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:: Feedback Archive 2018 ::

4719. Dec 30, 2018 ::: Compliment

Tiffany is kissable.

4718. Dec 29, 2018 ::: General Comment

Where is Allegra? Hope to see you again soon.

4717. Dec 28, 2018 ::: General Comment

Would very much like to have an initiation at the Fox Den :)

4716. Dec 27, 2018 ::: General Comment

Sure would like to see Double Trouble!

4715. Dec 27, 2018 ::: General Comment

Had a great time at the Fox Den!

4714. Dec 26, 2018 ::: General Comment

The prettiest fox of all time, Heather, still lives in my treasured memories. Merry Christmas to all the lovely foxes.

4713. Dec 25, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Santa should have brought me a "Seasons Ticket" pass to the Fox Den. A weekly visit would have been perfect!

4712. Dec 23, 2018 ::: Compliment

You will love the Fox Den.

4711. Dec 23, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Misa was awesome! Great girl, had a fantastic time with her.

4710. Dec 22, 2018 ::: Compliment

First time visiting the Fox Den and spent time with the sexy Karina. Wow she knows how to make a guy feel good!

4709. Dec 22, 2018 ::: Compliment

I love the Foxes and your Skill Testing Question!

4708. Dec 22, 2018 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox Hat Trick: Session with a Blonde, Brunette, and Red Head.

4707. Dec 22, 2018 ::: Compliment

My Brazilian Bombshell, how's it going? Happy Holidays & a very Happy Birthday Alicia, Brazilian Bombshell. Miss you. I know your Birthday is soon but by the time this gets added to the comments section, it will already be your Birthday. So Happy Birthday in advance.

4706. Dec 22, 2018 ::: Compliment

Hello my Little Lady (Belle), how are you. I haven't spoken with you in ages. Well wishes, Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays. You know who I am. Another hint, I always call you the Simone of Phone Foxes. Take care.

4705. Dec 21, 2018 ::: Compliment

Lacey, an absolute stunning and beautiful woman. She is definitely a 10 and I love spending time with her. Super caring and fun. xoxo see you soon babe.

4704. Dec 16, 2018 ::: General Comment

Great to see the Food and Drive Toy is back again for another year.

4703. Dec 15, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Had a mind blowing session with London. Very smart, gorgeous and active little fox, can't wait to see her again.

4702. Dec 11, 2018 ::: Compliment

Always good at the Fox Den.

4701. Dec 9, 2018 ::: Compliment

This was my first time to the Fox Den and the place was warm and inviting. Lana is beautiful and her body is gorgeous. Thanks Lana for a great time.

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4700. Dec 8, 2018 ::: Compliment

I love all the sweet Kitties I have visited at the Fox Den.

4699. Dec 6, 2018 ::: Suggestion

I would like a session with a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.

4698. Dec 5, 2018 ::: Compliment

Beautiful Foxes! I'm coming to Vancouver just to see these lovely ladies.

4697. Dec 3, 2018 ::: General Comment

Met Brooklyn, not only warm accomadating, her attitude was amazing making sure the experience was the best. She is absolute quality, absolute beauty and her body and her beautiful face together is a dream come true.

4696. Dec 3, 2018 ::: Compliment

Saw Alicia for the second time. She remembered me right off the bat, I was impressed and glad at the same time. Such an amazing gal. Great personality, with a very infectious smile. A deadly duo if ya ask me. Eleven out of ten, would love to see again!

4695. Dec 1, 2018 ::: Testimonial

I saw Lana and what an active little fox, gorgeous body, nice attitude and definitely fun.

4694. Dec 1, 2018 ::: Testimonial

My experience with Lacey was good way. Greeting from the snow man.

4693. Nov 31, 2018 ::: General Comment

Bill C would love this place!

4692. Nov 30, 2018 ::: Compliment

Loved my session with Aki.

4691. Nov 29, 2018 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den is the go to place for guys.

4690. Nov 28, 2018 ::: Compliment

I love the Fox Den! Coming back soon.

4689. Nov 25, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Carman Fox should produce a calendar featuring the lovely FOXES. Maybe two calendar versions, one with sexy lingerie and the other au naturel!

4688. Nov 24, 2018 ::: General Comment

Is Pearl coming back? I miss her!

