nov 7, 2009 ::: General Comment

I used your service recently and had a wonderful time with Tosca, she is the most amazing escort I have ever met in my entire life! She captures the essence of sweetness with her charming demeanor and has a beautiful sweet and innocent look as well. I would also like to add that she was fantastic in terms of her service (her beauty and sweetness complemented this) and that our time together was more memorable than any other experiences I've had with escorts). Tosca made my reservaions about using your service vanish and I will be coming back because of her, thanks.

 2938. Nov 6, 2009 ::: General Comment

I want to go fox hunting!!!

 2937. Nov 4, 2009 ::: General Comment

Wow Lily is coming back!! Woo hoo Union guy, Toronto.

 2936. Nov 3, 2009 ::: General Comment

Paige, once again your laid back style, attentiveness and beauty made my trip. Next time, let's try out that bathtub for two at the airport ;-)

 2935. Nov 3, 2009 ::: General Comment

Carman and her girls are exactly what every town needs to make men the happiest. After every visit to the Den, I'm more effective at my job and my golfing skills get much better. I don't waste time and money anymore on dates with boring girls that won't get me anywhere. Just a call away gets me into Heaven with true Angels. Please franchise this brand and have a Fox Den in every city of the world. Jay

 2934. Nov 1, 2009 ::: General Comment

CF is truly the best in Vancouver. Amazing staff, amazing girls and amazing service. Thank you for everything!

 2933. Nov 1, 2009 ::: General Comment

I've seen tawnie for 12 times and she has become the only girl I see. thanks tawnie for so many great memories!

 2932. Oct 30, 2009 ::: Suggestion

Would really love to see some updated photos of Paris as the posted ones are 2 years old. Coming back into town soon and would like to see what I'm coming back too. Looking forward to seeing her soon. C

 2931. Oct 29, 2009 ::: General Comment

Last night was my first time at the Fox Den and let me tell you...if words could only describe. Maybe one.....WOW. Paris you're such a sweetheart and did I mention Gorgeous! I think I'm hooked! Hope to see you soon.

 2930. Oct 28, 2009 ::: Testimonial

I recently had the pleasure of spending time with Bebe Fox...let me tell you people that this was the most amazing experience of my life! Bebe makes you feel completely at ease with the world and she is an absolute jewel of a person to boot! Thank you Carman Fox!

 2929. Oct 25, 2009 ::: General Comment

When is Oxanna visiting again? She is one hot smoking fox!

 2928. Oct 22, 2009 ::: General Comment

Alas, next Monday I am moving away from Vancouver; I start my new job in Minneapolis. Over the past few years I have visited with and will miss these girls at Carman Fox; they're all genuine Sweet Hearts !! Skye, you're the Perfect Girl Next Door in my eyes, tall and slender. was a fantasy come true to spend time with a magazine model. Dawn...yet another sweet Girl Next Door. Totally Touchable Tiffany...the most erotic girl I have ever been with. Bailey...we have so much in common and both of us have a favourite number!! Hmmmm, wonder if Carman might want to open a new facility in the Twin Cities? PLEASE?

 2927. Oct 20, 2009 ::: General Comment

Seeing Ursula for the second time was awesome, maybe even better than the first, which was quite a while ago. She is a great companion, a truly hospitable woman who makes you feel welcome in every kind of way. Thanks Ursula! McCartny.

 2926. Oct 19, 2009 ::: Suggestion

I sure like the old pics of Kimora a lot more than the new ones. Union Guy Toronto

 2925. Oct 19, 2009 ::: Testimonial

I would say I had a good moment with Maya, but she was a little bit nervous. Probably because it was one of her fist days at the Fox Den. She treated me well. I loved her sexy latin look and great body. I liked her curly hair but I would recommend to have elastic bands or other stuff handy so that they can make a pony tail to make it easy to play.

 2924. Oct 19, 2009 ::: General Comment

I had a great time with Tosca! She is pretty, polite and so friendly. Since the very first impression I though that would be a great moment and it actually was. She didn't bug me about anything, she just was focused on pleasing me and she knows very well how to treat a gentleman. I regret not having met her before to avoid some other not-so-good girls.

 2923. Oct 18, 2009 ::: General Comment

Sweet Cerise... mmm mmm good. Sweetest cherry. Careful or you're likely to explode. That's a hell yeah!

 2922. Oct 18, 2009 ::: General Comment

You're top notch "A" # 1

 2921. Oct 17, 2009 ::: General Comment

Are videos no longer options?

 2920. Oct 16, 2009 ::: General Comment

Jocelyn fox was amazing. She was nice and sweet, was all about me and overall it was an amazing experience. Will definitely be back because of her.

 2919. Oct 16, 2009 ::: General Comment

I have to thank Carman for hiring Mia. She was wonderful and made my session amazing. If I could only tell... Let's say it was my most memorable fox hunt to date.

 2918. Oct 15, 2009 ::: Compliment

Welcome back PARIS! Woo Hoo!

 2917. Oct 15, 2009 ::: General Comment

The fox den is definitely the finest establishment in town, don't waste your time anywhere else. Thanks for the great memories Roxy.

 2916. Oct 14, 2009 ::: General Comment

Miss all of you terribly, Doug in Toronto. I have to suffer with Toronto girls, just not the same. Miss Kimora, Kiana, Kimmie, Ursula, Tawnie, Sexi, Jocelyn and retired Lily, Kitty, but especially Trish and all the phone foxes who arranged so much pleasure. See you in January, xxoo

 2915. Oct 12, 2009 ::: Suggestion

You should make the daily Fox Schedule accessible via SMS text messaging.

 2914. Oct 10, 2009 ::: Testimonial

I came by a couple of days ago and I saw Teagan Fox and holy crap is she hot and amazing. She was awesome in every way. I will definitely be back because of her.

 2913. Oct 8, 2009 ::: General Comment

I love the Den, the Foxes are super nice and always professional. The phone support and front desk staff are always polite and go the extra mile to ensure that your visit will be one you will never forget. I highly recommend the Den to anyone, one of Vancouver's landmarks, forget Stanley Park and all the other places people tell you to visit when you hit Vancouver and come to the Den.

 2912. Oct 5, 2009 ::: General Comment

Can wait to met you all...

 2911. Oct 2, 2009 ::: General Comment

Great service and overall wonderful experience. Thank you. Will return.

 2910. Sep 28, 2009 ::: General Comment

Breanna, what can I say? I'm still speechless from our magic encounter. Definitely a gem.

 2909. Sep 24, 2009 ::: General Comment

Great site, beautiful ladies. Hope I win.

 2908. Sep 23, 2009 ::: General Comment

Had the awesome pleasure of seeing Dallas during her Calgary visit. Another successful hunt! Who's visiting next?

