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Carman Fox Whistler escorts
Carman Fox Whistler escorts
Whistler Escorts Agency

Once the largest and most trusted Escort service in Canada. Now we are proudly the best Escorts service in the world.
This is the legendary Fox Hunt...

Who we are:
We are a unique escort referral agency for the discerning gentlemen, ladies, and couples who enjoy quality in Whistler Escorts. We operate from a standpoint of fun, friendliness, and excellent customer service.

What we offer:
We specialize in connecting people together for a mutually-satisfying and totally awesome experience of intimate companionship. We also specialize in organizing sexy events such as private parties and stags. Think of us the next time you want to celebrate! We can turn a boring and traditional party into a Foxy affair!

Whistler Escort Agency What you can expect:
Friendly and beautiful Foxes in Whistler, who are sensual, playful, professional, drug-free, and reliable businesswomen who have established other careers and value discretion. Each Fox must meet our "Foxworthy" standards. Carefully selected for her perfect combination of physical beauty as well as inner beauty, you will be pleasantly surprised! We pride ourselves on representing a selection of Whistler's best escorts for all tastes and preferences. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Our commitment:
Thanks to our clientele and friendly Foxes, we are making a positive impact in this industry of Whistler Escorts. Our #1 goal is to provide our clients and Foxes with a fabulous experience in a safe environment. Through honest and superior customer service, we have built North America's most trusted name in the business of escorting.

Enjoy and have fun because the Fox Hunt is on...

Canada's finest Huntress
Whistler Escort Agency Carman Fox

"It is a fine day for a fox chase, my boys."
George Washington, Battle of Brandywine, 1777

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Dec30/23: New Fox - Valentina
Dec18/23: Anushka's limited return
Dec18/23: New Fox - Serenity
Dec14/23: New Fox - Dior
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Dec07/23: Gia's limited return
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Nov30/23: New photos - Posh
Nov29/23: Monroe's limited return
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Nov28/23: New Fox - Bianca
Nov25/23: New photos - Marcella
Nov22/23: New Fox - Camille
Nov22/23: New photos - Nadia
Nov21/23: New photos - Georgina
Nov17/23: Kitty Fox returns
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Nov14/23: Tiffany's limited return
Nov13/23: Gigi Fox returns
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Oct31/23: New Fox - Emma
Oct31/23: New Fox - Cherry
Oct31/23: New Fox - Monroe
Oct27/23: New photos - Jewel
Oct25/23: New photos - Ferrari
Oct24/23: New photos - Trinity
Oct20/23: New Fox - Harlow
Oct17/23: New Fox - Serena
Oct17/23: New Fox - Marcella
Oct11/23: New Fox - Frisky
Oct11/23: New photos - Sophie
Sep16/23: New photos - Julia
Sep16/23: New photos - Ferrari
Sep14/23: New Fox - Victoria
Sep13/23: New Fox - Amara
Sep11/23: Poet's limited return
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Sep04/23: New photos - Misha
Sep01/23: New photos - Silka
Aug31/23: New photos - Piper
Aug29/23: Anushka's limited return
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Aug27/23: New Fox - Sparrow
Aug24/23: New Fox - Misha
Aug19/23: New Fox - Julia
Aug17/23: New Fox - Jade
Aug17/23: New Fox - Spice
Aug16/23: Fendi @ Edmonton
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Aug14/23: New photos - Willow
Aug13/23: Lincoln Fox returns
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Jun20/23: Luna's limited return
Jun18/23: Janelle Fox returns