4687. Nov 24, 2018 ::: Compliment

I go to the Fox Den often and never disappointed.

4686. Nov 22, 2018 ::: Compliment

I love all your FOXES!

4685. Nov 19, 2018 ::: General Comment

Always a good time at the Fox Den.

4684. Nov 15, 2018 ::: General Comment

Nice place, awesome girls.

4683. Nov 14, 2018 ::: Compliment

I love your representation of your Foxes. I'll be booking in the near future!

4682. Nov 13, 2018 ::: Suggestion

How about opening a FOX DEN in Winnipeg?

4681. Nov 9, 2018 ::: Compliment

I haven't stopped thinking about your beautiful buns since our last meeting Allegra. Can't wait to see you soon sexy girl.

4680. Nov 6, 2018 ::: Compliment

Hmmm, Madelyn and Bridget are Team 69?? I will have to visit them for my first duo!

4679. Nov 5, 2018 ::: Suggestion

About categorizing the foxes, the first time I visited the Fox Den, the website had a drop down menu where you could select features of what you were looking for in your fox. This made things much more convenient.

4678. Nov 3, 2018 ::: Testimonial

I love the Fox Den!

4677. Oct 31, 2018 ::: General Comment

My first visit to the Fox Den was a little nervous. Saw the beautiful Valentina. Gorgeous face and the most amazing breast!

4676. Oct 27, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Any tour dates for Calgary? Expansion?

4675. Oct 24, 2018 ::: General Comment

I had the pleasure of meeting Valentina. Awesome service and fun to talk to. Brains, beauty, and boobs! Safe travels sexy Valentina!

4674. Oct 22, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Please update the comments section more frequently.

4673. Oct 21, 2018 ::: General Comment

Looking forward to visiting Vancouver and meet the beauties!

4672. Oct 20, 2018 ::: Compliment

I've seen Summer and Charlize at the same time. They were both smoking hot and incredible together. Also I've seen Aki and she was amazing. Catered to all my needs, totally satisfied.

4671. Oct 19, 2018 ::: General Comment

I had my first lesbian encounter at the Fox Den years ago. Talisa FOX. It was actually a session with Talisa and my boyfriend; he got to watch. It is a wonderful memory. I live in San Diego now so can't visit the Den again, alas.

4670. Oct 18, 2018 ::: Compliment

Time with Madelyn is so heavenly, she must be an angel.

4669. Oct 14, 2018 ::: Suggestion

It would be much more convenient if you could answer texts.

4668. Oct 11, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Please categorize models, ie petite, curvy, blonde, brunette, redhead, etc. You have a lot of models, which is great, but categorizing them save a lot of time on the search. Thanks

4667. Oct 8, 2018 ::: General Comment

To Ava, had a wonderful time with you. Can't wait to see you again.

4666. Oct 3, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Do any of the girls offer lesbian sessions?

4665. Sep 28, 2018 ::: General Comment

My Bucket List if I won the lottery would be to visit the Fox Den each and every day, and enjoy the company of each Fox, from A to Z.

4664. Sep 25, 2018 ::: General Comment

Just want to say hi to Ruby. I miss her and can't wait to see her again this fall. Your favourite artist.

4663. Sep 25, 2018 ::: Compliment

I had a fun time with Kaya last week. Very sensual erotic girl.

4662. Sep 24, 2018 ::: General Comment

Diet habits. There are carnivores, there are vegetarians, and there are vegans. I personally am a Vagen. Which is why a regular visit to the Fox Den is good for my health.

4661. Sep 24, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Please update the Comments Section more frequently. Once a month is not enough and it is very enjoyable reading!

4660. Sep 22, 2018 ::: Compliment

I like your new Fox Street main page. Fox Street leads to a very happy ending.

4659. Sep 19, 2018 ::: General Comment

Once you go to the Fox Den, you DO go back! Again and again.

4658. Sep 18, 2018 ::: Compliment

Aki gave me the time of my life!

4657. Sep 14, 2018 ::: General Comment

Ruby is a real Sweet Heart.

4656. Sep 10, 2018 ::: General Comment

I recently saw Lacey and had a good time. She provided good service, all around. She was friendly, reasonably enthusiastic. I say this with all due respect...

