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:: Feedback Archive 2011 ::

 3439. Dec 31, 2011 ::: Compliment

Candice is amazing. What a beautiful Fox!

 3438. Dec 30, 2011 ::: General Comment

Candice is exceptional. What a Fox!

 3437. Dec 29, 2011 ::: Compliment

Misa is an Asian goddess. I can't wait to party with her.

 3436. Dec 28, 2011 ::: General Comment

Sativa is one sleek Fox. A latina goddess

 3435. Dec 27, 2011 ::: General Comment

Nalia is really hot!

 3434. Dec 26, 2011 ::: General Comment

Merry Christmas to all the sexy Foxes!

 3433. Dec 26, 2011 ::: General Comment

Misa is adorable. Great butt.

 3432. Dec 25, 2011 ::: General Comment

Website looks amazing. I'll see you soon!

 3431. Dec 25, 2011 ::: Compliment

Daniella is gorgeous. Hottest Fox on the website.

 3430. Dec 24, 2011 ::: Compliment

Lexy Fox's pictures are ridiculously hot. I mean words can't even begin to describe! So much so I think it's time to "un-retire" and get back to the Den ASAP!

 3429. Dec 24, 2011 ::: Compliment

I'm amazed at the beauty of each and every Fox. What a wonderful service!

 3428. Dec 23, 2011 ::: General Comment

Awesome website with beautiful babes! Can't wait to visit the Den.

 3427. Dec 23, 2011 ::: General Comment

Just saw Emma. Had a great time. Wonderful girl.

 3426. Dec 23, 2011 ::: Compliment

Jubilee is a south pacific angel.

 3425. Dec 22, 2011 ::: General Comment

Recently I booked with Armani at the Den for two hours, stayed for three. Armani is beautiful, sexy and cute. A rare and impressive combination. So impressive I expected to find a birth mark saying 'custom made by...' I'm sure it's there. But what triumphs her physical beauty is her personality. The facilities were impeccable as was the staff. Rangi.

 3424. Dec 21, 2011 ::: Compliment

The most beautiful fox is Daniella.

 3423. Dec 21, 2011 ::: Compliment

Jubilee is south pacific paradise. What a Fox!

 3422. Dec 20, 2011 ::: Compliment

What a wonderful group of beautiful sexy women. I will visit ASAP.

 3421. Dec 19, 2011 ::: Testimonial

Had the best gf visit from Misa, of the many foxes I've seen. Hope you talk her into coming back soon. dougray

 3420. Dec 19, 2011 ::: Compliment

Daniella is the foxiest Fox. Beautiful beyond belief!

 3419. Dec 18, 2011 ::: General Comment

Misa is so fine. I'm in the mood for a beautiful Asian babe.

 3418. Dec 17, 2011 ::: Suggestion

I can't find the "search by Fox type" function on your site. It's a very valuable search tool, I suggest u make it easier to find, perhaps even have it on every page!

 3417. Dec 15, 2011 ::: General Comment

I go to almost every day and I hunt Foxes frequently, I may have a slight addiction!

 3416. Dec 14, 2011 ::: Compliment

Daniella is incredibly gorgeous. She brightens all of BC with her beauty.

 3415. Dec 14, 2011 ::: Compliment

Saw Salma again at the Fox Den, that girl blows me away!

 3414. Dec 14, 2011 ::: Compliment

The most beautiful Fox is Daniella. Wow!

 3413. Dec 13, 2011 ::: General Comment

Daniella is the most beautiful woman! See you in March.

 3412. Dec 13, 2011 ::: General Comment

Where is Vienna Fox disapeared to?

 3411. Dec 12, 2011 ::: General Comment

To hunt or not to hunt? That is the question. Duh! Hunt for sure!

 3410. Dec 12, 2011 ::: General Comment

Daniella is a goddness. I can't wait to see her at the Fox Den.

 3409. Dec 12, 2011 ::: Compliment

Monroe is one tasty Danish, so sweet.

 3408. Dec 11, 2011 ::: General Comment

AJ is fantastic! One of the sweetest and most down to earth girls you'll ever meet in and outside of Fox

 3407. Dec 11, 2011 ::: Compliment

Daniella is gorgeous. What an incredible babe!

 3406. Dec 11, 2011 ::: Compliment

My best session happened here. Waiting to travel back to the Fox den. Bebe, Lacey & many more...

 3405. Dec 10, 2011 ::: General Comment

Jacqueline is a hot babe. I love French Canadians.

 3404. Dec 10, 2011 ::: General Comment

Daniella is incredibly beautiful. I look forward to seeing her soon.

 3403. Dec 9, 2011 ::: General Comment

Cold winter nights? Carman and her sexy Foxes have a sure fire cure! I love Fox hunting!

 3402. Dec 9, 2011 ::: Compliment

Hi my name is Tristan from Calary and I was at the fox den to see Gisele. What can I say about her - a very true and well matured girl. Hope that I could find a life partner like her. If not her, surely hope to see her soon.

 3401. Dec 9, 2011 ::: Compliment

Trixie is stacked and that's a fact, built like a Amazon. Wow!

 Dec 6, 2011 @ 3:00pm PST.

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 3400. Dec 8, 2011 ::: General Comment

Oooh! Foxy lady!

 3399. Dec 8, 2011 ::: Compliment

Shayla is gorgeous. Awesome fox!

 3398. Dec 7, 2011 ::: General Comment

What a treat to meet Pippa yesterday. Beautiful, warm and engaging. Softest skin ever. Thank you.

 3397. Dec 7, 2011 ::: General Comment

Sativa is the best looking fox ever. What a great body!

 3396. Dec 6, 2011 ::: Compliment

Carman Fox is the best agency in Vancouver. No one does it better.

 3395. Dec 6, 2011 ::: Compliment

Sativa is incredibly fine. Carman Fox rocks!

 3394. Dec 5, 2011 ::: Suggestion

Will you be running another food bank promotion this year like you did in 2009? I thought it was a wonderfully generous thing to promote.