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Jun03/23: New photos - Trinity
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May31/23: New Fox - Tanya
May29/23: New Fox - Anushka
May26/23: Winter's limited return
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May11/23: Jewel Fox returns
May10/23: New Fox - Kitty
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May01/23: New photos - Bailey
Apr27/23: Mandatory shower
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Apr12/23: New Fox - Lola
Apr09/23: Luna's limited return
Apr09/23: Luxandra's last day
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Apr03/23: Bailey Fox returns
Mar31/23: New photos - Anitta
Mar30/23: Claudia's return
Mar29/23: New photos - Ferrari
Mar28/23: New photos - Jewel
Mar26/23: Tesla's limited time
Mar21/23: Versace returns
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Mar15/23: New photos - Jessica
Mar09/23: Tiara's limited return
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Mar03/23: Winter's limited return
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Feb17/23: New photos - Sasha
Feb14/23: New photos - Tia
Feb09/23: New photos - Nadia
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Feb02/23: Willow Fox returns
Feb01/23: New photos - Jenny
Jan31/23: Sugar Fox returns
Jan26/23: New Fox - Miami
Jan26/23: Claudia's last day
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Jan18/23: Tiara's limited return
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Jan11/23: New Fox - Paris
Dec26/22: ✓ Open Boxing Day
Dec21/22: New Fox - Kandi
Dec16/22: Video clips - Amber
Dec12/22: New Fox - Mika
Dec07/22: Lulu Fox returns
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Dec05/22: New Fox - Sterling
Dec01/22: New Fox - Nadia
Nov15/22: Earlier hour 11AM
Nov25/22: Winter's limited return
Nov23/22: New photos - Bree
Nov22/22: New Fox - Anitta
Nov18/22: New Fox - Tia
Nov17/22: New photos - Arielle
Nov14/22: New photos - Trinity
Nov10/22: Soon: Mistress LeXXXie
Nov08/22: New photos - Courtney
Nov03/22: New photos - Jessica
Nov02/22: New photos - Amber
Oct31/22: New Fox - Minx
Oct27/22: New Fox - Dakota
Oct26/22: New photos - Alaniya
Oct22/22: New Fox - Brandy
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May30/22: New photos - Kimberly
May28/22: New Fox - Heaven
May28/22: New Fox - Star
May21/22: Kenzie's limited return
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May10/22: New Fox - Cinnamon
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May--/22: Coming soon - Duchess
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Apr29/22: Exclusive; Royal Fox
Apr26/22: Rose Fox returns
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Apr22/22: Exclusive; Luxandra
Apr20/22: New photos - Diamond
Apr19/22: New photos - Roxi
Apr12/22: New photos - Barbie
Mar27/22: New Fox - January
Mar23/22: New Fox - Blair
Mar19/22: New Fox - Bailey
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Mar02/22: New photos - Posh
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Feb28/22: New Fox - Scarlett
Feb22/22: Skyler's new photos
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Jan31/22: Hennessey's new photos
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Jan24/22: New Fox - Tiara
Jan21/22: New Fox - Zoey
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Jan19/22: New photos - Lovely
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Jan03/22: Miss Dec Hennessey
Dec28/21: Jessica's limited return
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Dec23/21: New Fox - Lovely
Dec22/21: Chantel Xmas photos
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Dec15/21: Rose Fox returns
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Dec05/20: Ruby Fox returns