4655. Sep 9, 2018 ::: Compliment

I've try other agencies but kept coming back to Carman Fox. Why? You'll have to try it for yourself to know the answer.

4654. Sep 8, 2018 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den is the place you need to go

4653. Sep 7, 2018 ::: Compliment

I love the Fox Den.

4652. Sep 4, 2018 ::: General Comment

Allegra... my very favourite. Will be back soon.

4651. Sep 3, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Please list the models who can have a session with female.

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4650. Aug 28, 2018 ::: Compliment

I love the Fox Den.

4649. Aug 28, 2018 ::: Compliment

Are foxes allowed to leave comments? I LOVE everyone at Carman Fox. So many wonderful, kind, intelligent, genuinely beautiful girls inside and out. Not sure what other agencies are like but I think being a fox is a lovely dream!

4648. Aug 26, 2018 ::: General Comment

Looks like a very nice place to visit while on a future business trip in Sept.

4647. Aug 25, 2018 ::: General Comment

I love that Carman Fox is a fine establishment!

4646. Aug 20, 2018 ::: Compliment

Posh was the most erotic woman I have ever enjoyed!

4645. Aug 19, 2018 ::: General Comment

Great place. Incredibly affordable. Thanks foxes!

4644. Aug 16, 2018 ::: Compliment

Just saw Willow. Adorable. Beautiful girl, great service, friendly, very intelligent. Sweet. Repeat? ASAP.

4643. Aug 12, 2018 ::: Compliment

There are many fine establishments in the Lower Mainland Vancouver, and I rank the FOX DEN as the absolute BEST!!

4642. Aug 12, 2018 ::: Compliment

My one hour with Scarlett went by all too quickly. Scarlett is the epitome of the pretty Girl Next Door and she just exudes feminine sensuality. Tell her Robb left the DEN a very happy man!

4641. Aug 9, 2018 ::: Compliment

I love the Fox Den.

4640. Aug 9, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Dream Trio would be a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead...

4639. Aug 5, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Tiffany, I just want to say, it's been a few months but the way we connected is like nothing I have felt before. You are so sensational I can't wait to see you again.

4638. Aug 3, 2018 ::: Compliment

Thank you Ella for such a wonderful hour!

4637. Aug 1, 2018 ::: General Comment

My dream is to win the LOTTERY. And then visit the Fox Den and one different girl every day, with the goal of having enjoyed every girl on the roster! Of course, some days would involve a duo visit!

4636. Jul 28, 2018 ::: General Comment

I like today's opening on your Website. TEAM 69 sounds like it would be lot of fun!

4635. Jul 25, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Angelina is amazing, but Angelina and Summer, that's a whole category of it's own. Thank you ladies for making my summer.

4634. Jul 22, 2018 ::: Compliment

Sophie was so much fun.

4633. Jul 20, 2018 ::: General Comment

This is the place to go ...

4632. Jul 19, 2018 ::: General Comment

First time at Fox Den and saw the very sexy and very experienced Valentina. Great and gave me a good first experience. Will be back for more of this sexy girl!

4631. Jul 16, 2018 ::: Compliment

Sunday later afternoon enjoyed a one hour session with Ruby. She is so pleasant and a nice conversationalist. She makes one feel at ease; like talking to a friend.

4630. Jul 16, 2018 ::: Compliment

First time yesterday and saw Ruby. WOW! Body, mind, and mouth. I'll be back!

4629. Jul 15, 2018 ::: General Comment

Vancouver has a lot of fine dining establishments and by far the best is the FOX DEN!

4628. Jul 13, 2018 ::: General Comment

Just had an delightful session with Sophie. She got both body and looks. Interesting person to get to know.

4627. Jul 12, 2018 ::: Compliment

Aki is exquisite!

4626. Jul 12, 2018 ::: General Comment

Wonderful time with Brielle

4625. Jul 11, 2018 ::: Compliment

Tiffany is absolutely AMAZING! It's one thing to be drop dead gorgeous (Tiffany is a 10+), but to find someone who is caring, passionate and with a great sense of humor is equivalent to winning the Lottery! I am so fortunate to have met Tiffany. She will forever be my number one choice! Hank S

4624. Jul 10, 2018 ::: General Comment

It's a heaven on earth. It's 2nd to none.

