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:: Feedback Archive 2013 ::

3816. Dec 30, 2013 ::: General Comment

Angel, I love you.

3815. Dec 30, 2013 ::: Compliment

Thinking of Angel and her sexy beautiful breasts. Missing you Angel and looking forward to my next visit with that sweet sexy Californian Angel.

3814. Dec 29, 2013 ::: Testimonial

Oh Bunny, you have hopped in my life and now my day is complete. Thanks for a great time and the delay birthday gift. Makes getting old fun. Cheers. TheSheen. As always, the highest standards. I will be back.

3813. Dec 28, 2013 ::: Compliment

Jaden is the sweetest, most passionate person I have ever met. She will make you forget all existence. Treat her well.

3812. Dec 27, 2013 ::: General Comment

Holy cow, those new photos of Aurora are amazingly sexy. Can't stop dreaming of those tripe D's.

3811. Dec 23, 2013 ::: General Comment

Wishing all the beautiful, lovely foxes and staff a very merry Christmas!

3810. Dec 20, 2013 ::: General Comment

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all the lovely Foxes.

3809. Dec 19, 2013 ::: General Comment

Will any of my favorite foxes be coming over for a little good cheer over the holidays? Missing you!

3808. Dec 16, 2013 ::: Compliment

Thank you Angel for a truly captivating evening. Beautiful, classy and mind blowing! You are one hot California model! Tony

3807. Dec 15, 2013 ::: General Comment

I am glad to see a Toy and Food Drive during the holiday season. Most wouldn't expect it to come from an escort agency. Good job. I will definitely be dropping some items off at the Fox Den.

3806. Dec 12, 2013 ::: General Comment

Daria is such a sweet heart and is just an awesome lady. Thank you for such a wonderful time.

3805. Dec 11, 2013 ::: General Comment

I haven't won the contest yet... your foxes are hot so I will always come to see them.

3804. Dec 9, 2013 ::: Compliment

Great website! Jenny is the hottest!

3803. Dec 6, 2013 ::: General Comment

Visit #56 was with Erica last night. Every inch of her is perfect. She is smart and great to talk to. A real gem. Way to go Carman.

3802. Dec 5, 2013 ::: General Comment

Erica thanks for welcoming me back to the fox den with open arms! Took a two year break, and I'm glad you made my fox den experience a great one. Your warm eyes, nice smile, nice conversation, and your body is a 10. You made my experience memorable. Thanks again. Definitely will repeat! Your little friend.

3801. Dec 4, 2013 ::: Testimonial

Wow, Lacey you're amazing, thanks for the great time. j

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3800. Nov 30, 2013 ::: General Comment

Thanks for the fun and wild stag we had in Whistler. I think the groom is still speechless.

3799. Nov 29, 2013 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox is heaven. Helps my French skill.

3798. Nov 28, 2013 ::: General Comment

Excellent website. Love all the photos.

3797. Nov 26, 2013 ::: General Comment

I don't know who I love more? My Harley or Harley Fox? Answer is Harley Fox!

3796. Nov 24, 2013 ::: General Comment

I had the pleasure of seeing a new fox, Aurora. Simply amazing!

3795. Nov 21, 2013 ::: General Comment

Great place, great people, always a good time

3794. Nov 19, 2013 ::: General Comment

Regular loyal client at the Fox. Been going there since 2008. Never have been with a woman more beautiful, smart and kind such as the foxes at the den. I have seen almost every one. Keep up the good work. God bless!

3793. Nov 18, 2013 ::: Suggestion

For Hyori Fox - Less is more when it comes to your photo profile. You have three gorgeous photographs in your set. The rest simply detract.

3792. Nov 16, 2013 ::: Suggestion

Any Calgary tour, anytime soon?

3791. Nov 15, 2013 ::: Compliment

Bunny's new photos (the shower) are really hot!

3790. Nov 12, 2013 ::: General Comment

I love Carman Fox! That would be an understatement.

3789. Nov 9, 2013 ::: Compliment

Daria, thanks for the lovely time we had together last night! It was amazing! You are such a beautiful, amazing woman! See you soon! J

3788. Nov 8, 2013 ::: Compliment

Had great time with Tulip few weeks back. She is amazing.

3787. Nov 5, 2013 ::: General Comment

Great website!