 2907. Sep 21, 2009 ::: General Comment

Always good reviews, I can't wait to get back!!

 2906. Sep 19, 2009 ::: Testimonial

My experience at the den recently was memorable to say the least. I spent some quality time with kiana. Wow, what a stunning girl! Intelligent,funny & the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Her personality, silky smooth skin & soft touch left me feeling incredible. I can't wait to be back in the city to see her again

 2905. Sep 18, 2009 ::: General Comment

Rarely do individuals and experiences exceed expectations. Kiana and my time with her was everything I could have ever asked for and more. An experience I’ll never forget. Kissable lips, penetrating eyes, silky smooth skin, fit and firm, curvy and soft in all the right places. Exceptional. My words won’t do her justice. You’ll be blown away. Her energy is intoxicating. Kiana is a warm, kind, genuinely nice person. She has a positive outlook on life that is infectious. She makes you feel like you are the only man in her world. She wants to know about you and will share herself with you. Our time together was sensual, exhilarating, deep, and fulfilling in every way. Guys, if you’re smart enough to spend some time with Kiana, treat her well, have fun, make her laugh. You’ll be rewarded. If you can get her clawing at your back you’ll be walking on air for weeks. I still am. Kiana you still owe me a massage. That, however, means I’ll have to take my hands and lips off of you. I wouldn’t bet on that. Until we meet again. Your LA lover.

 2904. Sep 16, 2009 ::: Compliment

Saw kari on my trip to Vancouver last week. She is stunning and sweet. Represents the company well.

 2903. Sep 15, 2009 ::: General Comment

Comment section getting stale. Say hello to Kimora and Kiana and Kimmie for me. Lily retired?

 2902. Sep 14, 2009 ::: Testimonial

Great girls, polite awesome phone foxes and great clean professional location are just some words to describe the service provided by CF. So great I went there twice in one day. Looking forward to my future visits!

 2901. Sep 14, 2009 ::: General Comment

The foxes are beautiful!

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 2900. Sep 13, 2009 ::: General Comment

Always a pleasure to visit the den. All the girls are extremely professional and genuine. No game playing and they show a great deal of respect for each other and for their clients.

 2899. Sep 12, 2009 ::: General Comment

I recently made my first trip to the fox den. I spent my time with the lovely Madison Fox. She is a very sensual and beautiful young lady. My time with her was just outstanding. Thank you Madison you are a Diamond in the rough. I would like to thank the Phone Fox girl I spoke to. Not being from Vancouver I had to make several phone calls to locate the Fox Den. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I know on the other end of that phone line is a real Hottie.

 2898. Sep 12, 2009 ::: General Comment

I saw Cora recently and I have to say she was wild. I had a great time with her, she's lots of fun and was very energetic. She has a very nice body with a PERFECT all over tan, a beautiful but, nice B cup boobs and a lovely face. She also has a very nice personality and a good sense of humour too. Cora I can't wait to see you again because you were splendid! Teddy Bear Dave

 2897. Sep 11, 2009 ::: General Comment

Been to the den many times and saw Shayla for the first time. This girl is stunning! By far the best face and body out of all the girls at the den. Thank you phone girls for the recommendation. The best part of the session was how easily we connected, not only was she easy to get along with but she seemed to enjoy our time together. Will repeat next time I'm in town. Dalton

 2896. Sep 11, 2009 ::: Compliment

I saw Ryder last week at the den and had the most amazing time! I love her curves...all in the right place..real natural tits and her ass is so juicy its hard not to smack it! Long blonde hair n a little gap between her teeth..such a cutie!! Sweet girl too...definitely loves her job! No question about wont be the last time i see her!!!

 2895. Sep 10, 2009 ::: General Comment

I just saw Teagan and she was down right fantastic! She has a wonderful demeanor which is very forward and playfully aggressive not to mention refreshing, also she has a fantastic body with a beautiful ass and wonderful washboard abs. I'm absolutely coming back to see her because her technique alone was so good she could teach class's. Teagan I had a wonderful time with you so as promised I wrote this review. Take care and I'll see you soon! TeddyBear Dave

 2894. Sep 7, 2009 ::: General Comment

Please send some Foxes to Calgary soon! Saw Eve during her last visit here.

 2893. Sep 6, 2009 ::: General Comment

Great service and girls!

 2892. Sep 3, 2009 ::: General Comment

Must return soon :)

 2891. Sep 1, 2009 ::: General Comment

I spend 4 months a year in Vancouver, the rest in Toronto. You Vancouver guys are so lucky. Toronto is 4 times the size of Van but there is just no place as totally fantastic as Carman Fox. I miss Kimora, Kiana, Kimmie, Lily, Tawnie, Ursula,Sexi, Jocelyn, and all the gorgeous Asian girls at CF. They have both the physical beauty and charm of movie stars and runway models. There are a lot of gorgeous girls in Toronto but it is a constant search to find the good ones. In Van you have an absolute guarantee almost of the highest quality girls every single time. I don't even take a chance on any other service providers, I just go back to CF every single time. Plese tell the girls I miss them terribly. Hi to you Trish. We have to talk about it. It is bigger than both of us. LOL- Union Guy from Toronto

 2890. Aug 31, 2009 ::: General Comment

Ok.. I did it again! I have to say that everytime I come to the fox den, I leave happier than the last. This time I saw shayla. man-oh maaan! She is a hottie!! I had to take another cold shower when I got home just to get over the experience! Thanks very much shayla!

 2889. Aug 28, 2009 ::: General Comment

Visiting Fox Oxanna made my day. What an unbelievable gorgeous talented lady in every sense of the word. Utterly sweet and knows how to make a man feel like you are the only one. Just look at the pictures and they make you want to jump to the phone and book. The reality is even better if that is possible and she has a sexy accent to boot. Carman, can't you find a way to keep her here? I'll pay her tuition and room and board! K

 2888. Aug 26, 2009 ::: General Comment

I had a great time with Cleo today, she was beautiful, friendly and a lot of fun to be with. She did not rush and made the entire hour amazing. I will be back!

 2887. Aug 25, 2009 ::: Compliment

Just had a date with Roxy, and all I can say is wow! Just wow. She knows how to treat a man. She'll make you feel like you've just entered heaven and had a look around. Everything about her is the real deal. 15 out of 10.

 2886. Aug 24, 2009 ::: General Comment

I saw Mimi Fox awhile back. Amazing eyes, lips and body to die for. She was very accommodating and put me on cloud 9. Am hoping she will be around longer when she is in town. Miss seeing her.

 2885. Aug 23, 2009 ::: Compliment

I was lucky enough to book an appointment with Mimi on her very short visit in town. All round perfect evening with the perfect girl.

 2884. Aug 22, 2009 ::: General Comment

I'll visit you soon!

