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:: Feedback Archive 2015 ::

4174. Dec 25, 2015 ::: General Comment

After all these years, you are still the MOST GRAND company, with the best website & hottest ladies (hands down), in north America, if not the world. -Happy hunting ladies. Love, Joe

4173. Dec 24, 2015 ::: General Comment

Merry Christmas to all the beautiful Foxes and CF staff. Will

4172. Dec 22, 2015 ::: Compliment

Angel, I love you.

4171. Dec 20, 2015 ::: General Comment

Isabel has one amazing hot body. I'm still dreaming of her. JJofLA

4170. Dec 17, 2015 ::: General Comment

Angel, you are amazing. An incredible night with sexy you. Cheers from Europe.

4169. Dec 14, 2015 ::: General Comment

I have to say "wow!" to Giselle Fox. She is extremely beautiful. She is very sweet,and made me feel like a man. I was blown away by her beauty. This is truly a high end escort company. I would have never be able to speak to a woman like her out in the real world. Thank you Giselle.

4168. Dec 14, 2015 ::: General Comment

Saw Indy a few days ago because the office really talks her up. 100% agree with them. She holds a conversation and isn't shy where it counts.

4167. Dec 10, 2015 ::: General Comment

The fox hunts never disappoint. Keep it up.

4166. Dec 9, 2015 ::: Testimonial

Wow, I love Gisele. She's curvy and has a beautiful face. Amazing personality and made me laugh.

4165. Dec 6, 2015 ::: Testimonial

I saw Erica a few days ago. She took my breath away. Another excellent recommendation from Belle. Thanks, I can't wait to come again.

4164. Dec 2, 2015 ::: General Comment

Haven't been to the FD in a while. Would love to come back to treat myself.

4163. Nov 30, 2015 ::: Testimonial

Just a quick compliment to Angel, such a sweet, fun, beautiful woman. I had a very special time and look forward to my next meeting with sexy beautiful Angel. Love for you to visit me. Cheers, Italian from Chicago

4162. Nov 27, 2015 ::: General Comment

Love the Peek-a-Boo pictures of Babette

4161. Nov 25, 2015 ::: General Comment

Really glad to see the influx of new and visiting Foxes.

4160. Nov 21, 2015 ::: General Comment

Had an awesome time with Fawn at the Fox Den! She was everything I could have asked for. M

4159. Nov 15, 2015 ::: General Comment

I would like to see names on the "meet the foxes" screens. It's too easy to lose your way. Also would like some search criteria for ethnic group, age, and measurements.

4158. Nov 15, 2015 ::: General Comment

I'm saving up for my ultimate dream session. A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead at the same time.

4157. Nov 14, 2015 ::: General Comment

I saw Misa and Lila and they were the best two escorts I've seen to date! Thanks for the great time!

4156. Nov 10, 2015 ::: General Comment

Can't go wrong with CFE. Enjoy all my hunts to date. Keep it up.

4155. Nov 8, 2015 ::: Compliment

I had a splendid session with River. I hope she returns.

4154. Oct 30, 2015 ::: Suggestion

Definitely a classy establishment. As a busy professional, I would love it if you could book a day or so in advance.

4153. Oct 29, 2015 ::: General Comment

Please let Georgie know that I had an incredible and fantastic time with her. She was a doll. Thanks.

4152. Oct 26, 2015 ::: Compliment

I had previously sent an e-mail to Carman, but wanted to make sure that the message got through. While I was on vacation last week, I met with Rachael, Isabel, Sienna, Jenny, Meghan, Eve, and Lincoln. They were all very nice, polite, interesting, and professional. I not only had a lot of fun, but learned bits of wisdom from each of them. Please pass on my appreciation. V

4151. Oct 23, 2015 ::: Compliment

I just want to thank Belle for getting Taylor and I together. WOW, what a lovely lady with a workout body and would love to go around the world with her :)

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4150. Oct 19, 2015 ::: General Comment

Hello, a special thank you to a sexy, charming, beautiful and very talented Angel Fox. It was a fantastic meeting. Still thinking of you and a truly incredible evening, Producer

4149. Oct 16, 2015 ::: General Comment

I've been away from the Fox Den for a couple of years but am looking forward to making a return to see Lara and Sienna. Thanks.