 3393. Dec 3, 2011 ::: Compliment

I had a great time with Celeste. Such a beautiful lady with a warm smile and heart. The hot part was the body and experience. Looking forward to seeing her again

 3392. Dec 2, 2011 ::: Compliment

Daniella is gorgeous.

 3391. Dec 1, 2011 ::: General Comment

Monday afternoon I was bored at home and decided to visit the Fox Den for a boredom breaker and wow was it ever. I saw Callie. She's not only smoking hot with a body to kill for. She's also super funny adorable and great at what she does. Never repeated with a fox before but I will be with this one.

 3390. Nov 30, 2011 ::: General Comment


 3389. Nov 30, 2011 ::: Compliment

Monroe is a tasty sweet Danish.

 3388. Nov 29, 2011 ::: General Comment

Has any one seen Azaria? Would like to see her.

 3387. Nov 29, 2011 ::: Compliment

Daniella is the most gorgeous babe on the planet!

 3386. Nov 28, 2011 ::: Compliment

So glad Caille Fox is back! The most awesome fox of all.

 3385. Nov 27, 2011 ::: General Comment

Grey Cup! Celebrating with a sexy Fox would be fun! Go Lions Go!

 3384. Nov 26, 2011 ::: General Comment

Daniella fox you are worth every penny looking forward to be seeing you again soon -A3

 3383. Nov 26, 2011 ::: General Comment

Daniella is perfect. Thank God for women such as this.

 3382. Nov 25, 2011 ::: General Comment

Why go south on Black Friday. Carman and her foxes are here!

 3381. Nov 25, 2011 ::: General Comment

Oxanna is a doll. I'm coming to Vancouver just to see her.

 3380. Nov 24, 2011 ::: Sugguestion

What happen to the categories? Carman, you should consider opening up a franchise here in Calgary.

 3379. Nov 23, 2011 ::: General Comment

WOW - love the site! Best escort site I've ever seen and best photos too!

 3378. Nov 21, 2011 ::: Testimonial

Great selection of girls and quality time arrangements.

 3377. Nov 20, 2011 ::: Testimonial

This is the best agency in Vancouver, and Burnaby. There is no other like it really.

 3376. Nov 18, 2011 ::: General Comment

Thank you, Lindsay for recommending Nalia. She was very friendly, sensual, and knows how to please a man.

 3375. Nov 17, 2011 ::: General Comment

Fox on the brain... Should I see a doctor or a Fox in a sexy nurse outfit?

 3374. Nov 17, 2011 ::: Compliment

I have been to the den over 30 times and Callie is one of the best ever. Beautiful and very smart. A true professional. Extremely talented. I will see her again.

 3373. Nov 16, 2011 ::: General Comment

All of the Foxes look so elegant. I look forward to my own hunting experience.

 3372. Nov 15, 2011 ::: Compliment

Salma, thanks for coming on this 1 hour adventure with me, I truly enjoyed myself.

 3371. Nov 13, 2011 ::: General Comment

Great site. I look forward to a foxy experience soon.

 3370. Nov 12, 2011 ::: General Comment

This company is the best in Canada. 125 Foxes and all of them professional. Being a very serious company got it where it is today. Keep up the good work!

 3369. Nov 12, 2011 ::: General Comment

I had a great time with Tara. She is a great girl.

 3368. Nov 11, 2011 ::: Compliment

Chanelle is amazing. She is truly gorgeous.

 3367. Nov 11, 2011 ::: Testimonial

Saw Tawnie fox, she is a real sweetheart, easy to talk to, fun friendly, and amazing breasts.

 3366. Nov 11, 2011 ::: General Comment

Beautiful girls, Persia Fox is the one for me.

 3365. Nov 10, 2011 ::: General Comment

I have travelled the world but Rio is a hidden gem. This lady is amazing. It was like died and went to heaven. What an angel. You have not lived until you have spent an evening with this beauty.

 3364. Nov 10, 2011 ::: General Comment

Carman's curvaceous cuties constantly cause sweet cravings!

 3363. Nov 9, 2011 ::: Compliment

I have traveled the world and have never seen such perfect breasts. Angel Fox you are true perfection. Thank you Angel for a truly mesmerizing evening. Frank from Los Angeles

 3362. Nov 9, 2011 ::: General Comment

I can't wait until my visit to Vancouver on march 2012. I'm planning to see a Fox everyday.

 3361. Nov 8, 2011 ::: Compliment

Where do I begin with Miss AJ Fox?! She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and has the the best smile and most stunning green eyes

 3360. Nov 5, 2011 ::: General Comment

Great website. Very interested in calling for an appointment soon.

 3359. Nov 4, 2011 ::: General Comment

Your agency provided excellent services

 3358. Nov 3, 2011 ::: Compliment

Ava, you are so beautiful I could not take my eyes off you during our whole time together. You are sweet, kind, considerate and VERY SEXY. Too all the guys out there - if you don't spend some time with Ava you are truly missing out on something very special.

 3357. Nov 2, 2011 ::: Compliment

Jessie Jessie Jessie. Your pics are so sexy I can't wait to see you in person!

 3356. Nov 1, 2011 ::: General Comment

Tawnie fox is the bomb.

 3355. Oct 28, 2011 ::: General Comment

Please send some Foxes to Calgary soon!

 3354. Oct 27, 2011 ::: General Comment

Foxes frequently fulfill fantastic fantasies

 3353. Oct 25, 2011 ::: General Comment

To my dear Angelina, I still can't get you out of my mind. Sexy and beautiful from top to bottom. Breathless and sleepless.

 3352. Oct 22, 2011 ::: General Comment

By far the best agency. I've been a loyal client since 2005 and will continue to be.

 3351. Oct 20, 2011 ::: General Comment

So many sexy new Foxes, how can I possibly choose?

 Oct 21, 2011 @ 3:00pm PST.

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 3350. Oct 19, 2011 ::: General Comment

A shout out for Haylee! You're lovely!

 3349. Oct 17, 2011 ::: General Comment

I had the most amazing time with Kassie and Kylie last night! They should come with a warning that they are habit forming! Can't wait till next time.

 3348. Oct 14, 2011 ::: Compliment

Daisy, thank you for the wonderful session. Wow. I'm speechless.

