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$100 discount on your 11th Hunt

In February 2005, Foxy Rewards was created to thank our loyal, repeat clientele. After five foxy years, we are making some improvements and some changes. We thank all of our 10,800 clients for your continued support. Your loyalty is our pleasure. Your pleasure is our business!

Many of our clients wanted to know when we would incent half-hour visits. We listened.

Half-Hour Hunters

Are you a 30 minute man? Only have time for a quickie? If so, you will now be able to collect loyalty hunts! Starting June 1, 2010, we are kicking off a rewards plan just for you!

How it works:
  • Accumulate 10, 30-minute visits and at your 11th session you will receive $50 off
  • No time limit to collect or redeem.
  • Register in the program - it's free!
  • You'll need an alias (nickname) and the last 4 digits of your phone number.
  • It's confidential and discreet. And its way more fun than Air Miles!!!
Small print:
- cannot be combined with any discounts, gift certificates, or one hour visits
- rewards are authorized Monday to Friday, 11am - 6pm through our business office
- tabulation may not be combined with one hour Foxy Rewards
- Carman Fox and Friends may terminate this program at any time without notice

Happy hunting. 30 minutes never felt so goooood...

Foxy Rewards - Changes Effective June 1, 2010

For those of you currently enrolled in Foxy Rewards, you will have one month (until July 1, 2010) to accumulate and use your account based on the old rewards system of a free fox hunt.

Foxy Rewards Version 2.0 -- Starts July 1, 2010

The latest upgrade of Fox Hunting! As of July 1, 2010 all unredeemed points will be transferred to Foxy Rewards Version 2.0. Now, your 11th visit will be discounted by $100.

How it works:
  • Accumulate 10 one-hour visits and your 11th hour visit will be discounted by $100.
  • No time limit to collect OR redeem. We've done away with the 4-month time period.
  • Any unredeemed points from the original Foxy Rewards program will be transferred to the new program.
Small print:
- May not be combined with any discounts, coupons, or half-hour visits
- Rewards are authorized Monday to Friday, 11am - 6pm through our business office
- Tabulation is based on number of sessions, not number of hours per session
- Carman Fox & Friends may terminate this program at any time without notice


Our loyalty members with 50+ Fox Hunts presently have VIP status. While everyone gets the exact same level of service at Carman Fox & Friends, we now have a very special way of saying "thank you" for hunting so frequently!

1. A $100 or $50 Fox hunt discount on your birthday** - so much better than free dessert at a restaurant
2. First right of refusal to see our newest Foxes before they are displayed on our website. You must subscribe to this service by telephone.
3. First choice to see our extremely exclusive Foxes, and Foxes who prefer to see the same person once per week, or Foxes who only work 1-2 times per month.

** to qualify, a minimum of 10 booked hunts within the same one year (365 days) after each birthday is required. Discounted hunt on your date of birth only.

Q & A:

Q: Can I mix and match my one hour visits and half-hour-visits for points?
A: If you are a hunter who is inclined to book both one hour and half-hour visits, then you would create two different loyalty accounts - one for hourly visits and a different one for half-hour visits.

Q: I currently have a Foxy Rewards account. Will I lose all my points?
A: Not at all. You will have 30 days, until July 1, 2010, to continue to accumulate and redeem your free visit. Starting July 2, 2010, redemptions will be $100 discount.

Q: What if after the 30 day limit I still have points remaining? Do they expire?
A: At that time, those points would be transferred to Foxy Rewards Version 2.0 and its new terms and conditions. You don't lose your points!

Q: What if I forget my nickname and pass code?
A: Because we've built the program for discretion, our Phone Foxes won't know your nickname and pass code. It would be up to you to remember and inform the Phone Fox each and every time you book. We cannot backdate visits as we do not keep any records and wouldn't be able to track the visit.

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WARNING: Adults only. The use of this Vancouver escort service will result in extreme pleasure. Side effects may include; happiness and a big smile. Allow 1-2 hours rest between sessions. For best results, hunt daily on an empty stomach.