4148. Oct 15, 2015 ::: General Comment

Angel, I love you.

4147. Oct 13, 2015 ::: General Comment

The best agency and service in town.

4146. Oct 8, 2015 ::: General Comment

Misa Fox is one of those lovely foxes that proves that Carman Fox can be trusted with quality authentic foxes.

4145. Oct 3, 2015 ::: Compliment

Yes, I too miss Harley. She was absolutely incredible! I wish her well in the future and if she is ever back, sign me up!

4144. Oct 2, 2015 ::: Compliment

I love Carman Fox! Hope I win.

4143. Sep 29, 2015 ::: General Comment

Angel, you are a beautiful classy woman with a sexy hot body. Still dreaming about you! Looking forward to seeing you again and again! The Producer

4142. Sep 28, 2015 ::: General Comment

I've been a long time FR member and have seen many beautiful Foxes over the many years. I've always leave happy with a big smile and can't recommend another agency in town.

4141. Sep 25, 2015 ::: Compliment

Visiting the Fox Den was on my "to do" list and I'm so glad I did. Awesome experience and fantastic fun time.

4140. Sep 23, 2015 ::: General Comment

Angel Fox, requesting the pleasure of your company but always so busy. I will try again next week when I'm visiting from sunny Cali.

4139. Sep 20, 2015 ::: General Comment

I miss Harley. She was a true gem! Any chance she will be back? Any Foxes close to her looks and personality type?

4138. Sep 18, 2015 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den is an amazing place. The Foxes are beautiful and always professional. The phone staff and front desk receptionists are always polite, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend Carman Fox and visiting the Fox Den. Always a pleasure.

4137. Sep 17, 2015 ::: Compliment

Lila definitely belongs among the top 3 Foxes at the Den.

4136. Sep 15, 2015 ::: Compliment

Harley Fox is one the most sensual, sexy foxes around! She will make you feel like a King :)

4135. Sep 11, 2015 ::: General Comment

I think that Carman Fox have created a wonderful and joyful environment, which is full of joy, love, and respect. I've had three wonderful experiences and will definitely come back.

4134. Sep 11, 2015 ::: Testimonial

I love you Angel.

4133. Sep 10, 2015 ::: Compliment

Sylvie, my darling, it was a pleasure to see you. What a dame, a sweetheart in every sense.

4132. Sep 10, 2015 ::: General Comment

It was a pleasure meeting Angel Fox. She was beautiful and classy. Had a spectacular evening. Warmest regards, Switzerland

4131. Sep 8, 2015 ::: Compliment

My visit #70 was with Jenny. She is incredible. True professional. Knows all the right moves.

4130. Sep 7, 2015 ::: General Comment

I had an amazing time with Tulip. She was amazing. I had the best day of my life! Thanks.

4129. Sep 6, 2015 ::: Compliment

Angel, thinking of your tight sexy curves, loving every inch of your body and can't wait to see you again, you sexy beautiful California blonde. Houston, Texas

4128. Sep 4, 2015 ::: Compliment

Angel, your body is beautiful and you're such a cool, fun loving Californian blonde. The best time with you and look forward to our next meeting. Cheers Tony

4127. Sep 2, 2015 ::: General Comment

I had a splendid and fantastic time with Lacey. Would love to see her again.

4126. Aug 30, 2015 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox has the best service in Vancouver! I would definitely recommend it to my friends...

4125. Aug 29, 2015 ::: Testimonial

I am the luckiest man in the world to have spent such a truly unique and beautiful evening with the charming and stunning, Angel Fox. A night I will cherish. Cheers, Roberto.

4124. Aug 27, 2015 ::: General Comment

When is Danielle coming back?