 3347. Oct 12, 2011 ::: General Comment

Spent an hour with Paris yesterday and had a great time. She was smart, beautiful and extremely talented. Don't skip on her the next time you book a fox. Whistler cutie.

 3346. Oct 11, 2011 ::: General Comment

Just went to the den and all I can say was wow. Great time and awesome girls there inside and out. You will not be disappointed.

 3345. Oct 9, 2011 ::: Compliment

Your phone foxes are awesome. Booking through Belle may not quite be the highlight of my day but it's definitely a close second!

 3344. Oct 8, 2011 ::: Compliment

Thank you so much to Bianca and Callie for absolutely blowing my mind! I don't have the words to express how fantastic these two women are! I had so much fun I couldn't sleep all night and will have to think up another reason to "celebrate" again soon!

 3343. Oct 7, 2011 ::: Testimonial

Angel Fox you have the most perfect breasts. Admirer from Texas

 3342. Oct 6, 2011 ::: General Comment

Great girls!!!

 3341. Oct 5, 2011 ::: Suggestion

You should bring back the feature that sorts foxes by type, ie. blonde, busty etc.

 3340. Oct 5, 2011 ::: Compliment

Saw Samantha last night. On a scale of 1 to 10 she is a 12. Incredible flawless body. The most beautiful smile that will melt you. Supremely talented. Very smart with a wonderful personality. Will definitely see her again. A true star.

 3339. Oct 4, 2011 ::: General Comment

So many sexy Foxes, so little time!

 3338. Oct 3, 2011 ::: Compliment

I had an absolutely amazing time with Shanie recently. Can't wait until she visits again!

 3337. Oct 3, 2011 ::: General Comment

Azaria fox is a true natural beauty! I had an amazing time!

 3336. Oct 2, 2011 ::: General Comment

Beautiful foxes

 3335. Oct 2, 2011 ::: General Comment

OXANNA babygirl, you're the hotest girl. She's out of this world. I'm from a latin background, and when I saw her 2 days ago, I was totally shook by her beauty. Hands up to Carman, that girl is a keeper. Amazing body, amazing sense of humour, and smart, WOW

 3334. Sep 31, 2011 ::: General Comment

Any travel plans to the Edmonton / Calgary area soon?

 3333. Sep 30, 2011 ::: General Comment

I will be coming to Vancouver soon and I would love to meet one of your foxes. Joe

 3332. Sep 29, 2011 ::: Compliment

Had a chance to see the lovely Oxanna again while she was visiting. Hope she returns soon.

 3331. Sep 26, 2011 ::: General Comment

Awesome service! I miss being able to search foxes by physical attributes. Any way this could be brought back and combined with the name search?

 3330. Sep 25, 2011 ::: Compliment

Just can't chanelle out of my mind!

 3329. Sep 23, 2011 ::: Compliment

Just seen chanelle at the den. Belle recommended her. May I say WOW! 10 out of 10 service and is a beauty queen. Highly reccomneded.

 3328. Sep 22, 2011 ::: General Comment

Every session never a dull or disappointed moment. Keep up the great work Carman & company.

 3327. Sep 19, 2011 ::: Testimonial

Been into the Den a few times now. See a new girl each time. I had a visit with Star! So much fun. Easy to talk to and SMOKIN HOT! Magic with her hands. I will be back to see you again soon.

 3326. Sep 18, 2011 ::: Compliment

Victoria rocked my world! Can't wait till she visits again!

 3325. Sep 16, 2011 ::: Compliment

I've seen several girls from the agency. All the foxes have been great! However, Zoe blew my mind. That girl next door look drove me wild! She is the type of girl you'd see at a bar and couldn't wait to get her home, AND wouldn't mind brining her to meet the parents for Sunday dinner! Great find!

 3324. Sep 16, 2011 ::: General Comment

Tawnie, Tawnie, Tawnie can't get you out of my mind, love your new photos! You look better as you age girl. Bobby from Arizona

 3323. Sep 15, 2011 ::: General Comment

Best in Canada hands down. I moved to Toronto, and while the prices are much less out here, I miss my Foxes and the quality of service your company has to offer. You must put them through an extensive training program. Whatever it is you do, keep on doing it! This hound misses the Foxes!

 3322. Sep 15, 2011 ::: General Comment

Just spent 2 hours with Adrianna Fox and had the time of my life! What a wonderful woman. She knows how to make a man feel like a king! Thanks for yet another grand Fox Hunt - I love using your service. - Stan the Man (loyal John since 2006)

 3321. Sep 14, 2011 ::: General Comment

What an amazing website! I've never seen an Escort site with so much work put in and quality information. And, the FOXES, I never say OMG, but OMG! Happy Hunting, J.V

 3320. Sep 13, 2011 ::: General Comment

Chanelle fox a truly gorgeous and stunning woman. knows how to please and pamper a man. Chanelle is not only intelligent but amazing eye candy as well. she provides service like no other. TOP FOX= CHANELLE FOX! california guy

 3319. Sep 11, 2011 ::: General Comment

I've notice it's been a while since any of your foxes came back to Calgary. Saw Callie, Kiana, and Disco in the past. Please sent them back soon!

 3318. Sep 10, 2011 ::: Suggestion

I miss the feature where the foxes could be sorted by body type, hair colour, ethnicity etc. Got "Asian Fever"

 3317. Sep 7, 2011 ::: Compliment

Chanelle rocked my world. Down to earth gorgeous woman. She's got beauty and brains. Just a real pleasure to be with. Can't wait for another encounter with the beauty. Xoxo New York

 3316. Sep 7, 2011 ::: Compliment

Nalia is Amazing! So friendly, outgoing, fun and breath taking. If you're thinking about it, DO IT!

 3315. Sep 4, 2011 ::: General Comment

Paris absolutely blew my mind!

 3314. Sep 2, 2011 ::: General Comment

Dear Nalia Thank you very much for your company and non-rushed service today; I hope it was as exquisite for you as it was for me. I look forward to indulging in your heavenly pleasure again soon. The Professor

 3313. Sep 2, 2011 ::: Testimonial

Met with Goldie this week and she is STUNNING! Looks like a supermodel, and is really fun and sweet. I will be back!