3786. Nov 3, 2013 ::: General Comment

I was very impressed with your agency's professionalism and friendly phone personal. Everything went smoothly from the first initial call, to my last minute of appointment. Due to poor experience from other agencies, my expectation wasn't high but your agency proved me wrong. Thank you.

3785. Nov 2, 2013 ::: Compliment

Bunny looks fantastic - I wish I lived in Vancouver.

3784. Oct 30, 2013 ::: Compliment

Angel, love your heavenly beautiful sexy body. The Italian from Chicago.

3783. Oct 28, 2013 ::: General Comment

I've had the luxury of spending quality time with Nikki, whom exceeded my service expectations. Thank you very much!

3782. Oct 26, 2013 ::: General Comment

Any plans of sending Foxes to Canada East?

3781. Oct 23, 2013 ::: General Comment

I would like to say that my experience with this organization was first-class in all aspects. Friendly and helpful staff, and an even friendlier Fox! Thanks!

3780. Oct 20, 2013 ::: Testimonial

My boyfriend and I saw new fox Olivia over the weekend and she was AMAZING. Beautiful face, killer body, a warm personality and she is so much FUN! Olivia, we think we might be in love with you! xoxox

3779. Oct 19, 2013 ::: Compliment

Your breasts are spectacular Angel. An experience I will never forget. The best. Tony from Chicago.

3778. Oct 16, 2013 ::: Compliment

Thank you for recommending Bunny. Fun and pleasurable time spent together. Will be back. J

3777. Oct 15, 2013 ::: General Comment

Visiting Vancouver next week on business. Might have to partake some of your services!

3776. Oct 15, 2013 ::: Compliment

With a smile from Foxin Foxy? Intrigued by the idea. I am sure I will want to visit soon.

3775. Oct 14, 2013 ::: General Comment

Angel, your breasts are perfect. Still dreaming about you.

3774. Oct 12, 2013 ::: General Comment

Wow, there's a lot of new hires recently. So many beautiful Foxes to choose from. Great job, Carman!

3773. Oct 11, 2013 ::: Compliment

Oh, Kimora Fox. You are an angel, inside and out. Such sweet demeanor, intelligent, fun and caring; and such a ravishing visual presentation. One can only imagine you walking down the street, oblivious to car crashes behind you all over the place. If there exists a cryptic code to eternal pleasure, I am sure you are blessed with holding one of the keys. Greg

3772. Oct 9, 2013 ::: Compliment

I don't have words to say how excited I am that Callie is back on the schedule. I've seen more foxes than I should admit but she is by far the ultimate 10! Sexy, smart & gorgeous - a triple threat! See you soon, Callie Cuddles. Michael

3771. Oct 8, 2013 ::: Compliment

Tanya, awesome spending time with you. Thanks!

3770. Oct 7, 2013 ::: General Comment

Angel, your breasts are beautiful but lets not forget your heavenly tight curves; missing you.

3769. Oct 3, 2013 ::: General Comment

I read some positive reviews about your company. I will be in town for business soon.

3768. Oct 2, 2013 ::: General Comment

Love Sophie's new photos. Had a great time with her at the Fox Den. Ja

3767. Sep 28, 2013 ::: Suggestion

Any travel dates for Winnipeg? I can only travel to BC so often.

3766. Sep 27, 2013 ::: General Comment

Lacey, you are truly magnificent, beautiful and extravagant. Thank you.

3765. Sep 24, 2013 ::: General Comment

I saw Sophie and was blown away by her beauty and sophistication! Will see her again. A

3764. Sep 22, 2013 ::: Suggestion

Looking forward to my next performance bonus at work. I plan to enjoy my first DUO!

3763. Sep 22, 2013 ::: General Comment

Carman Fox is one of the top / best agency in town. Perhaps even across the country. Really like the loyalty discount program. Highly recommended.

3762. Sep 19, 2013 ::: Testimonial

Saw Sophie, sweet girl, & really passionate. Thanks.

3761. Sep 18, 2013 ::: General Comment

I appreciate your agency professionalism. Your phone was very helpful in recommending the perfect lady for my social outling. Thank you.

3760. Sep 15, 2013 ::: Compliment

Thank you Tanya for a wonderful and splendid evening. Another great appointment.

3759. Sep 11, 2013 ::: General Comment

I miss Madison and Talisa Fox! I wish they were back in the den! I definitely would come back more.

