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:: Feedback Archive 2016 ::

4338. Dec 31, 2016 ::: Compliment

Happy New Year to everyone at THE DEN! And a BIG thank you to Belle! You are the BEST!

4337. Dec 31, 2016 ::: Compliment

Happy New Year to all the foxes! Thank you dear hot Claudia, had a memorable time at the den

4336. Dec 24, 2016 ::: Suggestion

You should hire Nicole and Daria from ... Ladies. I live in Metrotown and having them close by would be perfect for daily lunchtime duo sessions everyday. Being retired, this would keep me healthy for a long time!

4335. Dec 23, 2016 ::: General Comment

Merry Christmas to all the staff at the Den especially to Belle and the prettiest fox of all Heather. RB

4334. Dec 22, 2016 ::: General Comment

Happy holidays to the lovely Foxes. All the best in the New Years. Ace.

4333. Dec 19, 2016 ::: General Comment

Good to see the food and toy drive is back again.

4332. Dec 17, 2016 ::: Compliment

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor!!! The most delicious of all foxes. Best nooner in a very long time. xoxo

4331. Dec 16, 2016 ::: General Comment

To dear Isabel, what a rocking slender body and beautiful glowing smile you possess. Hard to deny the facts.

4330. Dec 12, 2016 ::: General Comment

Greatest place ever!

4329. Dec 11, 2016 ::: General Comment

Nice to see a tidal wave of new Foxes. Must schedule in some visits.

4328. Dec 7, 2016 ::: General Comment

Great to see Scarlett again. Unfortunately she's only here for a limited time.

4327. Nov 30, 2016 ::: General Comment

Angel is my favourite. Love her sexy beauty, beautiful breasts, the perfect woman, and thinking of you with admiration.

4326. Nov 27, 2016 ::: Compliment

I had wonderful Time with River, thanks a ton my hot model.

4325. Nov 26, 2016 ::: General Comment

Looking forward to meet Armani soon. It will be my first time at the Fox Den so this is very exciting.

4324. Nov 25, 2016 ::: Compliment

Fun times as always!

4323. Nov 22, 2016 ::: General Comment

As always, had a great time at the Den. Can't wait to visit again. Thank you js

4322. Nov 20, 2016 ::: Compliment

River my hottie, already missing you. Come back soon & wish you happy and safe travels.

4321. Nov 19, 2016 ::: General Comment

Heather, please come back. You are missed way too much. RB

4320. Nov 13, 2016 ::: General Comment

Ella is just wonderful! Beyond words!

4319. Nov 10, 2016 ::: Suggestion

Perhaps the girls in the call centre can let a Hunter know how many hunts he has accumulated every time a Loyalty member calls up to book another Fox Hunt.

4318. Nov 8, 2016 ::: General Comment

Taylor was magnificent, delightful & exquisite. A fine woman for a fine evening.

4317. Nov 5, 2016 ::: General Comment

I love your Skill Testing Question. 69 is my absolute favourite Lucky Number!

4316. Nov 4, 2016 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox is the premier Men's Relaxation Centre in the Lower Mainland. Why? Men such as myself enjoy Dining and Fox Girl CFE makes that a reality!

4315. Nov 1, 2016 ::: Compliment

I had a wonderful time with Joy!

4314. Oct 30, 2016 ::: Compliment

Savannah, my oh my, what a diva! A Fashionista, absolutely adored her company. Felt like I should have booked her for 5 hours. Can't wait to see you again.

4313. Oct 29, 2016 ::: General Comment

I had the pleasure of seeing Victoria. Splendid time! Enjoy every moment.

4312. Oct 24, 2016 ::: General Comment

After having sub-par experience with other agencies, my expectation coming into Carman Fox wasn't set too high but thankfully that all changed. Granted it was only three appointments, but they were all fantastic! A happy client.

4311. Oct 20, 2016 ::: General Comment

Thank you for all the good times RB. Miss you! xoxo

4310. Oct 16, 2016 ::: Compliment

Adelyn is a sweetheart. Please treat her well & with respect. Had a wonderful time with my diva.

4309. Oct 16, 2016 ::: Compliment

Simone, when will you come back? I miss you so much. Best Fox ever. Simone, you are the best ever, you were the best ever & you will be the best ever.

4308. Oct 16, 2016 ::: Compliment

Indy was a gem. I had such an awesome and amazing time with her. Hopefully she comes back.

4307. Oct 13, 2016 ::: Suggestion

Calgary visits anytime soon? Don't forget about us.