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Nov08/21: Claudia Fox returns
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Nov03/21: New photos - Becca
Nov02/21: Miss Oct - Jenny
Oct29/21: New photos - Layla
Oct26/21: New photos - Versace
Oct26/21: New photos - Posh
Oct07/21: Dancing Fox cage
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Sep23/21: New Fox - Jessica Rae
Sep22/21: Porscha Fox returns
Sep18/21: Tiffany Fox returns
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Sep02/21: Miss August - Kelly
Aug23/21: New photos - Brooklyn
Aug19/21: New photos - Layla
Aug17/21: New photos - Jessica
Aug09/21: New photos - Aki
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Aug03/21: New Fox - Cookie
Aug03/21: Miss July - Willow
Jul 28/21: New photos - Versace
Jul 22/21: New Fox - Bunny
Jul 19/21: New photos - Skyler
Jul 19/21: New photos - Lexus
Jul 17/21: New Fox - Victoria
Jul 17/21: New photos - Megan
Jul 13/21: 15 min Session
Jul 05/21: Miss June - Sapphire
Jun28/21: New Fox - Jessica
Jun26/21: New Fox - Versace
Jun24/21: New Fox - Megan
Jun17/21: New Fox - Lexus
Jun10/21: Bambi's last day
Jun05/21: Miss May - Porscha
May26/21: Luna's last day
May24/21: Posh Fox returns
May20/21: New Fox - Sapphire
May07/21: New photos - Ruby
May06/21: Anya Fox returns
Apr03/21: Miss April - Indy
Apr29/21: New photos - Aurora
Apr26/21: New photos - Valkyrie
Apr21/21: New photos - Porscha
Apr15/21: New photos - Layla
Apr06/21: Lana Fox returns
Apr05/21: Miss March - Aurora
Apr02/21: New Fox - Valkyrie
Apr01/21: New Fox - Porscha
Mar08/21: New photos - Gigi
Mar08/21: New photos - Becca
Mar05/21: New Fox - Skyler
Mar05/21: New photos - Bambi
Mar01/21: Credit & Debit cards
Feb21/21: New Fox - Becca
Feb17/21: New Fox - Rose
Feb04/21: New Fox - Sugar
Feb02/21: Miss January - Ruby
Jan28/21: New photos - Lopez
Jan27/21: New photos - Olivia
Jan25/21: New Fox - Aurora
Jan21/21: New photos - Trinity
Jan19/21: New Fox - Mercedes
Jan18/21: New photos - Janelle
Jan12/21: New photos - Alaniya
Jan04/21: Miss December- Bailey
Dec26/20: For the first time;
            ✓ open Boxing Day

Dec30/20: New Fox - Gigi
Dec20/20: New Fox - Janelle
Dec17/20: New photos- Cassandra
Dec14/20: New photos - Indy
Dec13/20: New Fox - Ruby
Dec10/20: New photos - Kelly
Dec09/20: New Fox - Paris
Dec09/20: New photos - Lolita
Dec08/20: New photos - Misty
Dec07/20: New photos - Barbie
Dec05/20: New Fox - Peaches
Dec04/20: Kimber Fox returns
Dec03/20: New photos- Tia Maria
Dec03/20: New photos - Bailey
Dec02/20: Miss November- Lopez
Nov28/20: New Fox - Cassandra
Nov27/20: New Ultra - Tiffany
Nov14/20: New Fox - Lolita
Nov13/20: New Fox - Tia Maria
Nov11/20: New Fox - Bailey
Nov02/20: Miss October - Eve
Oct30/20: Naughty by Nature Duo
Oct30/20: New photos - Luna
Oct29/20: New photos - Raven
Oct28/20: New photos - Adore
Oct23/20: New photos - Misty
Oct22/20: New photos - Eve
Oct22/20: Double Trouble Duo
Oct21/20: New Dynamic Duo
Oct20/20: New photos - Cece
Oct20/20: New photos - Breeze
Oct19/20: New photos - Lopez
Oct16/20: New photos - Diamond
Oct13/20: New Fox - Bebe
Oct12/20: New Fox - Breeze
Oct07/20: New Fox - Eve
Oct07/20: New Fox - Lopez
Sep23/20: New Fox - Misty
Sep18/20: New Fox - Mia
Sep08/20: New Fox - CeCe
Sep04/20: New photos - Barbie
Sep03/20: Fox Tail Foxes Duo
Sep03/20: New photos - Victoria
Aug24/20: New Fox - Paige
Aug24/20: New Fox - Breanna B.
Aug15/20: New Fox - Aria
Aug14/20: New Fox - Armani
Aug13/20: New Fox - Victoria
Aug12/20: New photos - London
Aug09/20: New Exclusive - Tiffany
Aug04/20: New Dynamic Duo
Aug01/20: New photos - Barbie
Jul31/20: New Fox - Luna
Jul30/20: New Fox - Diamond
Jul24/20: New Fox - Anastasia
Jul23/20: New Fox - Chyna
Jun06/20: New Fox - Selena
Jun03/20: The Fox Hunt is back!