3758. Sep 10, 2013 ::: Testimonial

Angel Fox is captivating beyond words. She is beautiful, smart and extremely sexy. It is an evening I will never forget. Thank you Angel for a perfect evening.

3757. Sep 9, 2013 ::: Suggestion

How about touring Calgary again soon?

3756. Sep 8, 2013 ::: Compliment

Great service and the facility is classy.

3755. Sep 5, 2013 ::: Testimonial

Sometime ago I experienced a duo with Tawnie. She was fantastic. She never missed a beat.

3754. Sep 3, 2013 ::: Compliment

I have to say visiting the Fox Den is always such a pleasure. Carman Fox truly has a den like no other and the foxes are always so welcoming! I visited last night and had a delightful hour with Scarlett Fox. A lovely young woman indeed! :-)

3753. Aug 31, 2013 ::: General Comment

Had a great night time, thanks! I'll be back.

3752. Aug 31, 2013 ::: Compliment

Tulip the lovely - how can I count the ways you are constantly making my Den visits such a pleasure? Amazing person with beautiful everything - sexiness, physical beauty, personality, sense of humour, the list goes on. My God what a women! Thank you Carman for this outstanding lady. K

3751. Aug 30, 2013 ::: General Comment

So happy to see that Gia Fox is back. She was my favourite fox, a complete knock out. Looking forward to be seeing Gia when I visit Vancouver. Kevin

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3750. Aug 29, 2013 ::: Compliment

After some poor experience with other agencies, I hesitated before calling, but to my surprise, everything went smoothly. Your phone staff was very helpful and friendly. She recommended Ryan. I had a great and enjoyable evening with her. I definitely won't hesitate calling your agency again. Thank you.

3749. Aug 26, 2013 ::: General Comment

Love Lacey's new photos. Very beautiful but cannot compare to the real thing in person.

3748. Aug 25, 2013 ::: General Comment

Carmen, you continue to amaze me with your girls. Thanks so much. J

3747. Aug 22, 2013 ::: General Comment

Carmen, your agency is absolutely fantastic. Thanks. J

3746. Aug 20, 2013 ::: Compliment

Thank you Carman for an amazing experience with Angel Fox. Beautiful, classy and captivating. Next time dinner on the yacht beautiful Angel. Cheers.

3745. Aug 19, 2013 ::: General Comment

My session with Sophie was awesome last week. I'm going to have to see her again soon.

3744. Aug 17, 2013 ::: General Comment

Love our time together Nikki! See you soon! Joe

3743. Aug 15, 2013 ::: General Comment

Yes, Scarlett is back! Hope to book an appointment with her soon.

3742. Aug 14, 2013 ::: Compliment

Nikki, can't wait to see u again! You are an amazing beautiful woman!

3741. Aug 14, 2013 ::: Compliment

Nikki your photos are so classy! Moments together, so very much enjoyed :-)

3740. Aug 13, 2013 ::: Testimonial

Meeting Angel was a truly unforgettable evening. Very hot classy and sexy. Cheers from Boston.

3739. Aug 11, 2013 ::: Compliment

I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie. We connected right away and the time together, ended way too soon. Can't wait to see her again.

3738. Aug 8, 2013 ::: Compliment

Please pass along a big thank you to Jacqueline. My time together last night at the Fox Den with her was very much enjoyed! Sweet, warm, and charming are my thoughts when thinking about you Jacqueline. Look forward to seeing you again in the future.

3737. Aug 7, 2013 ::: General Comment

Looking forward for my first experience at the Den the end of this month. The suspense is killing me!

3736. Aug 5, 2013 ::: General Comment

Love the Fox Den. I visit as often as I can.

3735. Aug 4, 2013 ::: Compliment

I saw Daria a few weeks back, and although I had only planned on seeing her for a half hour, she was so beautiful I couldn't resist the urge to splurge and spend a lovely hour with her. A beautiful and fascinating woman.

3734. Aug 4, 2013 ::: General Comment

Hi love your website!

3733. Aug 2, 2013 ::: General Comment

Thinking very "hard" about making my first appointment!

3732. Aug 2, 2013 ::: General Comment

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of visiting the Fox Den sharing quality moments with Cleo, Anastasia, Tatum, Samantha, Mila, Clover, Melody, Kenzie and Nikki. All very lovely women.

3731. Jul 30, 2013 ::: General Comment

Hi, I love your site. The colours, the structure, the general concept; they all move properly together. Anyhow, that's all I truly had to state.