4306. Oct 9, 2016 ::: Compliment

Can't get enought of the lovely Tulip, no matter how many times I have seen her.

4305. Oct 4, 2016 ::: General Comment

I had a terrific time with the lovely Bunny. She's such a sweetheart. I hope she returns. T

4304. Oct 3, 2016 ::: General Comment

It was definitely happy hunting for me! All smiles!

4303. Sep 29, 2016 ::: General Comment

Your service was extremely pleasing. I was very happy with after effects of using your wonderful agency. My wife was also very happy. Thank you once again for opening the doors of ecstasy. Yours truly, Sir Robert Delphos.

4302. Sep 26, 2016 ::: General Comment

Grateful for Heather's express visit. Good luck, safe travels and don't forget about me. RB

4301. Sep 25, 2016 ::: Compliment

Big props for Belle, the receptionist, makes calling her a joy to talk and make appointments :)

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4300. Sep 24, 2016 ::: Compliment

Had a wonderful first Fox Den experience with Amber. Will definitely be back for more fox hunting!

4299. Sep 22, 2016 ::: General Comment

Angel, thinking of beautiful sexy you.

4298. Sep 18, 2016 ::: Suggestion

Please list more specific menus.

4297. Sep 17, 2016 ::: General Comment

Just keep up the great work at discovering new beauties.

4296. Sep 14, 2016 ::: Compliment

The Fox Den never ceases to amaze. Thanks for the wonderful time. J

4295. Sep 11, 2016 ::: Suggestion

Shower caps for the girls. Many girls don't want to partake in a shower so as to not get their hair wet. A shower with a pretty young lady is every mans fantasy.

4294. Sep 9, 2016 ::: Compliment

Earlier this evening, had a wonderful time with Christina. Wow, what a beautiful passionate young woman. I wish that hour could have lasted forever!

4293. Sep 7, 2016 ::: General Comment

My birthday is coming up next week. Hoping I can make my first visit and meeting at least one of the ladies would be a great birthday present to myself.

4292. Sep 5, 2016 ::: General Comment

This was my first time with your agency. Booking was easy enough and the appointment was on schedule. A memorable hour to say the least. I would definitely recommend and return.

4291. Aug 30, 2016 ::: General Comment

To the prettiest Fox of all (Heather). Thank you for every second. You are one in a million and will be dearly missed. RB

4290. Aug 29, 2016 ::: Compliment

All girls at the FD are wonderful but Tulip is beyond words!

4289. Aug 26, 2016 ::: Compliment

Nadia's wonderful!

4288. Aug 25, 2016 ::: Compliment

Farewell to my favourite Fox, Heather. You will be dearly missed. I will cherish our sessions forever. RB

4287. Aug 25, 2016 ::: General Comment

Looking forward to a visit :D

4286. Aug 23, 2016 ::: Compliment

Ava Simone was fantastic and would love to see her again. She loves what she does. Like to see her as a regular.

4285. Aug 22, 2016 ::: Compliment

Had a wonderful time with Bunny this evening. A lovely, friendly young lady who knows how to lift one's spirits!

4284. Aug 22, 2016 ::: General Comment

Wish I could get an appointment with the sexy beautiful Angel. Love your breasts and had an incredible evening with you the last time. tennis pro

4283. Aug 21, 2016 ::: General Comment

Saving my pennies for a visit. So many Foxes to choose from. That will be the hardest part!

4282. Aug 20, 2016 ::: General Comment

Pleasure to meet you Bentley, hope to see you back soon.

4281. Aug 18, 2016 ::: Compliment

Brittney is truly a hidden gem. Her pictures don't do her justice at all. Beautiful, super toned, lovely personality.

4280. Aug 14, 2016 ::: General Comment

Love your skill testing question! 69 is my absolute favourite number!

4279. Aug 11, 2016 ::: Compliment

Thinking of sexy Angel. Wish I could get an appointment. A beautiful, classy sweet woman and lots of fun. Texas

4278. Aug 07, 2016 ::: Compliment

Great service. Amazing ladies. Love it.

4277. Aug 06, 2016 ::: General Comment

It doesn't get any better than this!

4276. Aug 04, 2016 ::: General Comment

Great service & agency. Keep it up. Hope I win the upcoming draw.

4275. Jul 29, 2016 ::: General Comment

A big kiss and warm thank you to the lovely Heather. I had a terrific time and cannot wait until the next rendezvous.

4274. Jul 25, 2016 ::: Compliment

The pictures are so hot.