4123. Aug 26, 2015 ::: Compliment

Bliss Fox. The hottest fox period, with an exclamation point. Damn!

4122. Aug 24, 2015 ::: General Comment

Where is Danielle? I have seen her a few tines when she was here and want to know when she will be back.

4121. Aug 23, 2015 ::: Compliment

What a sweet & heart warming message from Harley. I've never got the chance to meet you but tried many times. Just didn't work out but I must say I have just heard good things about you & your brilliant service. What a gorgeous dame with a beautiful & stunning heart. Cheers Harley & wish you all the best with everything. xoxoxo

4120. Aug 21, 2015 ::: General Comment

Any upcoming tours, especially to Calgary or Edmonton?

4119. Aug 19, 2015 ::: Compliment

Every time I visit The Fox Den, the experience gets better and better. Thanks for an amazing time. The quality of the foxes are outstanding.

4118. Aug 16, 2015 ::: General Comment

I really enjoy my time with Lara. She was personable and I had a really hard time keeping my eyes away. A work of beauty.

4117. Aug 15, 2015 ::: Suggestion

Larger fluffier towels would be good.

4116. Aug 12, 2015 ::: General Comment

Angel, your breasts are perfect. You are a beautiful woman and fabulous company. Thank you Carman!

4115. Aug 11, 2015 ::: General Comment

Fantastic unforgettable third time experience.

4114. Aug 10, 2015 ::: General Comment

I had a fabulous time with the beautiful and sexy Isabel. Treasured our every moment together.

4113. Aug 6, 2015 ::: Compliment

I visited Sienna the other day, and she has that good head on her shoulders. Definitely will be repeating.

4112. Aug 3, 2015 ::: Testimonial

Wanted to say goodbye and thank you to all. It is with great happiness to announce that I am moving on to the next chapter in my life. It was a pleasure getting to know everyone. What an experience. Much love to all of the smart, brave and beautiful women at the Den. Best wishes xx Harley Fox.

4111. Aug 3, 2015 ::: General Comment

I love Carman Fox!

4110. Aug 2, 2015 ::: Compliment

Sensuous, sexy, sensual Simone. Thanks a lot for the session. Can't get enough of you my little Rockstar.

4109. Aug 1, 2015 ::: Compliment

Tulip is unbelievable.

4108. Jul 28, 2015 ::: Compliment

Fawn Fox was amazing. Sweet, sensual, & fun.

4107. Jul 27, 2015 ::: Compliment

Tulip, you are a beautiful girl. Gorgeous, sexy, stunning but oh so naughty! You made my day. Thanks.

4106. Jul 25, 2015 ::: Compliment

Thanks a lot Lila for another rocking & sensuous session. She is a truly adorable damsel xoxoxoxoxo.

4105. Jul 21, 2015 ::: General Comment

WOW, had an amazing time with Harley for the second time. She is so sweet and a very kind person. Hope to see you again really soon. **@hotmail

4104. Jul 19, 2015 ::: Compliment

Wanna give a shout out for my personal favourite fox, Tulip. She's the full package and totally fun! Love ya girl! So many amazing, smart, beautiful women at the Den. Love Harley Fox.

4103. Jul 19, 2015 ::: Compliment

Saw Avery on Friday. Sweet girl and a real doll. True professional. Very well done. Definite repeat.

4102. Jul 18, 2015 ::: General Comment

Thinking about trying this out, and this seems like a very classy place.

4101. Jul 15, 2015 ::: Compliment

Tatum Darlin, you were quite fabulous during our session. A marvellous damsel. ta.

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4100. Jul 14, 2015 ::: Compliment

Originally wasn't looking for Tulip, but was absolutely blown away by the level of service and class. This first timer from the States will be returning!

4099. Jul 14, 2015 ::: General Comment

Harley is more than any man could ask for.

4098. Jul 11, 2015 ::: Compliment

I had a wonderful time with Lara. So sweet and very pretty. Can't wait to come back and see her again!