3730. Jul 26, 2013 ::: Compliment

The Fox Den seems like a fantasy come true. Beautiful ladies walking around in lingerie. Beautifully designed and decor. Truly heaven.

3729. Jul 25, 2013 ::: General Comment

I had the pleasure of seeing the lovely and beautiful Lacey. Friendly and sensual personality. I will definitely be seeing her again.

3728. Jul 23, 2013 ::: Testimonial

Had Posh visit me, and I couldn't have been happier. She is tall, young and oh so beautiful. I plan to see her again as soon as I can.

3727. Jul 20, 2013 ::: General Comment

This is one awesome site.

3726. Jul 18, 2013 ::: General Comment

One word for Daija. WOW! Sensual and sweet what a treat. Thanks for a good time and some laughs. RA

3725. Jul 17, 2013 ::: Compliment

Had a fantastic time with Angel. She is very sweet and sexy. Beautiful face and body too. Definitely scores a perfect 10.

3724. Jul 14, 2013 ::: General Comment

Great web site. Looking forward to trying the service.

3723. Jul 12, 2013 ::: General Comment

Angel, I love you

3722. Jul 11, 2013 ::: General Comment

First time using your service last night. I'm very pleased with your overall professionalism. I see no reason to have any other phone number in my cell from today forward. I'm going to be a frequent flyer.

3721. Jul 10, 2013 ::: General Comment

Thank you for recommending Lacey. She was everything I could have asked for.

3720. Jul 9, 2013 ::: General Comment

Angel fox, you are the best! Outstanding!

3719. Jul 5, 2013 ::: General Comment

Great place - love the location and ambiance!

3718. Jul 3 , 2013 ::: General Comment

Annika is a great new hire. She's a keeper.

3717. Jun 30, 2013 ::: Compliment

I had the opportunity to have Elle Fox visit me this week. She is absolutely delightful and a treat to be with. I look forward to the next chance I will have to see Elle.

3716. Jun 27, 2013 ::: Compliment

Please let Lacey know I had the perfect evening with her. I will definitely be seeing her again soon.

3715. Jun 26, 2013 ::: General Comment

Love your agency. Will be returning soon.

3714. Jun 23, 2013 ::: General Comment

Any upcoming tour dates for Calgary? It's been a while.

3713. Jun 21, 2013 ::: Compliment

I was visiting from LA and went on a date with Tulip. Fantastic girl. Ultimate time! Can't wait to come back and see her again or another Fox.

3712. Jun 17, 2013 ::: Compliment

Carman, I just have to say I'm really happy with your agency and foxes. I've used your service a number of times and it never disappoints.

3711. Jun 16, 2013 ::: Suggestion

Hi, Can you please post or provide the link for the CKNW radio inteview of Carman Fox from several years ago?

3710. Jun 13, 2013 ::: General Comment

I've read so many great comments about carmanfox escorts & wow! I'm impressed. I've never seen so many drop dead gorgeous dreamy ladies in one place. I can't wait for my 1st fox experience! Respectively, J.M

3709. Jun 13, 2013 ::: Compliment

The last Fox I had was Hannah. Interesting to talk to. Not at all sultry or seductive, which we older guys appreciate, but a good time was had by all. I liked her.

3708. Jun 12, 2013 ::: Compliment

Just saw Bunny, what a treat. Setting up the appointment was challenging timing wise but the receptionist was really helpful. Thanks.

3707. Jun 10, 2013 ::: General Comment

Carman, you run a very professional and well-established agency. Your phone staff was helpful & friendly. Chelsea was absolutely amazing!

3706. Jun 7, 2013 ::: Testimonial

16 hours later and I'm still floating on Cloud Nine after an unforgettable evening with Jaimie and Chelsea. They were so sweet and accommodating, and despite my nerves made me feel right at home. And they worked so well together! They were very patient and playful and gave me an experience I will never forget and hope to relieve soon! Eternally grateful, Mongoose

3705. Jun 5, 2013 ::: General Comment

Thank you for my free birthday session. Nikki was the perfect gift.

3704. Jun 4, 2013 ::: Testimonial

Had an amazing session with Tulip Fox, definitely my new favorite Fox, and I have no doubt I will be seeing her and her amazing body again very soon! Thanks to the phone Foxes for their hassle free booking as well. HH

3703. Jun 1, 2013 ::: Compliment

Saw Tulip for the 10th time. She is the queen of the Fox Den.