 3312. Sep 1, 2011 ::: Compliment

I am officially addicted!

 3311. Aug 31, 2011 ::: General Comment

Is Nadia still available? She used to work here a few years back.

 3310. Aug 30, 2011 ::: Compliment

From all the girls I've seen, MILA has the best face out of all of them. She is so classy , sexy and sweet. To die for !

 3309. Aug 29, 2011 ::: Testimonial

Carman, your agency is one of the best out there in terms of service, professionalism, selection of beautiful women, and friendly staff. Will continue to be a long time loyal client. Jess

 3308. Aug 27, 2011 ::: General Comment

I had a great time with Hope. She has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, and long silky legs to die for. Amazing.

 3307. Aug 26, 2011 ::: Compliment

Simply the best service! I cannot wait to go back to see the gorgeous foxes at the den!

 3306. Aug 25, 2011 ::: General Comment

The greatest by far!

 3305. Aug 22, 2011 ::: General Comment

Was in last week and was lucky enough to meet Oxanna. I had a great time. She was lovely, super sexy. Would love to see her again.

 3304. Aug 21, 2011 ::: General Comment

I was recently in Vancouver for 2 weeks and was fortunate enough to be able to visit the den many times. I must say I had excellent visits with Nalia, Lolita, Yummi, Armani, as well as Kalaya, Anna and Jaycee. Every single girl was above expectations in beauty, service attitude and classiness. I have seen Kalaya before and I told her that she is probably the most beautiful woman I have ever "visited" in my life. She is also fun. I "connected" with Anna who is a real sweetheart. I just love her but it was Jaycee who totally enchanted me in every way. She is petite but she is gorgeous and very sexy. She was very friendly and very open minded. Hard for me to leave Vancouver after meeting Jaycee. Carman, I live in Toronto 4X the size of Vancouver but we have nothing like the den that puts so many stunning beauties all under one roof. Doug (union guy)- Toronto

 3303. Aug 19, 2011 ::: Compliment

Joelle is absolutely amazing! She's the total package. Great personality, great body, and great attitude. I'm looking forward to seeing her again! -Justin

 3302. Aug 18, 2011 ::: General Comment

Great Web site and great group of ladies. Soon to visit Vancouver and I will call the second I arrive! Garry

 3301. Aug 17, 2011 ::: General Comment

Dear Ladies, I've been a client for over 6 years now, and I've traveled the world, used so many escorts, so many escort services (2,000+) and hands down you have the best the most beautiful and most personable ladies I have ever encountered. I believe in your statement that you "have the best of the best" and I admire the fine business (Fox Hunt) you have created. I've hunted down at least 100 Foxes and I can't wait to meet some of the new ladies you have recently hired. Sincerely, Robert (aka The Greek Guy)

 Aug 10, 2011 @ 3:00pm PST.

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 3300. Aug 16, 2011 ::: General Comment

Had an unforgettable session with the new Fox, Daisy. She made it a night to definitely remember. Your phone staff was excellent as well.

 3299. Aug 15, 2011 ::: Suggestion

You used to have a feature on your site where you could filter the Foxes by hair colour, busty, height etc. I loved that feature but cannot find it on this site.

 3298. Aug 12, 2011 ::: General Comment

I like the selection, and quality of beautiful ladies your agency provides. The Den is a nicely furnished and decorated as well.

 3297. Aug 11, 2011 ::: General Comment

Love the way the website is set up. Can't wait to start hunting!

 3296. Aug 9, 2011 ::: General Comment

I have been to the Den 10 times and have been very satisfied with the wonderful ladies.

 3295. Aug 9, 2011 ::: Compliment

This was the best escort service I have ever been to

 3294. Aug 8, 2011 ::: Compliment

Angel Fox has the best breasts I have ever had the pleasure of seeing; they are perfect!!!! Very classy cool personality was in heaven all night! Thank you Angel Cheers, New York

 3293. Aug 7, 2011 ::: Compliment

Today is not as much fun as yesterday because I saw Haden at the Fox Den!

 3292. Aug 5, 2011 ::: General Comment

Had yet another sexy phone encounter will Belle the Phone Fox. She is a real treat, playful yet professional but I wonder what she looks like?

 3291. Aug 4, 2011 ::: General Comment

Hi there, I visited your location in Burnaby and it was first class! The lady who took care of me was absolutely stunning and had the personality to match!! I will be back. Cheers, AK

 3290. Aug 2, 2011 ::: General Comment

My vote for Chanelle.

 3289. Aug 1, 2011 ::: General Comment

Coming to Vancouver again soon, great to see so many great new Asians as I am an Asian fever guy but love the others as well. I'm probably in town for 2 weeks but with family obligations and biz, I probably only have time to see 4-5 girls and there are many X that I would just love to see as repeats or new girls. Carman you are the superstar of this biz. We have many beautiful girls in Toronto but no agency like this that takes all the hunting nonsense out of it and delivers consistent excellent service. My best to Trish and the other ladies who go above and beyond to match us with appropriate girls. Love to you all see you soon. Union guy Toronto

 3288. Jul 29, 2011 ::: Compliment

Looks like Carman has been busy. Loads of hot looking new foxes to choose from!

 3287. Jul 28, 2011 ::: Compliment

Carman got best quality girls in town!!!

 3286. Jul 26, 2011 ::: General Comment

I believe every city needs a fox den. I've moved from Vancouver to Calgary and I fill some thing is missing here especially when I went back to Vancouver for a vacation and of course visited fox den. I had an unforgettable time with Amorette which I still savoring it. Khal

 3285. Jul 24, 2011 ::: General Comment

Angel Fox is the perfect woman! The most Beautiful breasts! Angel thank you for taking me to heaven!

 3284. Jul 22, 2011 ::: General Comment

Best Fox by far, AJ. To die for, so hot and AMAZING!

 3283. Jul 21, 2011 ::: General Comment

Mila is absolutely amazing, her face is just stunning ( full lips , nice big eyes) , she is the best out of all the 10+ girls I have seen. She knows exactly what shes doing and unlike the other girls I saw, she doesn't want to rush it and get you outa there. She actually provides amazing service.