4097. Jul 10, 2015 ::: General Comment

I love this place! Everything about it is excellent! I won't bring my business anywhere else!

4096. Jul 10, 2015 ::: Suggestion

Washroom facilities in the rooms.

4095. Jul 8, 2015 ::: Compliment

I couldn't believe it when I saw Danielle's name on the schedule the other day. I made a special trip in just for her!

4094. Jul 6, 2015 ::: General Comment

I'm back in Vancouver after 9 months and I can't wait to come fox hunting. I had 2 beautiful experiences with Carman's foxes last year. Congratulations Carman.

4093. Jul 3, 2015 ::: General Comment

The Carman Fox Experience is amazing. Had a splendid time and will return soon. Thank you.

4092. Jul 2, 2015 ::: Compliment

Sylvie is just lovely.

4091. Jun 30, 2015 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox never disappoints. Always a happy return client. Keep it up.

4090. Jun 27, 2015 ::: Compliment

Thank you Angel, for an incredible evening. You are a true goddess. Beautiful and classy and lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing you again and again. Tony, Vegas

4089. Jun 25, 2015 ::: General Comment

Always had a great time at the Den. Can't wait to see Megan or Alexis. Their pictures both look great!

4088. Jun 24, 2015 ::: Compliment

Lila Fox, my oh my, what a broad she is. Absolutely sublime, thanks babe.

4087. Jun 23, 2015 ::: Compliment

Thank you Belle for helping me decide who to see from the many Foxes available.

4086. Jun 22, 2015 ::: General Comment

I've never been with an escort before. Would like to try.

4085. Jun 21, 2015 ::: Testimonial

I saw Taylor not long ago and I can't get her out of my head! Fantastic experience. The only service I will use.

4084. Jun 20, 2015 ::: General Comment

Harley has been my certified 20 out of 10 fox; absolutely positively amazing connection and time spent with her.

4083. Jun 17, 2015 ::: Compliment

Had a wonderful visit with Tatum.

4082. Jun 17, 2015 ::: Compliment

Bliss darling, thanks a million for the smashing afternoon. You were truly sensational. TA

4081. Jun 17, 2015 ::: Compliment

WOW, Harley is probably one of the best at the Fox Den. She is beautiful, fun, smart, delicious and sexy all in one fabulous package. Will be back for sure to see you again. B

4080. Jun 16, 2015 ::: Compliment

I just have to say how stunning Danielle Fox is. I walked past her room yesterday and had to introduce myself. Can't wait to go back and see her.

4079. Jun 15, 2015 ::: General Comment

Taylor is unreal! I couldn't get enough of her. I can't wait to see her again!

4078. Jun 15, 2015 ::: Compliment

The only thing better than Danielle's beauty is her intelligence. What an amazing girl. Good job finding this one Carman!

4077. Jun 13, 2015 ::: Compliment

Wonderful photos of Hailey posing with a classic 1950s bicycle. True pretty "Girl Next Door" style photography.

4076. Jun 11, 2015 ::: General Comment

Angel, your breasts are perfect.

4075. Jun 11, 2015 ::: Testimonial

Angel, you are one classy beautiful charming woman. Wonderful fun time with you. It's refreshing to see a woman who is beautiful and makes you feel so relaxed and no attitude. Incredible evening. Thank you. Tennis pro

4074. Jun 10, 2015 ::: Compliment

Danielle is drop dead gorgeous!

4073. Jun 8, 2015 ::: Compliment

I will miss Bunny. Best fox ever.

4072. Jun 6, 2015 ::: Compliment

Been to the Den a few times. Can't wait to go back, hopefully next week!

4071. Jun 5, 2015 ::: General Comment

Keep trying to book with Miss Danielle but there is never any room. Hopefully I will get to see her before she leaves.

4070. Jun 4, 2015 ::: Compliment

Visited recently for first time. It was an unbelievable experience. Can hardly wait to return,

4069. Jun 3, 2015 ::: Testimonial

Another happy and fabulous time at Carman Fox with the lovely Misa and Megan, this week. Each one of them is beautiful and unique in their own special ways.