 2883. Aug 21, 2009 ::: General Comment

Angel's new photos are absolutely stunning but seeing her in real life is jaw-dropping. I'm still day dreaming about her.

 2882. Aug 18, 2009 ::: General Comment

Great Site and such a big 'Fox Family', with so many beautiful sisters I love your site

 2881. Aug 17, 2009 ::: General Comment

Please send a Fox or two to Calgary soon... pretty please

 2880. Aug 14, 2009 ::: Testimonial

Carman over 3 years now I have met some great girls at the den I mean really great but the addition of Kimora and the return of Kiana are totally in a new world. I have been in this hobby for 10 years mainly in Toronto and Vancouver but I have never ever met girls like these two. Many have said they are both stunningly beautiful. I told Kimora she should be a runway model like Cindy Crawford and Kiana is more beautiful than any Hollywood actress I can name. I am looking forward to a duo.

 2879. Aug 13, 2009 ::: Testimonial

I'm not sure Kiana even needs more endorsements but I just had my second visit with her, I have been in this hobby for 10 years, I have been through Carmans loyalty program 4-5 times and I cannot remember a better experience. I have been around the block a few times, I'm not easy to impress but Kiana blew me. I would rather visit her than any movie star anybody could name. I am not naive in the least but I do believe we had a great mutual connection. What a woman. Union Guy Toronto

 2878. Aug 11, 2009 ::: General Comment

One of the best agency! Keep up the good work!

 2877. Aug 8, 2009 ::: General Comment

I decided to book an appointment at the Fox Den as part of my visit to the city. The Fox Den looks fabulous but when I saw Kristel, I was in heaven. Great memorable time. I would love to see you again Kristel. Got to make a return trip soon.

 2876. Aug 7, 2009 ::: General Comment

Okay, I've been to the fox den 4-5 times and have been very happy leaving but today, I met KIANA and I have to say I'm still spinning around in circles over the experience I just had! this girl is so frakking hot! She's got a strippers body with a sweet girl next door personality.. totally crazy! loved every minute... I miss her already... yahoo!

 2875. Aug 6, 2009 ::: General Comment

Kiana was amazing, like the other people who wrote about her on here I have nothing but great things to say about her and if you read some of the submissions below this you'll see at least six just like this one which shows you just how amazing she is, especially for a new fox (actually there's only one way to find out how amazing she is). None the less I have to say I had an awesome time with Kiana, she has a fantastic demeanor and is delightful to talk. Her pictures are some of my favorite on the site but one of her finest features is her intelligence, she also has a great sense of humor and a very sweet, interesting and down to earth personality. I also feel compelled to mention Kiana has a wicked body with a gorgeous face, awesome double D boobs which I just loved and a great ass to boot! Kiana you are spectacular and I hope you enjoy working at the fox den because I know if you stop you'll be disappointing so many people who took the time to write about you on here. Take care and stay positive! Teddy Bear Dave

 2874. Aug 5, 2009 ::: General Comment

I saw Jovana recently and I have to say she was an amazing woman. Jovana really is unique from the other fox's, she's definitely not afraid to be herself and she came across as someone who's totally natural and loves her job. I had an awesome time with her and I really liked her attitude which was very refreshing (some of the fox's, while professional, are not as natural as Jovana and don't have that wild bad ass attitude going on that she does). Joavana you were awesome and I had a really great time, keep surprising people! Teddy Bear Dave

 2873. Aug 4, 2009 ::: General Comment

Madison was amazing! I've never had a more pleasurable experience in my life! She is the most dangerous Fox I've ever been with because she makes me want to spend all my time at the fox den with her! Seriously though, I had one of the most sensual experiences of my life with Madison. She really is fantastic, both physically and personally. I loved her curvy, voluptuous body, which has to be her least remarkable feature because Madison has an even more wonderful personality and a way of treating her clients which is "superbly amazing". Madison, you seriously rocked my world, I'll be coming back to see you again and again. Thanks for the awesome time and keep loving what you do! Teddy Bear Dave

 2872. Aug 2, 2009 ::: General Comment

I had a memorable time with Kimora yesterday. I felt comfortable very fast . Such a sweetheart and a wonderful peronality. Thank you Kimora for a splendid evening.

 2871. Aug 1, 2009 ::: General Comment

Very very nice. Impressive.

 2870. Jul 30, 2009 ::: General Comment

Kiana Fox is stunning.

 2869. Jul 28, 2009 ::: General Comment

I saw madison yesterday... what a hottie! She is also so cool! Such a personable young lady and you can tell she enjoys her work, a definite 10! -thanks madison!

 2868. Jul 28, 2009 ::: General Comment

Interesting... can't wait to start my hunt for a tiny blonde. Who would you recommend?

 2867. Jul 26, 2009 ::: General Comment

Kiana was truly amazing. Never before had I felt so comfortable and relaxed, and of course she is simply stunning to look at. Everything about her is a perfect 10, except her personality, which is an 11. She is the only girl I have ever seen and walked away literally floating, thinking how if I was to pick only one girl to see, out of the countless amount of girls out would be Kiana, every time. Thanks for everything, you are truly a sweetheart.

 2866. Jul 25, 2009 ::: General Comment

Carmen Fox does not disappoint. Two hunts down; more to come...

 2865. Jul 22, 2009 ::: Testimonial

Just had fantastic visit with Kimmie. With all the new gorgeous Asians at CF we can tend to overlook fantastic ones who have been on the list a little while. When I visit BC I hate to miss seeing Kimmie. She is facially very pretty with a really sexy all natural body and one of the best attitudes ever.

 2864. Jul 21, 2009 ::: General Comment

Saw Lexy for the third time. Very professional in every way. A true Fox Den star.

 2863. Jul 21, 2009 ::: Compliment

I just recently began exploring with Carman Fox this past month. I was always intimated by such beautiful girls but one day I found the courage to step up to the plate and make my desire a reality. Decided on a exotic dish so I booked for KIANNA. She is a definite 10! When I had the chance to spend time with her she made my shyness at ease without effort. Her nips.... OH GOD! like it was fabricated to perfection and very responsive and that ass, like a full moon on a midnights summers day lol. A true diamond in the rough is all I can say. Kianna you ready for round 4? lol CHEERS Carman Fox you guys are the best! contraband

 2862. Jul 19, 2009 ::: General Comment

I am so happy with that there's licensed escort services in Vancouver. Thank you, once again. And I'm a client that appreciates your service very much. Secret Admirer.

 2861. Jul 18, 2009 ::: General Comment

Kiana is the type of girl that I and every other guy have fantasized about being with and is definitely the total package. She is absolutely drop dead gorgeous with a sexy tanned & toned body you dream about, incredibly passionate, witty and smart. Kiana made me feel like I was on top of the world and put a smile on my face from ear to ear that lasted for days. To sum it up this girl is SMOKING HOT and is truly a 10 out 10. I can’t say enough about this experience other than I can hardly wait to see her again. It is true dreams can become a reality and Kiana is living proof of that. Thank you Carman Fox, Fighter Guy

 2860. Jul 16, 2009 ::: General Comment

All I have to say is Kianna's pictures do not do her justice. She is absolutely stunning in person and very personable!!