3702. May 31, 2013 ::: General Comment

3701. May 31, 2013 ::: General Comment

Amazing time with Bunny last week. Thanks so much.

3700. May 30, 2013 ::: General Comment

Angel, words cannot express what a captivating intense evening of pure perfection! What a night! Frank

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3699. May 28, 2013 ::: General Comment

Saw Robyn the other week. Really sweet down to earth girl. Lovely time spent together. Thanks

3698. May 26, 2013 ::: Compliment

Thanks to Carman Fox. I had the opportunity to meet Chelsea who is one of the sexiest, most beautiful and smartest girl a man can dream of. Thank you Chelsea. We had a great session. She was easy to talk to and made me comfortable throughout. I will definitely be seeing her again soon . This message is for the beautiful & Gorgeous Chelsea. You were an angel sent from above. You made my evening perfect. You are a milky white beauty with a silky skin and best is you are 200% natural. Thanks a ton. I need to thank Lauren for recommending Chelsea, as always Lauren rocks. Carman you have a great team! Wish you all the best.

3697. May 24, 2013 ::: Compliment

Thank you Bunny for a splendid evening. She was such a sweetheart. Would like to see her again soon.

3696. May 22, 2013 ::: General Comment

Orchid aka Tulip is a treasure. Carman's gain and Cuba's loss! What a gem of a lady with so many attributes it is difficult to count! Talking of counting - count us lucky gentlemen! K

3695. May 21, 2013 ::: Testimonial

Dear Carman and staff, I wanted to let you know how amazing my experience at the den was today with the lovely Regan Fox. First of all, where do you recruit these foxes, off a fashion runway? Regan looks like she just stepped out of a magazine. My time with Regan was timeless, sensual and extremely satisfying. I can't wait to book Regan again for dinners and outcall. Thank you, Jay

3694. May 20, 2013 ::: Testimonial

Maddie was the dream of a life time. She is so beautiful and sweet and sexy. Every second with her was enjoyable and exciting. I will return to see her for sure.

3693. May 18, 2013 ::: General Comment

Wow! The comments here have given me just as many ideas for this Halloween and some costumes as the post did.

3692. May 17, 2013 ::: Compliment

Britney is incredible - she is truly one of those one in lifetime women. So glad she's back and so glad to reconnect with her again.

3691. May 15, 2013 ::: General Comment

Thank you Karly for a wonderful, unforgettable evening. Hope to see you soon. PK

3690. May 13, 2013 ::: Compliment

Alas the Den has a new Fox named Savannah. Drop dead gorgeous, an African Canadian. Sweet as can be and sure to arise passions to the 9th degree. Thank you Carman, I don't know where you find these beauties but keep up the good work for your clients. A pleasure to be a Den participant. K

3689. May 13, 2013 ::: General Comment

Tulips are beautiful and so is Fox Tulip but I think she should have a new name "Orchid" as she is incredibly beautiful! Not just beautiful but an all round person with intelligence, humour, and just plain fun to be with. I've been a Fox Fan for many years but Tulip is the greatest.

3688. May 12, 2013 ::: Compliment

I have been to the Den a number of times. It is a magical place where the women of fantasies are a reality. Mind blowing goddesses galore! Thanks Bell for all your amazing recommendations.

3687. May 11, 2013 ::: General Comment

For my birthday, I wish to unwrap a fox. The question is now, who do I select? So many beautiful choices. Recommendations? The fox hunt never disappoints.

3686. May 7, 2013 ::: Compliment

Zadora was super hot! Quite the talent.

3685. May 4, 2013 ::: General Comment

Posh is an excellent new fox! Definitely a keeper.

3684. May 3, 2013 ::: General Comment

My fantasy is to have a two hour session with a blue eyed blonde, a green eyed redhead and a brown eyed brunette. Some day, just keep buying those Scratch 'n Win lotto tickets!

3683. Apr 30, 2013 ::: General Comment

Angel Fox, your breasts are perfect.

3682. Apr 29, 2013 ::: General Comment

Hello Carman and Staff,

I am writing to resign Daniella Fox. I find it in my best interest to no longer continue my employment with Carman Fox.