4623. Jul 8, 2018 ::: General Comment

Thanks to the prettiest fox of all time Heather for the visit. Best wishes, lots of love Guapo

4622. Jul 7, 2018 ::: General Comment

Seen Tiffany and she's 10 out of 10

4621. Jul 6, 2018 ::: Compliment

Carman Fox rocks!! I have visited 3 times now and each girl absolutely thrilled me!!

4620. Jul 4, 2018 ::: Compliment

Blair, natural beauty

4619. Jul 3, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Top shelf service, highly recommend.

4618. Jul 3, 2018 ::: Compliment

I enjoyed my hour with Blair. An exceptional young lady. Truly the epitome of the pretty Girl Next Door we all dream about.

4617. Jul 2, 2018 ::: General Comment

Tiffany is the best!

4616. Jun 29, 2018 ::: Compliment

Thanks a lot my Little Fire Cracker Anya, that was some session. Thanks.

4615. Jun 29, 2018 ::: General Comment

Exercise is essential to being healthy... at the Fox Den!

4614. Jun 28, 2018 ::: General Comment

Terrific time at the Fox Den as usual. That place doesn't disappoints.

4613. Jun 23, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Any genuine Red heads? I have a craving for some!

4612. Jun 21, 2018 ::: Suggestion

How about expanding to Alberta? Or have some Foxes visit Edmonton?

4611. Jun 17, 2018 ::: Compliment

I had 2 outcall dates with Madelyn last week. She is sweet, funny, intelligent & sexy as all hell. My only regret is that I did not squeeze in a third date before leaving town.

4610. Jun 17, 2018 ::: Suggestion

My wife suggested we spice up our romantic life with a visit to the Fox Den.

4609. Jun 17, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Need some Korean and Japanese girls!

4608. Jun 16, 2018 ::: Testimonial

A man's dream come true, Summer and Scarlett :)

4607. Jun 14, 2018 ::: General Comment

I love your Skill Testing Question! It rhymes with Divine!

4606. Jun 13, 2018 ::: General Comment

Nothing in comparison with Carman Fox. Best agency ever.

4605. Jun 11, 2018 ::: General Comment

Fox Den heaven!!

4604. Jun 9, 2018 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den is the perfect place...

4603. Jun 6, 2018 ::: General Comment

Have noticed a lot more girls available lately but also noticed the standard and calibre of women...

4602. Jun 4, 2018 ::: Compliment

I had the absolute delight of meeting Brooklyn. She is the meaning of pure pleasure and beautiful! With her perfect slender physique, little tiny waist and large breasts.

4601. Jun 2, 2018 ::: General Comment

Would love to see Claudia again, she rocked my world!

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4600. May 28, 2018 ::: Testimonial

If you are reading this to make up your mind remember this: winners are too busy doing what the other guys are still talking about. Had an AMAZING time today with two gorgeous sexy foxes Tiffany and Valentina. The chemistry between them was so intense and we had such a good time that the only thing missing was a film crew for an all out experience merit of a silver screen. Will definitively be coming back for more. L&G F.

4599. May 25, 2018 ::: Compliment

Sophie was amazing!

4598. May 23, 2018 ::: Testimonial

I had an amazing session with Summer.

4597. May 22, 2018 ::: Compliment

Absolutely magnificent time at the Fox Den with the lovely Fox Crystal.

4596. May 19, 2018 ::: General Comment

I would just like to recommend Tiffany to anyone. Usually I see different Foxes each time. But lately I just keep coming back to see her. She is way too hot and a lot of fun. Hands down my favourite Fox.

4595. May 18, 2018 ::: General Comment

So happy when I visit the Fox Den.

4594. May 18, 2018 ::: Compliment

Had back to back sessions with Tanya and Brielle. Both were friendly, sensuous and a joy to be with. Being from Brazil, I have to say they both would fit right in Ipanema beach. Thank you ladies.

4593. May 17, 2018 ::: General Comment

Tulip and Tiffany are amazing. Highly recommended.

4592. May 16, 2018 ::: General Comment

I would love to see Carman.. who blessed my life with these beautiful angels.

4591. May 14, 2018 ::: General Comment

The day I win the LOTTO MAX lottery, I plan to visit the Fox Den each and every day for one full year, 365 days!!