4273. Jul 22, 2016 ::: General Comment

Heard good reviews about Carman Fox so had my first appointment at the Fox Den this week. Exceptional time! Another good review added.

4272. Jul 20, 2016 ::: General Comment

Hi, just a quick note to say that Nola was simply delightful. Nice, positive personality, and very cute. Would definitely seek her out again next time I'm in Vancouver.

4271. Jul 17, 2016 ::: Compliment

Carman, you are simply the best. When are you selling shares to the Fox Den? Best regards, RB

4270. Jul 15, 2016 ::: Compliment

Dear Heather, many many thanks for the best session to date. Truly out of this world. Your loyal customer.

4269. Jul 14, 2016 ::: Compliment

Misa fox is the best ever experience. She exceeded all my expectations.

4268. Ju1 11 20, 2016 ::: General Comment

Really enjoy my appointment at the Fox Den. Hope I win the draw.

4267. Jul 10, 2016 ::: General Comment

The "go to" destination for fun!

4266. Jul 6, 2016 ::: General Comment

I had a splendid time with Misa today. She's a tiny package of beauty. No complain at all.

4265. Jul 5, 2016 ::: General Comment

Can't wait to visit

4264. Jul 2, 2016 ::: General Comment

Angel has beautiful breasts and was so much fun. Roberto

4263. Jun 29, 2016 ::: Compliment

Thanks a ton Grace, my beauty with the six pack for an amazing adventure.

4262. Jun 28, 2016 ::: General Comment

Had an awesome time with Lainey. I didn't want the session to end. Thanks Carman.

4261. Jun 24, 2016 ::: Testimonial

Dear Heather: Yet again, an absolutely ecstatic session. Can't wait for our next one! Warm regards, RB

4260. Jun 23, 2016 ::: Suggestion

Hi, your website has recently been displaying an Add This pop up, which prompts us to add Carman Fox to our social media. I don't believe this is a website that most people would want to keep or share on their social media. It would be much appreciated if you could remove this add on. Thanks.

4259. Jun 20, 2016 ::: General Comment

My expectations have always been exceeded at the den. I recently had the pleasure to see Taylor, what a great experience.

4258. Jun 18, 2016 ::: General Comment

Thanks for the session Poppy. Lovely personality, super toned body, enjoyed it greatly. Hope to see you soon. RB

4257. Jun 18, 2016 ::: Compliment

The place to go for fine dining!

4256. Jun 15, 2016 ::: Compliment

Great service. Glad to see more new hires.

4255. Jun 9, 2016 ::: General Comment

Saw Lara Fox recently. She was really cute and had a great time. Will definitely be repeating.

4254. Jun 6, 2016 ::: Suggestion

Some of Carman's receptionists are smoking hot. It would be great if they joined "the fun".

4253. Jun 5, 2016 ::: Compliment

Thanks for the lovely afternoon miss sensuous April & a big hug to phone fox Carolynn as well.

4252. Jun 3, 2016 ::: Compliment

Big shout out to Belle the lady with the sexiest voice and best customer service.

4251. Jun 2, 2016 ::: General Comment

Was my first visit to the Den or to see a girl in Canada. My friends brought me too this hidden gem there. I got to see long legged Misha on my business trip. Absolute stunning young lady. I will be back for you my misha, your Californiacation

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4250. Jun 2, 2016 ::: General Comment

I have had a wonderful time with these Foxes; Isabel, Natalia and Lila. Will come back again as soon as possible. Love the atmosphere and the set up.

4249. May 30, 2016 ::: Compliment

My visit #77 was with Adrianna. She is excellent. Very sweet bubbly lady. Highly recommended.

4248. May 30, 2016 ::: Suggestion

If there are food critics, I should be a fox critic. Obviously I would just say great things about the foxies, seeing that they are all amazing.

4247. May 29, 2016 ::: General Comment

Thank you Taylor for a terrific session. Great stress management released.

4246. May 25, 2016 ::: General Comment

Thinking of sexy Angel and her perfect beauty.

4245. May 23, 2016 ::: Testimonial

I must say seeing Grace Fox was a sight to behold. Beautiful, wonderful attitude and a great service!

4244. May 23, 2016 ::: General Comment

I called in to ask a few questions, as I have never used this service before. The woman on the phone was very helpful and friendly. Made it a very easy conversation. Thank you!

4243. May 21, 2016 ::: General Comment

When is Beautiful sexy Angel available? Love her perfect curves. Tony

4242. May 20, 2016 ::: General Comment

I'm so glad that Rachael is back. I had a fabulous time with her.