4068. Jun 3, 2015 ::: Compliment

All I can say is wow! Danielle is the fox for me. Can't wait to come back and see her again! Good job Carman.

4067. Jun 1, 2015 ::: Testimonial

Danielle Fox is pure beauty! Best Fox at the Den hands down!

4066. May 30, 2015 ::: General Comment

Please pass this message to Ryan. A true beauty inside out. I had an unbelievable time and hope to reacquaint soon.

4065. May 28, 2015 ::: Compliment

Danielle's photos don't do her justice! She's a real stunner. If you want a beautiful Cali girl, she's it!

4064. May 27, 2015 ::: General Comment

Once you have Carman Fox, you don't go back to other agencies.

4063. May 24, 2015 ::: Compliment

Danielle Fox is beautiful. Love her California tan too!

4062. May 22, 2015 ::: General Comment

Danielle is the perfect fox! Beautiful from her head to her toes! Would definitely recommend seeing her before she leaves.

4061. May 22, 2015 ::: General Comment

Lila, love your fun friendly personality and wholesome innocent appearance, which has an incredibly naughty nature buried within. Thank you so much for the truly amazing time.

4060. May 18, 2015 ::: Compliment

Yummy, you're delicious and yummy. Thanks a lot for the blissful afternoon. See you soon Darl.

4059. May 16, 2015 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox is one of my favourite and highly recommended agency. Period.

4058. May 12, 2015 ::: General Comment

Visited the Den three times and can't wait for my fourth. A guaranteed great time with a hot babe. You can't go wrong. Kinda like going to the ice cream parlour on a hot summer day - only better!

4057. May 11, 2015 ::: Suggestion

Service is great except your plumbing.

4056. May 9, 2015 ::: General Comment

Alexis is out of this world gorgeous. Just unbelievable.

4055. May 6, 2015 ::: Compliment

An incredible time with Angel. Beautiful fun loving and a perfect ten. Thank you Angel!

4054. May 4, 2015 ::: Suggestion

Meet the Foxes page shows a tremendous variety of girls but not reflecting the schedule. Maybe clean up the page.

4053. Apr 30, 2015 ::: General Comment

A truly amazing time with Angel. You are stunning and a perfect body. I cherish the moments with you and can't wait to meet you again when I next fly to Canada. Cheers, Switzerland

4052. Apr 28, 2015 ::: General Comment

We are a couple that use your service frequently. We booked an encounter last Saturday eve and the girl was pretty and very friendly.

4051. Apr 25, 2015 ::: General Comment

Always a happy, satisfied hunter after each and every appointment.

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4050. Apr 23, 2015 ::: Compliment

I was lucky to see Nola twice! I have found something within your gaze, that more than moves me in so many ways. Something behind those brown eye, that's more then just blows me away. Just beautiful and so nice and easy to be with. Hugs and kisses to my little princess.

4049. Apr 23, 2015 ::: Compliment

What is better than a rose on a piano? A Tulip on an organ.

4048. Apr 22, 2015 ::: Compliment

Belle, you have an absolutely amazing personality and I can count on your kind consultation when I book a session. You are a special person. Tony

4047. Apr 19, 2015 ::: Testimonial

My favourite Fox is Ms.Tulip, aka Ms.Black Orchid (the most beautiful flower in the world and the National flower of the Country of Belize),is not only the Crown Jewel of the Den but has now been voted the favourite Fox in the Den for 2014. An amazing lady in so many ways. A gorgeous, highly intelligent, best dressed woman with a fabulous personality to boot! I've run out of superlatives but trust me she is for real! K.

4046. Apr 17, 2015 ::: Compliment

Thanks a ton for the lovely evening, hot tattoo gal Lainey.

4045. Apr 16, 2015 ::: General Comment

I enjoy the ease of booking and discretion provided at the Fox Den. Keep up the great work.