4590. May 13, 2018 ::: General Comment

Last time at the Den saw Cassandra. Was OK experience. Will be coming back this month! Look forward to it.

4589. May 12, 2018 ::: Compliment

The Fox Den is cloud 9.

4588. May 8, 2018 ::: General Comment

My wife and I are looking forward to our first time at the Fox Den!

4587. May 3, 2018 ::: General Comment

Never had a negative experience at the Den. A classy joint with amazing girls.

4586. May 1, 2018 ::: Compliment

Had a wonderful time with Sierra. She complemented me on my looks, said I should be a male model.

4585. May 1, 2018 ::: Compliment

Honey fox was a sweetheart. Kinda feel bad that I booked an appointment so late in the day, but she was very accommodating. I was quite nervous and anxious, but she calmed me down and made sure that I was relaxed and enjoying the session. Very easy to talk to, very laid back, just overall a very nice girl.

4584. Apr 28, 2018 ::: Compliment

The Fox Den is a dream. So many delightful Foxes.

4583. Apr 26, 2018 ::: Compliment

The Fox Den is pure Heaven!

4582. Apr 22, 2018 ::: Compliment

Awesome Angelina

4581. Apr 18, 2018 ::: General Comment

Saw Valentina a few weeks ago and she left me wanting and drooling for more! Need to see her again! Can you let us know when visiting foxes are coming in ahead of time? Body and beautiful personality! Valentina is a favourite!

4580. Apr 17, 2018 ::: Compliment

Jenny... oh my God, Jenny. I can't even begin to explain how euphoric my time was with her.

4579. Apr 14, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Rather than lingerie, which is nice, don't get me wrong, FOXES might want to dress up as librarians, secretaries, nurses, cashiers, business executives; you know, the sexy girl next door look.

4578. Apr 12, 2018 ::: Suggestion

It would be neat if the FOX DEN offered photo and video service to record the fun time with the FOXES.

4577. Apr 11, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Had an amazing time with Paris! Thanks for the perfect ending to my Wednesday night!

4576. Apr 11, 2018 ::: Compliment

Visited Vancouver in 2016. Saw Cassandra. Dream girl. She tries so hard to fit me into her life that night and when she did I made her happy so quick. I'm coming back to the Den very soon ;)

4575. Apr 10, 2018 ::: General Comment

Professional service. The gal that makes the bookings is easy to talk to and really great.

4574. Apr 9, 2018 ::: Testimonial

First time at the Fox Den was amazing. I highly recommend you try it. I know I will be visiting again. Lola was very helpful and made my visit truly enjoyable.

4573. Apr 8, 2018 ::: Testimonial

I was just fondly remembering my first few visits to the Fox Den, around 2006. Skye was my first; tall slender girl Next Door type. Dawn was similar; I enjoyed both of them. But my favourite was Taylor, who actually was a magazine model. She fulfilled my fantasy of being with a Centerfold model.

4572. Apr 7, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Have a day long session with many girls. That's my fantasy.

4571. Apr 5, 2018 ::: General Comment

Good place! I loved it.

4570. Apr 1, 2018 ::: Compliment

Happy with my appointment. Thank you to (forgot her name), for recommending Isabel.

4569. Mar 27, 2018 ::: General Comment

Every red blooded male in the Lower Mainland owes it to himself to come visit the Foxes!!

4568. Mar 25, 2018 ::: Compliment

I had a great session with Fashionista Anya, thanks Babe.

4567. Mar 21, 2018 ::: General Comment

Thank you to the pleasant phone girl, Belle for recommending beautiful Angelina. An amazing, unforgettable session. It was my first time to the Fox Den and it definitely won't be my last, with many more to follow.

4566. Mar 20, 2018 ::: Compliment

To Tiffany. You are easily the most amazing and wonderful girl I have met yet. I have never had a better introduction and a want for more. I will be looking forward to the day I get to see you next. Thanks for making my Sunday. XOXO

4565. Mar 18, 2018 ::: General Comment

Enjoyed my hour with Kitty. Kitty was nice!