 3282. Jul 20, 2011 ::: Compliment

Lacey you leave me speechless! What can I say, sweet, sexy, stunning! You are one of a kind. RA

 3281. Jul 19, 2011 ::: General Comment

The whole package-beautiful body, face and mind. A perfect evening. Thank you Angel

 3280. Jul 19, 2011 ::: General Comment

Angel has the most perfect breasts! I have traveled the world but have never seen such perfection. Thank You, Roberto

 3279. Jul 16, 2011 ::: General Comment

Stunning girls. Im addicted

 3278. Jul 14, 2011 ::: Compliment

Almost at a loss for words! I met with Cherish Fox tonight and am absolutely blown away. I must admit her photo's on the site do NOT do her any justice, in person she is an image of perfection... Stunning body, beautiful face & the most charming smile. I would describe her as an exotic paradise. She definitely knows how to make you feel relaxed but yet very excited at the same time, a great skill if you ask me....Shes very good with her hands and gave me an incredible massage, seemed almost professional. I will definitely, 100% be back to visit Cherish. Thank you for a wonderful evening! Bobbi

 3277. Jul 13, 2011 ::: General Comment

I had a great day getting to know Lacey!

 3276. Jul 12, 2011 ::: Compliment

I can't wait to see AJ!

 3275. Jul 11, 2011 ::: General Comment

If this weather does not improve then I might just have to run down to the Den for a little pick me up. The fabulous Foxes always put a smile on my face!

 3274. Jul 9, 2011 ::: General Comment

Great website. Very informative and so many beautiful women. Wow!

 3273. Jul 7, 2011 ::: Suggestion

Wow Great new photos of Hayden, I will have to see her soon! I love the Fox Den!!

 3272. Jul 4, 2011 ::: General Comment

Happy 4th of July! Come up north, The Foxes will keep you warm!

 3271. Jul 2, 2011 ::: Testimonial

I just met Mila and had some much fun. She's the sweetest girl, so approachable, conversational, smart and energetic. I had the time of my life! Her curvy and natural shape delighted all my senses. I would definitely repeat this experience again.

 3270. Jul 1, 2011 ::: General Comment

Dear Foxes, I recently telephoned your office, not to book an escort, rather in regards to a business matter with your advertising department. I was so impressed by the level professionalism and friendliness of the person who answered the telephone, as I have been dealing with escort advertising for five years now, and have not spoken to a more friendly and helpful group of ladies. Keep up the great work. Warm regards, Amir, M.Mirror

 3269. Jul 1, 2011 ::: General Comment

Happy Canada Day all you sexy Foxes!! I love the banner on the first page with Bianca, makes me "stand at attention"!

 3268. Jun 30, 2011 ::: Compliment

Whoa, what a mind (and rocks) blowing experience I had today with an absolutely hot new Fox, Samantha. Thank you to all at the Fox Den for hosting, recruiting, developing, supporting and providing such a consistently wonderful experience. The Professor

 3267. Jun 29, 2011 ::: General Comment

It's almost Canada Day, I suggest celebrating by engaging in the time honored tradition of "Fox Hunting"!

 3266. Jun 28, 2011 ::: General Comment

CHANELLE! The best Fox!

 3265. Jun 26, 2011 ::: General Comment

I LOVE the Fox Den!

 3264. Jun 23, 2011 ::: Compliment

I came in for the first time yesterday (June 21, 2011). Decided to give myself a birthday present. A new experience. I made an appointment with Paris Fox. BEST PRESENT EVER!!! Although hesitant about the know thing at first. I will be coming back.

 3263. Jun 21, 2011 ::: General Comment

I would love to book an appointment with Breanna again. When is she available? I will never forget our time together.

 3262. Jun 19, 2011 ::: Compliment

GIA FOX! CLASSY KNOCK OUT! The reputation of Carman fox is built on the attitude of the escorts they hire and Gia Fox is OUTSTANDING! I have used other services several times, somehow or the other left with dissatisfaction. Until Gia, Gia was fun, energetic and the most pleasing personality, she kept me entertained the whole evening we were together, we engaged in interesting conversation and she was sensitive to my needs and behaved accordingly. Gia is highly professional in her manners at the same time, someone that is friendly whose company you would enjoy. she presets her self well, and dresses for the occasion, she met my requirements in many ways, I would love to take her out to parties or other public places when I am back in town. See you soon. Steven

 3261. Jun 18, 2011 ::: Suggestion

Is Carmen fox able to provide companionship dates outside the fox den for regular hunters? I would love if the foxes were able to accompany hunters on watching a movie, dinner, bowling, biking or just hanging out. This is an excellent service, and will continue use Carmen Fox.

 3260. Jun 16, 2011 ::: General Comment

Maybe there would have been less rioting last night if only everyone had a have gone to the Fox Den to relax!

 3259. Jun 15, 2011 ::: General Comment

Wow! You girls are so damn hot!

 3258. Jun 13, 2011 ::: General Comment

Hey guys, try a Fox. You'll be happy you did!

 3257. Jun 11, 2011 ::: Testimonial

WOW, just did a quick count, 10 foxes under my belt! Warning guys, trips to the fox Den can be habit forming! BTW, Gisele is the best!

 3256. Jun 10, 2011 ::: Suggestion

Please get Molly Fox back

 3255. Jun 9, 2011 ::: Compliment

I have visited several places like the Fox Den, but nothing else comes close. The service you get is top notch, right from the first phone call to the beauty who takes care of you.

 3254. Jun 8, 2011 ::: General Comment

I had a wonderful one hour session with the beautiful AJ. She is now one of my favourite.

 3253. Jun 7, 2011 ::: Compliment

AJ, you are wonderful and funny. I had a great time today! Thanks

 3252. Jun 5, 2011 ::: Compliment

Angel fox has the most perfect breasts! Still dreaming about them. Admirer from New York

 3251. Jun 3, 2011 ::: General Comment

I went to your website about 4 times today, Foxes should come with a disclaimer; warning, may become habit forming!