Jun02/20: Covid19 Safety Policy
Mar05/20: New photos - Raven
Mar03/20: New photos - Vivienne
Feb23/20: Visiting - Kylie Fox
Feb19/20: Visiting - Ella Fox
Feb19/20: New Fox - Adore
Feb14/20: New photos - Sahara
Feb13/20: Visiting - London Fox
Feb11/20: New photos - Anastasia
Feb07/20: Visiting - Valentina Fox
Feb06/20: Visiting - Kylie Fox
Jan20/20: New Fox - Vivienne
Jan17/20: New photos - Kelly
Jan16/20: New photos - Angelica
Jan15/20: Visiting - Harper Fox
Jan11/20: New Fox - Alaniya
Jan10/20: Visiting - Clover
Jan09/20: New photos - Angelica
Jan02/20: Visiting - Bridget
Dec09/19: Food & Toy Drive
Dec12/19: Visiting - Clover
Dec12/19: Xmas group photos
Dec11/19: Rumor Fox returns
Dec05/19: Visiting - Shea
Dec05/19: Visiting - Heather
Dec03/19: New Fox - Breanna
Dec02/19: New Fox - Megan
Dec01/19: New Fox - Sahara
Nov29/19: Visiting - Clover
Nov28/19: New Fox - Anastasia
Nov25/19: Visiting - Rosie Fox
Nov23/19: Visiting - Kylie
Nov22/19: New Fox - Angelica
Nov22/19: Visiting - Valentina Fox
Nov22/19: Visiting - Nina Fox
Nov21/19: New Fox - Raven
Nov15/19: Visiting - Shea
Nov08/19: Indy Fox returns
Nov07/19: Visiting - Kylie
Nov04/19: Visiting - Bridget
Oct28/19: New photos - Bridget
Oct23/19: Visiting - Nina Fox
Oct23/19: New photos - Rosie
Oct20/19: New photos - Clover
Oct17/19: Visiting - Rosie Fox
Oct11/19: New photos - Topaz
Oct08/19: New photos - Allegra
Oct04/19: New Fox - Kelly
Oct01/19: Visiting - Bridget Fox
Sep27/19: Visiting - Rosie Fox
Sep26/19: Visiting - Kylie
Sep26/19: New photos - Emma
Sep20/19: Visiting - Nina Fox
Sep20/19: Duo - Lucky Foxes
Sep16/19: Visiting - Clover Fox
Sep12/19: New Fox - Tiara
Sep12/19: New photos - Nikki A.
Sep09/19: Visiting - Skyla Fox
Sep03/19: New Fox - Jewel
Aug26/19: Visiting - Scarlett
Aug25/19: Visiting - Kylie
Aug23/19: New Fox - Zoey
Aug21/19: New Fox - Emma
Aug20/19: New Fox - Sasha
Aug20/19: New Fox - Ashley
Aug19/19: Visiting - Clover Fox
Aug15/19: Visiting - Bridget Fox
Aug13/19: New photos - Silver
Aug13/19: Visiting - Harper Fox
Aug08/19: New photos - Amara
Jul31/19: New photos - Kylie
Jul30/19: Visiting - Kylie
Jul23/19: New photos - Trinity
Jul22/19: New Fox - Violet
Jul10/19: New Fox - Alize
Jul10/19: Visiting - Harper Fox
Jul09/19: New photos - Cherry
Jul05/19: New Fox - Stella
Jul04/19: New photos - Veronica
Jul02/19: Visiting - Clover Fox
Jun27/19: Visiting - Bridget Fox
Jun21/19: Visiting - Bristol Fox
Jun13/19: Visiting - Molly Fox
Jun12/19: New photos pt.2 - Aki
Jun11/19: New photos - Jolie
Jun07/19: Visiting - Devyn Fox
Jun07/19: Visiting - Bridget Fox
Jun05/19: New Fox - Silver
Jun03/19: New Fox - Cherry
May30/19: New photos - Topaz
May28/19: Visiting - Shiraz Fox
May24/19: New Fox - Bailey