 2859. Jul 15, 2009 ::: Compliment

Kiana is Gorgeous, Classy, Brilliant, Sexy and possesses a very playful personality. I have spent nearly 40 hours in total with her and really look forward to my next set of exciting adventures with her. Not too long ago, I booked Kiana to fly out of Canada for a 28 hour vacation – Took her out to a few clubs, a nice dinner, a drive around town and capped it off with ONE HELL OF A NIGHT. The 28 hours did not do ANY justice as there is just so much to this girl that leaves you wanting more – including her extremely toned body, super lovable personality. Some weeks later, I flew up to Vancouver with a few buds for a second vacation. I myself made a quick detour to meet up with Kiana, this time for a 12 hour booking! Our date consisted of a solid tour of Vancouver, including Granville Island, Kits Beach and Robson Street among many other sites. She also accompanied me to a local high-end wine tasting bar followed by 5-star dining at the Market restaurant of my hotel. The evening ended with another complete experience of ecstasy and euphoria. This event itself was another completely unforgettable and first-class experience that can only be had with a perfect 10 bombshell woman like Kiana. Drop-dead sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, goddess, anything you want to call her. Sit down and talk with this girl for a few seconds and you will see what I am talking about when I say brilliant. Such a sweetheart and a genuinely good person as well. Without question, I will be in contact with Trish and Belle at Carman Fox in the near future to set-up further memorable travel experiences with Kiana. On the docket - Cabo San Lucas with my Canadian dream-girl Kiana! Cheers. LA Hero

 2858. Jul 13, 2009 ::: General Comment

I had an amazing time with the new FRENCH fox ''ELLE''. What a beautifull girl ! Coming back to see her again in a month from the east coast.

 2857. Jul 12, 2009 ::: Compliment

I used the word "flawless" tonight and I meant it. What a superbly wonderful young woman Bebe is. I can hardly wait until my next visit. Thank you so much for making my wish come true. Just what the doctor ordered.

 2856. Jul 11, 2009 ::: General Comment

Jamie Fox was incredible! I had the best appointment I've ever had at the fox den with her! She was really cool and had an awesome attitude, I loved her demeanor because she was very seductive and really natural at the same time. Jamie has an awesome body with fantastic natural D and a sweet curvy ass plus she has a very pretty face. We had an awesome time together and I have to say she provided some of the best service I've had at the fox den. Jamie I hope you stay with carman fox because if you do I'll definitely come in to see you agin since you were so amazing! Teddy Bear Dave.

 2855. Jul 10, 2009 ::: Compliment

A short stay in Vancouver allowed me to experience two utterly amazing foxes. Evening number one was spent with Kiana. She is stunningly beautiful, elegant, fun, warm, then hot, then scorching. I cannot imagine any man who would not be thrilled. The powerful experience with Kiana made my apprehensive about meeting Demi. (Didn't stop me though...already arranged and I did not want to cancel) My experience with Demi was equally magnificent. She is quite different in both personality and appearance but equally beautiful in every way. Carman...these woman are among the finest in the world. Thank you. Kiana and pulse is just back to normal. Saying thank you is insufficient. Until next time...Dave

 2854. Jul 10, 2009 ::: Testimonial

Carman how do you find these ladies? I just had a visit with Kimora and I am stunned at how gorgeous she is. I'm afraid that when the other guys find out how pretty she is I won't be able to get another appointment. Charming doesn't even begin to describe how much fun she is. Union guy

 2853. Jul 9, 2009 ::: Suggestion

Would like to suggest that you have a "Now Visiting" notice go out to the subscribed mailing list. Although I check into your site on occasion, I seem to miss out on Visiting Foxes that I would definitely make the trek up from Puget Sound for - most recently Oxanna! This would be a welcome notification in my Inbox. That said, do you anticipate Oxanna coming back again soon? Cheers ~ B

 2852. Jul 9, 2009 ::: General Comment

Wow Babe is extremely beautiful. Guys u must visit her.

 2851. Jul 7, 2009 ::: General Comment

Bebe must have been sent from above. Gift from heaven.

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 July 27, 2009 @ 2:30pm PST.

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 2850. Jul 4, 2009 ::: General Comment

My jaw dropped when I saw Oxanna. Hope you make a return visit soon. Please!!!

 2849. Jul 2, 2009 ::: Testimonial

Oxanna, what a hottie! I had such a great time! Thanks so much.

 2848. Jul 1, 2009 ::: General Comment

It was amazing, thanks

 2847. Jun 30, 2009 ::: Compliment

Carman Fox always seems to find some of the most elegant girls.

 2846. Jun 30, 2009 ::: General Comment

Kimora was fantastic! When I was with her she made me feel like I was sneaking away from a party to go hook up because she was one of the most fun fox's I've been with! I loved her awesome attitude and her casual yet fun style. She was really chilled out but she was also very energetic. Also Kimora was a great host and she asked what type of music I wanted to listen to (she's the only fox who wanted to put rock on too, which was sweet). I thought she was one of the most awesome fox's I've seen just because of her personality but her service was awesome too, I had a really great time. Lastly her sexy body was terrific, she has sexy curves, nice C cup boobs, a really cute ass and a pretty face to top it all off. I had a wicked time with Kimora and I hope she stays because I will be coming back to see her. Teddy Bear Dave

 2845. Jun 28, 2009 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox and Friends is the best agencey in the world to work for - they actuall care about their girls.

 2844. Jun 28, 2009 ::: Compliment

Had a great first experience, very professional and welcoming. Will visit again soon to try more foxes!

 2843. Jun 27, 2009 ::: Compliment

I had the pleasure of meeting Kimora early this week. I was blown away with her natural beauty and great personality. She made me feel very comfortable. Hope to see her again very soon!

 2842. Jun 26, 2009 ::: General Comment

Thank you for the wonderful time with Vanessa this evening. It was by far the best time I have had with an escort. She was smart, engaging and made it easy for both of us to have a great time. Thanks!

 2841. Jun 26, 2009 ::: Compliment

Tatianna was an Angel sent from heaven. A little Ukrainian Gem. I cannot find the words to say how nice she was and a body to die for. But beware if you look into her eyes too long you may find yourself proposing on the spot!! May I say the overall service from Carman Fox was outstanding, and I cannot recommend this service provider enough.. By far the best in North America.