4241. May 17, 2016 ::: Compliment

Somebody slap me in the face for waiting more than a year to see Isabel again! Absolute perfection, what a doll. Warm regards, RB

4240. May 14, 2016 ::: General Comment

Pop-up are not appropriate for this site and really takes away from what you are trying to portray

4239. May 12, 2016 ::: Compliment

Heather: thank you very much all I can say is you took my breath away.

4238. May 11, 2016 ::: Compliment

Belle, thank you for all of your recommendations. You always nail it. Specially Lila, such a sweetheart. Many thanks, RB

4237. May 10, 2016 ::: General Comment

Want to see the beautiful Angel.

4236. May 10, 2016 ::: Testimonial

Dreaming of sexy Angel. Amazing night with her. Hoping to see that sexy body soon. Kisses Antonio from Vegas

4235. May 7, 2016 ::: General Comment

I met Jordan at the Den last week. We had a lovely time. A true gem, can't beat the ladies at the Den. Thanks Carman.

4234. May 4, 2016 ::: Suggestion

I propose recurring customers for half hour sessions, be eligible to be VIP at 75 visits. Any thoughts Carman?

4233. May 3, 2016 ::: General Comment

A compliment to the staff and establishment. Especially with Miss P. I was nervous going in. Not only was she beautiful, she was extremely charming and it made my experience wonderful. Thinking about her makes me smile. Thank you Carman.

4232. May 1, 2016 ::: Compliment

Hunted many many foxes and still can't get enough of this sport; adding to my list. Keep them coming Carman and I'll keep hunting!

4231. Apr 27, 2016 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den is one amazing place. It's every men's fantasy, surrounded by beautiful sexy women. Treated like a king.

4230. Apr 20, 2016 ::: Compliment

Had an amazing time with Grace. Definitely will be coming back for an full hour or more :)

4229. Apr 17, 2016 ::: Suggestion

Any plans for a Calgary or Edmonton tour?

4228. Apr 16, 2016 ::: Compliment

I had a splendid time with the lovely Isabel at the Fox Den. Stunning skinny figure. Can't wait to return soon.

4227. Apr 12, 2016 ::: General Comment

Bring Lucy back!

4226. Apr 9, 2016 ::: General Comment

Angel, need to see you. When is beautiful sexy Angel on the schedule?

4225. Apr 8, 2016 ::: Testimonial

I have been lucky enough to welcome four new foxy ladies. Carly being the most recent, she is truly a gem.

4224. Apr 6, 2016 ::: Suggestion

Velvet is a sweetheart! She's amazingly beautiful and has equally incredible personality to match that beauty. I hope she stays in Vancouver forever!

4223. Apr 6, 2016 ::: General Comment

Gorgeous Ladies. looking forrward to coming back.

4222. Apr 4, 2016 ::: General Comment

Awesome session with Lainey. Can't wait for the next one. Warm regards pretty lady, the guy with the egyptian ink

4221. Apr 1, 2016 ::: Testimonial

Another excellent visit to the Den. Taylor is one of a kind.

4220. Mar 30, 2016 ::: Problem

I'm in school. Only work for one day, therefore less pay to visit.

4219. Mar 30, 2016 ::: Compliment

Cinnamon is hot & spicy. Miss Sensuality & Miss Sensuousness.

4218. Mar 27, 2016 ::: Compliment

Saw Lainey for the first time. What an amazing experience. Thank you Lainey.

4217. Mar 27, 2016 ::: Compliment

My compliments to Apple. Gorgeous and lovely young lady, who always makes my time feel special.

4216. Mar 24, 2016 ::: General Comment

I love Syrina. She is super hot. I wish to meet her again.

4215. Mar 20, 2016 ::: General Comment

Misa was amazing and worth every minute. I sure hope she returns soon again.

4214. Mar 19, 2016 ::: Suggestion

Please stop the popups. Super annoying and frustrating. Thank you.

4213. Mar 17, 2016 ::: General Comment

I love Carman Fox! Been a long time loyal FR client. Satisfaction guaranteed.

4212. Mar 14, 2016 ::: Compliment

Grace is fantastic. A great pleasure to be with.

4211. Mar 11, 2016 ::: General Comment

Nice website. Looking forward to making an appointment when in town. How far in advanced? Walk-ins?

4210. Mar 6, 2016 ::: General Comment

As a cunning linguist, I appreciate the different languages the Foxes of various ethnicity speak, and enjoy the repartee we enjoy together.