4564. Mar 18, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Now I can't stop thinking about Sierra, thank you for the best night of my life :)

4563. Mar 16, 2018 ::: Compliment

Had another great session with my Brazilian Bombshell Alicia. She looked even more prettier & sexier then ever. Thanks Darl

4562. Mar 14, 2018 ::: General Comment


4561. Mar 11, 2018 ::: General Comment

I look forward to receiving my income tax refund. I will invest it in my first duo at the Fox Den!

4560. Mar 8, 2018 ::: Compliment

Little Lady Belle, what can I say, you are such an adorable sweetheart. Thank you so so much.

4559. Mar 8, 2018 ::: Compliment

Skyla my Darlin, thanks a ton for such an amazing session. She has a splendid body, superb personality & sterling service.

4558. Mar 8, 2018 ::: Compliment

I met with stunning Sage today, what a Rockstar she is. Loved her personality as well & the whole session was smashing.

4557. Mar 6, 2018 ::: Compliment

I love the Fox Den!

4556. Mar 6, 2018 ::: Suggestion

I know this may be difficult to accomplish, but I've hit my head a couple of times on the bed because it's quite low.

4555. Mar 3, 2018 ::: Suggestion

The gallery photos are too cluttered and small.

4554. Mar 2, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Remember the PEPSI vs COCA COLA blindfolded taste test? Well, I would like to try something similar!

4553. Mar 1, 2018 ::: General Comment

The Fox Den never disappoints. Amazing staff, amazing ladies.

4552. Feb 27, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Sophie is an absolute delight. Warm, friendly, and oh so very accommodating. If possible, she seemed to enjoy our time even more than I did!

4551. Feb 26, 2018 ::: Compliment

I love your Skill Testing question! My lucky number!!

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4550. Feb 24, 2018 ::: Compliment

Kitty sure is a nice kitty.

4549. Feb 23, 2018 ::: General Comment

Love this place! So many Honnies!

4548. Feb 20, 2018 ::: Compliment

I came in for my 10th visit at the Fox Den. My fourth with Angelina. She is by far my favourite Fox. She is exceptionally friendly and beautiful. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

4547. Feb 20, 2018 ::: Compliment

I went to see Angelina today. She is beautiful. I had a very good experience with her. I would highly recommend her.

4546. Feb 19, 2018 ::: Compliment

Amazing ladies there.

4545. Feb 19, 2018 ::: General Comment

Angelina was absolutely amazing! She is classy, beautiful, intelligent, and extremely sexy.

4544. Feb 19, 2018 ::: General Comment

Angelina is beautiful, intelligent, and incredibly sexy. She takes my breath away.

4543. Feb 17, 2018 ::: Testimonial

I finally got a chance to meet Valentina and all I can say is wow, where have you been my whole life. I thought people were exaggerating in their reviews until I met her myself. Her personality matches her sensuality, it was so hard to focus after spending time with her. I hope to share many more wild times with her ;)

4542. Feb 16, 2018 ::: Testimonial

I saw Kitty. Amazing service. Very energetic and great attitude.

4541. Feb 14, 2018 ::: Compliment

Regular exercise is important for muscular health, and the Fox Den is the perfect place!

4540. Feb 13, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Never thought Tulips could smell so good. It was hard to concentrate on my weekend activities after spending an hour with you. Can't wait to see you again.

4539. Feb 12, 2018 ::: Testimonial

No words to describe my time with Scarlett. I never thought spending so much time in the shower could be so much fun. I can't wait to see you again.

4538. Feb 6, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Compliments to Tristan. Saw her a few weeks ago. She has a natural beauty that loves to please.

4537. Feb 3, 2018 ::: Suggestion

My Fantasy. 6 girls. I take a good look at all 6 and then I am blindfolded. Then I have to identify which girl.

4536. Jan 30, 2018 ::: General Comment

Does Giselle still work at the Fox Den?

4535. Jan 30, 2018 ::: General Comment

Hi does anyone know what Jordan changed her name to?

4534. Jan 29, 2018 ::: Testimonial

I met Sage Fox today and she is such a little minx. Lots of energy, stunning, and oh so relaxing. I would highly recommend spending some time with her. I've met two foxes, and both have been superb.

4533. Jan 27, 2018 ::: Testimonial

No one finer than Isabel. What a Doll.