 2840. Jun 25, 2009 ::: General Comment

The den is the place to b

 2839. Jun 22, 2009 ::: Compliment

Wow Carman, I just met Kiana and she is out of this world. I was a bit dumbfounded when I met her. Not only is she gorgeous and sexy but her personality and sense of humour are off the chart. A new star for the agency guys. OMG. union guy Toronto

 2838. Jun 21, 2009 ::: Compliment

My first visit to the fox den was amazing. Kristel made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and her services were too good for words. I hadn't planned on returning but I had to see her again the following day, and also signed up for the rewards program since I plan on visiting her again. Kristel you were fantastic, cant wait to see you again Dave

 2837. Jun 18, 2009 ::: General Comment

Please send a Fox to Edmonton soon. I can only take so many trips down to see a Fox. Hurry!

 2836. Jun 16, 2009 ::: General Comment

WOW - Great site, and so many hot hot hot FOXES!!! Can't wait for my first "HUNT" your style, makes me smile. Kev

 2835. Jun 13, 2009 ::: General Comment

Congrats to Paige for being voted best Fox of 08. Once you spent time with her, you will definitely know why.

 2834. Jun 12, 2009 ::: General Comment

I met Paige yesterday, and it was one of the best days of my life. Please let her know she is a gem in every way.

 2833. Jun 10, 2009 ::: General Comment

So many beautiful Foxes to choose from. Where do one start? What's your suggestion?

 2832. Jun 10, 2009 ::: Suggestion

Please ask Autumn to put pictures of herself on her profile.

 2831. Jun 9, 2009 ::: General Comment

Can't wait to be in Vancouver and book an appointment!

 2830. Jun 8, 2009 ::: General Comment

Did you not have a girl who was about 5'0" with curly brown hair?

 2829. Jun 7, 2009 ::: Compliment

My favorite FOX is back KIANA, now with darker hair. She is one of a kind, MISTER SOFT LIPS - DR. LOVE

 2828. Jun 5, 2009 ::: General Comment

I started going to fox den 2 months ago and I spent most of my hunts with Tawnie. She is amazing!

 2827. Jun 4, 2009 ::: Suggestion

How about some new pics of Paris. Its been a while since I have been with her and I know she must be looking different. She is definitely my wife and myselfs Fav!! Thanks

 2826. Jun 3, 2009 ::: General Comment

Wow, Mimi, Tiara, and now Kiana, to go along with fantastic girls like Lily, Kimmie, Sexi, Ursula, Tawnie, Kitty and Tiana. Us guys with "Asian Fever" don't know who to see first!!!! What a big problem to have.

 2825. Jun 3, 2009 ::: Testimonial

I'm a bit late on the testimonial but I had a wonderful time with the visiting Fox Ophelia! Beautiful face and amazing legs! Great sense of humour and smart. Had a very good moment... Au revoir, Ophelia... Good luck in your studies! Thanks again for the amazing hour! Hope to see you soon in beautiful British Columbia!

 2824. Jun 1, 2009 ::: Compliment

Carman, your agency is one of the best I've try in terms of service and overall satisfaction. Just wish I live in this city so I get to experience the fox hunt more often.

 2823. May 30, 2009 ::: Compliment

I've never heard anything negative about you and your ladies, keep up the good work!

 2822. May 29, 2009 ::: General Comment

Kristel was unbelievable! She has the cutest girl next door face and a fantastic body, everything from her wicked ass to her sweet D cup boobs blew me away! She is by far the most beautiful girl I have ever been with and she has a personality to match her cute face. I had a wonderful time and I'm totally coming back to see her again sometime soon. Thanks for the awesome time Kristel, you really made my night. I hope you read this because I told you I would write something good about you and you deserve nothing but the best reviews. Sincerely, teddy bear dave.

 2821. May 27, 2009 ::: General Comment

When will foxes be returning to Calgary again? Please soon!

 2820. May 23, 2009 ::: General Comment

I had another fantastic experience with Tosca at my last visit to the den. She's the most amazing fox I've ever been with. Every time I see her I leave absolutely ecstatic. Tosca you are amazing, I know I've said this to you a million times before but I have to say it again. I left the fox den glowing after the last time I was with you and I want you to know that because you are so talented an so amazing you deserve more compliments than you get. I hope you read this because I know I said I would write something good on here about you and I did. Take care and keep enjoying what you do honey cause you are good at it. Sincerely, Teddy Bear Dave.

 2819. May 21, 2009 ::: General Comment

I saw tiffany for the first time recently and she was great! I really loved her big natural breasts, she has absolutely fantastic breasts, they are some of the nicest I have ever gotten to know. Tiffany also had a great attitude and she was wonderfully playful. In fact I was shocked by just how soon I had to relax and just lay back, during which time she made wonderful conversation to say the least. Tiffany you are fantastic and I've told all my friends about you. Sincerely, teddy bear dave.

 2818. May 21, 2009 ::: General Comment

Tosca was as always amazing, I saw her (not for the first time) on my weekly visit to the Den and and she blew me away again! Not only is she amazingly beautiful she is also the sweetest fox I have ever met. Tosca I hope you get a chance to read this because you were fantastic! I hope to see you again soon since you're my favorite fox and I want you to know that I tell all my friends great things about you (plus I write these testimonials too, lol) Sincerely, teddy bear dave

 2817. May 20, 2009 ::: General Comment

I went to the fox den with three of my friends and we all had a fantastic time! I saw Tawnie again, who was amazing as always, and my friends saw some absolutely gorgeous fox's as well! I just want to say thanks to Dawn the receptionist who did the difficult job of juggling all four of us while other clients were scheduled for the same time (she didn't make us feel rushed at all). Thanks for all the wonderful times ladies XOXOXXX Sincerely, Teddy Bear Dave.

 2816. May 18, 2009 ::: General Comment

The fox hunt at the Fox Den is one experience to behold. Definitely something to put on your "to do" list.

 2815. May 17, 2009 ::: General Comment

Malena when will you return? my vote for hottest body in fox history!

 2814. May 15, 2009 ::: General Comment

I've used your service seven time. One girl was mediocre, pretty enough but not what I was expecting or hoping for - she no longer works for you. The others have been great. I saw Josie the other day and all I can say about her is Oh my God, Oh my God ... So little time, so many fabulous women.

 2813. May 14, 2009 ::: Compliment

Wow Teagan fox has the nicest waist I've seen on a fox to date! repeat again soon!

 2812. May 13, 2009 ::: General Comment

I am a fox reward client who has spent many glamourous hours visiting the hot foxes. I would like to mention everytime I'm at the FD the front desk staff Cori,Bobbie and Dawn are always so pleasant and welcoming. They and the foxes make the fox den the number one agency in vancouver. Dan

 2811. May 13, 2009 ::: Compliment

Tiara looks great, can't wait to meet her, "Yellow fever guy" Toronto. ;-)

 2810. May 12, 2009 ::: Testimonial

Beautiful & entertaining Women!