4044. Apr 13, 2015 ::: Compliment

Hey my cutiepie Simone, thanks for another lovely afternoon. You are a total babe & a sweetheart.

4043. Apr 10, 2015 ::: Compliment

Tulip, my African Rose, thanks a ton for the wonderful afternoon.

4042. Apr 9, 2015 ::: General Comment

OMG Simone is such a tiny little package of pure dynamite. Best Fox ever and I've seen a lot of them over the years. Nobody could ever come away disappointed if they spent time with her.

4041. Apr 8, 2015 ::: Compliment

I saw Alexis last week for the first time. Sure glad I went with the recommendation. She exceeds 10's just like the photos mention. Can't wait to see her soon.

4040. Apr 8, 2015 ::: Compliment

I finally got my schedule to line up with Jenny's last week. Wow she is great and exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the wonderful time.

4039. Apr 7, 2015 ::: General Comment

Taylor, thanks for meeting my requests. I had an excellent time.

4038. Apr 4, 2015 ::: General Comment

Greetings Carmen Fox & Friends. Just wanted to compliment those many lovely foxes on their pictorials. Very well done! So unfortunate however about placing stars and sun bursts on those finer details. Seems some in Canada just have not got a great appreciation for female beauty! Hope you all have a happy & wonderful Easter weekend. Cheers! Brian

4037. Apr 3, 2015 ::: General Comment

Spring time is when the willows are in full bloom in the countryside. And at Carman Fox!

4036. Apr 2, 2015 ::: Compliment

Just providing a woman with everything she needs, like giving her a shoulder to cry on and a friend to rely on, and being there when she needs you is inevitable in a relationship. But in order to carry things forward with energy and positively, you need to add more value. The best way to do this is compliment her spontaneously for her efforts in trying to look and be her best. This will, indeed, drive her crazy and immediately give you brownie points! It is important to weigh your words according to the compliments and express them with the best suited vocabulary. Be careful as you are dealing with a tender heart!

4035. Mar 31, 2015 ::: Compliment

To my little dynamite Simone, thanks for the sensational & smashing afternoon. xoxo

4034. Mar 28, 2015 ::: Compliment

I finally saw Jenny last night. Very beautiful, bubbly and energetic. A true professional. Will see her again soon.

4033. Mar 25, 2015 ::: Suggestion

I hope Elisha and Teagan return.

4032. Mar 24, 2015 ::: Compliment

Thinking of you sexy Angel and your tight curves, amazing. The tennis pro

4031. Mar 20, 2015 ::: Testimonial

I hesitated many times about calling but so glad I finally did. Booking at the Fox Den (beautifully decor) was easy. Thank you for recommending Alexis. I had a fantastic time. I will definitely be returning.

4030. Mar 16, 2015 ::: Compliment

Met Misa Fox today. The whole experience was truly splendid, brilliant & superb. Thanks a million once again my sensual Japanese Doll.

4029. Mar 15, 2015 ::: Suggestion

Sorry to miss Misa since I was not in Vancouver during her current visit. Hopefully she will return in the not too distant future. Dougray

4028. Mar 13, 2015 ::: Testimonial

I chose Taylor based on the pictures on the site and she exceeded my expectations in person. Carman Fox is the only service I will use.

4027. Mar 9, 2015 ::: Compliment

Bunny Fox is by far the best and my top new favourite. I can't wait to see her again.

4026. Mar 6, 2015 ::: General Comment

Other establishments should follow the Carman Fox's company handbook for professionalism and good business practice. Been a loyal client for many years now.

4025. Mar 5, 2015 ::: General Comment

I love your website. So many attractive women at Carman Fox. Yours truly LMF.

4024. Mar 2, 2015 ::: General Comment

Marvelous time with beautiful Elana! Thank you.

4023. Feb 27, 2015 ::: Compliment

Carman Fox and the Fox Den are the best! None of the other establishments can compare to them!