I will be using my education to pursue a career in the financial industry. I am very happy and excited for this new chapter in my life. I spoke to Lauren about this, and feel out of respect I should be writing you a proper good bye. Thank you for the support and opportunities that you have provided me during the last several years. I have enjoyed my time with your company, you have always been professional, caring and provided me a stepping stone to a better life. I am who I am today with all of your help and support financially and at times emotionally.

I do wish you and the company all the best, I do hope our paths cross again in the near future. Love, Daniella Fox

3681. Apr 26, 2013 ::: General Comment

Just loving this fox hunt. I had the best time in Vancouver thanks to the friendly foxes. Michelle, what a beauty!

3680. Apr 24, 2013 ::: Compliment

I saw Tulip again last Sunday which was my birthday and she was incredible. She is perfect in every way. Thanks Carmen.

3679. Apr 19, 2013 ::: Suggestion

Any tour dates for Calgary? Anyhow, I will be visiting Vancouver next month.

3678. Apr 18, 2013 ::: Compliment

Angel your breasts are perfect. Still dreaming about them. Frank from New York.

3677. Apr 15, 2013 ::: General Comment

Yes, Bunny is back!

3676. Apr 12, 2013 ::: General Comment

Great to see a bunch of new hires lately. Had the pleasure of seeing Hannah and Regan. They were both fantastic.

3675. Apr 8, 2013 ::: General Comment

Paige fox was by far the best experience! Her beautiful exotic eyes and her body is breathtaking! She is very accommodating. Exceeds all.

3674. Apr 8, 2013 ::: General Comment

Your website is incredible, looking at booking my first experience after reading your testimonials.

3673. Apr 7, 2013 ::: General Comment

Great to see the return of Britney. I will definitely book an appointment with her.

3672. Apr 2, 2013 ::: General Comment

Wow, Keira was absolutely stunning. Her body was smoking.

3671. Mar 30, 2013 ::: Suggestion

I wish you guys had whipcream and chocolate stuff available.

3670. Mar 29, 2013 ::: Suggestion

How about a Carman Fox franchaise across Canada?

3669. Mar 26, 2013 ::: Compliment

I always have a good time with the foxes!

3668. Mar 25, 2013 ::: General Comment

Thank you for the free b-day hunt! You guys, I mean gals, are the best :) Eddie V.

3667. Mar 23, 2013 ::: Compliment

Angel you are beautiful. Still dreaming and dreaming about them and your beautiful eyes. Cheers, Tony

3666. Mar 22, 2013 ::: Compliment

I open the door to this amazingly beautiful, tall Brazilian women whom introduces herself with the name of Daniella. She had legs that went on forever and a smile that could stop traffic. Needless to say, she was amazing company and I look very much forward to future visits from her.

3665. Mar 22, 2013 ::: Compliment

Great service FOX! Right from the friendly phone fox to the sexiest Foxes at the Fox Den, so easy and fun. I think I'm in the double digits now over the last few months!

3664. Mar 19, 2013 ::: General Comment

Michelle was the perfect girl for the perfect evening. Thank you beautiful.

3663. Mar 17, 2013 ::: General Comment

Saw Callie on my 53rd visit. Excellent time with her. Wonderful lady.

3662. Mar 16, 2013 ::: Compliment

Fantastic time with Jaimie last night. A late appointment and she was willing to stay late. Very sweet girl. Hotter in person than her pics!

3661. Mar 13, 2013 ::: Suggestion

Any tour dates set for Calgary / Edmonton areas anytime soon?

3660. Mar 12, 2013 ::: General Comment

Please let Jaimie know I had a fabulous time with her the other evening. Great new hired!

3659. Mar 9, 2013 ::: Compliment

Thank you Carman, for running such a professional agency that I have come to expect, each and every time.

3658. Mar 8, 2013 ::: General Comment

So happy to see the return of Tawnie.

3657. Mar 5, 2013 ::: General Comment

Thank you very much for the complementary hunt! It was the perfect way to top off my birthday.

3656. Mar 3, 2013 ::: Compliment

Thanks to Carman Fox I had the opportunity to meet Angel who is one of the sexiest, most beautiful and smartest girl a man can dream of. Thank you Angel for being my friend and for making my life better, Leo.

3655. Mar 1, 2013 ::: General Comment

I just met Poppy. What a women, sexy and friendly. I will remember that for a life time. Thank you Poppy!

3654. Feb 28, 2013 ::: Compliment

Angel fox you are so sexy and sweet!!!