 2809. May 10, 2009 ::: General Comment

Tawnie fox is amazing. I'll definitely come back again!

 2808. May 9, 2009 ::: General Comment

Is Malena ever coming back? I miss her terribly ! Dave from Costa Rica

 2807. May 6, 2009 ::: General Comment

Just completed another successful hunt with Annabelle. She is a complete package. Now, who's next?

 2806. May 5, 2009 ::: General Comment

Awesome web site, can't wait to go to vancouver and see the ladies

 2805. May 3, 2009 ::: General Comment

Tell Jovanna that I had marvelous time with her. She was all that I could have asked for.

 2804. May 2, 2009 ::: General Comment

Stephanie was fabulous, I really liked her big enhanced breasts! They were so nice I just couldn't get enough of them or her fantastic body. She was a very nice conversationalist and she was fantastically dressed as well although it was the awesome time I had with her that's most memorable. If you like mature women then Stephanie is great, physically and socially. Thanks for the awesome time Stephanie, you were wonderful and it was a real pleasure seeing you. Dave.

 2803. Apr 30, 2009 ::: General Comment

Keep up the good work everyone

 2802. Apr 30, 2009 ::: General Comment

Awesome place. Love the lades. Seen Kristel and Sweet Cherise. Both fantastic ladies. Can't wait for my next visit!

 2801. Apr 28, 2009 ::: General Comment

Please tell Lily, Doug in Toronto misses her terribly. Nobody here compares. I'm saving myself for Lily. Hi to you Trish. XXOO

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 2800. Apr 26, 2009 ::: General Comment

Had an amazing session with jovanna, she is gorgeous

 2799. Apr 26, 2009 ::: General Comment

Lexie was FANTASTIC, I loved her big enhanced breasts! She was very pleasant and had a charming and sweet demeanor not to mention a beautiful smile, but it was her easy going chilled out mood that made me so comfortable with her. She has a fantastic body that I loved getting to know and she has a wonderful tan to top it all off. If you like mature woman then I would say Lexie is a good fox to see because she's a total cougar and she's good at what she does. Thanks for the fantastic time Lexie I really loved it! Yours truly, teddy bear Dave.

 2798. Apr 24, 2009 ::: General Comment

Just wondering how long and when Mimi Fox will be in town for? I have seen her before, what a gem!

 2797. Apr 21, 2009 ::: General Comment

I'm here to sing the praises of the wonderful Ursula. A mature and beautiful lady who is a delight to be with - she has talent coming out of her ears - an accomplished massage therapist of a professional calibre, she also is a delight in making you feel completely relaxed and comfortable with wave upon wave of spoiling innovative moves. Don't forget to ask for the whipping cream treatment!Enjoy this creative creature! Ken

 2796. Apr 20, 2009 ::: Testimonial

The Atmosphere at the Den is second to none. A great place to visit and spend some quality relaxing time with a beautiful girl.

 2795. Apr 19, 2009 ::: General Comment

Sydney was fantastic, her sister and her both have really sexy demeanors! I really enjoyed our time together. She has a wonderful and warm personality as well as a fantastic pleasant demeanor. If you like voluptuous women then she's definitely for you because unlike most of the fox's she's a full figured woman which I love. Thanks for the awesome time Sydney. I can't to meet your hot sister Sierra. Teddy Bear Dave.

 2794. Apr 17, 2009 ::: General Comment

Bebe Fox is awesome! Tall, beautiful, friendly and truly gifted talent... a total package! Warm regards...Reiko

 2793. Apr 15, 2009 ::: General Comment

I love your business and I recommend it to all my friends.

 2792. Apr 14, 2009 ::: General Comment

I go to the Fox Den because I want to go to heaven before I die! Dave

 2791. Apr 13, 2009 ::: General Comment

Tawnie was amazing. She had such incredible energy I was shocked by her! In a good way of course. Not only does she have a really outgoing personality and an enthusiastic attitude but she's very nice as well. She has a wicked body and a great sense of humor to match which is important to me. But most important of all is the fact that she rocked my world and she was fun to be with too. Tawnie you were amazing so I'll be coming back to see you soon, take care and keep enjoying life. Teddy Bear Dave.

 2790. Apr 11, 2009 ::: General Comment

Every appointments with your agency has been fabulous. Don't see myself going anywhere else.

 2789. Apr 9, 2009 ::: General Comment

I want to start my first hunt soon

 2788. Apr 6, 2009 ::: General Comment

Eden was fantastic! not only did she have a wonderful attitude and a very pleasant personality she's beautiful too! Eden I hope you see this because I know I told you I would write something good about you on here and you deserve no less. You were fantastic and very good at putting me at ease, I was so nervous but you made me feel relaxed and passionate. I really hope to see you again. Thanks again for the wonderful experience Eden. Teddy Bear Dave.

 2787. Apr 6, 2009 ::: General Comment

Tosca was once again superb, I had a fantastic time with her and I must say she is the most intellectual of the fox's I've seen and not only that she has a fantastic and hard body. I love her sweet smile and her amazingly pretty girl next door looks, but mot of all, it's her wonderful personality that makes her such a pleasure to be with. Thanks for a wonderful experience again Tosca you were fantastic. Teddy Bear Dave.

 2786. Apr 5, 2009 ::: General Comment


 2785. Apr 4, 2009 ::: General Comment

Great web site. Fun, friendly, easy to navigate "meet the foxes" - I guess that's the link everyone loves the most!!!

 2784. Apr 3, 2009 ::: General Comment

I'm sold. After reading this form for the last hour, and day-dreaming over the photos for the last year, you girls made me book a trip to Vancouver, for the sole reason of Fox Hunting! See you soon. John B., from N.Y.

 2783. Apr 3, 2009 ::: General Comment

When are the Foxes returning back to Calgary? Hope it's Malena again!

 2782. Apr 1, 2009 ::: Compliment

I've used this twice now and with my wife both times. Best thing we have ever done for our marriage. My wife was amazed when she realized it wasn't just for me, the Ladies were amazing and so kind with such a delicate situation. thanks. C.

 2781. Mar 30, 2009 ::: General Comment

I was looking to make an appointment with Roxy... is she still with you??

 2780. Mar 30, 2009 ::: Testimonial

I've been a customer a few times @ the den and let me tell everyone, they don't know what they are missing until they have had a fox. All beautiful and definitely worth the time. Thank you Carmen Fox. Your the greatest!