 [Comment Form Electronic Draw]
 Jul 8, 2011 @ 2:00pm PST.

$100 dollar gift certificate awarded to comment #3240.

A confirmation Email was sent successfully!

 3250. Jun 2, 2011 ::: Compliment

Gisele is my favourite Fox, and I have seen quite a few. She is truly a Bombshell!

 3249. Jun 1, 2011 ::: Compliment

Belle the phone Fox is fantastic and flirty on the phone! She recommended Gisele for me and her recommendation was spot on. She is always very friendly and professional, she deserves a raise!

 3248. Jun 1, 2011 ::: General Comment

Wow wow wow Giselle, you rocked my world this morning! Had a GREAT time!

 3247. Jun 1, 2011 ::: Testimonial

The Fox Den offers a top-of-the line experience from beginning to end. The location is classy, well designed and very well kept. It would be all for nothing if it wasn't for the Foxes. Every single experience at the Den has left me wanting to come for more, they know how to entertain and every minute makes for a new memory.

 3246. May 31, 2011 ::: General Comment

Chanelle is an authentic east Indian beauty. The best fox by far! Highly remmonded for a true exotic experience

 3245. May 31, 2011 ::: Compliment

Chanelle fox is to die for!

 3244. May 30, 2011 ::: Compliment

I am regular there Great service best in vancouver. You are only service I use. kam 5642

 3243. May 30, 2011 ::: General Comment

So glad to see you have totally rebuilt the Asian team with new girls + kept the super vets like Tawnie, Sexi, and the rest. I am going to go broke on these fabulous girls.

 3242. May 29, 2011 ::: General Comment

I notice many of your Foxes go away for a while and then come back. I miss the original Paulina Fox from 5 some years ago. Sure wish she would come back. Please bring more visiting Foxes. Hunter Code Name - BB BOB

 3241. May 28, 2011 ::: General Comment

Dear Fox Ladies, I've traveled the world, and have used escorts for over 35 years. I have yet to find a service that even comes close to compare by way of the beautiful ladies you offer, and also the level of professionalism you display. Thank you for your quality and reliable services. Forever a Fox fan, - Roberto

 3240. May 26, 2011 ::: Testimonial

AJ FOX. Amazing personality, killer smile, superb body! She is defiantly a TOP FOX - Happy Hunting everyone

 3239. May 25, 2011 ::: General Comment

It's great that Rochelle is back but when is she going to be on the schedule!

 3238. May 23, 2011 ::: Compliment

I always have a great time at the fox den! I have 8 foxes in seven visits, you do the math! Any way you add it up it equals a smile!!

 3237. May 22, 2011 ::: Compliment

Great new photos Zoe, I can't wait to see you in person!!

 3236. May 21, 2011 ::: General Comment

Great site! Tawnie Fox is hot!

 3235. May 20, 2011 ::: General Comment

I would say Angelina Fox is like a super model, but that would be a downgrading insult - she is simply WOW WOW WOW - a total loss for words - one of the most beautiful Foxes of all time!

 3234. May 20, 2011 ::: General Comment

Hello, This is a great website and I admire the design, including the Fox Hunt theme. Very original. Keep up the good work foxy ladies! Regards, Admiral Escorts, London U.K.

 3233. May 20, 2011 ::: General Comment

My 1st Fox Hunt was more fun than I expected and I will be back again soon. The Den receptionist was very helpful and professional, as was the phone operator. my time with Zoe Fox, needless to say was the best part!

 3232. May 19, 2011 ::: General Comment

This is the best escort service I have ever seen - great site - great girls - can't wait to visit van city. Arnold from T.O.

 3231. May 19, 2011 ::: Suggestion

Any Foxes coming to calgary?

 3230. May 18, 2011 ::: Compliment

Brooke, I had an amazing time with you Sunday night. It was my pleasure getting to know you and I hope to see you again.

 3229. May 17, 2011 ::: General Comment

Gia, Gia, Gia = Fun, Fun, Fun

 3228. May 17, 2011 ::: Compliment

I LOVE Foxes!!!

 3227. May 16, 2011 ::: General Comment

Being a surgeon we must have some intelligent but the best knowledge I have learned is my experience and on going time spent with Paige Fox. Her body in person is flawless, toned with the smallest waist and hard stomach you could imagine. I had no idea what perfection was till I had an experience with her. She is sweet and naturally makes you very at ease. She redefines the meaning of a princess. Amen

 3226. May 15, 2011 ::: Compliment

I saw Star and had a wonderful time! She has great hands and a rocking body. Highly recommended

 3225. May 13, 2011 ::: General Comment

I would love to make an appointment with Elisha Fox or Bridget Fox.

 3224. May 12, 2011 ::: General Comment

Fabulous agency. From the time of booking my appointment, to my time spend with the beautiful Disco, it was an all perfect evening. Thank you. I be using your service again soon.

 3223. May 9, 2011 ::: General Comment

I am a Carman Fox Super Fan!!!!

 3222. May 7, 2011 ::: General Comment

Saw Paris last night and what a body. Nice huge rack. Wow.

 3221. May 5, 2011 ::: General Comment

The Fox den is amazing, such an intimate and relaxing place, and everyone treats you first class.

 3220. May 2, 2011 ::: General Comment

If you are looking for a young lady without any kind of attitude, look for AJ

 3219. May 1, 2011 ::: Testimonial

OMG! Several days ago, I met Brooke. She is smart, fun, funny, sexy and very cool. She has the body of a rock star. She has an irresistible smile. My massage session was nothing less than amazing. I went back again, and again, and again, and again. I will return to see her during my next trip to Vancouver. Thank you Brooke! You are AWESOME! Great new pics.

 3218. Apr 29, 2011 ::: Compliment

I always have a superb experience at the den. From the friendly phone lady, to the courtesy receptionist and to the intimate setting, it makes the perfect experience to meet the beautiful foxes!

 3217. Apr 28, 2011 ::: General Comment

I see you added Facebook to your site. What you really need to do is create a Twitter Account. Possibly Tweet new Foxes, Visiting Foxes and other News.

 3216. Apr 26, 2011 ::: General Comment

Angel Fox, my dear, I was in heaven. Your beautiful face, laugh, and hot body made it a night to remember.