May15/19: New photos pt.1 - Aki
May10/19: New Fox - Mila
May09/19: Visiting - Bridget Fox
May08/19: New photos - Ava
May07/19: Visiting - Brielle Fox
May04/19: New Fox - Nikki Amore
May03/19: New Fox - Ariel
May02/19: New Fox - Amara
May02/19: Visiting - Natasha
Apr30/19: New Fox - Iwona
Apr29/19: Visiting - Kylie
Apr28/19: New Fox - Jolie
Apr26/19: Visiting - Valentina Fox
Apr24/19: New photos - Naomi
Apr22/19: Visiting - Bridget Fox
Apr12/19: Visiting - Ruby Fox
Apr09/19: New photos - Azaria
Apr04/19: New Fox - Naomi
Apr03/19: New photos - Gemini
Apr01/19: Visiting - Ruby Fox
Mar30/19: New Fox - Dolly
Mar30/19: Visiting - Kylie
Mar29/19: New photos - Odessa
Mar28/19: Visiting - Valentina Fox
Mar22/19: New Fox - Gemini
Mar22/19: Visiting - Ruby Fox
Mar07/19: Visiting - Veronica Fox
Mar06/19: New Fox - Kimber
Mar04/19: Visiting - Clover Fox
Mar01/19: Visiting - Kylie
Feb28/19: Visiting - Valentina Fox
Feb26/19: Visiting - London Fox
Feb26/19: Visiting - Bridget
Feb25/19: Savannah Fox returns
Feb23/19: Visiting - Clover Fox
Feb20/19: Visiting - Ruby Fox
Feb20/19: New video - Cece
Feb18/19: New Fox - Lexi
Feb10/19: Visiting - Scarlett
Feb08/19: New photos - CeCe
Feb07/19: Visiting - Kylie
Feb06/19: New Fox - Kendal
Feb06/19: New Fox - Sasha
Feb05/19: New photos - Petra
Feb01/19: Visiting - Valentina Fox
Feb01/19: Visiting - Clover Fox
Jan29/19: New Fox - Azaria
Jan28/19: Visiting - Ruby Fox
Jan25/19: New photos - CeCe
Jan25/19: New bio - CeCe
Jan22/19: Visiting - Poppy Fox
Jan13/19: Visiting - Bridget
Jan12/19: Visiting - Anya
Jan11/19: New Fox - Rose
Jan10/19: New Fox - Grace
Jan09/19: Duo - Love Foxes
Jan08/19: New Fox - Clover
Jan08/19: New Fox - Topaz
Dec27/18: Visiting - Valentina Fox
Dec20/18: Visiting - Odessa
Dec19/18: Visiting - Summer
Dec17/18: New Fox - CeCe
Dec17/18: New photos - Ella
Dec16/18: Visiting - Diamond
Dec16/18: Visiting - Kylie
Dec14/18: Xmas group photos
Dec13/18: Visiting - Scarlett
Dec12/18: Visiting - Ruby Fox
Dec12/18: Visiting - London Fox
Dec10/18: Food and Toy Drive
Dec10/18: Visiting - Valentina Fox
Dec07/18: New Fox - Minka
Nov28/18: New Fox - Petra
Nov24/18: New Fox - Tia
Nov23/18: New Fox - Sasha
Nov23/18: New photos - Rio
Nov22/18: Visiting - Kylie
Nov21/18: New Fox - Lolita
Nov14/18: New Fox - Blossom
Nov12/18: Visiting - Ruby Fox
Nov07/18: New Fox - Jewel
Nov04/18: Visiting - Kylie
Nov01/18: Visiting - Veronica Fox
Nov01/18: Visiting - Bridget Fox
Oct26/18: New photos - Tiffany
Oct19/18: Visiting - Poppy Fox
Oct19/18: New photos - Lana
Oct18/18: Visiting - Bridget Fox
Oct17/18: Skyla Fox, 1 day only
Oct11/18: New photos - Brielle
Oct10/18: New Fox - Kassandra
Oct06/18: Visiting - Poppy Fox
Sep28/18: Visiting - Kylie
Sep27/18: New Fox - Daniella