 2779. Mar 30, 2009 ::: General Comment

Roxy; I am painfully missing you; hope I can see you again one day. Carlos

 2778. Mar 28, 2009 ::: General Comment

Chanel was wicked! I had a fabulous time! She made my weekly visit so satisfying I could hardly contain myself afterwards. Not only were her pics accurate but her info was too, she was really cute and bubbly just like it said on the site. She also has a wonderful demeanor and a very sexy voice! I would love to see her again and if you like the cute petite type I'm sure you won't want to pass on this wonderful fox. Thanks again Ruby you made a wonderful recommendation as always and thanks so much Chanel, you were great. Sincerely, Dave.

 2777. Mar 26, 2009 ::: General Comment

When will Kristel's pics be online?

 2776. Mar 26, 2009 ::: General Comment

Can't wait to see the new girl Kristel

 2775. Mar 24, 2009 ::: General Comment

Hello, just wanted to know if Bella Fox is scheduled to visit Vancouver this year? The "visiting Fox" label has been on her profile for quite some time now. Regards, Abuko

 2774. Mar 23, 2009 ::: General Comment

I just wanted to comment on the amazing phone staff you have Carman, not only are they sweet and professional they make you feel special and really know what they're talking about. I've spoken with Ruby, Sherry and Leslie and all three of them have given me wonderful recommendations on which Fox's are best for me after talking about what I desired. Thanks so much for your help ladies! Dave.

 2773. Mar 22, 2009 ::: General Comment

Please add me to the mailing list and enter me to win the drawing.

 2772. Mar 22, 2009 ::: General Comment

TOSCA was as usual amazing, her wonderful charm and fantastic body never fails to impress me, not only that but her playful attitude and witty humor is more than just the icing on the cake! Of course it's her wonderful sexy prowess that impress's me most! Tosca thanks again for making sure I had an absolutely fantastic visit. Teddy Bear Dave.

 2771. Mar 21, 2009 ::: General Comment

Had a wonderful time with Tawnie, sexy and passionate. I think its safe to say I found the girl of my dream.

 2770. Mar 19, 2009 ::: General Comment

The Den is superb. A very classy place with an excellent atmosphere and elegant touch.

 2769. Mar 16, 2009 ::: General Comment

I was very impressed with the level of service, from your phone staff, to my date with Annabelle. She was a sweetheart. Thanks. S.T.

 2768. Mar 16, 2009 ::: Compliment

DALLAS- You and I met one evening last week and I just can't get that night out of my head. You totally rocked my world, and I want to let you know that every second in your company was a little piece of heaven. Thank you. For you other guys reading this, Dallas is a VERY beautiful woman with a lovely smile and this, like, indescribable brand of cuteness. I couldn't believe my luck when I first saw her. She literally took my breath away. Dallas is also sexy. Her clothes were sexy. Her body is athletic and slender, with lovely firm boobs, a very pert bum and super-shapely legs. Even her feet were remarkable. I could just gobble this lovely lady up! But most of all I just loved spending time with her. She puts you at ease and is a great conversationalist. I don't know when I'll get back to Vancouver, but when I do a meeting with Dallas will be at the top of my list! She is AWESOME!!!

 2767. Mar 14, 2009 ::: Compliment

WOW Saw Starr tonight. She's a total 10 plus in every department. If I die during the night I will have lived a dream. Starr, you are fantastic. Please visit more often cause if I don't die tonight I'd like to try again. Bill

 2766. Mar 14, 2009 ::: General Comment

Tosca was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! She has a wonderful personality and a great attitude! I LOVED the time I spent with her. Not only was she great in bed she was also a down to earth and pleasant person to spend time with. She made me feel really special. Thanks Tosca! Dave.

 2765. Mar 13, 2009 ::: Testimonial

Paige made my birthday and mini-vacation to Vancouver a memorable and extraordinary experience! It was one I'll never forget!! Thanks Paige!!!

 2764. Mar 11, 2009 ::: Compliment

Always had a good time with all the lovely Italian sexy girls at the Den. Can't wait to see Cece, as per pictures are amazing.

 2763. Mar 10, 2009 ::: Compliment

I have to say that Sasha is the best! she treated me with respect and kindness. She is a great asset to your company! doug from surrey

 2762. Mar 10, 2009 ::: General Comment

please enter me to win.

 2761. Mar 9, 2009 ::: General Comment

Can't wait to get in.

 2760. Mar 8, 2009 ::: General Comment

Let me assure any gentleman that is thinking about visiting the den but can't believe that the photos are real and the girls are that beautiful. Of course every girl looks her best for a camera but the photos are real and untouched. The girls are that gorgeous.I have been through the loyalty program 3 times, that is over 30 visits. The den is absolute nirvana to me. Doug from Toronto

 2759. Mar 7, 2009 ::: General Comment

Breanna is smoking hot! Can't believe I was lucky enough to spend time with such a beautiful woman.

 2758. Mar 5, 2009 ::: General Comment

I was hesitated to call due to the fact I wasn't sure if those were real photos of Shayla but they definitely are. Her photos don't do her justice. Beautiful all around.

 2757. Mar 2, 2009 ::: General Comment

Good service, Enya.

 2756. Mar 1, 2009 ::: General Comment

Look who's back! The wonderful Zahara! After a short Hiatus she's decided to continue as a Fox.Lucky us guys! If you haven't had the pleasure you are in for a treat especially if you are a "chest" man!One of the best in the Den. Ken

 2755. Feb 26, 2009 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den is beautifully designed but the centerpiece would be the lovely foxes in lingerie.

 2754. Feb 25, 2009 ::: General Comment

Lily fox is unbelievable, sexy, very beautiful, sweet, interesting, "talented" professional, willing to please. Be very nice to her, it pays off. My new favourite fox. Ontario Fan

 2753. Feb 23, 2009 ::: General Comment

Great website! Nice pics from all the ladies!

 2752. Feb 21, 2009 ::: General Comment

Working with the den has been an amazing experience its professional, classy and fun and so many great men cant wait to come back to work! Tori Fox

 2751. Feb 20, 2009 ::: Testimonial

Even though it's been well over a year since I saw her, ROCHELLE is still one the most gorgeous creatures I have ever met in my life. She is simply amazing!!!

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 Mar 10, 2009 @ 4:00pm PST.

$100 dollar gift certificate awarded to comment #2741.

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 2750. Feb 19, 2009 ::: General Comment

Great Web Site & Information. I think Carman is a very good business-woman & I would love to have her job for a day!

 2749. Feb 18, 2009 ::: General Comment

Met with Shayla Fox, and she looked like she just walked off a magazine cover - wow...smoking hot is an understatement & she is really nice to speak with as well - needless to say, or time together was amazing & I will soon return for more - thanks Shayla, you are a true Goddess!

 2748. Feb 18, 2009 ::: General Comment

I love your services - use you guys weekly, have seen many Escorts in my life, and quite honestly, the Foxes are by far the best pack of girls I've ever encountered - Jerry Shore from T.O.

 2747. Feb 17, 2009 ::: General Comment

Is Malena back yet? I would love to see her again. Still dreaming about her.