 3215. Apr 23, 2011 ::: General Comment

She puts you in a good mood, her body is so smooth, passionate and sexy, to Haylee.

 3214. Apr 21, 2011 ::: General Comment

I've been in the Fox Den several times and always has been a great experience

 3213. Apr 20, 2011 ::: Compliment

Angel Fox is the best, so classy and amazing she is the total package, had a great time with her, absolutely adorable Ciao Danilo

 3212. Apr 19, 2011 ::: General Comment

Daria Fox is back? Fantastic! She was my very first Fox and among the best ever. I'm in next visit. Union Guy Toronto.

 3211. Apr 18, 2011 ::: Compliment

Had my first Fox experience a few days ago and it was excellent in all aspects from the "phone fox" to the receptionist to the girl I visited (Bebe). She was an absolute knock out and great to spend time with. I really liked her little giggles. Keep up the great work Bebe, I will definitely be back at the Fox Den nest time I visit Vancouver!

 3210. Apr 17, 2011 ::: General Comment

Bailey, you are beauty personified. Looks, intelligence, humour. You couldn't have made my trip to Vancouver any more perfect. Boys, treat her right. She deserves it.

 3209. Apr 15, 2011 ::: General Comment

Happy to see Gisele is back with your company. She is one of the most beautiful Foxes I've ever seen.

 3208. Apr 14, 2011 ::: General Comment

Yes! Tawnie is back!

 3207. Apr 11, 2011 ::: General Comment

Your phone staff (Belle) was very committed and helpful in finding the right Fox for me. I had a wonderful time with Talisa at the Fox Den. Will be coming back soon.

 3206. Apr 9, 2011 ::: General Comment

Gia is hot. I like her and will definitely see her again.

 3205. Apr 6, 2011 ::: General Comment

Elisha fox is the hottest by far. Super hot and amazing body

 3204. Apr 4, 2011 ::: General Comment

The definition of a Good Day is arriving at the Den and being met by your Fox in a fishnet outfit covering (but not really) a sensational black woman's body who happens to be drop dead gorgeous! Such is the delectable Electra who brings new meaning to Foxamania! At 5 foot 8, 123 lbs and natural D's she is an incredible Fox and has an awesome personality to boot. Thanks Carman for your never ending supply of great pulchritude. K

 3203. Apr 3, 2011 ::: Compliment

Saw the new Queen of the Den, Electra again and OMG is she astonishing or what? Welcome back Electra. Its great to have you back. Sweet sexy and black! What better combo could you have? Please stay awhile this time. K

 3202. Apr 2, 2011 ::: Compliment

Absolutely great time with Angel.

 3201. Mar 29, 2011 ::: General Comment

Carman, your service levels are always above standards. I have been a loyal Fox Hunter ever since I used your service over 3 years ago.

 [Comment Form Electronic Draw]
 Mar 29, 2011 @ 3:00pm PST.

$100 dollar gift certificate awarded to comment #3170.

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 3200. Mar 27, 2011 ::: General Comment

Had a great time with Angelina on Thursday night. She has an amazing all natural hard body! Thanks!!

 3199. Mar 24, 2011 ::: Compliment

I must say, the photos' taken of Foxes at the Fox Den sure beat the studio ones. Not that there's anything wrong with Studio photos. Kudo's to the photographer at the Den!

 3198. Mar 23, 2011 ::: Testimonial

Had a GREAT time with Aspen, what a Fox! Very fun and playful.

 3197. Mar 21, 2011 ::: Compliment

Carman, how did you pull this one off? Electra is back after a prolonged hiatus. Hurrah, I'm in 7th heaven! She is a dark skinned beauty of incredible renown. I hope she stays for a long time because truly she brings such a great talent to the Den pool. Gorgeous,sexy, sweet, intelligent and the type you'd take home to Mum! Now if I can just fight off all those guys who will be lined up! Save one for me Electra! Your big time admirer. K

 3196. Mar 19, 2011 ::: General Comment

First visit to the Den and I can see what all the positive reviews have been for. I met with Rio, and I couldn't have asked for a better companion. She is a gem!

 3195. Mar 19, 2011 ::: General Comment

Hi Carman, I saw your billboard in town the other day, great move! As one of your first client, let me again say CONGRATULATIONS on your the sucess of Caman Fox & Friends. Trust me, Vancity will not be the same without the beautiful foxes. I had a pleausure of seeing Chanelle yesterday! Wow and wow. Where do you find your foxes. She is an amazing lady. I had a wonderful time. I was away for a while, and I was wondering if I had made it to VIP status yet! I know I saw several foxes in the past however I was not sure if I am close to the VIP status or if I get one since I am an old timer. Let me know Eddy

 3194. Mar 18, 2011 ::: Compliment

Chanelle! Wow. What a beaufitul personality you have! I have seen many foxes in my days, and you just represent one of the top best! Of course, kudo to Carman! Where do you find a rare gem like this.

 3193. Mar 17, 2011 ::: General Comment

Belle Fox is the best telephone Fox there is! There is a distinct difference when she is the one answering the phones, from her prompt replies to the playful tone in her voice she is a definite asset!

 3192. Mar 17, 2011 ::: Compliment

If there is anyone that I could give the highest level of appreciation for and compliment is with Paige fox. She speaks very highly of the agency, is branded as one of the best escorts. I can without a doubt agree. In person she is beyond visually pleasing, with the most petite hour glass figure, and breathtaking green seductive sexy eyes. Her service is to die for.

 3191. Mar 16, 2011 ::: General Comment

Time for my quarterly visit to Vancouver and I'll be speeding over to the Den to see my favourite Fox- Zahara. Zahara with due respect to all the other "lovelies" in the Den has it all-sexiness, beauty and a delight to be with. I notice that her pics have been updated and this gives you an even greater idea about what a great lady she is. Check it out!Tony from Toronto

 3190. Mar 15, 2011 ::: General Comment

The Fox den is amazing, such an intimate and relaxing place, and everyone treats you first class. I miss Tawnie, is she ever comming back?