3653. Feb 27, 2013 ::: General Comment

I had the best time ever in Vancouver, thanks for FOX! I've used many services in the past, nothing comes even close to the quality, from the first phone call and very special staff, to the arrival of my FOX, I was nothing less than impressed - thanks for making Vancouver my fav spot in the world. Jimbo

3652. Feb 27, 2013 ::: General Comment

I love practicing math with Carman Fox girls, especially when we get to your Skill Testing Question.

3651. Feb 26, 2013 ::: Compliment

Thanks to the phone fox for recommending Jacqueline. OMG!

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3650. Feb 25, 2013 ::: Suggestion

Hi. Great service but would be really nice if we were able to favorite mark the foxes so we know when they are available. Thanks Kevin

3649. Feb 24, 2013 ::: Compliment

Visited the Den the first week of Feb, I believe and booked an hour with Tatum. She was very nice to me and we had a great session. She was easy to talk to and made me feel special from the minute we entered the room. As I have been to the Den a number of times over the last 6 years, it was at least 2 years since my last visit and Tatum convinced me I was gone for too long. I later requested and outcall on Feb 15th with Paige. Another good experience. Keep up the good work.

3648. Feb 23, 2013 ::: General Comment

Great website. Very interested in booking an appointment at the Fox Den.

3647. Feb 21, 2013 ::: General Comment

I was amazed of the Fox Den beautiful decor. Ladies in lingerie. Definitely my kind of place.

3646. Feb 18, 2013 ::: Compliment

Love Salma's new Valentines photos.

3645. Feb 15, 2013 ::: General Comment

Sloan's new photos are sexy hot! Wow!

3644. Feb 14, 2013 ::: General Comment

One of the best agencies I have try in years. Keep it up.

3643. Feb 11, 2013 ::: General Comment

Back in town for business. The last time I saw Bunny but noticed she is no longer with your company. I'll just have to find a new favourite.

3642. Feb 8, 2013 ::: Compliment

Last night was my 50th visit to the den. I had a wonderful hour with Cleo.

3641. Feb 6, 2013 ::: Compliment

Was with the lovely Tulip on Saturday Feb 2 2013. A birthday gift from my wife. Wow what a great gift. She reminded me a bit of Dawn Rae Chong who I always had a crush on (Tulip was even more beautiful). Next time the gift will be for my wife (Tulip).

3640. Feb 5, 2013 ::: Compliment

Love the agency. Excited to book another appointment when I'm back in VanCity.

3639. Feb 4, 2013 ::: Compliment

For my husbands 56th birthday, I called Carmen Fox. This absolutely beautiful lady with a charming personality came. Her name was Tulip. This was a surprise for my hubby, who later informed me that while he was waiting in the bar to be summoned up, he noticed this gorgeous women in the lobby. You can imagine his amazement in finding out this was his gift!!! Thank you.

3638. Feb 1, 2013 ::: General Comment

Been a long time client (Foxy Rewards member). Very impressed with the quality of ladies and the excellent service they provided. Overall very well run professional agency, from the phone girl to the Foxes.

3637. Feb 30, 2013 ::: General Comment

Always nice to see that Carman Fox understands the value in professional photography.

3636. Jan 28, 2013 ::: Compliment

Robyn, thanks for the great time. You are beautiful, sweet, and attentive. Carman, this is a well run agency with excellent service.

3635. Jan 24, 2013 ::: General Comment

It's sad to know Bunny is leaving your company before I get the chance to see her one last time. Hopefully she returns.

3634. Jan 22, 2013 ::: General Comment

Any plans for an upcoming Calgary tour?

3633. Jan 17, 2013 ::: General Comment

I am impress with the way your business is operated. Top notch.

3632. Jan 14, 2013 ::: Compliment

My session with Hyori was fantasic. I will definitely be seeing her again soon.

3631. Jan 10, 2013 ::: General Comment

Love Salma's new photos.

3630. Jan 9, 2013 ::: Compliment

This message is for the beautiful and lovely Michelle. You were an angel sent from above. You made my evening perfect. The only problem was our time had to end. Tom

3629. Jan 2, 2013 ::: General Comment

Happy 2013! I hope to continue to use your service for a long time to come.

3628. Jan 1, 2013 ::: General Comment

My New Years resolution is to hunt down more Foxes. Better start saving up for that. J

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