4022. Feb 25, 2015 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den is an amazing place. Beautifully decor. Great lighting and atmosphere. Jessie

4021. Feb 22, 2015 ::: General Comment

Sexy Angel, I keep requesting you but you are always so busy. Requesting a Whistler weekend with you. The tennis pro.

4020. Feb 20, 2015 ::: Compliment

First time at the Fox Den and I saw Samantha. WOW! she exceeded my expectations. I'll be booking another appointment soon.

4019. Feb 17, 2015 ::: General Comment

Angel, love your outstanding body. You were a lot of fun. Frank

4018. Feb 15, 2015 ::: Compliment

Spent an hour today Feb 15 with Claire. Wonderful young lady who made me feel comfortable. Great sense of humour, intelligent, professional and of course extremely fit. I am not a frequent flyer at the Den but i have seen at least 10 girls numerous over a period of 12 years. Clair is in my opinion well worth a return visit. Wonderful experience. Thank you Claire.

4017. Feb 14, 2015 ::: General Comment

Thank you Angel. Beautiful face and body. Quite honestly, Angel you are a true fun loving Californian blonde. One outstanding evening and look forward to my next visit with you. Cheers, LA

4016. Feb 12, 2015 ::: General Comment

Angel, love you beautiful...

4015. Feb 11, 2015 ::: Compliment

Please pass this on to the lovely and foxy, Megan. I had a terrific time with her, each and every moment. One of my favourite. Will definitely see her again.

4014. Feb 8, 2015 ::: General Comment

Where is Gia Fox? What a delight she was.

4013. Feb 7, 2015 ::: General Comment

Always a pleasure and joy to visit the Fox Den. Always leave as a happy client. Always beyond satisfactory. Thank you.

4012. Feb 4, 2015 ::: Compliment

Had the pleasure to see Jessie and Hailey together. An excellent experience. Thanks ladies.

4011. Feb 3, 2015 ::: Compliment

First time visiting last Friday and had the pleasure of meeting Julia. She was beautiful and very easy to talk to. Looking forward to coming back.

4010. Jan 29, 2015 ::: General Comment

My first appointment with Carman Fox was an overall excellent experience: friendly, professional, discreet, comfortable, fun. Thank you. Jim

4009. Jan 26, 2015 ::: Compliment

Angel, love your breasts and behind. Heavenly.

4008. Jan 25, 2015 ::: Compliment

Saw Kaya last night and she was excellent. Smart, beautiful and a real pleasure to be with. Highly recommend her.

4007. Jan 22, 2015 ::: Compliment

What a pleasure Aurora is. A sweet gorgeous girl who knows how to take the stresses of the day away. If you're visiting the den, Aurora should be your first stop.

4006. Jan 20, 2015 ::: General Comment

Fabulous time. The Fox Den had a great atmosphere. Will be visiting again the next time I am in town.

4005. Jan 17, 2015 ::: General Comment

Love Fawn's photos. She is my dream girl come true. Great to see more new hired Foxes.

4004. Jan 14, 2015 ::: Compliment

Thank you Carman. Your comments about Sofia being the perfect Fox in every possible way were "right on". I had a fabulous visit with that gorgeous young lady. K

4003. Jan 13, 2015 ::: Compliment

Angel, you are a dream angel. Amazing time with you. Beautiful face and beautiful tight body. Thank you.

4002. Jan 12, 2015 ::: General Comment

I had a super terrific appointment with Misa. Too bad she is only here visiting. Hope she returns soon. TT.

4001. Jan 9, 2015 ::: Testimonial

I live in the U.S. but had the most wonderful visits with Paige last month in December. And I can attest from visits in 2007 that the Fox Den is heavenly. Keep up the great work. Brava, ladies!

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4000. Jan 7, 2015 ::: Suggestion

Any plans on expanding the company east, particularly in Montreal?

3999. Jan 4, 2015 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox never disappoints. Keep up the great work.

3998. Jan 3, 2015 ::: Compliment

This feedback is for the sexy and stunning Alexis. You are absolutely mesmerizing. Your personality is beautiful. Our time was magical and unforgettable.

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