 2746. Feb 14, 2009 ::: General Comment

All foxes look amazing. I'll be visiting Vancouver next week and will call. Hope Talisa will be available.

 2745. Feb 12, 2009 ::: General Comment

The Fox Hunt is awesome, All the Girls, the receptionists are truly awesome

 2744. Feb 11, 2009 ::: General Comment

Just entering to win

 2743. Feb 9, 2009 ::: General Comment

By far, one of the best agency, from top to bottom, very professional

 2742. Feb 7, 2009 ::: Compliment

Angelina is even more gorgeous than her pics portray and her personality is equally attractive. Can't wait to see her again! David

 2741. Feb 5, 2009 ::: General Comment

Saw Madison at the Fox Den and had a memorable time. Great recommendation by your phone staff. Foo

 2740. Feb 5, 2009 ::: Testimonial

I just saw Angelina last night. What a smoking body -wow! She also provides incredible service.. Definitely an hour well spent!

 2739. Feb 4, 2009 ::: General Comment

Is malena coming back?

 2738. Feb 3, 2009 ::: General Comment

I called up last week not knowing who would be my best option. Talked over my likes, dislikes and desires with Ruby on the phone and what a great help she was. We decided on Ursula and I had an awesome time. Thanks Ruby and Ursula.

 2737. Feb 3, 2009 ::: Compliment

Hi there, just wanted to say that Rochelle was such a nice, sweet and hip girl to be with and also warm and gentle for a first timer like myself. We laughed and joked around, she's so down to earth. From the guy with the Australian accent! xoxo

 2736. Feb 2, 2009 ::: Compliment

Great service, great looking woman! I will definitely be coming back!!

 2735. Feb 1, 2009 ::: General Comment

Want to thank Angel for a wonderful birthday experience last Monday. I have never enjoyed an hour more and I look forward to repeating it the next time I am in Vancouver. Keep up the good work.

 2734. Feb 1, 2009 ::: General Comment

Sheri - thanks for your great service and Fox Hunt recommendations! Vancouver was awesome (and rainy) - the foxes made me scream! I love you Ursula. JJ from Toronto.

 2733. Jan 31, 2009 ::: General Comment

I always hear so many good things about this place from other girls. I love your pink web-site! Bye, Jillxoxoxo

 2732. Jan 31, 2009 ::: Compliment

Like the looks of Honey Fox! And many others. First time on your site. I've used your service 3x now, and have been happy each time. When in Rome...

 2731. Jan 31, 2009 ::: General Comment

This has gotta be the hottest collection of girls I've ever seen on the net and these are girls I can actually have? Fox hunting sounds fun. This may call for a trip to Vancouver soon!

 2730. Jan 30, 2009 ::: Compliment

Bella Fox "Like a Dream come true" - Carman, you are correct; Bella was my dream come true!!! Thanks Bella, and Fox Den ladies. George.G

 2729. Jan 30, 2009 ::: General Comment

Had the best time ever this weekend at the fox den - what a place - the foxes are very sexy - see you next time.

 2728. Jan 30, 2009 ::: Compliment

Love your web site, and profession services you offer. I've heard much about the Foxes. Stan from L.B.C

 2727. Jan 29, 2009 ::: Compliment

Cece new pics are absolutely beautiful and sexy. Can't wait to see her in person.

 2726. Jan 29, 2009 ::: General Comment

Was in visiting another fox at the den, and saw Lily Fox in the hallway. I can't wait to get an appointment with her, as she looked even better in person. Sexy, Classy and Beautiful.

 2725. Jan 28, 2009 ::: Compliment

I just wanted to comment about the great time I had with Talisa this evening (Tuesday the 27th). That girl is quite the firecracker. Personality, attitude, looks and service. She has it all. She should be the Fave Fox every year until she quits the biz and then you should retire that trophy.

 2724. Jan 28, 2009 ::: General Comment

Wow!!!! Valerie Fox was beautiful, fun and very sexy. I can't wait to come back for a visit. She is 5'9" of dynamite. Thanks for a great time. DT

 2723. Jan 27, 2009 ::: General Comment

Hot sexy girls and great service

 2722. Jan 26, 2009 ::: Compliment

Went to the Fox Den once. Wonderful time. Can't wait to come again.

 2721. Jan 25, 2009 ::: General Comment

I was thinking about the women from the fox den and how amazing they all are.

 2720. Jan 25, 2009 ::: General Comment

Nola Fox is just beautiful. And a wonderful person. Very special. Brian

 2719. Jan 24, 2009 ::: General Comment

Tawnie came out to see me. She is awesome, seeing her tonight because I am going home and will be awhile till I visit again, can't get enough of her. What a FOX!

 2718. Jan 24, 2009 ::: Compliment

I had a wonderful time with Malena Fox on her last visit to Calgary. I only hope she will visit again soon.

 2717. Jan 23, 2009 ::: Compliment

Well I took a surprise trip to Van and really wanted to see Emily again but she wasn't there =( I did get a chance to visit with Shayla for an hour.What a wickedly spent hour. Time goes by too fast when your with women like these. I did get to spend more time with Cora which was beautiful and would love to spend more time with her. PJ

 2716. Jan 21, 2009 ::: Compliment

Left Cleopatra a smoking hot review at TER, as a way of thanking her for a steaming great time at the fox den. I will return for sure. Doc

 2715. Jan 20, 2009 ::: General Comment

I love this place! Angelina looks pretty fine in these pics...does anyone have any feedback on her? Thanks.

 2714. Jan 16, 2009 ::: General Comment

I saw Angelina at the Fox Den yesterday and was amazed of her beauty, charm and touch. Can't wait to see her again soon.

 2713. Jan 15, 2009 ::: General Comment

Wow! This is for Ursula. It says on the website she's 40 but she looks way younger. Younger guys out there trust me, this one is worth it. The feelings I got were unexplainable. She's worth it. Good job Ursula. Good job Carmen for hiring true class. kangaroo man

 2712. Jan 11, 2009 ::: General Comment

Great girls, great service.

 2711. Jan 8, 2009 ::: General Comment

Hey all at Carman fox. The girl are delicious and the rest of the company seem down to earth and professional. Congrats, can not wait to visit one day soon. R

 2710. Jan 7, 2009 ::: General Comment

I hope I win the gift certificate. Nice website by the way.

 2709. Jan 4, 2009 ::: General Comment

I haven't use your service before but would like to soon

 2708. Jan 2, 2009 ::: Compliment

Talisa deserves the "Hat Trick"as the best Fox in the Den. She's an amazingly sweet & sexy lady who loves being a Fox-the Top Fox!No disrespect to all the other great ladies in the Den. I had the pleasure of closing out 2008 with Talisa-how lucky could I get! Ken

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