Sep27/18: New photos - Estelle
Sep21/18: Visiting - Valentina Fox
Sep20/18: Visiting - Anya
Sep11/18: New Fox - Estelle
Sep09/18: Visiting - Sylvia Fox
Sep04/18: Visiting - Scarlett
Sep01/18: Visiting - Kylie
Aug30/18: New photos - Allegra
Aug29/18: Visiting - Brielle Fox
Aug28/18: New Fox - Brittney
Aug25/18: New Fox - Melana
Aug24/18: New photos - Lacey
Aug21/18: New Fox - Cardi
Aug09/18: Visiting - Kylie
Aug06/18: New Fox - Chastity
Aug02/18: Visiting - Zahara Fox
Aug01/18: Visiting - Summer Fox
Aug01/18: Visiting - Brielle Fox
Jul31/18: Visiting - Scarlett
Jul31/18: New photos - Bridget
Jul29/18: New Fox - Kimmie
Jul27/18: New Fox - Rio
Jul27/18: New photos - Aki
Jul26/18: Duo - Madelyn & Bridget
Jul23/18: Paisley Fox returns
Jul16/18: Visiting - Summer Fox
Jul16/18: Visiting - Sylvia Fox
Jul16/18: Visiting - Bridget Fox
Jul10/18: New Fox - Aki
Jul04/18: New photos - Paris
Jul03/18: Visiting - Kylie
Jul03/18: New photos - Tiffany
Jun29/18: Visiting - Heather
Jun28/18: New Fox - Peaches
Jun28/18: New photos - Chantel
Jun28/18: Visiting - Kendra
Jun25/18: Visiting - Brielle Fox
Jun25/18: New photos - Posh
Jun18/18: Visiting - Kylie
Jun18/18: New photos - Ava
Jun15/18: Visiting - Bridget Fox
Jun15/18: Visiting - Emmie Fox
Jun14/18: Visiting - Misa Fox
Jun14/18: New photos - Victoria
Jun14/18: New photos - Scarlett
Jun11/18: Visiting - Scarlett Fox
Jun11/18: Visiting - Summer Fox
Jun10/18: New Fox - Posh
Jun08/18: New Fox - Karina
Jun08/18: New Fox - Ava
Jun08/18: Visiting - Barbie Fox
Jun05/18: Visiting - Serenity Fox
Jun05/18: New photos - Brielle
May31/18: New Fox - Victoria
May30/18: Double Trouble duo
May25/18: Visiting - Valentina Fox
May25/18: Visiting - Brielle Fox
May24/18: Visiting - Kendra
May24/18: New Fox - Priya
May23/18: New Fox - Blair
May23/18: Visiting - Kylie
May17/18: New Fox - Belize
May10/18: New Fox - Chantel
May09/18: New Fox - Chanel
May09/18: Visiting - Brielle Fox
May08/18: New Fox - Lana
May07/18: Visiting - Summer Fox
May02/18: Visiting - Bently
May01/18: Milan Fox returns
Apr25/18: Visiting - Eva
Apr25/18: Visiting - Valentina Fox
Apr25/18: Visiting - Honey Fox
Apr16/18: New Fox - Madelyn
Apr11/18: Giselle Fox returns
Apr09/18: New photos - Autumn
Apr06/18: New Fox - Paris
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Dec29/17: Visiting - Twyla Fox
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Dec11/17: New photos - Ariana
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Dec08/17: Food and Toy Drive
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Mar24/16: Sexi Fox returns
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Jan08/16: Visiting Fox - Kaya

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