4532. Jan 27, 2018 ::: Compliment

Had the pleasure to meet Tiffany at my place. She came over to N Van to see me. Very beautiful and friendly. Had an awesome time. Definitely will book her again. Carman Fox is great.

4531. Jan 26, 2018 ::: Suggestion

Are there any Foxes who are OK with pictures taken of for fun?

4530. Jan 26, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Today I visited the Fox Den for the first time, and I can count myself fortunate to have spent my time with Amanda Fox. She truly is a delightful young woman and it is with a twinge of sadness that I understand she will be returning to Montreal in the near future. If you are able, I would thoroughly recommend spending some time with her. And on a further note, I learned after the fact about the Fox Loyalty Program. I'll definitely have to join if there are many more Foxes like Amanda.

4529. Jan 25, 2018 ::: General Comment

My 2018 To Do List: A visit with 3 girls at the same time; A blonde, a brunette, and a red head.

4528. Jan 25, 2018 ::: Testimonial

So many diet fads out there. Atkins, Vegan, Raw Food. Tried them all, but the one I like best and am sticking with is the Diet at the Fox Den!

4527. Jan 23, 2018 ::: Compliment

Love Angelina Fox's popcorn photo. Yummy.

4526. Jan 23, 2018 ::: Compliment

This comment is both a Problem and a Compliment. This dreary rainy winter is getting everyone down. Luckily, due to the beautiful girls at the Fox Den, one does not have to wait for spring for the willows to bloom.

4525. Jan 20, 2018 ::: Compliment

Brazilian Bombshell Alicia, you looked ravishing in that little mini black dress. A must in every lady's wardrobe and again, it was a 10 of 10 session. Thanks my sexy siren.

4524. Jan 19, 2018 ::: Testimonial

I really enjoyed Jenny recently. Jenny clearly like the fact I bought her fragrant Whole Foods roses via Skytrain. I just wish we had the full 60 to get to know each other better. Definitely want to give Jenny more time...

4523. Jan 19, 2018 ::: Compliment

Man's breast friend - VALENTINA! Amazing set and amazing personality to go with it.

4522. Jan 18, 2018 ::: Compliment

When ever I see Tiffany, I think is this real or what? I guess this is how angels look.

4521. Jan 18, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Valentina -- WOW!!! Playful, fun, and wild. Even more amazing in person and a gorgeous face to match - gorgeous smile. I'll be back for more ;)

4520. Jan 16, 2018 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox is one of the best agency, hands down.

4519. Jan 13, 2018 ::: Compliment

Visit #101 was with Brooklyn. She was awesome. Thank you Carman.

4518. Jan 12, 2018 ::: General Comment

This is actually a compliment. I have had the pleasure of visiting several Foxes. After each visit, my tongue is so tired after counting to your Skill Testing Question!

4517. Jan 11, 2018 ::: General Comment

Saw my favourite Fox once again. So absolutely beautiful and with a personality to match. No way I'm letting you go to San Andres by yourself. We have to go and drink lots of Scotch. See you soon my love.

4516. Jan 9, 2018 ::: Testimonial

Have been here a lot recently. Saw Tiffany today. 3Ds bought me in, but she is much more than just that. I don't visit the same girls twice, but never had the quality time and experience that brings me back to the same girl until today. I came back 5 mins later and left you a tip at the counter, I hope you got it.

4515. Jan 8, 2018 ::: General Comment

Where's Giselle at? :(

4514. Jan 7, 2018 ::: General Comment

How is Crystal Fox?

4513. Jan 7, 2018 ::: General Comment

If I had the money I would just live at the Fox Den. Alas.

4512. Jan 6, 2018 ::: Suggestion

I strongly suggest that you recruit Sienna from the P*** C. she is a real beauty!

4511. Jan 5, 2018 ::: General Comment

Hey Pearl Fox. A duo between us getting together. Loving...

4510. Jan 3, 2018 ::: General Comment

Love this place...

4509. Jan 3, 2018 ::: General Comment

Happy New Year Foxy Ladies

4508. Jan 1, 2018 ::: General Comment

Vancouver has plenty of fine restaurants but nothing beats the Fox Den and their wonderful dining menu!

4507. Jan 1, 2018 ::: Compliment

The Fox Den is the ideal place to blow your paycheque.

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