4209. Mar 3, 2016 ::: General Comment

I always have a great time when I visit the Den! Can't wait to come back.

4208. Mar 2, 2016 ::: Suggestion

I have been to the Den 36 times. My new and all time favourite is Hannah. Simply stunning.

4207. Feb 29, 2016 ::: Compliment

Saw Jenny again last night. Perfect as usual. What a doll.

4206. Feb 29, 2016 ::: Compliment

Cinnamon is a true gem. Thanks babe for a wonderful & fun filled afternoon xoxoxo.

4205. Feb 28, 2016 ::: Compliment

Is Angel available? She's my favorite fox! Robert from LA

4204. Feb 27, 2016 ::: General Comment

Missing Angel's sexy beautiful pictures

4203. Feb 24, 2016 ::: Compliment

Always enjoy my fun appointments at Carman Fox

4202. Feb 20, 2016 ::: Testimonial

Trying to book an appointment with the beautiful Angel. She's never on the schedule, thinking of sexy Angel

4201. Feb 18, 2016 ::: General Comment

Where is Danielle? By far the hottest fox. Pplease bring her back!

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4200. Feb 17, 2016 ::: Testimonial

Thinking of beautiful Angel. Will be in town in a couple of weeks. Hoping to see her, cheers Texas

4199. Feb 16, 2016 ::: General Comment

Where are sexy Angel's photos?

4198. Feb 16, 2016 ::: Compliment

Cinnamon, what a gem. Thanks for the pleasurable afternoon. Hope to see you soon my sexy siren.

4197. Feb 15, 2016 ::: Compliment

Your ladies are absolutely breath-taking!

4196. Feb 15, 2016 ::: Compliment

Spring time is when the cherry blossoms and the pussy willows bloom.

4195. Feb 12, 2016 ::: Compliment

Angel, I love you!

4194. Feb 11, 2016 ::: General Comment

Cannot wait to go back!

4193. Feb 10, 2016 ::: General Comment

Lara Fox, you're beautiful and always have a magical time with you. Can't wait to see those stunning eyes of yours again. Cheers

4192. Feb 7, 2016 ::: General Comment

A compliment to Angel, you are the best; beautiful, sweet, charming and classy.

4191. Feb 6, 2016 ::: General Comment

Tesla, thank you for a wonderful session. You were awesome. The guy with the tattoos.

4190. Feb 6, 2016 ::: General Comment

Is pearl no longer working at the Den? I didn't even get to meet her :(

4189. Feb 5, 2016 ::: Compliment

Samantha leaves you at loss for words.

4188. Feb 4, 2016 ::: General Comment

I can see why Tulip was named Top Fox of the year. Very deserving title for her. She's got my vote for sure.

4187. Jan 29, 2016 ::: General Comment

The best way to describe Jenny is she is better than perfect.

4186. Jan 28, 2016 ::: General Comment

Very special thank you to Angel. A beautiful classy woman with incredible breasts and a sexy body. A night of magic and fun. Thank you, Antonio

4185. Jan 26, 2016 ::: Compliment

Been a long term client (4 years) and have enjoyed most of my visits. Even if things don't go right, Carman will make it right. That's great customer satisfaction.

4184. Jan 24, 2016 ::: General Comment

I like your skill testing Question.

4183. Jan 19, 2016 ::: General Comment

Angel, your breasts are perfect!

4182. Jan 18, 2016 ::: General Comment

Sienna is a beauty, very engaging and full of energy. I can't wait to return.

4181. Jan 18, 2016 ::: General Comment

Angel, I adore you. You're a beautiful, smart, classy woman and I feel like on top of the world after seeing you. Cheers Texas

4180. Jan 17, 2016 ::: Testimonial

Angel, you are perfect and enjoyed the perfect evening with you. Paul

4179. Jan 16, 2016 ::: Suggestion

Please update the shcedule more often. It really helps when it's real time so I can choose a sexy fox that is available.

4178. Jan 8, 2016 ::: General Comment

I had a splendid session with Hillary. She was personable and beautiful. I hope to see her again soon.

4177. Jan 6, 2016 ::: Suggestion

I wish for Carman. She's the best.

4176. Jan 3, 2016 ::: General Comment

Wishing everyone at Carman Fox a happy & fabulous New Years! All the best.

4175. Jan 1, 2016 ::: General Comment

Problem, so many beautiful women. Alas. Needing to go to work everyday gets in the way of visiting each and every one of them. Need to win the lottery and retire to the Fox Den.

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