 3189. Mar 12, 2011 ::: Compliment

First time using your service, I was simply amazed with my whole experience from my first phone call with Debbie to giving Dallas and Ella a good-bye hug at my Hotel. These two foxes were everything I ever dreamed about,can't wait to get back to Vancouver. Next time hope to visit the Den.

 3188. Mar 10, 2011 ::: General Comment

Tiffany, when will she return with that gorgeous face and brilliant smile? Of course lets not ignore the natural overflowing suplte DDs that she shakes so well.

 3187. Mar 9, 2011 ::: General Comment

Fellow hunters I must tell you! You have to see chanelle fox! She is a FOX!

 3186. Mar 9, 2011 ::: Compliment

Chanelle fox is a 10. Beauty brains personality. Did I mention beauty. East Indian goddess!

 3185. Mar 6, 2011 ::: Compliment

Justine, Thanks for showing me a GREAT time, you were a spark of light in an otherwise dull day! I will definitely be back to see you again! T

 3184. Mar 5, 2011 ::: General Comment

Looking for some fun. Came across your site. Looks like I will need to call.

 3183. Mar 3, 2011 ::: General Comment

Wow. I just saw Jubilee Fox and she is absolutely amazing. Stunning looks, the most piercing beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and the coolest girl I have had the privilege of meeting. I think I have found my new favorite. I am still on cloud 9, just had to get this off my chest. Thanks for everything Jubilee. You rock.

 3182. Feb 29, 2011 ::: General Comment

Great website. Informative and beautiful ladies.

 3181. Feb 27, 2011 ::: General Comment

Your phone reception, Bell is great and lovely. She's always friendly and helpful.

 3180. Feb 24, 2011 ::: General Comment

We need some Foxes here in Calgary. When's the next tour?

 3179. Feb 21, 2011 ::: General Comment

Vivienne was outstanding! She was so passionate and sensual but still aggressive and playful. She has a beautiful body with sexy alabaster skin and nice pink nipples (as her photos will attest) not to mention her fabulous legs or her pretty face. Not only is Vivienne very pleasurable to be with but she has an interesting personality as well as good sense of humour, and to top it all off she's also very sophisticated and charming. I have to say she's definitely an amazing woman who I will be coming back to see. teddy bear dave

 3178. Feb 19, 2011 ::: Compliment

Had a great time with Gia. A very sweet down to earth young Lady. She has true talent and brought out the best of me. Everything I could want from my session. Tiger Guy

 3177. Feb 16, 2011 ::: Compliment

I have used your agency several times now and have always been happy and satisfied with the service provided. Jimmy from Lan.

 3176. Feb 13, 2011 ::: General Comment

Angel Fox, What a body!!!!! Breasts from heaven! Look forward to our next rendezvous!

 3175. Feb 12, 2011 ::: Compliment

Angel, come and live in my playboy mansion. You're The Best. Roberto from LA

 3174. Feb 9, 2011 ::: General Comment

I know what I want for my upcoming birthday; a Fox!.

 3173. Feb 8, 2011 ::: General Comment

I don't think you ladies know how great you are. How you have given me the confidence to be the man I've always wanted to be! Thank you Foxes!

 3172. Feb 5, 2011 ::: General Comment

What happened to tawnie?

 3171. Feb 2, 2011 ::: General Comment

Would it be possible to bring back Best Fox of the year polling?

 3170. Jan 30, 2011 ::: Compliment

Elisha, my precious darling, how I wish to hold you forever in my arms.

 3169. Jan 29, 2011 ::: General Comment

I miss Tawnie, is she ever comming back

 3168. Jan 27, 2011 ::: General Comment

Chanelle knows how to rake care of a man highly recommended.

 3167. Jan 26, 2011 ::: Suggestion

Last comment was November 28!

 3166. Jan 24, 2011 ::: General Comment

I think the Fox name is the best in the business, best there ever was and best there ever will be! Jimmy

 3165. Jan 21, 2011 ::: General Comment

Ursula, would love to see you again.

 3164. Jan 20, 2011 ::: Compliment

Chanelle fox is the best fox I have ever seen. A true gem. She was amazing and is the most down to earth girl I have have ever met. I highly recommend her. Can't wait to see u again chanelle xoxo

 3163. Jan 18, 2011 ::: General Comment

Wow so many new Foxes lately. Ella and Hayden were wonderful. Who's next?

 3162. Jan 15, 2011 ::: General Comment

Please send some Foxes to Calgary soon. Had a great time with Dallas and Callie when they were here.

 3161. Jan 14, 2011 ::: General Comment

Molly is amazing. Pure Joy ultimate pleasure took my thoughts for the rest of the day. Can't work now.

 3160. Jan 11, 2011 ::: Compliment

Are you kidding me? Bebe? What a knock out!!! She is seriously a perfect 10 in every way! And totally fun to be with too...what a great girl!

 3159. Jan 9, 2011 ::: Testimonial

I had never used an escort service. When I called I was treated with kindness and help. My experience was completely professional and completely as promised and expedted. I also understand there are many tastes as to what is attractive, but Amorette is simply stunning, and should be your top request!

 3158. Jan 7, 2011 ::: Compliment

I like the site! Will definitely visit when in Vancouver.

 3157. Jan 6, 2011 ::: Compliment

Long time hunter, first time writer. Spent a great night with Vivienne last night. Sexy, engaging, charming. Just like ALL the Foxes. To those that think this place is to good to true ..... wrong, it does exist. This is a gentlemens dream guys, dig in. A

 3156. Jan 5, 2011 ::: Compliment

My last visit to Vancouver, from the cold winter of Montreal, I was lucky enough to get warmed up by the alluring Ursula, this most charming and graceful, unbelievably sweet woman, took such precious care of me. I had to spend another evening with her, great sensual personality and a never ending smile, will make my next plans to visit van city much more faster, thank you from Simon

 3155. Jan 5, 2011 ::: Compliment

Talisa was incredibly sweet and eager to please. Her breasts are beautiful, bountiful, and very real. She's an absolutely stunning woman in every way!

 3154. Jan 3, 2011 ::: General Comment

Nola was great fun. Great body

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